综合英语教程第三版4 邹为诚主编



Mary saw a shifty-eyed man walking into a neighbor’s house.

2.鲍勃总是嘲笑我对服饰的眼光。sneer at

Bob always sneers at my taste in clothes.


It is impolite to pry into other’s secrets.

4.我想克里斯想要抢我的饭碗。be after sth

I think Chris is after my job.

5.她看到克里斯给他使的眼色,说话的声音便越来越小了。trail off

She trailed off, silenced by the look Chris gave her.


The branches were dry and brittle.

7.收音机老是发出噼里啪啦的声响,我们几乎听不清里面说些什么。crackle The radio cracked so much that we could hardly hear what was said.


The land slopes down to the sea.


His pockets were bulging with money.


I had to haggle with the taxi driver over the fare.


1. 这样的好机会千载难逢。once in a blue moon

An opportunity as good as this arises/occurs only once in a blue moon.

2. 这个孩子因为私自拿了母亲包里的钱而觉得十分愧疚。guilty of

The boy felt guilty for taking money from his mother’s handbag without permission.

3. 她知道他的话一句真的也没有。give credence to

She did not give credence to a single word of his story.

4. 一般来说,老师对学生的错误都比较宽容。be tolerant of

Generally speaking, teachers are tolerant of their students’ mistakes.

5. 我想当然地以为你会跟我们一起来,于是就给你买了票。take… for granted

I took it for granted that you’d want to come with us, so I bought you a ticket.

6. 由于经理的不断劝导,工作人员很快就改掉了迟到的坏习惯。break the habit

Thanks to the manager’s repeated counseling, the staff soon broke the bad habit of coming late to work.

7. 他现在对她发火,但不久会原谅她的。这只是几小时的事,仅此而已。a matter of, that’s


He’s furious with her now, but he’ll forgive her soon. It’s just/only a matter of a few hours, that’s all.



1. 只有通过调查我们才有发言权。(only)

Only after investigation can we have the right to speak.

2. 我们绝不应当盲从。(on no account)

On no account should we follow others blindly.

3. 他绝不是担任这项工作的最佳人选。(by no means)

By no means is he the best person for the job.

4. 第一次成功绝非是最后的胜利。(in no way)

In no way was the success in the first round the ultimate/final victory.

5. 别处找不到这样美丽的景色。(nowhere)

Nowhere else could one find such beautiful scenery.

6. 他曾多次给了我忠告。(many a time)

Many a time has he given me good advice.

7. 献身于祖国现代化的人是幸福的。(happy)

Happy is he who dedicates his life to modernization of his motherland/country.


1. 他没当成歌星,却成了一位十分成功的商人。make it

He failed to make it as a pop singer, but he turned out to be a successful businessman.

2. 电影中的动人情节紧紧地抓住了观众的心。capture one’s heart

The thrilling plot of the movie captured the hearts of the audience.

3. 公司要关心的事务之一是确保员工的安全。one’s concern

One of the company’s main concerns is to ensure the safety of its employees.

4. 退休的总统不愿放弃他的特权。let go of

The retired president was unwilling to let go of his privileges.

5. 南茜感到热泪涌入了眼眶。well up

Nancy could feel hot tears welling up in her eyes.

6. 加强我们关系的最好办法不是赠送礼物,而是坦诚地交换意见。strengthen one’s bond The best way to strengthen our bond is not to give gifts but to exchange our opinions frankly.

7. 如果像这样开车,你最终要进医院。end up

You’ll end up in the hospital if you drive your car like this.

8.虽然我们没表露出什么,但实际上我们很为她的安全担心。in truth

In truth we feared for her safety, although we didn’t let it be known.


1.如果你不付全部现金,可以用分期付款的方式来买车。on credit

If you can’t afford to pay in cash, you can buy the car on credit.

2.我说过要帮他,而这也是我想要做的。我会可守诺言的。keep one’s word

I said I’d help him and that’s what I’m going to do. I shall keep my word.

3. 我与这家公司休戚相关,不愿看到他破产。have a stake in something

I’ve a stake in this company and don’t wish to see it go bankrupt.

4. 随着工业生产的发展,旧的封建制度开始崩溃。fall apart

With the development of industrial production, the old feudal system began to fall apart.

5. 他很能干,把农场搞得井井有条。keep something straight

He is very competent and keeps everything straight on the farm.

6. 新的教学体制旨在把学习更多课程的主动权交给学生。give somebody the initiative The new educational system aims to give the students the initiative to learn more subjects.

7. 在旅行出发之前先要把我们的车子调整好。tune up

Before starting on our trip we should tune the car up.



1. 他们定于下月举行婚礼。

They are to have their wedding next month.


He is to be congratulated on his brilliant discovery.

3. 要是明天下雨,比赛就得推迟。(说话者认为下雨的可能性很小)

If it were to rain tomorrow, the match would be postponed.


Do not despair. The best is yet to come.

5. 那是在1550年,他决定第二次航行到美洲新大陆去。

That was in 1550.He was to sail to the New World of America in the following year.

(future in the past)

6. 你们不应当在阅览室内讲话。

You are not to talk in the reading room.

7. 新的交通规则必须得到遵守。

The new traffic regulations are to be observed.

8. 远征之前路线应该事先计划好。

The route is to be planned before the expedition.


1. 女房东告诉我租金必须先付。in advance

The landlady told me that the rent must be paid in advance.

2. 虽然这家公司鼓吹他们的产品要比其他公司的好,但实际上他们的质量不如人家。

superior, inferior

Although this company boasts that its products are superior to those of other companies, they are actually inferior in quality.

3. 最根本的问题是他们缺少兴趣。at the root of

What lies at the root of the problem is their lack of interest.

4. 警方访问了一些目击者,但无人能说清楚这事故是怎么发生的。come about

The police interviewed several witnesses, but none of them could tell how the accident came about.

5. 百货商店的新楼不符合安全条例。conform to

The new building of the department store does not conform to the safety regulations.

6. 她从集邮中得到了很大的满足。derive … from

She derived great satisfaction from her stamp collection.

7. 五彩的气球和旗帜为这个小城增添了节日气氛。add to

Colorful balloons and flags added to the festive atmosphere of the small town.

8. 金钱很重要,可是幸福并不总是和财富联系在一起的。associate … with

Money is very important, but happiness is not always associated with wealth.



1.他居然当众说谎,实在丢脸。It is a disgrace that …

It is a disgrace that he (should) lie in public.

2.他会如此不高兴,令人遗憾。It is a pity …

It is a pity that he should be so upset.

3. 恼人的是我竟把票给忘了。It is a nuisance that …

It is a nuisance that I should have forgotten my ticket.

4. 我们的野餐让一场雨给搅了,真可惜。It is a shame that …

It is a shame that our picnic should be spoiled by the rain.

5. 你务必参加这个会议。It is essential that …

It is essential that you should attend the meeting.

6. 我们应该跟上世界的最新发展,这是很重要的。It is important that …

It is important that we should keep up with the most recent developments in the world.

7. 大学生懂一点计算机有好处。It is desirable that …

It is desirable that university students should know how to work with computers.

8. 真奇怪,他竟不通知我们就走了。It is strange that …

It is strange that he should have gone away without letting us know.


1. 博物馆里目前有希腊艺术收藏展出。on display

There is a Greek art collection on display at the museum at the moment.

2. 他在森林里迷了路,没有食物,只得靠吃野菜、野果求生。be reduced to

Lost in the forest and out of food, he was reduced to eating wild herbs and fruit to keep himself alive.

3. 这块地方被划出来准备作操场用。mark off

This area has been marked off as a future playground.

4. 除了蹚过这片泥泞的水域外,别无选择。wade

There was no choice but to wade through the muddy water.

5. 这位国会议员呼吁政府建造更多的学校。appeal

The congressman appealed to the government to set up more schools.

6. 他们在国外度假时钱和护照都被偷了,陷入可怕的困境之中。plight

They were in a dreadful plight when their money and passports were stolen while they were on holiday in a foreign country.

7. 在她朋友的催促下,我安排了一位医生去看她。at the urging of, arrange

At the urging of her friends, I arranged for a doctor to see her.

8.他竭力想做出镇定的样子,但是他颤抖的声音暴露了他自己。give one away

He tried to keep up a calm appearance, but his trembling voice gave him away.


1.她似乎不怎么喜欢干这些事。take pleasure in

She seems to take little pleasure in doing such things.

2.教授告诉我们风景画的传统可追溯到史前时代。date from

The professor told us that the tradition of landscape painting could date from the prehistoric age.

3.听了这位作家的讲座之后,他决定弃医从文。take to

After attending the lecture of the famous writer, he decided to give up medicine and take to literature.

4.让我们免去礼节,直接进入讨论吧。dispense with

Let's dispense with the formalities and go directly into the discussion.

5.这些动物跑得非常快,因此它们的捕食方法确实很有效。in consequence

These animals run extraordinarily fast and in consequence their hunting methods are very

efficient indeed.

6.警方搜查了这个地区的每幢房子寻找逃犯,但毫无成果。to no avail

The police searched every house in the district for the escaped criminal, but to no avail.

7.父母往往会为孩子的成就感到非常自豪。take pride in

Parents tend to take very great pride in the achievements of their children.


1.许多新兴国家在刚获得独立的时候,都遇到过经济问题的困扰。afflict with

Many developing countries, after independence, were afflicted with economic problems to begin with.

2.为了保护国内工业,政府决定对进口倾销产品征收反倾销关税。anti-dumping tariff

(impose … upon / on)

In order to protect domestic industries, the government decided to impose an anti-dumping tariff o n imported products.

3.只有学问而没有实践经验,这种学问没有多少价值。count for

Knowledge without practical experience counts for little.


Thousands of people were forced to abandon their homes to the invading enemy troops.

5.我在上海住了很久,已把这个城市看作我的第二故乡。look upon / on

I've lived in Shanghai so long that I’ve looked upon / on the city as my second hometown.

6.修理屋顶时底下必须用东西支撑着。prop up

The roof will have to be propped up while repairs are being carried out.

7.在困难前面,他仍然保持着幽默感。in (the) face of

In (the) face of great hardship, he managed to keep his sense of humor.


1.他们平时五点下班,但今天不得不加班了。leave off

They usually leave off work at 5 o’clock, but today they have to work overtime.

2.这座城市里的博物馆和美术馆都对公众免费开放。be open to

All the museums and art galleries in the city are open to the public for free / free of charge.

3.老是被他们讥笑,真窝囊。sneer at

It’s very discouraging to be sneered at by them all the time.

4.她最近感到有点疲乏,医生要她休息几天。run down

She has been a little run down lately and the doctor has advised her to take a short holiday.

5.今天,整个城市沐浴在一片欢乐的海洋里。bathe in

The whole city is bathed in a sea of joy today.

6.外面一片漆黑,天空好像被黑幕遮住了似的。as it were

It’s very dark outside, and the sky is covered, as it were, with a black curtain.

7.我昨天以托马斯的名义打电话预定了两张电影票。in the name of

I booked two film tickets by phone yesterday in the name of Thomas.



The press had criticized her so often that in the end she had become immune to what was said.


Air pollution is caused by industries and vehicles which release large amounts of waste gas into atmosphere.


The doctor required me to wear goggles at work to prevent foreign objects from getting into my eyes.


pass on

As parents can pass on their chromosomes to their offspring, some diseases are hereditary.

5.虽然他很会做生意,但我们认为他不会成为商界的领袖。see … as …

He possesses a remarkable talent for doing business, but we don't see him as a potential leader

in business circle.


The epoch-making summit conference was beamed by satellite all over the world.


1.遭受水灾地区的人民急切需要食品、衣服和药物。be hungry for

The people in the flooded area are hungry for provisions, food, clothes and medicine.

2.他整夜看电视连续剧,难怪他看上去这么疲惫。no wonder

As he sat up late watching TV, (it's) no wonder that he looks so tired.


If I were you, I wouldn't get involved with/in those complicated affairs.

4.她的手艺非常好,做的蛋糕简直是艺术品。work of art

Her skills are so excellent that the cakes she makes are simply works of art.

2.我知道这是我的不对,但也没有必要老是说个没完。rub it in

I know it was my fault but there is no need to rub it in.

6.这种工作要求很有耐心。call for

This sort of work calls for a lot of patience.

7.政府说有足够的外汇储备抵制金融风暴。enough to

The government declared that its foreign currency reserve is strong enough to resist the financial crisis.



The tourists cheered with excitement when they saw water cascading down the mountainside.


Owing to the policy of reform, the small town is thriving day by day.


Could you read through this for me and highlight the important points?

4.有时我纳闷,不知道死记硬背是否有用。at times

At times I wonder if rote learning is worthwhile.


The superstitions that used to prevail in Old China are disappearing gradually.

6.由于外销的增加,公司成功地完成了销售计划。thanks to

Thanks to the improvement in export sales, the company has successfully fulfilled its marketing plan.