1.Break the Ice

(1)O h,I’m really sorry:

Ted: Oh, I'm really sorry. Are you OK?

Ana: I'm fine. But I'm not very good at this.

Ted: Neither am I. Say, are you from South America?

Ana: Yes, I am originally. I was born in Argentina.

Ted: Did you grow up there?

Ana: Yes, I did, but my family moved here eight years ago when I was in high school.

Ted: And where did you learn to rollarblade?

Ana: Here in the park. This is only my second time.

Ted: Well, it's my first time. Can you give me some lessons?

Ana: Sure. Just follow me.

Ted : By the way, my name is Ted.

Ana: And I'm Ana. Nice to meet you.

(2) Hey, hey! that was fun

Ted: Hey, hey! that was fun. Thank you for the lesson!

Ana: No problem. So, tell me a little about yourself. What do you do?

Ted: I work in a travel agency.

Ana: Really! What do you do there?

Ted: I'm in charge of their computers.

Ana: Oh, so you're a computer specialist.

Ted: Well, sort of. Yeah, I guess so.

Ana: That's great. Then maybe you can give me some help with a computer course I'm taking. Ted: Oh, sure...But only if you promise to give me some more rollarblading lessons.

Ana: It's a deal!

(3)Yuhong the Immigrant.

Interviewer: Where are you from originally, Yu Hong?

Yu Hong: I'm from China...from near Shanghai.

Interviewer: And when did you move here?

Yu Hong: I came here after I graduated from college. That was in 1992.

Interviewer: And what do you do now?

Yu Hong: I'm a transportation engineer.

Interviewer: I see. So you 're an immigrant to the United States.

Yu Hong: Yes, that's right.

Interviewer: What are some of difficulties of being an immigrant in the U.S.?

Yu Hong: Oh, that's not an easy question to answer. There are so many things, really. I guess one of the biggest difficulties is that I don't have any relatives here. I mean, I have a lot of friends, but that's not the same thing. In China, on the holidays or the weekend, we visit relatives. It isn't the same here.

Interviewer: And what do you miss the most from home?

Yu Hong: Oh, that's easy: my mom's soup! She makes great soup. I really miss my mother's


(4)Childhood Memories A

A: Hey! Are these pictures of you when you were a kid?

B: Yeah! That's me in front of my uncle's beach house. When I was a kid, we used to spend two weeks every summer.

A: Wow, I bet that was fun!

B: Yeah. We always had a great time. Every day we used to get up early and walk along the beach. I have a great shell collection. In fact, I think it's still up in the attic!

A: Hey, I used to collect shells, too, when I was a kid. But my parents threw them out!

(5)Childhood Memories B

A: You know what I remember most about growing up?

B: What?

A: Visiting my grandparent's house… you know, on holidays and stuff. They lived way out in the country, and my granddad had a horse named Blackie. He taught me how to ride. I just love that horse-and she loved me, too! I used to really enjoy spending time at my grandparent's house. And every time I came back, Blackie remembered me.

B: Ah, memories!

2.Living Places

(1) Living Places A

A: The neighborhood sure has changed!

B: What was this place like before, Grandpa?

A: Well, there used to be a grocery store right here on this corner. Hmm. It was pretty quiet. Not many people lived here then.

B: These days, the population is growing fast.

A: Yeah. I bet they'll tear down all these old buildings soon. In a few years, there will be just malls and high-rise apartments.

B: Hey, that doesn't sound too bad!

A: No, but I'll miss the old days.

(2) Living Places B

A: Creative Rentals. Good morning.

B: Hello. I'm calling about the apartment you have for rent.

A: Yes. What can I tell you about it?

B: Where is it, exactly?

A: It's on King Street, just off the freeway.

B: Oh, near the freeway. Can you hear the traffic?

A: Yes, I'm afraid you do hear some. But the apartment has lots of space. It has three

bedrooms and a very large living room

B: I see. And is it in a new building?

A: Well, the building is about fifty years old.

B: Uh-huh. Well, I'll think about it.

A: OK. Thanks for calling.

B: Thank you. Bye

(3) Living Places C

A: Hello?

B: Hello. Is the apartment you're advertising still available?

A: Yes, it is.

B: Can you tell me a little about it?

A: Well, it's a perfect apartment for one person. It's one room with a kitchen at one end.

B: I see. And is it far away from the subway?

A: There's a subway station just down the street. Actually, the apartment is located right downtown, so you step out of the building and there are stores and restaurants everywhere. But it's on a high floor, so you don't hear any street or traffic noise.

B: It sounds like just the kind of place I'm looking for. I'd like to come see it, please.

A: Sure. Let me give you the address.

(4) Apartment Hunting A

A: What do you think?

B: Well, it has just as many bedroom as the last apartment. And the living room is huge.

C: But the bedroom are too small. And there isn't enough closet space for my clothes.

A: And it's not as cheap as the last apartment we saw.

B: But that apartment was dark and dingy. And it was in a dangerous neighborhood.

A: Let's see if the real estate agent has something else to show us.

(5)Apartment Hunting B

A: Well, how do you like this space, then?

C: Oh, it's much better than that other one. The thing I like best is the bedrooms. They are too huge!

B: Yes, they are nice and big.

C: And there are two bathrooms! I could have my own bathroom!

B: Yes, I guess you could.

C: The only problem is the color of the living room. I really don't like those dark green walls. A: Oh, I'm sure we can change the color if we want to.

3.Big Day

(1) Halloween A

A: Did you know next week is Halloween? It's on October 31

B: So what do you do on Halloween? We don't have that holiday in Russia.

A: Well, it's a day when kids dress up in masks and costumes. They knock on people's doors and ask for candy by saying words“Trick or treat!”

B: Hmm. Sounds interesting.

A: But it's not just for kids. Lots of people have costume parties. Hey… my friend Pete is having a party. Would you like to go?

B: Sure. I'd love to.

(2) Halloween B

A: So are we going to wear costumes to the party?

B: Of course. That's half the fun. Last year I rented this great Dracula costume, and this year I'm going as a clown.

A: A clown? Yes, you would make a good clown.

B: Hey!

A: Oh, I'm just kidding. What about me? What kind of costume should I wear?

B: Why don't you go as a witch? I saw a terrific witch outfit at the costume store.

A: A witch… yeah, that's a good idea. So after I scare people, you can make them laugh. (3) Japanese Wedding A

A: You look beautiful in that kimono, Mari. Is this your wedding photo?

B: Yes, it is.

A: Do most Japanese women wear kimonos when they get married?

B: Yes, many of them do. Then after the wedding ceremony, the bride usually changes into a Western bridal dress during the reception.

A: Oh, I didn't know that.

(4) Japanese Wedding B

A: Did you get married in a church, Mari?

B: No, the ceremony was held at a shrine.

A: Oh, a shrine…

B: Yes, we were married by a priest in a traditional Shinto ceremony.

A: Hmm. And who went to the ceremony?

B: Well, only the immediate family attended the ceremony…you know, our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters…

A: And what about the reception? What was that like?

B: Lots of friends and relatives came to the reception…about a hundred people. And the first thing happened was that the main guests gave formal speeches.

A: Speeches?

B: Yes, and then after that, all the guests were served a formal meal. While everyone was eating and drinking, lots of other guests gave short speeches or sang songs. Some of the speeches were funny.

A: Sounds like fun!

B: Yes, the songs and speeches are all part of the entertainment during a wedding reception. And then, at the end of the reception, each guest received a present for coming to the wedding.

A: A present from the bride and groom?

B: Yes, it's a Japanese custom.

A: What a nice custom!

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/6feba92baa00b52acec7ca15.htmlplains and Excuses

(1)H ousehold Chores A

A: Jason…Jason! Turn down the TV a little, please.

B: Oh, but this is my favorite program!

A: I know. But it's too loud.

B: OK. I'll turn it down.

A: That's better. Thanks.

B: Lisa, please pick up your things.

A: They're all over the living room floor.

B: In a minute, Mom. I'm on the phone.

A: OK. But do it as soon as you hang up.

B: Sure. No problem.

A: Goodness! Were we like this when we were kids?

B: Definitely!

(2)Household Chores B

A: Have you noticed how forgetful Dad is getting? He's always forgetting where his car keys are. It drives me crazy.

B: And he can never find his glasses either.

A: I know.

B: You know what drives me crazy about Mom?

A: What?

B: Those awful talk shows she watches on TV. She just loves them.

A: Yeah, I think she watches them for hourseveryday.

B: Oh, well. I guess they're just getting old. I hope I never get like that.

A: Me, too. Hey, let's go and play a video game.

B: Great idea. By the way, have you seen my glasses anywhere?

(3) Household Chores C


A: James, please turn that down…James!

B: Yes, Mom?

A: Turn that down. It's much too loud.

B: Sorry, Mom. I had it turned up because I wanted to hear the game.


A: Molly, put the groceries away, please. There's ice cream in one of the bags.

B: I can't right now, Dad. I'm doing my homework.


A: What's this, James!

B: Yeah, Mom?

A: Why are there all these wet towels on the bathroom floor? Please pick them up and hang them up to dry.

B: Gosh, I'm really sorry, Mom. I forgot all about them.


A: Justin, come help me. We need to wash these dishes before your mother gets home.

B: Oh, Dad. I'd like to help, but I have to call Laurie. It's really important.


A: Aimee, I think the dog is trying to tell you something!

B: Well, I can't possibly take him out right now. I'm doing my nails

(4) Apologies A

A: Hi. I'm your new neighbor, George Rivera. I live next door.

B: Oh, hi. I'm Stephanie Lee.

A: So, you just moved in? Do you need anything?

B: Not right now. But thanks.

A: Well, let me know if you do. Um, by the way, would you mind turning your stereo down? The walls are really thin, so the sound goes right through to my apartment.

B: Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't realize that. I'll make sure to keep the volume down. Oh, by the way, is there a good Italian restaurant in the neighborhood?

A: Yeah. There's a great one a couple of blocks from here. Try their lasagna. It's delicious! (5)Apologies B

A: Hello. I'm sorry to bother you, but I think your car is parked in my space downstairs.

B: Really?

A: Yes. Do you drive a blue Honda?

B: Yes, I do.

A: Well, there's a blue Honda parked in space 13 and that's my space.

B: Oh, I'm so sorry. My son must have put it in the wrong space. Ours is the one right next to yours-number 12. Let me get my keys, and I'll go right down and move the car.

A: Thanks.

B: And I'll make sure my son doesn't do it again.

A: I appreciate it.

(6) Apologies C

A: Gee, Bob, you're really late. You said you'd be here at six, and look at the time: It's almost six thirty!

B: I'm really sorry. Tell you what: I'll pay for dinner.

A: Oh, it's all right. You don't have to do that.

B: No, I want to pay. You had to wait for me almost half an hour.

A: Well, hey, OK-if you insist. Thanks!

A: Hi, Sally. What happened to you on Sunday?

B: Sunday? What do you mean?

A: You don't remember? I had a party, and I invited you.

B: Oh, gosh. Of course you did-and I completely forgot about it. I was busy all day helping

my brother with his car, and I guess I just forgot. Sorry. How did the party go, anyway?

A: It was great, but we missed you.

B: Gee, now I really feel bad.

5. Transportation

(1)T ransportation Problems A

A: Why is there never a bus when you want one?

B: Good question. There aren't enough buses on this route.

A: Sometimes I feel like writing a letter to the paper.

B: Good idea. You should say that we need more subway lines, too.

A: Yeah. There should be more public transportation in genral.

B: And fewer cars! There's too much traffic.

A: Say, is that our bus coming?

B: Yes, it is. But look. It's full!

A: Oh, no! Let's go and get a cup of coffee. We can talk about this letter I'm going to write. (2)Transportation Problems B

A: So you are really going to write a letter to the paper?

B: Sure. I'm going to say something about the buses. They're too old. We need more modern buses… nice air-conditioned ones.

B: And they need to put more buses on the road.

A: Right. And there are too many cars downtown, and there isn't enough parking.

B: That's for sure. It's impossible to find a parking space downtown these days.

A: I think they should ban private cars downtown between nine and five.

B: Oh, you mean they shouldn't allow any cars except taxis and buses during the regular workday. Hmm… that sounds like a really good idea.

(3)Transportation Problems C

A: How long have you been living here?

B: Oh, for over twenty years.

A: And have you noticed a lot of changes during that time?

B: Oh, yes, quite a few. This is a much nicer place to live now than it used to be. It's much greener. When I first moved here, there weren't many trees around. But over the last few years, the city has planted trees everywhere. It's made such a difference.

(4)Transportation Problems D

A: How do you like living here?

B: Well, it's an interesting city. But you really need a car here; otherwise, you can't go anywhere. There used to be a good bus system, but there isn't anymore.

A: Why is that?

B: Oh, I think they expect everyone to have a car, so they don't bother to provide decent bus service. It's getting worse and worse. These days, you have to wait for ages for a bus. And when one finally shows up, it's usually full!

(5) Solution Singapore

Quite a number of things have been done to help solve traffic problems in Singapore. For example, motorists must buy a special pass if they want to drive into the downtown business district. They can go into the business district only if they have the pass displayed on their windshield.

Another thing Singapore has done is to make it more difficult to buy cars. People have to apply for a certificate if they want to buy a car. And the number of certificates is limited. Not everyone can get one.

There is also a high tax on cars, so it costs three or four times as much to buy a car in Singapore as it does in, say, the United States or Canada.

The other thing Singapore has done is to build an excellent pubic transportation system. Their subway system is one of the best in the world. And there is also a very good taxi and bus system.

(6) Driving and Road Sings A

A: Um, have you noticed that police car behind us?

B: Oh, yeah.

A: [Police siren] Oh, no! I'd better pull over.

B: May I see your driver's license, please?

A: Sure, of course. Did I do something wrong, Officer?

B: Well, for one thing, you went over a double yellow line back there to pass a car.

A: Oh.

B: A double yellow line means” no passing.” You can only pass when there's a broken yellow line on your side.

A: Oh.

B: And another thing! You were in the left-turn-only lane, but you didn't turn! You went straight through the intersection instead.

A: Oh, I guess I did, Officer,…but…

B: Yes, you did! Don't you know that if there's a sign with an arrow pointing to the left, you have to turn left when you're in that lane?

A: Oh, yeah, you're right-

B: Of course, I'm right! My goodness! How did you ever pass your driving test and get a license?

A: Gosh, I'm sorry, Officer.

(7) Driving and Road Sings B

A: You know, these highways are really great, but the road signs are pretty confusing.

B: Hmm. What do these lines on the road mean?

A: They must mean you aren't allowed to pass here.

B: No. I don't think so. I'm going to pass this car in front of us. It's going too slow. Now, I wonder what that sign up ahead means.

A: It may mean you've got to take a left in this lane.

B: Or maybe it means you can turn left if you want to. I think I'll just go straight.

6.Food and Cook

(1)O rder Dishes A

A:Hi.May I take your order?

B:Yes.I’ll have a cup of coffee.

A:Cream and sugar?


A:And you?

C:I’d like a chicken sandwich.And I’ll have some chips…oh,you call them french fries here.right,I’ll have some frenchfries,please.

A:Allright.One coffee with cream and sugar and a chicken sandwich with frenchfries.Uh,anything else?

C:Yes,I’d like an iced tea,please.

A:One iced tea.Thank you.

B:Oh,wait a minute!What kind of desserts do you have?

A:Well,we have pie,cake,ice cream,chocolate mousse…

B:Oooo!What kind of pie do you have?

A:I think today we have apple,cherry,lemon…

B:Hmm…I think I’ll have a piece of apple pie with my coffee.How about you,Tina?

C:Oh,maybe I’ll have a piece later…or…I’ll have some of yours!

A:Then it’s one coffee,one apple pie,one chicken sandwich,an order of frenchfries,and an iced tea.Right?

B:Yes,thank you.


(2) Order Dishes B

C:Oh,here comes our waiter!

B:Yeah,I wondered what took so long.

A:Whew!Here you are!

C:Uh,I ordered french fries with my chicken sandwich,and you brought me…ugh!…mashed potatoes with gravy!

A:Oh,you ordered french fries?



B:Uh,and could I have the apple pie I ordered?

A:What apple pie?Did you order apple pie?

B:Uh-huh.Yeah,I did…with my coffee.Remember?

A:Really?Gee,how did I forget that?

C:Uh,can I ask you a question?


C:How long have you been a waiter?

A:Who me?Oh,uh,today is my first day.Well,I’ll…I’ll get your apple pie and the french fries right away.Sorry about that.

B:Oh,that’s OK.

C:Yeah,thanks.Good luck!


(3) Order Dishes C


A: Have you finished with this?

B: No, I'm still drinking it. Thanks.


A: Did you order this?

B: Yes, that's mine. Mmm, it looks great and smells delicious!


A: Don't you like it?

B: I haven't tasted it yet. I'm waiting for the waitress to bring me a fork.


A: Did you enjoy it?

B: Well, it was a little tough. I think it was cooked for too long.


A: How is it?

B: Great. Just the way I like it: black and strong.


A: Your turn or mine?

B: It's my treat this time. You paid last time. Remember.

(4) Cooking A

A:What’s your favorite snack?

B:Oh, it's a sandwich with peanut butter, honey, and banana. It's really delicious!

A:Uh! I've never heard of that! How do you make it?

B:Well, first, you take two slices of bread and spread peanut butter on them.Then cut a banana into small pieces and put themon one of the slices of bread. Finally, pour some honey over the bananas and put the other slice of bread on top. Yum!

A:Yuck! It sounds awful!

(5) Cooking B

A:I’ll tell you what my favorite snack is-baked apple.

B:Backed apple?

A:Ah, it’s delicious and healthy.

B: So, how do you make it?

A:You take out the core of the apple with the apple corer.Then you fill the central of the apple with brown sugar and some raisins.Next, put it in a pan with a little water and bake it in the oven for about 45 minutes.

B: Hmm, that does sound good.

7. Travel and Tourism

(1)T ravel Plans A

A: I'm so excited! We have two weeks off! What are you going to do?

B: I'm not sure. I guess I'll just stay home. Maybe I'll catch up on my reading. What about you? Any plans?

A: Well, my parents have rented a condominium in Florida. I'm going to take long walks along the beach every day and do lots of swimming.

B: Sounds great!

A: Say, why don't you come with us? We have plenty of room.

B: Do you mean it? I'd love to!

(2)Travel Plans B

A: What are your plans for the summer, Paul?

B: Oh, I'd love to go and lie on a beach somewhere, but I need to save some money for school. I think I'll stay home and get a job.

A: That doesn't sound like much fun.

B: Oh, it won't be too bad. Some of my friends are going to work this summer, too, so we'll do some partying on the weekends.

(3)Travel Plans C

A: Have you planned anything for the summer, Brenda?

B: Yeah. I'm going to work the first month and save some money. Then I'm going to go down to Mexico for six weeks to stay with my sister. She's working in Guadalajara. She says it's really interesting there, so I want to go and see what to go and see what it's like. It will also give me a chance to practice my Spanish. I'm really looking forward to it.

(4) Preparation

(5) Ask For Direction A

A: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the bank is?

B: There's one upstairs, across from the duty-free shop.

A: Oh, thanks. Do you know what time it opens?

B: It should be open now. It opens at 8:00A.M.

A: Good. And can you tell me how often the buses leave for the city?

B: You need to check at the transportation counter. It's right down the hall.

A: OK. And just one more thing. Do you know where the nearest restroom is?

B: Right behind you, ma'am. See that sign?

A: Oh. Thanks a lot.

(6) Ask For Direction B

A: Excuse me. It's me again. I'm sorry. I need some more information-if you don't mind.

B: Not at all.

A: Thanks. Do you know how much a taxi costs to the city?

B: Well, it depends on the traffic, of course. But it usually costs about forty dollars.

A: Forty dollars? I guess I'll take the bus. That means I have almost an hour till the next one. Where could I find an inexpensive restaurant in the airport? Maybe a fast-food place?

B: Go upstairs and turn right. You'll see the snack bar on your left.

A: Thanks very much. Have a nice day.

B: You, too.

(7) Famous Landmarks A

A: We are now approaching the famous Statue of Liberty, which has welcomed visitors to New YorkHarbor since 1886.

B: Wow! Look at it.

A: Incredible, isn't it?

B: The statue was given to the United States by the people of France. It was designed by the French sculptor Bartholdi.

A: It's really huge. Do we get to go inside?

B: Of course. We can climb the stairs all the way up to the crown.

A: Stairs? There's no elevator?

B: Not to the top. But it's just 142 steps!

(8) Famous Landmarks B

Let me tell you a little more about the statue before you climb to the top. In case you're wondering what the statue is made of, it has a framework inside that's made of iron; the outer skin is made of copper. The copper skin is only 2.4 millimeters thick. The supporting framework inside the statue is what holds the whole thing together.

The Statue of Liberty is a major tourist attraction, and every year about two million people from all over the world come here to visit it.

(9) Ancient Monuments A

The Pyramids were built more than four thousand years ago by the Egyptians. The most famous ones are on the west bank of the river Nile, outside of Cairo. They served as burial places for the Egyptian kings. After a king's mummy was placed inside the pyramid, together with treasures and the king's belongings.

(10) Ancient Monuments B

The Great Wall of China is the longest manmade structure ever built. It was built to protect one of the Chinese kingdoms. Much of what exists of the wall today was built during the Ming Dynasty in the late 1400s, although parts of the wall are much older and go back to around 200 B.C. The wall is about 35 feet high, or 11 meters, and a stone roadway runs along the top of it. The main part of the wall stretches for about 2,000 miles, that is, about 3,400 kilometers.

8.Change,There Is No Better Way

(1) Life in trouble A

A: So where are you working now, Terry?

B: Oh, I'm still at the bank. I don't like it, though.

A: That's too bad. Why not?

B: Well, it's boring, and it doesn't pay very well.

A: I know what you mean. I don't like my job either. I wish I could find a better job.

B: Actually, I don't want to work at all anymore. I wish I had a lot of money so I could retire now.

A: Hmm, how old are you, Terry?

B: Uh, twenty-six.

(2) Life in trouble B

A: So how are things going with you and Susie, Terry?

B: Oh, you didn't know? She and I broke up a couple of months ago. We decided we needed a break from each other for a while. But I miss her a lot. I wish we could get back together again.

A: I'm sure you will.

B: I really hope so. So what kind of job would you like to look for?

A: I'm not sure, but I'd really like to move to another city. I'm sick of this place. I need to live somewhere more exciting.

B: I know what you mean. It sure can get boring around here at times.

(3) I really need a change!A

Yeah, I really need a change. I've been doing the same things for ever five years now, and I'm just not learning anything new. It's the same routine every day, and I am really sick of sitting in front of a computer. I think I need to try something totally different. I want to be in a profession that involves meeting people.

(4)I really need a change!B

I really need to join a club or sports team to give me something to do on weekends. I get really bored on the weekends, and if I joined a club. I'd probably get to meet people and make new friends.

(5) I really need a change!C

I should take a typing course this summer. I really need if it for my school work. And people say that if you can type really well, it's something you'll find useful later in life.

(6) I really need a change!D

Gosh, I really have to go on a diet. I've gained ten pounds since last year, and everyone tells me I look fat. And if I don't lose weight now, I won't be able to get into any of my summer clothes.

9. Career Development

(1)P ersonality Traits A

A: I don't know what classed to take this semester. I can't decide what I want to do with my life. Have you thought about it, Brenda?

B: Yes, I have. I think I'd make a good journalist because I love writing.

A: Maybe I could be a teacher because I'm very creative. And I like working with kids.

B: Oh, I wouldn't want to be a teacher. I'm too inpatient.

A: I know one thing I could never do.

B: What's that?

A: I could never be a stockbroker because I'm not good at making decisions quickly.

(2)Personality Traits B

A: My history professor says I should think about a career in politics. But I don't think I'd make a good politician.

B: Why not, Brenda?

A: Oh, you know me. I'm terrible at speaking in front of a lot of people-you know, like giving speeches and things. And politicians have to speak in public all the time.

B: That's true. You know, that reminds me of a problem I'm having.

A: What is it?

B: You know my parents have a really successful restaurant, right? Well, my father wants me to be the manager.

A: And you don't want go?

B: No, not at all. I'd be a terrible manager. I'm much too disorganized

(3) Job-hunting A

A: Any interesting jobs listed on the Internet today?

B: Well, there are a lot of retail jobs-selling clothes and stuff. But you have to work Saturdays and Sundays.

A: Hmm. I hate working on weekends

B: Hmm… so do I. Oh, here's a job in sales. It's a job selling children's books to bookstores. A: That sounds interesting.

B: Yeah. Let's see. You need to have a driver's license. And you have to work some evenings. A: I don't mind working evenings during the week. And I enjoy driving. So, what's the phone number?

B: It's 7983455

(4) Job-hunting B

A: Delta Education.

B: Hello. I'm calling about the job you advertised for a salesperson. Is it still available?

A: Yes, it is.

B: Well, can you tell me something about the job?

A: Sure. Our company sells educational books for children. We're looking for part-time salespeople to promote our books to local bookstores.

B: That sounds interesting. I'm a student, and I'm looking for part-time work.

A: Well, perhaps you'd like to come in for an interview.

B: Yes, I would.

A: Oh, just one thing we didn't mention in the advertisement. Some of our books are in Spanish, so we'd like to hire someone who speaks Spanish.

B: Oh, as a matter of fact, I do.

A: Good. Well, let me arrange a time for you to come in for an interview.

10. Movies and Books

(1)R eview on 007 A

A: [Music] Welcome to A Night at the Movies! I'm Pauline Kahn…

B: And I'm Colin Hale. Good evening!

A: Tonight we're going to review the new James Bond film. Well, I really liked this new James Bond actor very, very much!

B: Mm-hmm.

A: He's the best actor they've ever had in the role-warm, human, even funny. A totally believable character.

B: I have to agree, a prefect double-oh-seven type. Pauline, what did you think of the story? A: It was a standard story for a Bond movie…uh, the usual beautiful women, the usual evil villain-nothing new.

B: Well, I'm surprised. I have to say that I thought the story was unusually good. The race car scenes were exciting, and the surprise ending was great.

A: Well, I can't agree with you there!

B: Well, what did you think about the photography?

A: I was not very impressed at all by the photography. Everything looked fake, not real. I can't believe it was actually filmed in Africa where the story took place.

B: I can't believe you! I haven't seen such good photography in a long time, especially in the action scenes.

A: Now that brings up another weakness in the film: the special effects. Again, it's just the same old stuff… the car that flies, the pen that's really a gun. You get tired of that kind of thing.

B: I'd hardly think you and I saw the same movie, Pauline. I have to say that the special effects were the best ever in a Bond film. For example, the scene where

A: Excuse me, Colin. We're going to have to break for a commercial.

B: You're right, Pauline. We'll be right back with our ratings. [Music]

(2)Review on 007 B

A: [Music] So, Colin, how do you rate the new James Bond movie that we've reviewed this week?

B: Well, Pauline, I'd have to say that I'm proud to give this movie my highest rating…four stars…and I would like to encourage everyone to go and see this movie soon! How about you, Pauline? You did like the new actor who plays James Bond.

A: That part's true, Colin; however, I have to give the movie only two stars…a rating of “fair.”

B: Hmm. Well, that's all from us tonight. See you next week. [Music]

(3) Book and Reviews A

A: What did you think of the new Stephen King book?

B: Oh, I couldn't stop reading it once I got started. I stayed up till four o'clock in the morning to finish it!

A: And wasn't the ending great?

B: Yeah, it really was! Such a surprise! And the whole story moved along so fast, too!

(4) Book and Reviews B

A: How did you like the movie?

B: Well, I walked out after half an hour.

A: You did?

B: Yeah, it was so dull that I started falling asleep! And I've never seen such bad acting from Jim Carrey!

A: Oh, really? He's usually pretty good.

B: Well, not in that movie. I wish he'd choose better roles.

(5) Book and Reviews C

A: This John Grisham novel looks interesting.

B: Oh, it is. It's about a guy who joins a corrupt law firm and then can't leave. Luckily he has a brave wife who helps him out of the mess.

A: Hmm. Maybe I'll read it.

B: Well, the movie is even better.

A: Oh, is that the movie that stars Tom Cruise?

B: Yeah. Why don't we rent the video?

A: You don't mind seeing it again?

B: Not at all. You rent the video, and I'll bring the popcorn.

11. So That’s What It Means!

(1)B ody Language A

A: Have you met Raj, the student from India?

B: No, I haven't.

A: Well, he seems really nice, but there's one thing I noticed. He moves his head from side to side when you talk to him. You know, like this.

B: Maybe it means he doesn't understand you.

A: No, I don't think so.

B: Or it could mean he doesn't agree with you.

C: Actually, people from India sometimes move their heads from side to side when they agree with what you're saying.

A: Oh, so that's what is means!

(2) Body Language A

A: So how are things at school, Raj?

B: Oh, pretty good, actually.

A: Do you find it easy to communicate with people?

B: Most of the time-though there are some things I find a bit unusual-for example, the way that people end a conversation. You know, they'll say things like, “Hey, let's get together soon.” At first, I thought that they were inviting me to do something, but then I realized it's just a way of saying good-bye. It's not really an invitation at all. It takes a bit of getting used to.