1. Leave it to Carlos to think of a(n) solution to our most difficult problem!

Your answer Correct answer

ingenious ingenious

2. For me, the biggest to becoming an astronaut is my poor math skills.

Your answer Correct answer

obstacle obstacle

3. I have no idea how much time since she left—I fell asleep.

Your answer Correct answer

elapsed elapsed

4. After college, I travelled through Europe, and the most thing I saw was the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Your answer Correct answer

impressive impressive

5. , which of the following events happened first?

Your answer Correct answer

chronologically Chronologically

6. Steve is one of the most people I know; he wants to own his own business by the time he's 25.

Your answer Correct answer

ambitious ambitious

7. Jack still acts like a(n) and thinks everything is a game.

Your answer Correct answer

adolescent adolescent

8. A newspaper reader can select what he is interested in and what he thinks is boring.

Your answer Correct answer

skip skip

9. After his plane landed, the prime minister gave a(n) speech about global warming.

Your answer Correct answer

impromptu impromptu

10. I told my parents I wanted to take a year off before going to college, and my suggestion surprisingly met with little .

Your answer Correct answer

resistance resistance

11. The world was shocked by the death of the young singer.

Your answer Correct answer

untimely untimely

12. "How dare you a direct order? You're a soldier now!"

Your answer Correct answer

defy defy

13. She was disfigured by the fire, but it soon came to represent her determination to succeed in life.

Your answer Correct answer

permanently permanently

14. During the World Cup, in class was down because everyone stayed at home to watch television.

Your answer Correct answer

attendance attendance

15. I had five exams last week—it was like one long, nightmare.

Your answer Correct answer

continuous continuous

16. Normally, we one vote to each member, but this is a special case.

Your answer Correct answer

allot allot

17. I can remember feeling very insecure when I was young; I was desperate for my classmates' .

Your answer Correct answer

acceptance acceptance

18. Her final year of school was marked by considerable as she tried to figure out what to do next.

Your answer Correct answer

uncertainty uncertainty

19. I've tried working in the morning, but I find that I'm most late at night.

Your answer Correct answer

productive productive

20. Ernie is a really decent guy; he would never try to his beliefs on someone else.

Your answer Correct answer

impose impose

Section B: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.

21. We don't have the budget to do everything, so I'm afraid your plan will have to go the back burner.

Your answer Correct answer

off on

22. All I need is some peace and quiet, and I'll be able to figure a solution.

Your answer Correct answer

out out

23. Brace yourself some bad news, this doesn't look good.

Your answer Correct answer

for for

24. It's all down you! Don't let us down!

Your answer Correct answer

to to

25. The new evidence creates a lot of uncertainty who really reached America first.

Your answer Correct answer

about about

26. I'm only a law school student—I'm hardly any position to help you with your legal problems.

Your answer Correct answer

in in

27. In the back my mind, I have my doubts about whether he's right for the job.

Your answer Correct answer

of of

28. He is having a shot cooking his own dinner.

Your answer Correct answer

at at

29. Jessica had her life mapped since she was a little girl: college, marriage, children, career.

Your answer Correct answer

out out

30. Quick, cram the bag the bed!

Your answer Correct answer

in under

Your answer Correct answer

(31) promotion promotion

(32) feast transition

(33) sidelines sidelines

(34) transition lengthy

(35) rear rear

(36) dwellers dwellers

(37) mortgage mortgage

(38) finite finite

(39) budding budding

(40) coastal coastal

41. Which of the following is a rite of passage that helped the writer to become less shy?

A. Attending high school.

B. Reading many books.

C. Attending college.

D. Planning a great adventure.

42. In which paragraph does the author compare his desire to read to hunger?

A. Paragraph 1.

B. Paragraph 2.

C. Paragraph 4.

D. Paragraph 5.

43. Which of the following would make the best title for this passage?

A. A Painfully Shy Child

B. My College Life

C. Travels with Greg

D. Breaking Out of My Shell

44. "It would be an understatement to say that I was nervous. I was terrified." What does the writer mean by this statement?

A. He wasn't nervous at all.

B. He was mildly nervous.

C. He was as nervous as usual.

D. He was extraordinarily nervous.

45. Which of the following statements can you infer from the passage?

A. Jack London wrote exciting stories.

B. Jack London wrote dull stories.

C. Jack London wasn't a famous writer.

D. Jack London was the writer's favourite writer.


1. When was the last time you were in _______ with your childhood friends?

A. context

B. contact

C. control

D. content

2. Like a boat at sea, his mind started to _______ when he wasn't interested.

A. float

B. soar

C. sink

D. drift

3. Mrs Jones didn't trust Jack, so she was very _______ to let him cut her grass.

A. reluctant

B. reluctantly

C. enthusiastic

D. enthusiastically

4. My house seems to be in a _______ state of disrepair—something is always broken!

A. perpetually

B. perpetual

C. perpetuity

D. perpetuate

5. The problem needs to be looked at from a historical _______ .

A. prospective

B. directive

C. perspective

D. executive

6. Dr. Carter has written _______ about the brain and its influence on our emotions.

A. extensively

B. intensively

C. extensive

D. intensive

7. The accident of last week _______ a review of school safety policy.

A. prompted

B. prompt

C. prompting

D. prompts

8. I am easily _______ by ice cream, so it's probably the best if I don't look at the dessert menu.

A. tempt

B. tempts

C. tempting

D. tempted

9. Wouldn't it be _______ if we didn't need to worry about money?

A. predictable

B. marvellous

C. astonishing

D. depressing

10. Researchers claim that there is a _______ link between caffeine and headaches.

A. definite

B. definitely

C. definition

D. defined

11. It's incredible to see how newborn babies are completely _______ on other people for everything.

A. depending

B. dependence

C. dependent

D. dependents

12. The criminal devised an _______ plan to escape from prison.

A. intrinsic

B. intricate

C. intrepid

D. intrusive

13. The court brought a _______ against the escaped prisoner.

A. persecution

B. persecute

C. prosecution

D. prosecute

14. Thank you for the offer to stay for dinner, but we don't want to _______.

A. pose

B. compose

C. propose

D. impose

15. Pedro's friends organized a friendly _______ to help him deal with his alcohol abuse.

A. contravention

B. invention

C. intervention

D. prevention

16. It's impossible to not be impressed by the Taj Mahal and _______ at its beauty.

A. respect

B. flaunt

C. marvel

D. admire

17. We should hire an _______ reviewer who isn't biased one way or the other.

A. internal

B. outdoor

C. indoor

D. external

18. I'm so excited for the new movie that waiting all year for it has been like _______.

A. tortures

B. torturing

C. tortuous

D. torture

19. Dylan likes to write _______ during his free time on the weekend.

A. poetry

B. poet

C. poetic

D. poem

20. The waterfall provided a _______ source of soothing background noise.

A. continual

B. continue

C. continuing

D. continuity

Section B: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.

21. Last weekend, I fell and broke my toe.

Your answer Correct answer

down over

22. Phil will come his own once his boss recognizes how valuable he is.

Your answer Correct answer

to into

23. Kevin has been riding a motorcycle a very young age.

Your answer Correct answer

at from

24. Among the group members, there was a strong desire an afternoon of shopping.

Your answer Correct answer

of for

25. I usually drift to sleep while watching television.

Your answer Correct answer

off off

26. The teacher told me for talking in class again today.

Your answer Correct answer


27. Do you believe free will?

Your answer Correct answer

in in

28. Julie received an award in appreciation her service to the community.

Your answer Correct answer

of of

29. Don't try to reason a child—you won't get very far.

Your answer Correct answer

with with

30. Once again, Greg was left of the decision.

Your answer Correct answer

off out

Your answer Correct answer

(31) villain villain

(32) largely largely

(33) bizarre bizarre

(34) resemblance resemblance

(35) barren barren

(36) giggled giggled

(37) helpless helpless

(38) whirled whirled

(39) blink blaze

(40) twilight twilight

41. Which of the following sentences is the main idea of this passage?

A. It is a harsh truth that humans always want what they can't have.

B. Too many adults seem to be in a hurry for children to grow up.

C. Children should be free to play the day away.

D. It's true that play helps develop skills that will be used later in life.

42. Which of the following would the writer of this passage likely NOT agree with?

A. Adults should understand that children learn while they play.

B. It is important for children to play and act young.

C. Many games help children appreciate potential careers.

D. Children should concentrate on their schoolwork above everything else.

43. "The grass is always greener on the other side" means _____.

A. other situations always seem better than the ones we are in

B. people always lack confidence in themselves

C. people prefer to live in a less barren land

D. people always want their children to grow up fast

44. This passage is best described as _____.

A. a first-person memoir

B. a dramatic dialogue

C. a persuasive essay

D. an entertaining story

45. What does the writer mean by "You cannot put a price on an active and fertile imagination"?

A. The ability to think creatively is worthless.

B. The ability to think creatively is invaluable.

C. The ability to think creatively helps children develop.

D. The ability to think creatively is a natural part of childhood.


1. The Eiffel Tower is such a distinctive of Paris that the two have become synonymous.

Your answer Correct answer

feature feature

2. I couldn't stop reading his new best-seller since I was so in the characters.

Your answer Correct answer

engaged engaged

3. I hope for your that you're not planning to make a surprise visit.

Your answer Correct answer

sake sake

4. Did you really just make a(n) between school and war?

Your answer Correct answer

analogy analogy

5. Please don't the truth—you made your decision and now you have to live with it.

Your answer Correct answer

distort distort

6. Settle down and stop being so ; the world is not going to end.

Your answer Correct answer

theatrical theatrical

7. It must've taken a lot of courage to independence like that.

Your answer Correct answer

proclaim proclaim

8. It drives me crazy—Carla always knows exactly how to every plan I make for the weekend.

Your answer Correct answer

frustrate frustrate

9. I love listening to Mexican music because the is so infectious.

Your answer Correct answer

rhythm rhythm

10. I'm always of advertisements for deals that seem too good to be true.

Your answer Correct answer

wary wary

Section B: Choose the best way to complete the sentences.

11. Next summer, the developers plan to _____ the old school into a museum.

A. convert

B. converse

C. converts

D. converge

12. Can you tell me what steps _____ a valid research proposal?

A. constitution

B. constitute

C. constituent

D. consist

13. The school received more money and _____ has been able to hire more teachers.

A. consequence

B. consequential

C. consequent

D. consequently

14. Different cultures' varying conceptions of _____ are visible in the types of clothes they generally wear.

A. jealousy

B. modesty

C. notoriety

D. clarity

15. Unfortunately, I didn't practice enough so I failed to _____ for the team.

A. qualify

B. succeed

C. thrive

D. attempt

16. Her job is to gather the data and then _____ the results to determine their significance.

A. analysis

B. analyze

C. analytical

D. analyst

17. My _____ clouded my judgment and prevented me from acting rationally when I saw my girlfriend with another man.

A. modesty

B. clarity

C. jealousy

D. notoriety

18. Jim is in Thailand on vacation; he loves to travel to _____ places.

A. erotic

B. robotic

C. exotic

D. mitotic

19. Love him or hate him, the President of the United States is one of the most _____ people in the world.

A. influential

B. domestic

C. instinctive

D. intransigent

20. In a change of pace from his recent international focus, the Prime Minister spoke last night about _____ issues.

A. exotic

B. rhythmic

C. expressive

D. domestic

Section C: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.

21. Unfortunately, I can't think about anything right now since I'm engaged a contract dispute with my landlord.

Your answer Correct answer

in in

22. Warhol's fame is largely due to the fact he incorporated pop culture references into his art.

Your answer Correct answer

that that

23. My parents split when I was four years old, so it was very difficult for me.

Your answer Correct answer

up up

24. I think my love of nature derives all the camping trips I took with my parents.

Your answer Correct answer

from from

25. After several weeks, I finally managed to pin Victor on a specific date for the photo shoot.

Your answer Correct answer

down down

26. I saw on the news that soldiers have engaged rebels in the southern part of the country.

Your answer Correct answer

in with

27. Donna gives waves of energy whenever she enters a room.

Your answer Correct answer

off off

28. The homeless shelter sent out letters to make an appeal more money.

Your answer Correct answer

for for

29. Margaret is so shy that her eyes always shy away mine when I look at her.

Your answer Correct answer

from from

30. The President's new policy is, to speak, beneficial for international trade.

Your answer Correct answer

so so

Your answer Correct answer

(31) hypothetical hypothetical

(32) commission commission

(33) mythological mythological

(34) interior expressive

(35) simultaneously precisely

(36) qualified qualified

(37) meantime meantime

(38) instinctively instinctively

(39) expressive sufficient

(40) pessimistically consolation

41. Which of the following best describes the main idea of this passage?

A. European art is superior to all other art.

B. African art is superior to all other art.

C. Every country has a unique artistic tradition.

D. Art is only a modern creation.

42. Which paragraph discusses the early history of art in Botswana?

A. Paragraph 3.

B. Paragraph 4.

C. Paragraph 5.

D. Paragraph 6.

43. According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?

A. All art in Botswana is thoroughly unique to that country.

B. Art in Botswana has been influenced by neighbouring countries.

C. Art in Botswana is a relatively recent invention.

D. All art in Botswana consists of simple decorations.

44. This passage is best described as _______.

A. narrative fiction

B. editorial non-fiction

C. first-person history

D. personal memoir

45. Which of the following would make the best title for the passage?

A. Influential Art of the World

B. A Critic's Opinion of Art in Botswana

C. Botswana Masterpieces

D. Art Without Notoriety



1. Many people about the influx of immigrants to our city, but I think it's actually a good thing for the economy.

Your answer Correct answer

grumble grumble

2. Some issues, such as immigration and trade, have implications.

Your answer Correct answer

transnational transnational

3. One of the problems with reading e-books is that you can't take notes in the .

Your answer Correct answer

margin margin

4. The town council passed that made it easier for people to open small businesses.

Your answer Correct answer

legislation legislation

5. There are some mysteries that have scientists for centuries.

Your answer Correct answer

baffled baffled

6. I'm in shock—have you seen the stock market numbers this morning?

Your answer Correct answer

staggering staggering

7. We are all living in an increasingly society as more and more people move to different countries.

Your answer Correct answer

multicultural multicultural

8. The computer's influence on our daily lives is immeasurable; it has had the most effect on how humans live.

Your answer Correct answer

massive massive

9. There will always be people who of new technology simply because it is "different."

Your answer Correct answer

disapprove disapprove

10. After several years of travel, Jake moved to London to find a job, a house, and the he needed in his life.

Your answer Correct answer

stability stability

Section B: Choose the best way to complete the sentences.

11. Some people have an unhealthy _____ with technology and need to have every new gadget available.

A. session

B. obsession

C. recession

D. cessation

12. After much _____, Heather was finally able to convince her boss to award her employees with a holiday bonus.

A. desistence

B. consistence

C. insistence

D. resistance

13. It's hard to _____ what the future might look like, but science fiction writers have been doing it for over a hundred years.

A. visualize

B. confer

C. mechanize

D. ascertain

14. I know almost everyone loves her new book, but I'm not even _____ interested in reading it.

A. massively

B. supposedly

C. entirely

D. remotely

15. Even though Mr Lewis didn't say it out loud, the _____ in his speech was that his staff didn't work hard enough.

A. personification

B. implication

C. justification

D. explanation

16. Many people complain that the cost of education is prohibitively expensive, but I think the cost of _____ is much higher.

A. ignore

B. ignorant

C. ignorance

D. ignoring

17. After he lost the competition, Lawrence felt completely and utterly _____.

A. dispirited

B. inquisitive

C. observant

D. unchanged

18. We need to come up with a _____ explanation for why we missed class yesterday.

A. plausible

B. sentient

C. staggering

D. corporate

19. Paul has become very _____ and conceited since he first tasted fame.

A. arrogance

B. elegant

C. elegance

D. arrogant

20. Dinosaurs have been _____ for approximately 65 million years!

A. succinct

B. extinct

C. instinct

D. blinked

Section C: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.

21. I'm as ignorant of your country's laws you are of mine.

Your answer Correct answer

as as

22. It's a pretty safe bet almost all college graduates are more technically savvy than their parents.

Your answer Correct answer

that that

23. What do you make the generation of MP3 players?

Your answer Correct answer

of of

24. The New York team qualified for the championship round a narrow margin.

Your answer Correct answer

by by

25. all the excitement surrounding the new computer program, not much is different.

Your answer Correct answer

Despite For

26. My mother still hasn't come to grips the convenience of e-mail.

Your answer Correct answer

with with

27. How can we ask George to help such a way that he will think it's his idea?

Your answer Correct answer

in in

28. When you think about it, it is not surprising most people now own a cell phone.

Your answer Correct answer

that that

29. I think it's time to buy new pants when the knees begin to wear .

Your answer Correct answer

out out

30. In the wake the earthquake, many people displayed an incredible amount of generosity.

Your answer Correct answer

of of

Your answer Correct answer

(31) eminent eminent

(32) suburb suburb

(33) curse

(34) workforce workforce

(35) magnitude magnitude

(36) whereabouts hype

(37) brawny brawny

(38) hype bet

(39) fundamentally fundamentally

(40) someday someday

41. The writer of this passage would probably agree with which of the following statements?

A. Technology is beginning to control our lives.

B. Computers play a marginal role in our society.

C. We rely on computer specialists because they are convenient.

D. Technology is slowly becoming more expensive.

42. The writer's scenario with Michael is presented in order to _____.

A. describe an innovation

B. substantiate his argument

C. illustrate an example from a bygone time.

D. brag about personal accomplishments

43. Which paragraph draws a personal analogy to the reader?

A. Paragraph 2.

B. Paragraph 3.

C. Paragraph 4.

D. Paragraph 5.

44. Which of the following is the best one-sentence summary of this passage?

A. Technology makes our lives more convenient.

B. Science fiction is becoming a daily reality.

C. Everybody uses computers and other technologies.

D. The more we rely on technology, the more helpless we become.

45. Which of the following events does not support the writer's main idea?

A. Marcus plays the latest video game after school.

B. Lisa reads a book before going to bed each night.

C. Carol uses a GPS system to find her way in a new city.

D. Tony blogs and sends e-mails from his mobile phone.



Almost every United States citizen is the descendant of a(n) by fewer than three generations.

Your answer Correct answer

immigrant immigrant

2. With a(n) of her shoulders, Nancy showed that she wasn't concerned with their problems.

Your answer Correct answer

shrug shrug

3. Televisions nowadays come with controls that help prevent young children from watching certain programmes.

Your answer Correct answer

parental parental

4. I don't know about you, but I would never want to a grizzly bear in the woods.

Your answer Correct answer

encounter encounter

5. Ever since the restaurant reopened under new , I've found that their food just isn't as good.

Your answer Correct answer

management management

6. I hope you'll be to the changes I suggested in your contract.

Your answer Correct answer

agreeable agreeable

7. Tim and Josh were in a big argument this morning but, in the end, I know that cooler heads will and they will get over it.

Your answer Correct answer

prevail prevail

8. Instead of presents for his birthday, Tom asked people to make a(n) to his favourite charity.

Your answer Correct answer

donation donation

9. Don't worry if you can't get it at first, attempts will give you the practice you need to get it right.

Your answer Correct answer

successive successive

10. The politician really took a risk when he campaigned on reforms in such a conservative district.

Your answer Correct answer

progressive progressive

11. The images of the genocide that aired on the news were horrific and .

Your answer Correct answer

appalling appalling

12. No one on Earth is quite so as a six-year-old boy about to go to the toy store.

Your answer Correct answer

intense impatient

13. As a soldier, you never know what new surprises will your safety.

Your answer Correct answer

threaten threaten

14. Perhaps no other person is as famous for his or her as Albert Einstein.

Your answer Correct answer

intellect intellect

15. My father always tells me that a good education is a reliable in your future.

Your answer Correct answer

investment investment

16. During college, the library formed the of my life; it seemed like I was always there or somewhere very close.

Your answer Correct answer

nucleus nucleus

17. I felt as if everyone were looking at me with and contempt when I walked into the country club wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Your answer Correct answer

disdain disdain

18. The military generals met to discuss an end to the between their countries.

Your answer Correct answer

hostility hostility

19. I'm looking for a(n) employee, not someone who looks for any excuse to get out of working.

Your answer Correct answer

competent competent

20. She looked at him with blue eyes that betrayed the fiery emotions she was feeling.

Your answer Correct answer

impatient intense

Section B: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.

21. I'd like to accept this award behalf of my parents.

Your answer Correct answer

on on

22. As of this morning, I am officially in the running the office of mayor.

Your answer Correct answer

for for

23. The President's Chief Staff is the person responsible for most of the day-to-day decision making.

Your answer Correct answer

of of

24. I must say that the times in we live don't seem very exciting when compared to the past.