Units 1-2


by oneself 单独地,独自地

keep up with 跟上

be up to 取决于…的,须由…决定的

for oneself 独自地,依靠自己

at first 起先,开始时

have sth. under control 使某事恢复正常;使某事处于控制之下

in addition 另外;加之

set up 建立

as a result 结果

look on/upon (以特定目光或情绪)看;看待

turn out 证明是

grow up 长大;成长;成熟

in store 即将发生;等待着

ahead of 在…面前










Passage 1

It was a beautiful morning that summer day. I neatly packed(将…打包)everything that I needed into my little green car. Then I started my car and drove out of my large neighborhood(街坊)in Lawrenceville. Today was the day I would move into college. I glanced back at my house for one last time and knew life would never be the same. Taking that big step from living at home to moving away involved(包括) many gains and losses.

Arriving at college that day, I realized that I had already lost many things. First, I had lost my parents’guidance(指导)I had had all my life. The comfort(舒服)and support of my family would not be there as much as before. For instance, when I got sick my mother would make me some hot soup and care for me. Now I would have to care for myself. Also, I had left some of my closest friends. Many of them had chosen to go to different colleges. It is difficult to keep in touch with (与…保持联系)fiends who are far away. I would miss the nights all the girls would get together and talk about what was going on in their lives. Finally, I noticed that I was missing my hometown. I had lived near big stores and several movies theatres. Here at college I