1. They packed the instruments carefully ____ they would be broken during transportation.

A. so that

B. on condition that

C. for fear that

D. provided that

2. Almost all the countries in the world hoped that the warring sides would ________ a compromise.

A. affect

B. effect

C. come

D. lead

3. Our talk was completely ________out by the roar of the machines. As a result, we had to communicate with gestures.

A. decreased

B. reduced

C. smashed

D. drowned

4. She was arrested for ______ state secrets to a foreign reporter in return for her son going abroad.

A. getting away

B. giving away

C. breaking away

D. putting away

5. The professor kept speaking about his new discovery in the field, only ____ occasionally to have a mouthful of tea.

A. dropping off

B. breaking off

C. putting off

D. setting off

6. His health ________ as he ate too little and worked too hard for months on end.

A. broke up

B. broke through

C. broke down

D. broke off

7. His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any ________ of it at


A. interpretation

B. meaning

C. reason

D. sense

8. To his great joy he discovered that his ears became ________.

A. sensitive

B. aware

C. efficient

D. sensible

9. The pilot of the plane is ________ for the passengers' safety.

A. conscious

B. responsible

C. necessary

D. regulated

10. We need to make sure that we ________ our resources as fully as possible.

A. achieve

B. operate

C. exploit

D. expel

11. The economy looks set to ________ its growth into next year.

A. endure

B. persist

C. remain

D. sustain

12. It was the only thing that I could do—I don't have to ________ myself to anyone.

A. account

B. justify

C. discount

D. clarify

13. The shop assistant says if I leave $10 as a ________, they'll keep the dress for me.

A. deposit

B. loan

C. guarantee

D. fee

14. It was such a(n) ________ to hear that Marta was found safe and well.

A. concern

B. anxiety

C. expectation

D. relief

15. I don't think his remarks are relevant ________ our discussion.

A. to

B. at

C. for

D. with

16. You must speak slowly, so that you can make yourself ________.

A. to be understood

B. understood

C. understanding

D. being understood

17. There's nothing on TV tonight, ________ rubbish.

A. rather than

B. more than

C. better than

D. other than

18. I will hold your note until Christmas Day, _______ you certainly will have received your allowance.

A. by that time

B. at that time

C. by which time

D. at which time

19. The Prime Minister commanded that farmers ________ loans from the government.

A. would receive

B. received

C. ought to receive

D. should receive

20. Lots of people pretend that they never read advertisements, but this claim ________.

A. may be hardly doubted

B. may be seriously doubted

C. may be hard doubting

D. may be doubted serious

21. The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, ________ all practical value by the time they were finished.

A. had lost

B. would lose

C. would have lost

D. should have lost

22. Our hopes ________ and fell in the same instant.

A. arose

B. raised

C. rose

D. aroused

23. With the development in science and technology man can make various flowers ________ before their time.

A. be bloomed

B. bloom

C. bloomed

D. blooming

24. A season ticket _______the holder to make as many journeys as he wishes within the stated period of time.

A. entitles

B. grants

C. presents

D. promises

25. We hadn't met for 20 years, but I recognized her ________ I saw her.

A. the moment

B. for the moment

C. the moment when

D. at the moment when

26. Government reports, examinations, compositions, legal documents, and most business letters are the main situations ________ formal language is used.

A. in which

B. at what

C. on which

D. in that

27. Fifty years ago, wealthy people liked hunting wild animals for fun ________ sightseeing.

A. rather than to go

B. more than going

C. other than going

D. than to go

28. Rod is determined to get a seat for the concert ________ it means standing in a queue all night.

A. as if

B. even if

C. provided

D. whatever

29. The older New England villages have changed relatively little ________ a gas station or two in recent decades.

A. except for

B. study

C. except

D. besides

30. He wrote an article criticizing the Greek poet and won ________ and a scholarship.

A. faith

B. status

C. fame

D. courage

31. If the building project ________ by the end of this month is delayed, the construction company will be fined.

A. being completed

B. is completed

C. to be completed

D. completed

32. The president promised to keep all the board members ________ of how the negotiations were going on.

A. inform

B. informing

C. be informed

D. informed

33. Eating too much fat can ________ heart disease and cause high blood pressure.

A. attribute to

B. attend to

C. contribute to

D. devote to

34. All the tasks ________ ahead of time, they decided to go on holiday for a week.

A. been fulfilled

B. having been fulfilled

C. were fulfilled

D. had been fulfilled

35. He was punished ________ he should make the same mistake again.

A. unless

B. provided

C. if

D. lest

36. ________ in the United States, St. Louis has now become the 24th largest city.

A. Being the fourth biggest city

B. It was once the fourth biggest city

C. Once the fourth biggest city

D. The fourth biggest city it was

37. He has recently ________ golf for relaxation.

A. taken up

B. taken with

C. taken on

D. taken over

38. Although they met with many difficulties, I hear they succeeded ________.

A. over all

B. after all

C. above all

D. all in all

39. When you enter the quiet room, be sure ________ the silence.

A. not to break

B. not breaking

C. to not break

D. not to breaking

40. Elliot followed his friend to her own club where everyone treats him as if he ________ the president.

A. were

C. be

D. had been

41. After several months' study, I was able to easily read Japanese novels in the ________.

A. origin

B. reference

C. source

D. original

42. Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor was ________ dangerous an undertaking ________ be scarcely believable.

A. so... as to

B. such... as to

C. very... to

D. so... that to

43. This is a group of six boys ________ 14 to 17.

A. aged

B. ages

C. aging

D. age

44. This diploma (毕业文凭) ________ that you have completed high school.

A. entitles

B. certifies

C. secures

D. approves

45. If the rain doesn't stop, people will be faced ________ serious flooding.

A. to

B. about

C. with

D. by

46. The manager promised to have my complaint ________.

A. looked through

B. looked into

C. looked over

D. looked after

47. He is watching TV? He's _______ to be cleaning his room.

A. known

C. regarded

D. considered

48. I recognized him at once, but his name ________ me for the moment.

A. escaped

B. missed

C. failed

D. ignored

49. Yet in a ________ democracy, such a declaration cannot easily be made; indeed the opposite must be proclaimed.

A. liberal

B. liable

C. liberated

D. reliable

50. It is well-known that the retired workers in our country are __________ free medical care.

A. involved

B. associated with

C. entitled to

D. assigned to

51. The room is dark; Mr. Smith ________ to bed.

A. should go

B. should have gone

C. must go

D. must have gone

52. The famous actress did not show up at the party, _______ is disappointing.

A. that

B. which

C. what

D. it

53. _________ I admit there are problems, I don't agree that they can not be solved.

A. As

B. While

C. For

D. Despite

54. He is not ________ to recover from the shock in one day or two.

B. probable

C. capable

D. likely

55. The girl will get _________ her nervousness once she is on stage.

A. over

B. through

C. off

D. away

56. Scarcely had the old man gone out _________.

A. that it started to rain

B. than it started to rain

C. when it started to rain

D. and it started to rain

57. You are invited to the party ________ at our institute 8:00 p.m. tomorrow.

A. having been

B. given

C. to give

D. to be given

58. The editor _______ the article to make it fit the space available in a magazine.

A. cut down

B. cut off

C. cut away

D. cut out

59. There are usually at least two ________ of looking at every question.

A. means

B. opinions

C. directions

D. ways

60. "What is the new literature course like?"

"It ______ the students aren't required to attend lectures."

A. differs with the old course because

B. is different than the old course due to

C. differs from the old course in that

D. is different from the old course with respect to

61. She was glad that her success would ________ for the women who would


A. make things easier

B. make it easier

C. be easier

D. be easier to make

62. Her hair is _________.

A. the same color as her mother

B. the same color as her mother's

C. same color as her mother

D. same color as her mother's

63. I'm going to start now __________ miss the beginning.

A. not to

B. so as not to

C. in order not

D. so as not

64. The film was not as good as I had expected. If I ________ it was boring, I would not have gone.

A. have known

B. would know

C. had known

D. know

65. I'd like to take __________ of this opportunity to thank you all for your co-operation.

A. asked

B. benefit

C. occasion

D. advantage

66. Dinner will be ready _________, but we will have time for a drink.

A. currently

B. lately

C. presently

D. suddenly

67. He does not ________ his workmates and there are often disagreements between them.

A. go on with

B. put up with

C. get along with

D. keep up with

68. Jack will ________ his nervousness once he's in front of the camera.

A. get away

B. get off

C. get through

D. get over

69. I didn't know what to do but then an idea suddenly ________ to me.

A. happened

B. entered

C. occurred

D. hit

70. He has been ________ of murdering the Japanese visitor.

A. blamed

B. charged

C. accused

D. arrested

71. We've ________ salt. Ask Mrs. Jones to lend us some.

A. run away with

B. run down

C. run off

D. run out of

72. Regardless ________ his appearance, he is innocent.

A. to

B. in

C. of

D. for

73. Nobody knows the age of the earth ________ certain.

A. by

B. in

C. with

D. for

74. ________ half way through the exercise, the teacher changed his mind and collected all our papers.

A. When only

B. Being only

C. When we were only

D. Having been

75. Some newly-married couples think that it will give them a sense of achievement to properly rear a child and to see him or her ________ to be a useful person.

A. fall out

B. turn out

C. carry out

D. take out

76. The scientists have been ________ the necessary funds for their research program.

A. denied

B. ignored

C. neglected

D. refused

77. To identify a poison you must be able either to ________ a chemical analysis or observe the poison at work on the victim.

A. carry out

B. call up

C. build up

D. break out

78. A special day should be created to __________ people's awareness of the importance of intellectual property.

A. learn

B. expand

C. broaden

D. observe

79. Mercy killing (安乐死) is usually understood as a merciful act to ________ a terminally-ill patient's unbearable pain.

A. release

B. retreat

C. receive

D. relieve

80. Among all the possible choices, large international enterprises have never lost their ________.

A. approval

B. appearance

C. appreciation

D. appeal

81. It is forecast that classic and romantic (浪漫的) colors like wine red, purple

and vegetable green will ________ next year, revealing women's charms of maturity.

A. take in

B. take off

C. take out

D. take after

82. The little boy and the dog ________ each other as soon as they met.

A. took after

B. took to

C. took in

D. took up

83. You should ________ three days ago.

A. hand it in

B. have been handing it in

C. have handed it in

D. be handing it in

84. People expect technology to ________ a lot ________ the quality of life.

A. owe... to

B. contribute... for

C. owe.... for

D. contribute... to

85. We have still one more problem ________.

A. to solve

B. to be solved

C. is solving

D. solved

86. The man asked for a divorce because he could no longer ________ his noisy wife.

A. take care of

B. make use of

C. put up with

D. put out of

87. My landlady wanted me to pay the rent in ________.

A. progress

B. advance

C. development

D. ahead

88. I'm looking forward to ________ some time this year.

A. my parents to come

B. my parents are coming

C. my parents' coming

D. my parents come

89. Lions don't harm domestic animals if wild ones are ________.

A. adaptable

B. available

C. acceptable

D. achievable

90. His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any ________ of it at all.

A. interpretation

B. explanation

C. meaning

D. sense

91. Two of the children have to sleep in one bed, but the other three have ________ ones.

A. complete

B. singular

C. separate

D. different

92. If you think you can do my job better than I can, you are welcome to ________.

A. take it over

B. take it off

C. take it down

D. take it in

93. The government is determined to _____ the established policy of developing agriculture.

A. go after

B. go by

C. go ahead

D. go on

94. Shortly after his retirement, the former president ________ gardening and hunting.

A. took to

B. took on

C. took in

D. took after

95. He looked ________, as if he'd missed a night's sleep.

A. worn out

B. worn off

C. worn away

D. worn through

96. The patient's progress was very encouraging as he could _______ get out of bed without help.

A. nearly

B. only

C. merely

D. barely

97. His dramatic change in opinion was ________ by the unspeakable wrong done to him.

A. brought out

B. brought to

C. brought up

D. brought about

98. He was ________ admittance to the restaurant for not being properly dressed.

A. denied

B. rejected

C. stopped

D. accepted

99. They are well ________ with each other since they once studied in the same university.

A. acquainted

B. recognized

C. acknowledged

D. identified

100. Old Mr. Brown's condition looks very serious and it is doubtful if he will ________.

A. pull through

B. pull up

C. pull back

D. pull out

101. The rain looked as though it had ________ for the night.

A. set off

B. set out

C. set in

D. set up

102. He did his best to stay awake, but the performance was so boring he just _____ to sleep.

A. dropped away

B. dropped out

C. dropped off

D. dropped down

103. ________ for your laziness, you could have finished the assignment by now.

A. Had it not been

B. Weren't it

C. It were not

D. Had not it been

104. ________ I admit that the problems are difficult, I don't agree that they can't be solved.

A. Suppose

B. Because

C. While

D. Until

105. The revolutionary fighter would rather die with his head high than _____ with his knees bent.

A. to live

B. living

C. live

D. lived

106. ________, they have boldly undertaken the construction of a 26-story building.

A. As they are young

B. Young as they are

C. They are as young

D. As young as they are

107. Don't worry about your son's illness. What he really needs is ________ a few days' rest.

A. nothing but

B. anything but

C. something but

D. everything but

108. ________ you go on the earth, there is always gravity to keep you from falling off.

A. When

B. Wherever

C. Since

D. Because

109. ________ is a fact many smokers choose to ignore.

A. To smoke is harmful to health

B. It is harmful to health to smoke

C. That smoking is harmful to one's health

D. Smoking is harmful to health

110. Professor Brown, together with three lecturers, ________ attending a meeting on energy now.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

111. I'd rather you ______ anything about it for the time being. You should take a break first.

A. not do

B. don't do

C. didn't do

D. won't do

112. The firm decided after a board meeting that the old machinery in the factories ________ with.

A. do away

B. be done away

C. has done away

D. has been done away

113. ________ in his reading that Susan hadn't dared to make a sound.

A. So was he absorbed

B. So absorbed he was

C. So absorbed was he

D. So he was absorbed

114. By the time you get to New York, I _______ for London.

A. would be leaving

B. have already left

C. am leaving

D. shall have left

115. Sometimes children have trouble ________ fact from fiction and may believe that such things actually exist.

A. to separate

B. for separating

C. separating

D. of separating

116. He is quite sure that it's ________ impossible for him to fulfill the task within two days.

A. absolutely

B. fully

C. exclusively

D. roughly

117. There was a big hole in the road which ________ the traffic.

A. set back

B. held up

C. stood back

D. kept down

118. Many a delegate was in favor of his proposal that a special committee _______ to investigate the incident.

A. were set up

B. be set up

C. was set up

D. set up

119. In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives play ________ roles in raising children.

A. incapable

B. insensible

C. indispensable

D. infinite

120. There is no _______ to the house from the main road.

A. access

B. exposure

C. avenue

D. edge

121. ________ energy under the earth must be released in one form or another, for example, in an earthquake.

A. Accumulated

B. Assembled

C. Gathered

D. Collected

122. He wasn't appointed chairman of the committee, ________ not very popular with all of its members.

A. to be considered

B. being considered

C. considering

D. having considered

123. The twentieth century has witnessed an enormous wor ldwide political, economic and cultural ________.

A. tradition

B. transmission

C. transportation

D. transformation

124. My brother's plans are very ________; he wants to master English, French and Spanish before he is sixteen.

A. arbitrary

B. ambitious

C. aggressive

D. abundant

125. The statistical figures in that report are not ________. You should not refer to them.

A. accurate

B. delicate

C. fixed

D. rigid

126. None of us expected the chairman to ________ at the party. We thought he was still in hospital.

A. turn in

B. turn up

C. turn over

D. turn down