christina's world

Name: Zhang Zhaoji

Student number: 11105027021

Class number: 17

Christina’s World

The painting, Christina’s World, is one of the most well-known American work of art in the 20th century, painted in 1948, by the greatest American painter, and the United States homesickness realist painting masters of 20th century, named Andrew Wyeth, and the painting, meanwhile, made the name of Andrew Wyeth’s life in the work of art.

We can see, in the picture, white sky, several gray houses and a girl lying on the ground unassisted, the ground is covered by just tawny grass, without any vigor and vitality. She was looking up at a gray house on the horizon, and to which maybe she was crawling towards. There are some other small outbuildings are adjacent to the bigger house, in this vast land these buildings seemed lonely and indifferent.

In this painting, artist Andrew described a little girl’s unlucky experience, in a realist style. The master of the work is Christina Olson, who was suffered polio. She could only drag her body and crawl in the vast field with limb below her waist, because she was unable to stand up and go on foot. She was lonely but strong in will. She was nobility and dignity, she refuse to use a wheelchair, and she prefer to survived in a polluted surrounding rather than be raised.

As a United States homesickness realist painting master, Andrew Wyeth’s works always contained a stream of silent and light sadness. His works formed a profound connotation thought-provoking art through embed personal subjective ideal and desire