《Unit10 You’re supposed to shake hands》练习题


1.—Excuse me, could you tell me ______ a book about music?

—Sure. They are on the second floor.

A. where can I buy

B. where I can buy

C. when I can buy D when I can buy

2. could you please ______ us Mary’s telephone number?

A. to give

B. give

C. giving

D. to giving

3. — I don’t have a partner to practice English______.

— Why not ________ an English language club?

A. to; join

B. with; to join

C. with; join

D. from; join

4. We can deal ____ our problems by ________ them as challenges.

A. with; regard

B. with; regarding

C. for; thinking

D. for; think

5. My hometown has changed a lot. It is _____longer what it used _______.

A. not; to.

B. not; to be

C. no; to be

D. no, to

6. What ______ you do if you ______ me?

A. would; were

B. will; were

C. would; are

D. will; are

7. Singing the song will help you______ when you feel stressed out.

A. set up

B. cheer up

C. put up

D. think up

8. Salt ______ in East and South China.

A. produce

B. is produce

C. is produced

D. produced

9. — What ____ your bike yesterday?

—It didn’t work.

A. was happened in

B. happened in

C. was happened to

D. happened to

0. By the time I got to school, I realized that I ______ my pen at home.

A. have forgotten

B. have left

C. had forgotten

D. had left

11. I was late today be cause alarm clock didn’t _____ .

A. run off

B. go off

C. give out

D. give up

12.Soft colors like pink and light blue make people _____, so they spend more time _______their meals.

A. relax; eat

B. relaxed; ate

C. relaxed; eating

D. relaxing; eating

13. — Can you come and play football with me?

—____. I have a lot of homework to do.

A. Excuse me

B. I’d like to

C. I’m afraid not

D. It’s a pleasure

14. I _______ riding my bike______ taking buses to school.

A. prefer; to

B. would rather; than

C. would like; to

D. prefer; rather than

15.The earth will become worse and worse ______ we do something to stop her from being polluted.

A. if

B. even if

C. unless

D. when


( )1. All the people went home _____ Job, for he had to finish his work.

A. with

B. besides

C. except

D. except for

( )2. —Could we see each other at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning?—Sorry, let’s make it ______ time.


B. the other

C. another

D. other

( )3. I think _____ not difficult _____ English every morning.

A. that; keep reading

B.it’s; keep reading

C. that; to keep reading

D.it; to keep reading

( )4. —Will you come to the dinner party? —I won’t come unless Jenny ________.

( )5.You can’t expect ________ a foreign l anguage well in several months.

A. to learn

B. learning

C. learnt

D. to be learnt

( )6.—I don’t know when ______ tomorrow?—I will call you as soon as he ______.

A. will he come; arrives

B. he will come; arrives

C. he will come; will arrive

D. he comes; will arrive

1 懿馨慧教育一心一意启智明慧