泛读教材第四册 课后习题

Unit 1 word protest

1.what's your assessment of this state of affairs?

A.evaluation B prediction C position

2.He teaches a remedial class for first-graders.


B.advanced C helping

3.we received a lift for his speech.

A.message B encouragement C.disappointment

4.The ability to speak several languages is among his attainments.

A merits B.achievements C.virtues

5.He drove at constant s peed.

A.unchanging B various C.great

6.we made plans for a visit, but subsequen t difficulties with the car prevented it .




7.The prospective member of Parliament will be introduced to the local party tonight.

A.ambitious B promising C expected

8.I didn't know anything about any of the books so my choice can be quite arbitrary.

A.based on facts

B based on reasons

C.based on chance or personal opinion


1.The camera panned from her face to a middle-aged man.

A.turned off

B.fixed C was moved

2.The candle flickered in the breeze.

A.shone brightly B shone steadily C shone unsteadily

3.The message extinguished her hope for Richard's return.

A.raised B destroyed C. questioned

4.the explosion sent the aircraft plummeting towards the sea.

A. Falling headlong B shooting upward C flying quickly

5.The gang tried to intimidate the merchant.

A.encourage B frighten C catch

6.The author's latest book eclipses all his previous ones.

A displays

B casts a shadow upon C. Surpasses

7.It is 250 years since the wolf extinct in Britain.

A.still living B no longer in existence C. Not easily found

8.The stern old faith had all pulverised.

A.Become stronger

B.been shattered

C.been crushed

9.By some fluke the judge passed over the obvious choice and chose her.

A success

B accident

C breeze

10 The blizzard brought 60-mile-an-hour winds and 2 feet of snow.




11.The widow gave a plaintive wail at the graveyard.

A.sad B hysteric C.lonely

General Vocabulary Exercise

1.The____ of marijuana does not prevent many people from using it.(legal)

2.He worked____to improve his technical and improvisational skills.(ambition)

3. Unfortunately, such_____practice often go unnoticed.(discriminate)

4. Henry Ford was a_____individualist who built one of America's largest industry.(persist)

5. Because of this low_____to cold, they can be seriously damaged when temperatures drop below freezing. (resistant)

6.______ in the water and air can create serious health hazards.(contaminate)

7. He was surprised to discover that his driver's license was____;it has expired the previous week.(valid)

8.The water around the islands is _______clear, giving underwater swimmers a great view of fish and rock formation.(fantasy)

9. The space program for its astronauts, ______.that they be in excellent physical and mental health.

10. Walt Disney's movies and cartoons _____children and grow-ups since 1926.(amusement)

11.The disappearance is so sudden to seem ______(magic)

12. His parents were kept ____of the fact that he failed in the examination(ignorance).

13. You'll have to learn to make difficult decision if you are to ______ in business. (survival)

14.Lewis and Clark ____(exploration)the Northwest.

15.The gang tried to _______(timid)the merchant.

16.The package is light but it's too ____(bulk)to carry.

17.Devout Muslims must make a ______to mecca (pilgrim)

18. I saw a ______of lights on a hillside, marking a village.(galactic)

19. His brain operation cause a great _____ in his character.(transform)

20.The Prime Minister's policy______many backbenchers(alien)

Unit 3

1.Those who left for reasons other than a well-founded fear of persecution were designated for repatriation.

A.punishment B imprisonment C sending back to their own country.

2.We mustn't let things fester.

A. Remain the same B change for better C become worse

3.He sought asylum in Brazil.

A mental hospital

B protection given to a person by his home country

C protection given to a person by one country arrest in another.

4.He has been an exile for fifteen years.

A.a person has been liven abroad

B.a person has been involved in political activities.

C.a person has been forced to leave his home country for political reasons

5.Wherever he goes, he readily accommodates to new circumstances.

A.adapt himself to B finds a lodging in C makes a close study of

6.He gave her a gold brooch as a token of esteem.

A reminder

B representation

C badge

7.The main impediment to development is the country's huge foreign debt. A aid

B block

C way

8.The country is now undergoing economic rehabilitation.

A reform

B crisis

C recovery

Unit 4

1.Galilee had been under siege for months.

A.imprison B surrounding and attacking C pressure

2.Puffs of smoke were swirling up.

A.moving back and forth B moving round and round C moving to and fro

3.The university conferred an honorary degree on him.

A created

B gave

C received

4.we fought with tooth and nail to get our plans accepted.

A.Teeth and fists B great force or determination C biting and hitting

5.How could they justified all the violence and unleashed on the prisoners?

A released

B used

C controlled

6.The assistant covet ed the manager's job.

A.desired B refused C did

7.Both sides offered statistics to bolster their agreement.

A weaken

B present

C support

8.He finally succumbed to the temptation to have another drink.

A gave up

B gave in

C gave out

9.Marx spoke of emancipation of mankind.

A struggle

B revolution

C liberation

General V ocabulary Exercise

1.The Indian burned the farm as a ________ gesture(retaliation)

2.Most people have a ______knowledge of some other language.(rudiment)

3.I wouldn't be so _____as to tell you what to do (presumption)

4.The road map completely_____the tourists.(perplexity)

5.He ____his eyes from the terrible scene. (aversion)

6.The analyst's ______later proved to be very accurate.(conjectural)

7.Alexander Pope was a great English _____(satirical)

8.The fans shouted_____when the team won the game (boiterous)

9.Many national park have_____of wild life.(abudent)

10.The actors forgot their lines and _____the scene.(improvisation)

11.The state also has a wealth of _____minerals. (vary)

12.It is the ____of many foreign tourists to see all the national parks in the west.(intend)

13.The ______ plan would improve the quality of air in the foothills of the Rookies.(proposal)

14.The present size of these lakes is much smaller than their ____ size


15.The challenge of timing a wild horse and roping a cow ____the basis of rodeo.(creation)

16.The committe is _____revision of the draft laws.(advocate)

17.He is conservative about clothing and sluns anythings considered____(trend)

18.It was a _____ start in a new field. (promise)

19.The doctor is in___with a patient.(consult)

20.It is ____of him to show us around his beautiful home.(grace)


1.personally I don't have any animosity against him.

A hatred

B hospitality

C sympathy

2.His voice is imbued with so much enthusiasm that we got moved.

A infected

B imbeded

C filled

3.Modernization helps countries to transcend the political and economic boundaries.

A abolish

B ignore

C go beyond

4.This kind of plants is indigenous, and cannot be found in other area.

A new

B local

C fragile

5.Neighbouring countries usually form various kinds of blocs to strengthen their political and economic links.

A blocks

B alliances

C treaties

6.Only a country refuses to be a participant of entity.

A illusion

B program

C being

7.Good communicative skills are considered to be a prerequisite to get adapted to this job.

A qualification

B precondition

C strength

8.The honor will give you further impetus to surmount whatever difficulty you may encounter in your pursuit.

A force

B motivation

C speed

Unit 6

I don't want to get married because I don't want any commitments.

A responsibilities

B housework

C worries

2.Against all the odds he recovered from his illness.

A probability

B strangeness

C expectations

3.Anti-Semitism is referred to hatred of ____

A Christian

B Muslim

C Jews

4.Of the ten board members , only one dissented.

A disagreed

B agreed

C refused

5.Jack underwent the successive operations on the left legs in two weeks.

A.happening now and then

B.Happening one after another


6."Honesty is the best policy" was his creed in all his business dealings.

A slogan

B way

C belief

7.The passage to Belfast was very rough.

A corridor

B journey

C excerpt

8.I admire the enterprise in trying to start up a new business.

A.Entertainment B company C boldness

9.We are fighting to retain some independence.

A get

B keep

C win

General V ocabulary Exercise

1.taking the subway in Boston can be a rather______experience. (frastrate)

2.It is no_____to say that New Hampshire's streams and lakes are filled with big fish. (exaggerate)

3.Benjamin Franklin was an _____scientists, inventors, writers and statesman.

4. An _____student may receive an scholarship to one of New England 's prestigious universities.(industry)

5.They ____for a short time about the advantages of living in Los


6. Lisa dressed ___or the long drive from Boston to Bangor.(comforting)

7. Sandals, for example, are definitely____for the rough trail.(appropriate)

8.______scientists from all over the world to do research at the various institutes.(distinguish)

9. Thanksgiving is a _____holiday in New England and in the rest of the United States.(traditionally)

10.The brochure also ______illustrate the different models in diagram.(description)

11. The American colonies regarded George III as a ____(tranny)

12.The ____of her speech make me suspicious.(certain)

13. The pilgrims came to America after being ____for their religious beliefs.

14.She _____the goal of perfection in her art (persuit)

15.The town was surrounded by _______troops(hostility)

16.There is no way to stop the ______of time (fly)

17.The ______it would take to improvise a rope bridge across the chasm is enormous.(laborious)

18.Everywhere is in______and disorder. (chaotic)

19.There have been an _____number of rainy days this year. (except)

20. The doctor prescribed something to ______her heart. (strenghten)


1.Crossing the country in wagons did not daunt t he early pioneers.

A.Encourage B confuse C frighten

2.The mountain climbers were in i mminent d anger.

A immense

B immediate

C future

3.She speaks with a pronounced French accent,

A strongly marked

B thinly disguised

C surprisingly strange

4.No model can be a perfect analogy of nature itself .

A sth that is different from another thing.

B.sth is similar to another thing

C.sth is better than another thing

5.The success of the operation attests the surgeon's skills

A.proves B denies C assesses

6.there are only three extant copies of the book

A.extinct B precious C existing

7.The book is out of print and difficult to procure.

A keep

B sell

C obtain

8.The spectre of neo fascism, as he put it, was stalking the streets of Sophia and other big cities.

A moving silently through

B blocking completely

C marching noisily on

9.The war caused great detriment to the nation's economy.

A damage

B improvement

C change

10.The fog dissipated when the sun went out.

A.Formed B disappeared C wasted


Word pretest

1、They have been overcoming difficulties since the inception of the enterprise.

A、c onception



2、The main plank in their election programme is the promise to cut taxes.

A、p lan


C、wooden board

3、An irrevocable decision was finally made by the committee.

A、u nalterable



The smuggl

4、ed goods were confiscated by the customs authorities.

A、c ollected



5、They were guilty of barbarous atrocities.

A、a ctions



6、I made what I thought was a perfect innocuous remark and he got most upset.




7、When the soldiers act in defiance of orders, they will be severely punished.




8、She couldn’t fathom why McCurry was causing such a scene.




9、He is under the delusion that he can beat his opponent.


B、false impression


10、Chalk and cheese are disparate substance.




General vocabulary exercise

1、New York’s hot weather is often by its humidity. (aggravation)

2、Many people to change their habits and never do. (resolution)

3、Jonas Salk found a new of preventing polio. (methodical)

4、Franklin’s writings contain many to the readers. (admonish)

5、The injured child was taken to a . (clinical)

6、The hosts at the party were especially . (congeniality)

7、He had an attack of appendicitis. (acuteness)

8、His scornful was very irritating. (deride)

9、There was a confrontation between the two leaders. (drama)

10、A strong military establishment can be an of peace. (implementation)

11、Picasso’s ability was apparent in his youth. (art)

12、The patient showed a improvement. (mark)

13、He has his employees with threats of instant dismissals. (terror)

14、The girl has the of a much older child. (mental)

15、The money that might be spent on cities has been into other


16、Two sharks cross the bow of the boat. (monster)

17、Isn’t it interesting how two people can have very different of the same person? (perceptive)

18、They fenced in the western of the ranch. (extreme)

19、Her remarks were and obvious not planned. (spontaneity)

20、The teacher a short poem to the class. (dictation)


1、Her nervous behavior testifies to her guilty.




2、He rectified the earlier judgement.




3、Don’t compound your mistake by lying to the police.




4、Their attempt to recapture Calais was foiled by a traitor.




5、The only alternative to being taken prisoner was to die fighting.




6、The government has taken action to restrain inflation.




7、He sits on the consultative committee.


B、public relations


8、They are making efforts to improve the bilateral relations.

A、affecting one party

B、affecting two parties

C、affecting three parties


Word presets

1、She was a devout Catholic.




2、By the grace of God the ship come safely home through the storm.




3、She did sincere penance for hurting her sister.


B、voluntary self-punishment


4、The army soon suppressed the revolt.




5、Since the contract was signed under illegal circumstance, we requested that it be





6、She had to sever all ties with her parents.




7、Endless gossips on the newspapers widened the breach between the two rivals.




8、Language registers human thought in words.




General vocabulary exercise

1、My mood is only ,it will go away soon. (transiency)

2、I am to classical music. (partiality)

3、I felt apprehensive when I got the telegram. (vague)

4、Cape Cod has many little village. (picture)

5、Don’t be deceived by his false . (humble)

6、His apology was small for our discomfort. (console)

7、The comedian was dressed in a very costume. (show)

8、He referred to his great wealth. (casual)

9、Brittany is a of France. (provincial)

10、He isn’t bad-tempered;he is as as a lamb. (meekly)

11、The dictionary two spellings for this word. (authority)

12、They have never their stand for human rights. (weak)

13、We felt of being shoved around. (resent)

14、At the convent, she went to twice a week. (confess)

15、Any you can make on my draft will be greatly appreciated. (criticize)

16、Under his father’s ,he learned how to swim. (guide)

17、I place no on anything he says he will do. (rely)

18、The time for blind is over.(obey)

19、The author his heroine in a few short paragraphs.(character)

Unit 11

1.Today we'll discuss the responsibilities appertaining the chairmanship.

A interesting

B belonging

C appealing

2.She has run all the gamut of the human experience.

A.practice B control C range

3.We lost the election because of the apathy of the supporters.

A sympathy

B indifference C. Emotion

4.The house in the colony are all identical.


B.different C similar

5.The question of overtime pay proved to be an insurmountable stumbling block to agreement.

A stimulus

B obstacle

C difficulty

6.Henry was said to be a meticulous worker.

A.Extremely careless B extremely careful C extremely hard-working

7.We can hardly read any impartial news report in the local newspaper.

A good

B informative

C .unbiased

8.The effects of pollution are impinging on every aspects of our lives.

A. Influencing B reflecting C improving

9.These bats live in deep caves in perpetual darkness.

10.A complete B everlasting C blinding

11.sth the jargon of the advertising business appears difficult and strange.

A.Wording B beginning C production

Unit 12

1.Manufacturing output has remained virtually static for twenty years.

A.Changing B uninteresting C steady

2.Some young people are completely struck down by the stress of examination.

A emphasis B. Pressure C difficulty

3.Tumultuous shots and yells could be heard in the street.

A.Threatening B noisy C faint

4.His perception of color is rather poor.

A awareness

B problems

C concept

5.Stationary object is easiest to aim at.

A.Fixed B close C large

6.Janis could make the most banal song sound intensely personal.

A exciting

B uninteresting

C popular

7.To me that's what is really intriguing about him.

A fascinating

B strange

C confusing

8.Eliminate the mistakes from your writing before you hand it in.

A search

B remove

C check

9.Even after ten years her name conjures up such beautiful memories.

A covers up

B reveal

C brings to mind

10.The thunder reverberated across the valley.

A echoed repeatedly

B disappeared suddenly

C spread quickly

General vocabulary Exercise

1.Lisa was a little ______to end her trip and return to Boston.(reluctance)

2.Not wanting its economy to become too overly dependent upon oil drilling, Alaska is trying _____its business interests. (diverse)

3.Many of the previous enthusiastic_______ became discouraged and gave up after several months of back-breaking work without reward.(optimism)

4.Palm trees _____ wave in cool ocean breeze. (serenity)

5.Their _____ are fullfilled when the ship rounded a bend and the magnificent Glacier Bay into view. (expect)

6.She would hate to feel that she was _____ on anyone. (impose)

7.The valuable huskies and their drivers ______great amount of energy racing the sleds over the snow-covered paths.(expandable)

8.Rain is a _____ in the dessert(rare)

9.She made a very _____ comment (perceive)

10.Dancers in grass skirts move_____ to music played on native Hawaiian instruments. (symbalize)

11.Birthday cake are a _______ part of birthday party. (tradition)

12.The ______ of his long speech was that we should all work hard. (essential)

13.The citizens' lobby was _____ in the changing the election laws.

14.The heroine of this novel confuses the _____ with the real. (imagine)

15.I can't _____ the coat as you describe it. (visual)

16.The ____ of the new school is simple and modern.(construct)

17.Her anxieties _____ until they no longer be endured. (mutiple)

18.It's____ that so many pacifists have died violent deaths (irony)

19.The lakes has a____ of 300 feet in the middle. (deep)

20.Shakespeare has ____ generations of playwrights. (inspiration)

Unit 13

1.Fretting about the problem won't help a bit.

A talking

B thinking

C worrying

2.All women above 50 will be screened for breast cancer.

A.Protected B examined C seperated

3.He had no desire to quibble when decisive action was called for.

A quarrel over important things

B. Argue about trivial matter.

C. Evade the main point of argument.

4.The speaker underscored his words by banging his fist on the table.

A.Crossed out B emphasis C skipped over

5.there were certain places that were really creepy at night.

A making one feel uneasy or frightened

B. Making one feel excited

C.making one feel creep

6 do you find the ending of the story plausible?

A.Seemingly reasonable B seeming possible C seemingly interesting

7.The girls are dancing to bubbly music at the party.

A.Dull B traditional C lively

8.Scientists have found a genetic mutation that appears to be the cause of Huntington's disease.

A.Variation B model C progress


Word pretest

1、Being in the theatre isn’t as glamorous as some people think.

A、rich and comfortable

B、exciting and charming

C、poor and humble

2、He watched them, envious and resentful.


B、angry and bitter


3、John doesn’t hide his adoration for the girl.


B、strong attraction

C、deep love

4、For the next thirty years Bryce was the preeminent figure in Canadian economic





5、The newspapers alleges that the mayor is guilty.




6、We had to ensure that no clandestine operations were under way.




7、It was ludicrous to leave the reigns of power in a single ruler.




8、She revels in meeting new friends.

A、dreams of

B、enjoys greatly


9、Years of living alone warped his personality.




10、The success of your operation completely vindicated my faith in the doctor.

A. justified

B. built up

C. changed

General vocabulary exercise

1.If you go to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco on a Saturday afternoon, you can seeing large numbers of people. (anticipation)

2.Can you prove that your actions were . (justification)

3. My first was to be a fireman. (ambitiously)

4. They succeeded in achieving their goal through sheer . (determine)

5. The actress to sign the contract for the new Hollywood movie only after she had read through it carefully. (agreeable)

6. The first day I started my new job, I didn’t know anyone, and Clarice immediately came over, introduced herself and me. (friendly)

7. foods need to be refrigerated. (perish)

8. Mary gave Helen a bouquet of flowers as an of appreciation for her warm hospitality. (expressive)

9. The scientist gave a explanation on how the brain functions. (theorize)

10. The of his remarks took us by surprise. (profound)

11. Each religion God in its own way. (worship)

12. The phoenix is a bird. ( myth )

13. He was very in his likes and dislikes. (passion)

14. The people gave generously to support the cause. (worth)

15. After traveling abroad for so long, she has a to see her hometown again.(long)

16. It’s a to waste so much food. (criminal)

17. The book is so I can’t put it down. (fascinate)

18. The breakup of states was an fear with these countries. (obsession)

19. The best part of the job was her constant to books. (expose)

20. He was often by his schoolmates because he wore thick glasses. (ridiculous)


1. He augments his income by teaching in the evenings

A. receives

B. decreases

C. increases

2. Inflation rates began to accelerate.

A. slow down

B. speed up

C. move on

3. The Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976.

A. abolished

B. restores

C. introduced

4. The recession was in its trough.

A. period of little activity

B. period of great activity

C. period of recovery

5. Marriage is seen as the culmination of a successful relationship.

A. beginning

B. middle

C. climax

6. Our local bus and rail complement each other very well.

A. cooperate with

B. compete with

C. supply what is lacking in

7. His insensitive speech provoked an angry reaction.

A. caused

B. prevented

C. predicted

8. The school is open to all irrespective of race, color or creed.

A.with regard to B. regardless of C. as regards