Unit 1

1. 写作话题:本单元以能力为话题,谈论自己或他人的能力。如会干或不会干…….


参考作文Help Wanted

Are you good with children? We need help for summer holiday . Can you help kids with sports ? Can you help kids with music ?Can you paint ? Can you play computer games ? Come and join us ! Please call Wang Ping at 6367786 . Our e-mail address is everyday@http://m.wendangku.net/doc/70771960f242336c1eb95e77.html.

Unit 2

1. 写作话题:本单元以日常生活习惯为话题,描述自己或他人的日常生活习惯。

2. 写作题目:根据下面提示写一篇50词左右的短文,介绍自己一天的活动安排情况。


I usually get up at 6:30 . Then I have breakfast . At 7:10 I go to school . We have four classes in the morning ., and three classes in the afternoon . At 4:30 p.m. I go home . After supper I do my homework . I usually watch TV from 8:00 to 9:00.in the evening . Then I go to bed at 10:00 .

Unit 3

1. 写作话题:本单元以如何到某地为话题,描述请某地的方式。

2. 写作题目:根据下面提示写一篇70词左右的短文,张静是我的好朋友,在青岛上学,她的家距离学校约3千米,她通常骑自行车去上学,大约用20分钟,但下雨时她乘出租车,大约5分钟。她的父母在离家8千米的一家医院工作,每天开汽车上班,大约要10分钟。参考作文

Zhang Jing is my good friend. She studies in Qingdao. Her home is about three kilometers from school. She usually rides her bike to school and it takes her about twenty minutes .But when it rains, she goes to school by taxi. It takes her only five minutes . Her father and mother both work in a hospital. It’s eight kilometers from their home. They take a car to work . It takes them about ten minutes.

Unit 4

1. 写作话题:本单元以规则话题,以祈使句表达规则。

2. 写作题目:根据下面提示写一篇60词左右的短文。Tom 正和他的一个朋友Jim 谈论他所在的学校。Tom 很不喜欢这所学校,原因是这所学校的规章制度太多。要点:(1)保持安静(2)不准吃零食(3)不准乱扔垃圾(4)不准打闹(5)按时上课(6)做好课前准备参考作文

Tom is talking about his school with his friend Jim. Tom tells Jim he doesn’t like this school very much, because there are too many school rules for us.

1.Keep quiet in the classroom ,please.

2.Don’t eat snacks in the classroom ,or it will make our classroom dirty.

3.Don’t throw around.

4.Don’t fight and chase after each other in the classroom. Of course, you can’t make any noise.

5.Please arrive at the class on time ,don’t be late. Or our teachers will be unhappy.

6.Get ready before the class. Don’t look for anything after the class begins.

If we break any one of them, we will be punished.

Unit 5

1. 写作话题:本单元以动物话题,描述自己喜欢的动物及原因。

2. 写作题目:根据下面表格的内容,以A Trip to the Zoo写一篇60词左右的短文介绍一下动物园新来的两只动物。



A Trip to the Zoo

Welcome to the zoo. There are two new animals. The panda’s name is Feifei .She is from China .She likes eating bamboo. She is lovely and shy. She is only two years old. The other animal is a lion .His name is Karl. He is from Africa. He likes eating meat. He is very dangerous and strong. He is three years old .We all like them.

Unit 6

1. 写作话题:本单元以人们正在进行的活动话题,用现在进行时描述自己或他人正在进行的活动。

2. 写作题目:假设你叫魏梅,根据下面提示给你的朋友Helen 写一张明信片,介绍一下你和你的家人正在做什么,不少于60词。提示:现在是星期三晚上八点,你的爷爷和爸爸在下象棋,奶奶和妈妈在看电视,姐姐在房间看书,哥哥在玩电脑游戏。你们很开心。



Dear Helen ,

How are you? It’s eight o’clock in the evening now. What are you doing now? People in my family are doing different things. My brother is playing computer games. You see, he likes playing games very much. My grandpa and my father are playing chess. My grandma and my mother are watching TV and my sister is reading a book in her room. We are having a good time.

See you soon.


Wei Mei


1. 写作话题:本单元人们在各种天气里的活动话题,描述天气情况和人们正在进行的活动。

2. 写作题目:你家乡的气候怎样?你喜欢什么样的气候?以The Weather in My City 为题,写一篇介绍天气的短文。


The Weather in My City

Hello, everyone!I’m from Shengyang. Do you want to know what the weather is like here? Let me tell you!

Shengyang is in the northeast of China. In spring, the weather is changeable(多变的).Sometimes it’s warm, and sometimes it’s cold.. In summer, it’s hot.. But I like it very much because I like swimming. The autumn in Shengyang is very nice. It’s neither too hot nor too cold .In winter, it’s very cold. You can see heavy snow everywhere. I like snow. I like to make snowman with my friends.


1. 写作话题:本单元以问路指路为话题,向他人问路或指路。

2. 写作题目:假设你叫李雷,这个星期天是你的生日,你准备在家举办一个生日聚会,聚会在六点钟开始。你邀请了你的一些朋友参加,Susan 也在其中,可她不知道去你家的路。你家住在Bridge Street,乘坐六路或八路公共汽车在Bridge Street站下车,下车后直走,然后在第一个十字路口右拐,左边有一个邮局,你家就在邮局的对面,房子是红色的,很容易找到。请根据所给信息给Susan写封邮件。


Dear Susan,

This Sunday is my birthday. I’ll have a birthday at my home. It starts at 6p.m.. Would you like to come? I’ll ask some of my friends to come. My home is on Bridge Street. You can take a No.6 or No.8 bus, and get off on Bridge Street. Go straight ,and then turn right at the first crossing .You can see a post office on your left. My home is across from the post office. It is a red house. You won’t miss it..


Li Lei


1. 写作话题:本单元以外表为话题,描述人的外貌爱好服饰等。

2. 写作题目:根据以下信息用英语写一则寻人启事。Peter,今年四岁,今天在商店和妈妈走散。中等个头,短头发,小圆脸,大眼睛,上身穿白色的T恤,下身穿白裤子,脚穿一双黑色的运动鞋,还背着一个蓝色的小背包,请看到他的顾客把他领到广播室。


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are look for Peter. Peter, a four-year-old boy, was missing in the shop. He is of medium height, and he has short hair. His face is round, and his eyes are big. He wears a white T-shirt and white trousers, and a pair of black sports shoes. And he has a blue bag. If someone finds him, please bring him into the Broadcasting Room. His mother is there. Thank you .


1. 写作话题:本单元以买东西服务用语为话题,谈论价格数量等。

2. 写作题目:根据以下信息为朱老大饺子屋(Zhu Laoda Dumpling House )写一则广告。提示:(1)本店饺子品种齐全,个大味美(2)现有两种特价饺子:鸡蛋蔬菜饺子每10 个3元;牛肉饺子每10个5元(3)欢迎光临本店。地址:光明路118号。电话685-8588 参考作文

Zhu Laoda Dumpling House

Would you like to have dumplings? At Zhu Laoda Dumpling House ,we have all kinds of dumplings and they are all large and delicious.

Now we have two great specials! Special 1 has eggs and vegetables and is just 3 yuan for 10. Special 2 is only 5yuan for 10 and has beef and vegetables.

Welcome to our house! The address is No.118 Guangming Road .Our telephone number is 685-8588


1. 写作话题:本单元以学校旅行为话题,谈论学校旅行及假期生活,描述过去发生的事情及感受。

2. 写作题目:暑假已经过去,同学们都相互询问时如何度过这个假期的,请你用英语写一封信把你的假期和同学交流一下,向他们描述你的既有意义又充实的假期。提示:(1)坚持



Dear Li Ping,

I had a good time during my summer vacation. Here is my vacation to show you.

First I did sports and learned to ply table tennis. I t’s good for my health. Then I read some books .After that I enjoyed an interesting sight for two weeks. Also, I volunteered to serve in the volleyball game. Of course, at home I helped my parents do some cooking , washing and so on.

I think I had a wonderful time during the vacation . Did you have a nice summer vacation ? P lease tell me !



1. 写作话题:本单元以过去发生话题,谈论学校旅行及假期生活,描述过去发生的事情及感受。

2. 写作题目:根据下面提示写短文:上周星期天,刘明贺他的朋友在山脚下野炊。他们中的一些人正在做游戏,一些在跳舞,他们感到很放松。突然,刘明看到一头山羊正在跑。他对此很感兴趣,平且开始追它跑了很长一段时间。当他想起他的朋友们时,他不知道他在哪儿。他迷路了。在那时,一个农夫过来,在他的帮助下,刘明又找到了他的朋友们。他感谢这位农夫平且向你告别。


Last Sunday, Liu Ming and his friends went for a picnic at the foot of the mountain. Some of them were playing games, some were dancing , they felt very relaxed. Suddenly, Liu Ming saw a goat running . He was interested in it and began to run after it for a long time . When he thought of his friends again. He got lost. At that time, a farmer came. With his help ,Liu Ming found his friends again. He thanked the farmer and said :Goodbye” to him.