Side By Side 1-重点句

Side By Side 1-重点句

Side by Side 1·重点句Unit1

Side By Side 1-重点句

1.What’s your name?

2.My name is William Chen.

3.What’s your address?

4.My address is 294 River Street,Brooklyn, New York.

5.What’s your telephone number?

6.My telephone number is 468-7750.

7.What’s your apartment number?

8.My apartment number is 3B.

9.What’s your license number?

10.My license number is 921DCG.

Unit 2

Side By Side 1-重点句

1.Where are you?

2.We’re in the living room.

3.Where are Mr. and Mrs. Jones?

4.They’re in the yard.

5.Where’s bob?

6.He’s in the living room.

7.Where’s Mary?

8.She’s in the bedroom.

9.Where’s the car?

10.It’s in the garage.

Unit 3

Side By Side 1-重点句

1.What are you doing?

2.I am listening to music.

3.What are they doing?

4.Theyare eating breakfast.

5.What’s he doing?

6.He’s playing the piano.

7.What’s she doing?

8.She’s watching TV.

9.What’s it doing?

10.It’s sleeping.

Unit 4

Side By Side 1-重点句

1.What’s Mary doing?

2.She’s cleaning her room.

3.Are you busy?

4.Yes, I am. I‘m washing my hair.

5.Is he busy?