1)The special committee will consider (guilty of )

2)Fires broke out everywhere(flames)

3)In many a country women have (equality)

4)This hot summer(reminds of)

5)Ben Johnson of Canada(was stripped of)

6)There is no (justice) in the world

7)The black Americans have been (destiny)

8)In 1991 almost 36 million (poverty)

9)Their fourth year without (despair)

10)T ougher laws have been (discrimination)

11)Xiang Shan Hotel in Beijing (architect)

12)All the candidates have made (pledges)

13)What was intended as a (degenerate)

14)T o the (horror)of all the

15)T he doctor claimed that the (threshold)

16)T heir attempts to help create more(cripple)

1)A verage students who (idle) 2)Mrs.Parker had her car (wielding)

3)The world will be different (adapt)

4)It seems that more and more(donate)

5)Ralph got(scratched) al over when he

6)The idle young man lit a (swinging)

7)If you would move (sideways)

8)We’ve (plotted)our projected costs

9)Jane (knelt) down to pull a weed

10)Companies are now trying to (recycle)

11)Where’s the price (tog) on this dress?

12)Amy is now a senior (executive)

13)T he water could not get away(outlet)

14)Something must have happened;

15)The injured old lady (had a hard time)

16)She’d spilt some coffee (cleaning it up)

17)By the time they got to the camp(run out of)

18)T his painting perfectly(exemplifies)

1)The Marlows were always(suspicious)

2)After such a confrontation(out of the question)

3)He got the money dishonestly, by(forging)

4)The older generation often(frowns)

5)The price of this brand is ten(beyond the reach of )

6)Anger (surged up)within him when he

7)Despite her sincere apologies for(scorn)

8)The architect knew that his clients(supervising)

9)As a strong leader, John is (bold) enough

10)I longed to understand


11)This week is too terrible a


12)On the train Stan,(thumbing)


13)Her first (commercial) venture

14)T he ten-year-old girl was often

sen t(on errands)

15)T hanks to the lesson of the

(clear of )

16)He had hoped for a fair

(nothing less than )

1)It is neither socially nor


2)The seventeen miners who


3)Joe doesn’t seem interested in

any (when it comes to)

4)Although I’m so successful I’m

really (paradox)

5)Schools should (fulfill)the hopes

and needs

6)This new book will be of (for

that matter)

7)The work is not very

profitable(in terms of)

8)She is still working on it (can’t

help but)

9)Each sales team targets its

efforts (segment)

10)T he authors point out


11)This authors point out that


12)Concerned about overcrowding,

the (reform)

13)Never feel that exercising is a


14)T he death of the king


15)T he unusual (arrangement) of

the bookshelves

16)Dick remains calm


1)Rich as he is (luxury)

2)Lewis admitted


3)Harley(was summoned)to


4)The one who did (under


5)The objections raised(trivial)

6)I declined to have(at the


7)John kept his money(lay his

hands on)

8)He said he could (compromise)

9)Susan(has run up) a large bill

10)If we try to persuade(good for)

11)As much as she hated(agony)

12)Humor is wonderful(releasing)

13)Humor is wonderful(offended)


15)Iris finds it very(tiresome)

16)T he old peasant’s skin(coarse)


The increasing prosperity of the

country was in a large measure

attributable to the governments

pursuit of a policy of economic



The black leader book it as his

sacred obligation to fight hard all

his life to achieve racial equality.


The year 1976 saw the deaths of

Premier Zhou En-lai, Marshal Zhu

De and Chairman Mao Ze-dong,

the three leading architects of the

People’s Republic.


One more than one occasion I

reminded the principal of his

promise to stand up for the

legitimate interests of retired



The theme of the story is that a

person’s destiny is closely tied up

with that of the whole nation.


The large fortune the young man

fell heir to enabled him to live out

his dreams.



At first, I planned to prepare for

my biology test first and then work

on my research paper, but latter I

decided that I had better do it the

other way around.


When it comes to predicting

earthquakes, there seems very

little scientists can do, though city

planners can do something to

reduce the damage caused by



During last summer’s flood, the

whole nation had to be mobilized

for relief efforts.


Given her passive attitude to life ,

she is not likely to provide any

support in terms of management



With her creative mind and

organizational ability ,she is , I

believe, not a liability but rather a

great asset to our committee.


1.We shall be grateful if you


2.From his office on the (wields)

3.The little woman looked a


4.Since my father’s death there had


5.The report praises the


6.Some articles are clearly


7.At one point last fall(yielded)

8.T ales of squadrons


9.The church is full of (exquisite)

10.It is a question Michael Joseph


11.These people did not have


12.AIDS brings out prejudice and


13.T he contents of these buildings


14.It now seemed(extraordinary)

that so remote

15.Make sure managers and


16.At the end of the year,(revived)

17.In other commercial


18.It is well recognized by

conservationists (pose)

19.She had more than enough to

cope with (scorned)

20.He was ridiculed for

hi s(mocked)

21.Martin Richmond had been

jailed (forged)

22.T he (conviction)that

everything ,even

23.A parallel is drawn between the


24.Many people are worried


25.T he wife is no less entitled to


26.T he voice is an opera singer’s


27.As a being capable of having


28.For a good chance of a safe


29. “Pixel(像素) ” is the


30.Most of us appreciate the



31.Following his advice, (decline)

32.Isell most of the French


33.T his food is often eaten by


34.We were never poor but it was


35.Experiments which take weeks

are (tiresome)

36.T here is still a way out of


37.In the en the two parties


38.At first Jane could hardly


39.T he intense heat of being


40.T o contain local


41.“Inte rnal peace and stability


42.No one had ever done


43.Well before a billionth of


44.Although insulation is the


45.(Initial) training to teach

operators how

46.Almost non-existent at

beginning (proportions)

47.T he horse’s (posture)and

muscle tension

48.Here and there a tall palm


49.My artist friend draws


50.T he effects of such tonics are


51.Many of the immigrant


52.T he wind and wet had (sucked)

53.Under the proposed new treaty


54.Traffic management schemes


55.T he brains of dolphins (evolved)

56.Royalties vary depending on the


57.“Consent of the (governed)” is a

58.T he London Motorfair is


59.T hat sort of investigative and


http://m.wendangku.net/doc/7e75d014a216147917112854.html is an

international (exhibiting)














One night ,there was an attempted

murder in the community where

Roger lived .No one know who did

it, but the police suspected it was

Roger, because his criminal history

was on record in the county court

and ,in addition ,in there eyes, he

was listed as the most dangerous

men in the county and must be

dealt with cautiously. So he was

summoned to appear in court the

following Friday. Being out of a

job for months; needless to say , he

couldn’t afford a lawyer, but he

hoped that someone would be

willing to give him some free legal

advice over the phone so that he

could defend himself in court.

















In our neighborhood a white-haired

old man is often seen wielding

tongs and a big plastic bag picking

up trash like candy wrappers and

banana skins. The old man is

Grandpa Li respected by all. A

senior executive of a big company

before he retired, Grandpa Li used

to live a terribly busy life. Now he

was supposed to enjoy his

retirement, but he hated to stay idle

at home. How would he adapt to

his retired life? Never putting off

anything, Grandpa Li resolved

there and then to start by helping

his wife with such housework as

peeling potatoes and cleaning up

the kitchen. Besides that, he does

all he can to help turn round things

in the neighborhood. Grandpa Li

accepts on faith that his efforts will

yield fruit.









The news that I failed in the college entrance examination was nothing less than a heavy blow to me. I became doubtful whether my dream to be a writer could ever be translated into reality. And I was afraid my parents would get furious with me when they learned about my fail true in the exam. It turned out , however, that they didn’t so much as frown at me. Instead , they encouraged me to become self-educated. They told me that my dream would certainly come true so long as I worked hard and had the conviction that all roads lead to Rome. T o tell the truth, their encouraging words did a great deal to revive my confidence. When I found myself on a better mood, I took a job at the neighborhood library. During my spare time I read extensively. The more I read ,The more I hungered for knowledge.


1. a)She doesn’t have enough money for her meet.

b)She doesn’t have enough money for her needs.

2. a)She was afraid

b)She was excited

3. a)something that is b)something that is too strong

4. a)a scientific promblem

b)a scientific idea

5. a)a strong and dangerous

b)a new and unfamiliar

1. a)Y ou can scrutinize the schedule

b)It’s absolutely necessary

2. a)I advise you to consult

b)Y ou can consult with

3. a)That’s one place

b)Y ou have no choice

4. a)I’m warning you to do

b)Y ou can do this or

5. a)I advise student to

b)I warn students to


b)stress c)ferocious


b) pitch c)overpowering

3.a)structure b)scanning

c)make ends meet


b)intonation c)fatigue




6.a)clue b)dehydrated


7.a)good time of the day

b)plan of action c)a nice quiet place


b)statement c)fuess

9.a)reading b)changing


10.a)cook a big meal

b)buy enough meat

c)have enough money

1.a) if her doctor tells her to.

b)if she loses weight.

2.a)if he loses fifteen more


b)if he looks very handsome.

3.a)you won’t be so lazy.

b)your fitness will improve.

4.a)if she wants to stay

b)if she feels healthy.

5.a)she will take in too many

b)chocolate cake will be her

1.a)her doctor would tell her

b)she would lose weight.

2.a)he would lose fifteen more

b)he would look very

3.a)if you weren’t so lazy.

b)if you improved your fitness.

4.a)she would stay healthy.

b)she would need a diet.

5.a)if she took in too many

b)if chocolate cake were her

1.a)I might go running with

b)My knees are not strong.

2.a)Eddie will quit smoking.

b)Eddie’s health might

3.a)I live near the park.

b)I won’t go running every

4.a)I might join a health club.

b)I won’t get in shape.

5.a)L ing might keep abusing

b)The police won’t incarcerate

6.a)I won’t only eat a salad.

b)I might be famished later.

7.a)Y ou might feel calmer.

b)Y ou won’t feel calmer.

8.a)I might eat it regularly.

b)I won’t eat it regularly.

9.a)We might work out.

b)We won’t lose the battle.

10.a)Y ou might stop noshing.

b)Y ou won’t stop noshing.

1.a)I will go on a diet and

b)I’m not sure. I need to talk to

c)Y es, I want to lose some

2.a)Cheese is delicious.

b)It’s low in calories and high in


c)It will lower your

3.a)a hamburger b)an apple

c)a glass of milk

4.a)No, I should.

b)Y es, I should.

c)Yes, I shouldn’t.

5.a)I have been jogging for

b)Every Monday, Wednesday,

c)I already look and feel much

6.a)It’s high in cholesterol.

b)It’s high in fat.

c)It’s high in vitamins.

7.a)A calorie is used to

b)Steak has more calories than

c)I don’t remember. Let’s

8.a)No, my sister is short.

b)She’s tall with an average

c)My sister loves dairy

9.a)After I talk to my doctor.

b)When I lose weight.

c)I want to lose fifteen pounds.

10.a)He smokes an drinks too

b)He has a really large build.

c)He should try jogging.

1.a)I hope you will play tennis

b)I know you won’t play

c)I think you can play tennis

2.a)A plain hot dog has more

b)A turkey sandwich with


c)A hot dog is more nutritious.

3.a)I like my weight.

b)I want to lose more weight.

c)I have lost fifteen pounds.

4.a)I am going to go

b)I might go swimming every

c)I’m not going to go swimming

5.a)Goldsmith’s is open Sat

b)Goldsmith’s is open Wed.

c)Goldsmith’s is open Monday


6.a)Frances smokes and hates

b)Dan smokes and hates to

c)They both smoke and hate to

7.a)She’s probably eating well

b)Her health is probably in

c)She probably needs help

8.a)Americans have become

b)Americans have recently

c)Americans eat when they

9.a)Y ou work at a restaurant.

b)Y ou need to watch your

c)Y our weight is not a

10.a)He probably has many

b)He probably exercises three

c)He probably has trouble

1.a)$50.00 b)$200.00 c)$60.00

2.a)swimming and dancing

b)dancing and bike riding

c)bike riding and basketball

3.a)his health and gaining

b)his family and his health

c)gaining weight and

1.a)aerobic b)fiber c)calorie

2.a)stress b)poultry c)range

3.a)shellfish b)nutritious


4.a)fitness b)hole in the wall


5.a)rangeb)lifestyle c)genetic

6.a)bicycling b)stretching


7.a)depressed b)vitality


8.a)calorie b)vitality c)kick

the habit

9.a)serving b)poultry


10.a)reduce b)widow c)fitness

1.a)It gets too busy.

b)It gets too hot.

2.a)We can make a quick

b)We should be careful

3.a)Do we have to spend

b)Do we have to make a hotel

4.a)They would go many

b)They would let us stay with

5.a)I want to look at the different

styles of

b)I want to look at the different

6.a)What’s the cost of the trip?

b)What’s the schedule of our

7.a)I think you drive fast.

b)I think you drive

1.a) The vacation lasted six

b)The vacation lasted two

2.a)It continues to be the

b)It was the largest state before

3.a)They probably want to go

b)They probably want to go


4.a)She can arrive anytime

b)She can arrive before 9:00

7.a)I need to make plans

b)I don’t need to make plans

8.a)We’ll get there before the

b)It will take five days to get

9.a)The population was large

before and is now.

b)the population was large

10.a)It was uncommon before, but

b)It was never uncommon.

1.a)Y es, you certainly can.

b)Call a travel agency.

c)Go east on Route 40.

2.a)No, I’m worried about

b)Y es ,he’ll come back

c)Yes, he’s still here.

3.a)because Hawaiians wanted

b)That happened in 1960.

c)Yes ,it’s the fiftieth state in

4.a)Y es, they do

b)Let’s look at the map

c)Yes ,it’s the fiftieth state in

5.a)about the same as it is

b)much lower than it is today

c)a lot higher before

6.a)The most populous state is

b)Family size is much smaller

c)States get important federal

7.a)only the census bureau

b)any federal agency

c)the FBI and INS

8.a)They visited Chicago

b)They stayed with their

c)They decided to head to New

Y ork.

9.a)My cousin did it in three

b)I have been in Florida

c)Florida has one of the

10.a)in the Pacific Coast states

b)in the New England states

c)in the Midwestern states

1.a)Y ou could do it before, but

b)Y ou could do it before and now.

c)Y ou couldn’t do it before,

2.a)Iowa is north of Wisconsin

b)Iowa is south of Wisconsin.

c)Iowa is east of Wisconsin

3.a)They made me angry.

b)They let me stay with them.

c)They didn’t tell me what to

4.a)Y ou will be able to camp three

b) You will not be able to camp

c)Y ou can camp now.

5.a)He will cross the Mississippi


b)He will cross the Missouri River

c)He will cross the Colorado River

6.a)It is large now.

b)It was large before.

c)It was small before

7.a)Illinois still has a large

b)Illinois doesn’t have a large

c)Illinois hasn’t had a large

8.a)They were in Kansas.

b)They were in Rhode Island.

c)They were in Colorado.

9.a)The Southern states border

b)New England is south of the

c)The Southern States border The


10.a)Fewer people are getting

b)More people are getting high


c)Fewer people are going to

1.a)the pacific Coast states.

b)the Southern states

c)the Northeastern states

2.a)the Midwest

b)New England

c)the southwest

1.a)Boil b)Population


2.a)Constitution b)Architecture


3.a)House of Representatives

b)Census c)Accommodations

4.a)Climate b)Customs


5.a)Crash for a night b)Province


6.a)Region b)Symphony


7.a)Border b)Spring for c)Census

8.a)State b)Province c)Customs

9.a)Crash for a night

b)Put me up c)Burn rubber

10.a)Federal b)Geography


1.a)I want to get a job there

b)It’s benefic ial to my career

c)I started working there last

2.a)with a follow-up question

b)with an information question

c)with a warm-up question

3.a)Begin the interview with a

b)Use good verbal and

c)Be sure to thank her/him

4.a)an international school

b)a senior citizen center

c)a fast-food restaurant

5.a)before the interview

b)during the interview

c)after the interview

6.a)in a local cafe

b)in your kitchen

c)in a lecture class

7.a)Be friendly and respectful

b)T ake notes.

c)Practice your questions in

8.a)Y es, she only works

b)Y es, I work more hours than

c)Y es, she makes more money

9.a)ten miles from my house

b)about 15 minutes by bus

c)since 1997

10.a)A Spanish or Italian class

b)Y ou need at least thirty units

c)I’d like to live and work in

1.a)She was absent the day of

b)She should have studied

c)She feels satisfied with her

2.a)He has many different job

b)He is probably looking for

c)He is having trouble finding

3.a)He should have prepared

b)He should have asked for


c)He should have maintained

4.a)His rose garden is beautiful

b)He should probably grow

c)He likes to grow green roses

5.a)Was it a certificate ?

b)Was it in 1999?

c)Is that when you finished?

6.a)He asked the informant to

explain the

b)He asked the informant to spell

the world

c)He asked the informant to


7.a)I s it normal?

b)Is it software developers?

c)Is it a 60-hour week?

8.a)She became vice president first

b)She became vice president in

c)She got her degree first

9.a)Dental hygienists need a


b)Dental hygienists need an


c)Both jobs require an

10.a)W as it the chairperson?

b)Was it the anthropology

c)Was it anatomy?

1.a)proud b)angry c)disappointed

2.a)being friendly

b)asking for clarification

c)asking follow-up questions

1.a)follow-up question

b)information question

c)warm-up question

2.a)green thumb

b)attracted to c)beneficial

3.a)at the rate I’m going

b)can’t handle

c)practical ex perience

4.a)practical experience

b)evaluates c)aces

5.a)It wasn’t difficult

b)It was a little difficult

c)It was very difficult

6.a)information question

b)clarification question

c)follow-up question


b)friendly c)assured

8.a)conducted b)promised

c)breezed through


b)approach c)eye contact

10.a)assure b)occupation


1.a)the State of the Union

b)the rising unemployment

c)the three branches of

2.a)The President must be at

b)An election is held every

c)a maximum of two four-year

3.a)the Supreme Court

b)the Congress c)the President

4.a)I want to represent my city

b)H e doesn’t like politics

c)The executive branch can

5.a)My taxes are too high

b)They are revitalizing my

c)The Governor wants to raise

6.a)I’m not sure

b)They serve for life

c)They make the laws

7.a)Y ou should e-mail the

b)Y ou should talk to your

c)Y ou should go to City Hall

8.a)executive, legislative,

b)So the power is shared

c)Most state governments have

9.a)none of them

b)Bella Porter lost the election

c)Yes, the election is T uesday

10.a)It is in the Constitution

b)It is in the must vote

c)After the President sign it

1.a)She thinks education needs improvement

b)She wants to spend less on

c)She thinks teachers spend

2.a)Tuyet is worried about

b)Jose is worried about homelessness

c)Karen is worried about gang

3.a)Florida’s population is the

b)The population of Illinois

c)The population of Florida

4.a)Senators Peterson and Schwartz voted

b)Senators Schwartz and Rodriguez

c)Senators Rodriguez and

5.a)The Supreme Court will handle b)The legislature will handle

c)The state court will handle

6.a)She is the President

b)She is a Congresswoman

c)She is a Supreme Court

7.a)They want to punish the

b)They don’t think homelessness

c)They agree on this issue

8.a)It is probably winter

b)It is probably spring

c)It is probably summer

9.a)Don’t you agree that th e

b)I want to know your opinion

c)Y our opinion surprises.

10.a) It is not on W ednesday.

b)It is not on November

c) It is not a mayoral election

1.a)a T own Hall debate

b)a House of Representatives

c)a Senate debate

2.a)his record on the homeless

b)his record on crime

c)his record on taxes

1.a)revitalize b)confined


2.a)sweep it under the rug

b)limited resources

c)checks and balances

3.a)House of Representatives

b)Supreme Court


4.a)settler b)Constitution


5.a)colony b)racism


6.a)contentious b)advocate


7.a)colonies b)unemployment


8.a)cranking out

b)harassed c)skyrocketing

9.a)checks and balances

b)State of the Union

c)limited resources

10.a)sweep it under the rug

b)checks and balances

c)cranking out