I Vocabulary(10points)

DIRECTIONS:From the four choices beneath each sentence,choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1.The vacuum cleaner is a valuable labor-saving______.





2.The flight was postponed because of technical problems and was finally canceled last week when a______ was discovered.





3.When she was crossing the road,she was knocked down by a motor-car and lay______by the roadside.


B.thoughtless C unconscious D.unaware

4.The novels he has written have shown his______ability as an author.





5.The reader is urged to be a leader,rather than a follower;to rely on his own power,rather than to______.





6.He would much______it if you could do him the favor.





7.If our______is correct,then the space-craft should reach the moon on Monday.





8.San Francisco's Chinese community,comprising67,000______,is the largest concentration of Chinese

outside of Asia.





9.We didn't catch the train on______of the traffic congestion.





10.Though he has suffered from cancer for so many years,it is so strange that he has______to the present day.





II Grammar(10points)

DIRECTIONS:In this part,there are four choices beneath each sentence.Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

11)Greatly agitated,I rushed to the apartment and tried the door,_____to find it locked from inside.


B.only C hence D.thus

12)That trumpet player was certainty noisy,but I wasn't bothered by his loudness____by his lack of talent.

A.so much as

B.rather than

C.as long as

D.other than

13)Church as we use the word refers to all religious institution,_____they Christian,Islamic,Buddhist, Jewish,and so on.





14)The government has promised to do_______lies in its power to ease the hardships of the victims in the flood-stricken area





15)If not______with the respect he feels due to him,Jack usually gets very ill-tempered and grumbles all the time.

A.being treated

B.having been treated C treated D.be treated

16)Good news was released prematurely,with the British recapture of the port________half a day before the defenders actually surrendered.

A.to announce



D.was announced

17)According to one belief,if truth is to be known it will make itself apparent,so one______wait instead of searching for it.

A.would rather

B.had to

C.cannot but

D.had best

18)There was no sign that Mr.Jospin,who keeps a firm control on the party despite_____from leadership of it,would intervene personalty.

A.being resigned

B.having resigned C going to resign D.resign

19)The individual TV viewer invariably senses that he or she is______an anonymous,statistically insignificant part of a huge and diverse audience.

A.everything except

B.anything but

C.no less than

D.nothing more than

20)One difficulty in translation lies in obtaining a concept match,and_______this is meant that a concept in one language is lost or changed in meaning in translation.







“I would never have been able to finish those two miles if I__21__you.I would have__22__on the first lap.What happened to your foot?We were cheering for you.Did you hear us?”

I couldn’t believe it.A complete__23__had been cheering for me——not because she wanted me to win,__24__because she wanted me to keep going and not give up.Suddenly I__25__hope.I decided to stick with track(竞赛)next year.One girl saved my dream.

That day I learned two things:First,a little kindness and confidence__26__people can make a great __27__to them.And,second,strength and courage aren't measured in medals and victories.They are measured in the struggles we__28__.The strongest people are not always the people who win,but the people who don’t give up when they__29__

I dream only that someday—perhaps as a senior—I will be able to win a race with a cheer as big as __30__I got when I lost that race as a freshman.

21.A.am B.was C.were D.be

22.A.quitted B.knocked C.quarreled D.dropped

23.A.friend B.stranger C.audience D.relative

24.A.but B.as C.not D.and

25.A.regained B.received C.realized D.relieved

26.A.in B.on C.to D.for

27.A.strange B.difference C.change D.variety

28.A.achieve B.accomplish C.overcome D.emphasize

29.A.lose B.win C.arrive D.drop

30.A.the one B.the ones C.that D.Those

Part IV Reading Comprehension(20points)

Directions:There are4reading passages in this part Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements.For each of(hem there are four choices marked A)t B)t C)and D)‘You should decide on the best choice and mark(he corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

Passage One

Questions31to35are based on the following passage.

Normally a student must attend a certain number of courses in order to graduate,and each course which he attends gives him a credit which he may count towards a degree.In many American universities the total work for a degree consists of thirty-six courses each lasting for one semester.A typical course consists of three classes per week for fifteen weeks;while attending a university a student will probably attend four or five courses during each semester.Normally a student would expect to take four years attending two semesters each year.It is possible to spread the period of work for the degree over a longer period.It is also possible for a student to move between one university and another during his degree course,though this is not in fact done as a regular practice.

For every course that he follows a student is given a grade,which is recorded,and the record is available for the student to show to protective employers.All this imposes a constant pressure and strain of work,but in spite of this some students still find time for great activity in student affairs.Elections to positions in student organizations arouse much enthusiasm.The effective word of maintaining discipline is usually performed by students who advise the academic authorities.Any student who is thought to have broken the rules,for example,by cheating has to appear before a student court.With the enormous numbers of students,the operation of the system does involve a certain amount of activity.A student who has held one of these positions of authority is much respected and it will be of benefit to him later in his career.

31、Normally a student would at least attend______classes each week.


32、According to the first paragraph an American student is allowed______.

A)to live in a different university

B)to take a particular course in a different university

C)to live at home and drive to classes

D)to get two degrees from two different universities

33、American university students are usually under pressure of work because______.

A)their academic performance will affect their future careers

B)they are heavily involved in student affairs

C)they have to observe university discipline

D)they want to run for positions of authority

34、Some students are enthusiastic for positions in student organizations probably because______.

A)they hate the constant pressure strain of their study

B)they will then be able to stay longer in the university

C)such positions help them get better jobs

D)such positions are usually well paid

35、The student organizations seem,to be effective in_______.

A)dealing with the academic affairs of the university

B)ensuring that the students observe university regulations

C)evaluating students’performance by bringing them before a court

D)keeping up the students’enthusiasm for social activities

Passage Two

Questions36to40are based on the following passage.

Do you find getting up in the morning so difficult that it's painful?This might be called laziness,but Dr. Kleitman has a new explanation.He has proved that everyone has a daily energy cycle.

During the hours when you tabor through your work you may say that you're“hot”.That's true.The time of day when you feel most energetic is when your cycle of body temperature is at its peak.For some people the peak comes during the afternoon.For others it comes in the afternoon or evening.No one has discovered why this is so,but it leads to such familiar monologues(自言自语)as:“Get up,John!You'll be late for work again!”The possible explanation to the trouble is that John is at his temperature-and-energy peak to the evening.Much family quarreling ends when husbands and wives realize what these energy cycles

mean,and which cycle each member of the family has.You can’t change your energy cycle,but you can learn to make your life fit it better.Habit can help,Dr.Kleitman believes.Maybe you're sleepy in the evening but feel you must stay up late anyway.Counteract(对抗)your cycle to some extent by habitually staying up later than you want to.If our energy is low in the morning but you have an important job to do early in the day, rise before your usual hour.This won't change your cycle,but you’ll get up steam(鼓起干劲)and work better at your low point.

Get off to a slow start which saves your energy.Get up with a leisurely yawn and stretch.Sit on the edge of the bed a minute before putting your feet on the floor.Avoid the troublesome search for clean clothes by laying them out the night before.Whenever possible,do routine work in the afternoon and save tasks requiring more energy or concentration for your sharper hours.

36、If a person finds getting up early a problem,most probably______.

A)he is a lazy person

B)he refuses to follow his own energy cycle

C)he is not sure when his energy is low

D)he is at his peak in the afternoon or evening

37、Which of the following may lead to family quarrels according to the passage?

A)Unawareness of energy cycles.

B)Familiar monologues.

C)A change in a family member’s energy cycle.

D)Attempts to control the energy cycle of other family members.

38、If one wants to work more efficiently at his low point in the morning,he should______.

A)change bis energy cycle

B)overcome his laziness

C)get up earlier than usual

D)go to bed earlier

39、You are advised to rise with a yawn and stretch because it will______.

A)help to keep your energy for the day's work

B)help you to control your temper early in the day

C)enable you to concentrate on your routine work

D)keep your energy cycle under control all day

40、Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

A)Getting off to work with a minimum effort helps save one’s energy.

B)Dr.Kleitman explains why people reach their peaks at different hours of day.

C)Habit helps a person adapt to his own energy cycle.

D)Children have energy cycles,too.

Passage Three

Questions41to45are based on the following passage.

When a consumer finds that an item she or he bought is faulty or in some way does not live up to the manufacturer's claim for it,the first step is to present the warranty(保单),or any other records which might help,at the store of purchase.In most cases,this action will produce results.However,if it does not,there are various means the consumer may use to gain satisfaction.

A simple and common method used by many consumers is to complain directly to the store manager. In general,the“higher up”the consumer takes his or her complaint,the faster he or she can expect it to be settled.In such a case,it is usually settled in the consumer’s favor,assuming he or she has a just claim.

Consumers should complain in person whenever possible,but if they cannot get to the place of purchase,it is acceptable to phone or write the complaint in a letter.

Complaining is usually most effective when it is done politely but firmly,and especially when the


consumer can demonstrate what is wrong with the item in questions.If this cannot be done,the consume will succeed best by presenting specific information as to what is wrong,rather than by making general statements.For example,“The left speaker does not work at all and the sound coming out of the right one is unclear”is better than“This stereo(立体声音响)does not work.”

The store manager may advise the consumer to write to the manufacturer.If so,the consumer should do this,stating the complaint as politely and as firmly as possible.But if a polite complaint does not achieve the desired result,the consumer can go a step further.She or he can threaten to take the seller to court or report the seller to a private or public organization responsible for protecting consumers’rights.

41、When a consumer finds that his purchase has a fault in it,the first thing he should do is to______.

A)complain personally to the manager

B)threaten to take the matter to court

C)write a firm letter of complaint to the store or purchase

D)show some written proof of the purchase to the store

42、If a consumer wants a quick settlement of his problem,it’s better to complain to______.

A)a shop assistant

B)the store manager

C)the manufacturer

D)a public organization

43.The most effective complaint can be made by______.

A)showing the faulty item to the manufacturer

B)explaining exactly what is wrong with the item

C)saying firmly that the item of poor quality

D)asking politely to change the item

44、The phrase“live up”(Para.1,Line2)in the context means______.

A)meet the standard of

B)realize the purpose of

C)fulfill the demands of

D)keep the promise of

45、The passage tells us______.

A)how to settle a consumer's complaint about a faulty item

B)how to make an effective complaint about a faulty item

C)how to avoid buying a faulty item

D)how to deal with complaints from customers

Passage Four

Questions46to50are based on the following passage.

Attention to detail is something everyone can and should do—especially in a tight job market.Bob Crossley,a human-resources expert notices this in the job applications that come across his desk every day.“It’s amazing how many candidates eliminate themselves.”he says.

Resume(简历)arrive with stains.Some candidates don’t bother to spell the company's name correctly. Once I see a mistake,I eliminate the candidate,Crossley concludes.“If they cannot take care of these details, why should we trust them with a job?”

Can we pay too much attention to details?Absolutely.Perfectionists struggle over little things at the cost of something larger they work toward,“To keep from losing the forest for the trees”says Charles Garfield,associate professor at the University of California,San Francisco,“We must constantly ask ourselves how the details we're working on fit into the larger picture.If they don't,we should drop them and move to something else”.

Garfield compares this process to his work as a computer scientist at NASA.“The Apollo II moon launch was slightly off-course90percent of the time.”Says Garfield,“But a successful landing was still

likely because we knew the exact coordinates of our goal.This allowed us to make adjustments as necessary.”Knowing where we want to go helps us judge the importance of every task we undertake.

Too often we believe what accounts for others’success is some special secret or a lucky break(机遇). But rarely is success so mysterious.Again and again,we see that by doing little things within our grasp well, large rewards follow.

46、According to the passage,some job applicants were rejected_______.

A)because of their carelessness as shown in their failure to present a clean copy of a resume

B)because of their inadequate education as shown in their poor spelling in writing a resume

C)because they failed to give detailed description of their background in their applications

D)because they eliminated their names from the applicants'list themselves

47、The word“perfectionists”(Para.3,Line)refers to those who______.

A)demand others to get everything absolutely right

B)know how to adjust their goals according to the circumstances

C)pay too much attention to details only to lose their major objectives

D)are capable of achieving perfect results in whatever they do

48、Which of the following is the author’s advice to the reader?

A)Although too much attention to details may be costly,they should not be overlooked.

B)Don’t forget details when drawing pictures.

C)Be aware of the importance of a task before undertaking it.

D)Careless applicants are not to be trusted.

49、The example of the Apollo II moon launch is given to illustrate that______.

A)minor mistakes can be ignored in achieving major objectives

B)failure is the mother of success

C)adjustments are the key to the successful completion of any work

D)keeping one's goal in mind helps in deciding which details can be overlooked

50、The best title for this passage would be______.

A)Don’t Be a Perfectionist

B)Importance of Adjustments

C)Details and Major Objectives

D)Hard Work Plus Good Luck

Part V Translation(10points)

Directions:In this part,there are five sentences for you to translate into Chinese.

51、Nowadays,more and more people are living alone,either choosing to live that way or having to.

52、Whether live alone or staying with families or friends,what is important is to fined pleasure in life.

53、In fact,it will take many years of efforts to build a good name before you establish your proper place

in society.

54、The good name passed on by my father and maintained to this day by my brothers and me is worth as

much now as ever.

55、Cheating in various forms is on the increase in colleges and universities,and there’re students caught

cheating this term.

Part VI Writing(20points)

56.As more and more people have access to the Internet,they keep in touch with each other just by sending E-mail.Do you think that E-mail can take the place of postal letters?Why or why not?Use reasons and

details to support your answer,within150words.

You are to write in three parts:

1.your opinion

2.appropriate details

3.a natural conclusion

You should supply an appropriate title for your composition.