Unit 1


Ⅲ1、During the time of a lecture ,it is by tradition that everyone keeps silent and that no one is allowed to stop the speaker.

2、Lucy was shy and quiet while her brother was sure and noisy.

3、We have to wait for a period of time and then we will ask the people in charge to give us answers.

4、This is a political question and now it is a good time to start pushing the government.The government should give us a reply.

5、He loves his job because it offers adventures,travels,and experience.

6、The teacher during his lecture came to the end of the first point and without a pause he was off on the second point.

7、Your partner is also welcome.So why not come along together with him to discuss the different methods of birth control?

8、It made me angry,and that sort of accident made me get stuck in for hours.

Ⅳ1、I sat at the front part of the car,next to the driver.

2、He spoke in a soft,but sure and unmistakable voice.

3、I was also excited to be invited to a small family party,the wedding of Jack Woolley and Peggy Archer.

4、At last he was able to struggle free,run to his car and call out for help.

5、It seems she dressed herself up in the most beautiful way that had been ever possible.

6、She stood up and started at me,her eyes wide with disbelief.

7、For some reasons he let down Diana on a date and since then they have never seen each other.

8、I have no direct instructions on what action to take in this case.



If the weather is fine tomorrow, he will take his girl friend to the beach.


When he was a young fellow ,he was very sensitive about what he said and did.


He is interested in a particular girl and often goes with her to Shanghai Grand Theater to watch plays.


As soon as he finished what he had to say, the guy next to him got all excited and laughed loudly.


On that day, the boy was not willing to go to school, so his parents had to push him.

Ⅵ1、Pretty soon the guys were all standing around me,making a scene,and saying,“Well,say it,Feynman!”


2、I went home and told my mother about it.She gave me all kinds of instructions on how to do this and that.


3、She was following a tradition:women teach their sons how to treat the next generation of women well.


4、She was still upstairs getting ready of course(it?s always like that),so her family had me wait for her in the dining room,where they and their friends were eating pie.


5、I told her how,when I was younger,my parents made me learn piano for a period of time,but after six months I was still playing“Dance of the Flowers”and couldn?t stand it any more.


Unit 3


Ⅲ1、We could do noting but wait as the meeting would be announced the next day.

2、The made a plan and organized experienced workers to take part in the new project.

3、He stood there,watching the rain pouring down the windows.

4、We have first-class technology(技术);it is quite rare to have an accident directly caused by some kind of technical failure.

5、I saw the two women passing in the doorway and exchanging glances of greeting.

6、The four adventurers went in the forest for the entire two months without seeing anyone.

7、We communicated by letter in these days.

8、Please leave the boiling water for 10 seconds before pouring it onto the coffee.

Ⅳ1、He will arrive in China tomorrow and we are going to meet him at the airport.

2、Everyone is surprised at the fact that the human population is growing so rapidly.

3、In order to make it progress quickly,we need to pick out someone to organize the program.

4、In spite of opposing views,our boss declared that the company would enter the furniture market.

5、That was the very story that my father was fond of repeating over the years.

6、By the age of seven,difference between boys and girls have appeared.

7、He?d lie on his bed at three or four in the morning just wondering about what to do next.

8、She smiled at him as she poured boiling water into his cup.



The students listened and took notes carefully as the teacher gave them a lecture.


We admire great people because what they did is worth admiring.


Four students share a flat, where they share a kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom.


Those Americans were curious about Chinese culture and were curious to know about the main differences between Chinese culture and American culture.

5、那些英国学生非常喜欢去年在中国度过的暑假,主要原因是他们结交了许多中国朋友。Those British students enjoyed their summer vacating in China last year, mainly because they made lots of Chinese friends.

Ⅵ1、“If you want to say …okay?,don?t make a circle with your thumb and first finger,”the woman announced.


2、That means okay here in the USA,but in the Soviet Union it has a dirty meaning.


3、You might not have hot running water to take a bath,or you might have to share a bathroom with five or six people.


4、When they arrived in the Soviet Union,the Americans glad that they had prepared themselves to experience life under communism.


5、The Soviets know that Americans liked to eat fast food in restaurants,but they were disappointed to see that Americans ate fast meals at home,too.


Unit 5


Ⅲ1、I don?t believe any of these stories;in fact,they have been copied from some history books.

2、Whenever he tired to explain any new idea,he just couldn?t make himself understood.

3、You might even take some fresh fruit with you for the journey.

4、He tricked me into telling him everything about the new plan.

5、It is remarkable to find that the young children in your class are familiar with so many English words.

6、When winter comes,there are large pieces of floating ice on the surface of the river.

7、Within minutes,the small church was flooded with men,women and children.

8、You complain about your friends never coming to see you,but when they do come,you give them such a hard time that it?s hardly surprising they usually stay away.

Ⅳ1、When I saw myself in the mirror I realized why I was very attractive.

2、She felt they were trying to trick her into saying more than she intended.

3、Each week,on my shopping day,I tear out one page from my notebook and make a shopping list.

4、Faith is often pictured as the absence of doubt and the man of faith as the man with no doubts.

5、They can afford to buy the products in great quantities and pass the price benefits on to the customer.

6、Farmers complain about no one buying their wine and about cheap foreign products flooding the markets.

7、Please do not try to hurry up the job because“slow and steady”seems to give the best results.

8、It took my wife?s breath away when she tried to the ring;she had never seen such a beautiful ring before.



She felt very excited that she had won the first prize at the English Speech Contest.


The little boy found it hard to fit into his new school.


He is satisfied with everything here, and never complains about anything.

4、如果我能通过学校的考试,心里就会充溢着这样一种感觉:我很快就会变得完美无瑕。If I could pass my school examinations ,I would be filled with the sense that I would soon become perfect..


Some parents choose and buy stories of child geniuses for their children to read, with the hope that the children will become remarkable some day.

Ⅵ1、I was a dancing girl standing in the wings,waiting to hear the music that would send me floating like a feather across the stage.


2、“If you don?t hurry up and get me out of here,I?m leaving for good,”it warned.“And then you?ll always be nothing.”


3、The first night she brought out a story about a three-old boy who knew the capitals of all the states and even most of the European countries.


4、The tests got harder-doing math in my head,finding the queen of hearts in a pack of cards,trying to stand on my head without using my hands,etc.


5、And after seeing my mother?s disappointed face once again,something in the depths of my soul began to die.


Unit 6


Ⅲ1、He made a check list with English letters.Each letter represented a(n) item to be checked.

2、I don?t think we are expected to take up more duties after a hard day in the shop.

3、He saw that her coat was wrongly buttoned up,but he didn?t tell her.

4、The textbooks are designed in such a way that they will really engage the interest of teachers and students.

5、A smell of newly baked bread comes from the kitchen!

6、She tried to gather the pages together so that her father would have no difficulty in reading them.

7、When the old doctor who had attended her died suddenly,a young man took over the practice.

8、It is very sad to find that men and women slaved over winter and summer for a little bread to feed their children.

Ⅳ1、Market theory holds that the price of goods is decided by the number of people who want to buy them.(depend on) depends on

2、I?ve never heard of anyone driving up to 100 elephants at one time.(as many as)

as many as

3、You have been out every evening this week.It?s not surprising you?re tired.(no wonder)

No wonder

4、He started his career as a painter and soon had plenty of work.(set up)

set up

5、They have increased their business by offering good service.(build up)

built up

6、Although the company tries to increase its production in this situation,the price of its products

Even if

will remain high.(even if)

7、The new skill is almost the same as that used today.(to all purposes)

to all purpose

8、The accident happened only a block from his home.(take place)

took place



One of the most beautiful and happiest events in one?s life takes place on the day in which one?s wedding is held.


Her mother slaved over the task of sewing cotton items.


Many people spend a lot of time and money in preparing for their wedding parties.


In the past, at her wedding ,a girl was expected to bring many things to her husband?s house including quilts,sheets,a large clothes chest and so on.


It is a traditional custom that a couple?s m arriage takes place one year after they are engaged.

Ⅵ1、Every member of the village is invited,and excitement builds up during the days before the wedding.


2、As far as the bride is concerned,her family has been preparing for her wedding ever since she was born.


3、Meanwhile her father has been saving money,because it?s the duty of the bride?s family to provide a home for the new couple.


4、Cattle、goats、money、an ox and cart,a television and nowadays a washing machine too-some,or perhaps all of these can be included,depending on the girl?s family income.


5、Outside the church the man and woman receive the guest?s noisy congratulations,before everyone goes to the couple?s house to start celebrating.


Unit 7


Ⅲ1、The results should be offered in a positive way leading to more fruitful work.

2、If so,our sense of the true and the false is too easily cheated or deceived.

3、The local tourist office organizes a number of guided walks to let you have a good look at the downtown area.

4、These machine is difficult to install,but easy to operate.

5、It is said that caged birds are better fed,more healthy,and live longer than their fellows in the wild.

6、It has been recorded that the National Security Agency was founded on 4 November 1952.

7、Make sure the new machines are checked and operated by those who know what to do and how to do it.

8、We all hope that our next generation will be better trained and better educated to meet the needs of a better future.

Ⅳ1、The proposed plan of action focuses on the way health and social services work together to provide better services to old people.

2、When she was walking alone in the dark streets,she would keep looking out her,making sure that she was safe.

3、Continue to let him borrow your money and you will never come to an end with him.

4、These people never work hard themselves but they try to profit in others? successes.

5、Many people say that a college education should be regarded as everyone?s birthright.

6、Success comes from good knowledge,firm determination and hard work.

7、His is generally regarded as good luck;people do not think his success comes from hard work.

8、I will have to take responsibility for what has gone wrong in this month?s business. Translation


The football team he led took part in many international games . It lost its first game after 10 straight victories.


Teachers should focus on key and difficult points in classroom teaching so that their students can really grasp them.


He takes a positive attitude towards his work and pours all his energy into whatever he does.


Walled would not have fallen to death if he had not worried so much about his safety during that midday walk.


As an excellent manager, he immediately corrects any wrong decision he has made.

Ⅵ1、When his team lost its first game after 29 straight victories at home,his response was:“Great!Now we can focus on wining,rather than on not losing.”


2、Meyer showed a spirit of working towards positive goals,pouring one?s energy into the task,and not looking behind and making excuses for past events.


3、For a lot of people,the word“failure”carries with it a feeling of coming to an end;but for the successful leader,failure is a beginning,a seed of hope.


4、It was the first time he?d ever thought about that,and it seemed to me that he put all his energy into not falling rather than walking the tightrope.


5、Whenever I make a decision,I start out realizing there?s a strong chance I?m going to be wrong.All I can do is the best I can.

每当我作决策时,我一开始便意识到我很可能会犯错误,我所能做的就是尽力而为。Unit 9


Ⅲ1、Jack was a wonderful character,full of tales and stories about his sailing days in the South Atlantic.

2、Although the number of applications is not great,it has none the less increased significantly over the past few days.

3、Cars can be hired if you would like to have a look outside of the city.

4、That scientist promoted the idea much earlier,but he had a limited following;it seemed that no one was interested in his idea at that time.

5、You?ve got terrible shadows under your eyes;you?re very pale and you look very tired.

6、When I was ill,my roommate went to fetch a doctor.

7、More attractive benefits will likely attract trained,qualified staff,as the White Paper suggests.

8、She would pretend to be busy with her homework whenever her father came into her room.

Ⅳ1、The idea has been around for ages,but noting has come of it so far.

2、It is terrible to learn that the number of people killed in fires rose to 732 in 1986 from 710 in the previous year while the number of injured reached a record of 10,178.

3、He has been working on it ever since the end of the war,and often shows it in whole or in part to his friends.

4、Thank you for the notes and letters that were waiting for me when I arrived home.

5、Nothing,after all,could be stranger;these students are trying to learn the whole dictionary by heart.

6、After I put some stones into my pockets,my weight climbed up to 60 kilos.

7、I can?t say I approve of your going into business,but I admire your courage and I will give you my help and advice willingly.

8、True independence has to be achieved in stages;it cannot be achieved overnight. Translation


No one believes what he says and his argument is only skin deep.


The little girl is clever and attractive ,so she receives more help and is punished less at school.


As children ,we learn that people are divided into good people who are beautiful and bad people who are ugly.

4、一个人受到良好的教育,就非常有可能工作干得更好,也能够更快地提升到更高的位置。It is very likely that a man with a good education can do better in his work and rise to a higher position faster.


Although beauty may get our attention, we have to remember that it can change in a matter of moments.

Ⅵ1、After all,in most stories the characters are divided into heroes that are handsome,women that are beautiful,and bad people that are ugly.

毕竟,大多数故事中的人物都分为英俊潇洒的英雄,美丽动人的女子和相貌丑陋的坏人。2、Perhaps it?s not surprising that a judge is more likely to give an attractive criminal a shorter sentence.


3、Attractive children get higher scores on tests,probably because their good looks fetch more praise from adults.


4、Mothers hold,kiss,talk to,and play more with their babies if they?re pretty.


5、Those who were at least 6 feet tall did much better-they received more money,were promoted faster,and rose to higher positions.