Passage 1

Sometimes there are questions in our minds which we would like to ask people,butwe are too shy orembarrassed(为难的) At other times we feel it iswrong to trouble others with our problems,or are prevented from asking by our fear ofbeing criticied.

Often there need be no such fear because other people haveundergone(经历)the same questionings,dous or worries as ourselves,and many adults or teenage friends are only too pleased to share their knowledge or experience with us.Indeed,in many cases they also learn something,and much unnecessary worry is prevented.

You may use this Question Time to ask anything about life that you don't understand,or any question of a personal or general nature that has either troubled youfor some time or arisen recently.In order to protect your feelings,which you may not want exposed,write the question down (in capitals if you wish) on a slip of paper without your name on it.Then fold the paper and hand it to your teacher who will sort the questions out at home before the lesson takes place.He will respect the fact that the questions areasked in confidence(秘密地);they should,however,be sensible and honest ones.

During the lesson the teacher will read out a question,and then call upon one ortwo volunteers from the class to offer their opinions before giving his own.Theclass should regard both questions and answers and the discussion that arises from them as confidential to avoid breaking the trust the questioner has placed in the lesson,and to make possible further discussion of similar problems on another occasion.It is also helpful to remember that the answers given represent only one or two points of view—someone else might answer them quite differently.

1.Sometimes we have questions,but we would not like to ask people because____

A.we are not sure about our questions

B.we are afraid of being criticied

C.we are afraid of being in difficulty

D.we only believe in ourselves

2.The author suggests that in order not to be known,you should _______

A.try to avoid asking questions

B.give the question paper without the name on it to your teacher

C.discuss the questions with your group

D.sort the questions out at home and then tell them to your teacher

3.The author tells us that _______

A.in class we should value the speakers' questions or answers to show our trust

B.in public we may learn something to avoid unnecessary worry

C.It's better to write your questions down than to ask them orally

D.only those who ask questions in confidence are sensible and honest

Passage 2

Chinese Mainland,Hong Kong,Taiwan Join Hands in SARS Research The World Health Organiation says the number of SARS(非典型性肺炎)cases worlide has reached 2,960.Though half of the affected patients have recovered,new cases are still being reported and the cause of the disease has still not been pinpointed.The Chinese mainland,Hong Kong and Taiwan are all among the 23 countries and regions trying to cope with the epidemic(传染病).

South China's Guangdong Province is one of the areas hardest hit by SARS.It's also where the first case of the disease was reported.Observers say the situation in Guangdong has steadily improved with a sharp downturn in the number of affected patients.So far,over 83 percent of the patients have recovered and been released from hospital.

“First of all,we need to understand that SARS is an epidemic and the human immunity(免疫性) to the disease is therefore weak.But,from what we have experienced and observed,there is no reason topanic.The disease's infectiousness(传染性)is being weakened as it passes from one group to another.”said hong Nanshan,director of Guangdong Team for SARS Prevention and Treatment.

The director says the key to fighting the disease now lies in finding the cause and developing a vaccine(疫苗).This calls for concerted cooperation within theinternational medical community.So far,the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong have been working well together.

The SARS situation in Taiwan offers a more reassuring picture.So far a little over 20 people have been affected,with no deaths reported.Taiwan medical experts say this is in part due to effective quarantine(隔离) of suspected patients.But mainland cooperation with the island has so far been confined to the individual level.

“We have cooperated with the US Center for Disease Control and the Hong Kong Health Department.Recently Taiwan officials have been to Hong Kong to learn from the region's experience.After all,Hong Kong is now the epicenter(中心) of SARS and has developed some effective ways to diagnose(诊断) the disease.”said hang Cangneng fr om Taiwan Xinguang Hospital.

Experts from the mainland and Taiwan are pushing for greater cooperation(合作) in the field.A joint seminar by all three sides will be held later this month.Questions relating to the

virus's profile and the cause will be discussed at length to shed light on the remaining questions about the disease.

1The passage mainly tells us ___________

A.SARS is a disease which can not be controlled

B.Chinese mainland,Hong Kong and Taiwan will cooperate so as to deal with SARS

C.Chinese mainland,Hong Kong and Taiwan are the areas hardest hit by SARS

D.how to prevent and treat SARS

2. SARS is a disease _______________

A.which can be dealt with very easily

B.whose infectiousness is weakened when it passes from one area to another

C.which does not endanger patients' lives

D.which passed from other countries to China

3. According to the passage,we know that A.about half of the patients with SARS died________

B.when the passage was written there were about 2,960 people with SARS in Guangdong

C.there are not more than 20 patients with SARS in Taiwan and no deaths were reported

D.Taiwan would like to cooperate with Chinese mainland and Hong Kong to deal with SARS

4. The underlined word“ panic”in Paragraph 3 is closest to ________ in meaning.

A.be angry

B.be surprised



Passage 3

Clive Walker is chairman of the Wilderness Trust of Southern Africa,founder of the Lapalala Wilderness School,an exhibiting wilderlife artist and author of seveal natural history books.As such,Walker is recognised as one of South Africa's foremost conservationists(环保人士)—and

allround(多才的)good guy.

He has fought to protect the black and white rhinoceros—targets for ruthless(无情的) hunters because their horn(角) gets high prices in Asian countries—and through the wilderness school,has taught thousands of children from South Africa and overseas about nature and conservation.

His latest project is an application to the United Nations Educational,Scientific,and Cultural Organiation(UNESCO) to have the Waterberg area in South Africa's Northern Province become a biosphere reserve(生物圈保护区).Walker believes the future of conservation in South Africa lies in education and in private game reserves.

In 1981 Walker was point taking(定点导游) adults on wilderness walks.At that point,he decide d he wanted to “do something for children”through the establishment of an environmental school.“Conita and I were prepared to look at children whose parents could afford it,and those children who came from backgrounds whose parents could never do it.After that Conita and I set out to find a place that would be safe,sufficiently close to the main areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria,bemalaria(疟病) free,have water and be benefit to education on the environment.They found this in Lapalala.In the first year,30 children—10 of them blacks fromSoweto—were present to visit the reserve.Nowadays,3,000 children a year spend time there.Those lucky enough to visit his wilderness school will see—among many species—white rhino,warthogs and red hartebeests. “What made it reall y bad was when I started mixing black children with white children.”When aneighbour reported Walker to the security police and at last he was asked at their notorious headquarters,Walker said“I told them that all I was trying to achieve was to give children of South Africa,regardless of their background,an understanding of conservation and awareness that our survival dependsso much on it.”

Walker survived the questioning after his point successfully,the school remained open—and at least 45,000 children and teachers have had the pleasure of experi

encing the Lapalala Wilderness and its abundant wildlife over the past 19 years

1. Which of the following statements is true according to the text?

A45,000 children and teachers a year spend time there to enjoy the pleasure of experiencing the Lapalala Wilderness.

B.In the past 19 years,it was wholly only white people who could afford such a trip.

C. A special conservationist who tried to open up the Nature's attractions to the black people of South Africa ran into trouble.

D. Those lucky enough students in Walker's Wilderness School will see some

common species like as milu deer, African elephant and red hartebeests.

2. What would be the best title for the text?

A.Clive Walker and His Wilderness Trust

B.Allround Good Guy

C.Preserving Africa's Wildlife Kingdom

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/7ebdbb40a98271fe910ef9da.htmlpalala Wilderness

3. How many persons are exactly mentioned in the text?





Passage 4

Jonathan James looks like just another kid about to graduate from high school.But this

19yearold Swede is anything but ordinary,from the computer in his parents' home he helps the US

Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) find out the world's most wanted cyber criminals(网络犯罪分子).

Jonathan first made headlines when he and another Swede,Fredrik Bjoerck,found out the maker of the“Melissa” virus(病毒)in March 1999.He came to the aid of the FBI again on May 7,finding out the suspected(嫌疑的) s ender of the dangerous I LOVE YOU” virus.The suspect was caught in Manila on May 8.

Jonathan's special skills are in hot demand as officials around the world express alarm at the“virtual”crimewave.In between studying for final exams,hanging out with friend s and refereeing his younger brother's football matches,the quiet,gentle teenager also gives lessons on esecurity (电子安全)to large companies.He reads a lot and exchanges information with other computer experts to know much about the latest tricks of the hacker (黑客)trade.

Many companies have already tried to employ him,but he is not interested at the moment.Instead,he plans to begin law school in the autumn at Sweden's Uppsala University and start up his own e-security company.

Although he works with the FBI n ow,his family insists he's just“a regular kid.“Jonathan is a great kid,he has his friends and he does a lot more than just p

lay with the computer,”his little sister Tessa said,adding that he helps the FBI because “he likes to help”,not because he's looking for fame and recognition.

When the world was hit by the “Love Bug”virus,Jonathan was too busy preparing a speech on e-security to look into the problem“Finally on May 7,I had some free time,so I began looking.”Within a few hours,he had found thesuspect a nd emailed his method and results to the FBI.He said his work on the “Melissa”virus,which took three weeks to solve,was a big help in finding the suspect so quickly“This time I knew exactly where to start,I knew what to disregard and what to look at.”

1. The passage mainly wants to tell us that ————

A.Swedish kid helps FBI find out the most wanted cyber criminals

B.Jonathan is really a quiet,gentle and ordinary boy

C.many companies want the young computer expert to join in

D.any cyber criminals will surely be found out wherever they are

2. The public started to know something about Jonathan just from ————

A.his helping the US FBI to find out the sender of the dangerous“I LOVE YOU”virus

B.his work together with Fredrik Bjoerck to find out the maker of the “Melissa”virus

C.his little sister's talk about his good qualities as a regular kid and a good programmer

D.his speech on e security to many computer companies after his fight against hackers

3 From Jonathan's success in finding out the sender of the dangerous“I LOVE YOU”virus we caninfer that——————--

A.where there's a will,there's a way

B.experience is knowledge

C.hard work leads to success

D.failure is the mother of success

4. What do we know about Jonathan?

A.He is a good fame hunter with various abilities.

B.He is such a brave fighter that any criminal will feel afraid.

C.He is an expert on security,not interested in running a company.

D.He is a regular kid but does something unusual.

Passage 5

Former US Vice President Al Gore,who came close to winning the presidency two years ago,said he will not run in 2004,and probably will not have another opportunity to seek the White House.

Though Gore would have been a frightening Democratic(民主党的) main runner,his decision to give up the 2004 race probably helped his party's chances in the general election against President George W.Bush,Democrats said.

Many did not want to see BushGore Ⅱ.

“The last campaign was an extremely difficult one,” Gore told CBS TV show “60 Minutes”on Sunday.

While saying he still had the energy and drive to run again,Gore recognied,“There are a lot of people within the Democratic Party who f elt exhausted(by the 2000 race)…who felt like,OK,…I don't want to go through that again.?And I'm frankly sensitive to that feeling.”

In nearly two doen interviews after Gore announced his plans,Democrats dutifully claimed their party had lost a top candidate,but one after another,they praised Gore for taking an early exit from a primary race he could have won,sparing them a repeat.

Gore,54,said he was making his decision“in the full understanding that it probably means that I will never have another opportu nity to run for president.”

Party activists(激进主义分子)blamed Gore for losing despite a booming economy and eight years of a Democratic administration.Gore even lost his home state of Tennessee,a victory there would have given him the White House.

1.Which of the following can be the best title for this passage?

A.Gore Was Criticied

B.Gore Decides Not to Fight Bush in 2004

C.Former US Vice President Al Gore

D.Al Gore and Gorge Bush

2. Why do you think Gore has decides not to run in 2004 according to this passage?

A.Because he is quite old.

B.Because many people are against him.

C.Because he quite understands the feelings of a lot of Democratic members.

D.Because he doesn't want to be President of US.

3.What was Gore's feeling when he made his decision?





Passage 6

Priscilla—Ouchida's “energy efficient”house turned out to be a horrible dream.When she and her engineer husband married a few years ago,they built a $ 100,000,three-bedroom home in California.Tightly sealed to prevent air leaks,the house was equipped with small doublepaned(双

层玻璃) windows and several other energysaving features.Problems began as soon as the couple moved in,however.Priscilla's eyes burned.Her throat was constantly dry.She suffered from headaches and could hardly sleep.It was as though she had suddenly developed a strange illness.

Experts finally traced the cause of her illness.The level of formaldehyde(甲醛) gas in her kitchen was twice the maximum allowed by federal standards for chemical workers.The source of the gas? Her new kitchen cabinets and walltowall carpeting.

The Ouchidas are victims of indoor air pollution,which is not given sufficient attention partly because of the nation's drive to save energy.The problem itself isn't new.“T he indoor environment

was dirty long before energy conservation came along,”says Moschandreas,a pollution scientist at Geomet Technologies inMaryland.“Energy conservation has tended to accentuate the situation in somecases.”

The problem appears to be more troublesome in newly constructed homes ratherthan old ones.Back in the days when energy was cheap,home builders didn't worry much about unsealed cracks.Because of such leaks,the air in an average home was repaced by fresh outdoor air about once an hour.As a result,the pollutants generated in most households seldom built up to dangerous levels.

1. It can be learned from the passage that the Ouchidas' house——

A.is well worth the money spent on its construction

B.is almost faultless form the point of energy conservation

C.failed to meet energy conservation standards

D.was designed and constructed in a scientific way

2. What make the Ouchidas' new house a horrible dream?

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/7ebdbb40a98271fe910ef9da.htmlck of fresh air.

B.Poor quality of building materials.

C.Gas leakage in the kitchen.

D.The newly painted walls.

3. The word“accentuate”(Para.3) most probably means“.————“





4.Why were cracks in old houses not a big concern?

A.Because indoor cleanliness was not emphasied.

B.Because energy used to be inexpensive.

C.Because environmental protection was given top priority.

D.Because they were technically unavoidable.

5.Thispassageismostprobably taken from an article entitled ————

A.Energy conservation

B.House Building Crisis

C.Air Pollution Indoors

D.Traps in Building Construction

Passage 7

More and more private schools are being set up in China these days,ending the state monopoly of the country's educational system.Although private schools are still on the experimental stage and are much more expensive as compared with the public schools,there is no lack of application for enrollment.

People welcome private schools for good reasons.First of all,those schools are relieving our government of part of the burdens of financing so many schools.Second,parents are willing to send their only child to better schools even if it costs more.And having more money than the government funded public schools,those private schools can attract better teachers.They can also offer better environments including superior living facilities and more advanced teaching equipments.However,adequate money doesn't guarantee good education.If not well guided and properly disciplined,the privileged young children might turn out to be new arist

ocrats,and therefore unfit for our highly competitive modern society.

1. The private schools indeed have something better than the public schools but not——

A.living condition



D.advanced teaching equipments

2. Which are the reasons for people welcome the private school? ————

a the government.

b.They break the traditional educational system.

c.More money is connected with higher quality of teaching.

d.Parents don't need to take charge of children so much like before

e.Parents hope their children act more wonderful.





3. The writer is likely to talk about———— in the next paragraph

A.private schools have more advantages than we imagine

B.how the private schools guide student to the right way

C.there are some disadvantages in the private schools

D.how the public schools compete with the private schools

Passage 8

A young man once went into town and bought himself a pair of trousers.When he goto home,he went upstairs to his living room and put them on.He found that they were about two inches too long.

He went downstairs,where his mother and his two sisters were washing up the tea things in the kitchen.“These new trousers are too long,” he said.“They need to be cut short by about two inches.Would one of you mind doing this for me,please?”His mot her and sisters were busy and none of them said anything.

But as soon as his mother finished washing up,she went upstairs to her son's room and cut the trousers short by two inches.She came downstairs without saying anything to her daughters.

Later,after supper,the elder sister remembered her brother's trousers.She was akindhearted girl,so she went quietly upstairs without saying anything to anyone,and shorted the trousers by two inches.

the younger sister went to the cinema,but when she came back,she,too,remembered what her brother had said.So she ran upstairs with her scissors,needle,and thread,and took two inches off the legs of the new trousers.

You can imagine the look on the young man's face when he put the trousers on thenext morning

1. The main idea of this passage is that ————

A.the young man once went into town and bought himself a pair of trousers

B.the young man's new trousers were cut too short

C.the young man's mother and sisters hated to speak to each other

D.the young man was loved by his mother and sisters very much2. What can we infer from the passage?

A.The young man was very silly

B.The young man's mother and sisters never spoke to each other.

C.Everyone in his family was ready to help him.

D.The young man lived in a quiet house.

3. Why didn't the young man's mother and sisters give him a reply after he asked one of them to cut his trousers short?

A.Because they did not know how to answer him.

B.Because they were too busy to answer him.

C.Because they were used to keeping silence when they were busy.

D.Because one of them wanted to do it.

4What would the young man feel when he put the trousers on the next morning?





Passage 9

Rush hour traffic is a problem in many big cities around the http://m.wendangku.net/doc/7ebdbb40a98271fe910ef9da.htmlmuters(通勤者) rush to and from their jobs in cars,buses,subways,trains,and even on http://m.wendangku.net/doc/7ebdbb40a98271fe910ef9da.htmlrge cities in the United States have two rush hours—one in the morning and one in the evening.But in cities in other parts of the world,there are four rush hours.In Athens and Rome,for example,many workers go home for lunch and a nap.After this midday break,they rush back to their jobs and work for a few more hours.

In Tokyo,there's a big rush hour underground.Most of the people in Tokyo take the subways.The trains are very crowded.Subway employees called packers wear whitegloves and help pack the commuters into the trains when the doors close.They make sure that all

purses,briefcases,clothes,and hands are inside the trains.

In Seoul,many commuters prefer to take taxis to get to work.To hail a cab,many people stand at crossroads and raise two fingers.This means they'll pay the cab driver double the usual fare.Some people even raise three fingers! They'll pay THREE times the normal rate。

Streets in Rome are very crowded with automobiles and mopeds(摩托自行车)during rush hours.The city can't make its streets wider,and it can't build new highways,because it doesn't want to disturb the many historic sites in the city,such as the Forum and the Colosseum.It took the city fifteen years to construct a new subway system.Construction had to stop every timeworkers found old artifacts and discovered places of interest to archaeologists(考古学家).

In many big cities,there are special lanes on highways for carpools.These are groups of three or more people who drive to and from work together.They share the costs of gas and parking and take turns driving into the city.

Getting to work and getting home can be difficult in many places around the world.Rush hour traffic seems to be a universalproblem.

1. Big cities have traffic problems during rush hours because there are ——

A.special lanes on highways

B.many commuters

C.four rush hours

D.many cars on the street

2.Most of the commuters in Tokyo ——

A.take subway trains to work

B.are packers

C.take taxis to work

D.carry briefcases to work

3. To “hail a cab”means to ——-

A.pay double the normal fare

B.try to get a cab

C.prefer to take taxis

D.to stand at crossroads

4.Why did it take a long time to build a subwasystem in Rome?

A.Because the streets were very crowded.

B.Because there are many historic sites.

C.Because the workers discovered many artifacts and places of interest.

D.Because the traffic always stopped the construction

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/7ebdbb40a98271fe910ef9da.htmlmuters in carpools probably——

A.live in the city

B.take the subway to work

C.save money on gas and parking fees

D.have special license plates(牌照)

Passage 10

Every year more and more plants and animals disappear never to be seen again.Strangely,it is the most intelligent but most thoughtless animal that is causing most of the problems—man.Nature is very carefully balanced and if this balance isdisturbed,animals can disappear alarmingly(令人担忧地) fast.Every day,thousandsof species of animals draw closer to extinction.There are countless numbers of species which may become extinct before they are even discovered.

In many lakes the fish are dying.Fishermen are worried because every year there are fewer fish and some lakes have no fish at all.Scientists are beginning to get worried too.What is killing the fish?

The problem is acid rain.Acid rain is a kind of air pollution.It is caused by factories that burn coal or oil or gas.These factories send smoke high into the air.The wind often carries the smoke far from the factories.Some of the harmful substances in the smoke may come down with the rain hundreds of miles away.

The rain in many places isn't natural and clean any more.It's full of acid chemicals.When it falls in lakes,it changes them too.The lakes become more acidic.Acid water is like vinegar or lemon juice.It hurts when it gets in your eyes.It also kills the plants and animals that usually live in lake water.That is why the fish are dying in lakes.

But dead fish may be just the beginning of the problem.Scientists are finding other effects of acid rain.In some large areas trees are dying.Not just one tree here and there,but whole forests.At first scientists couldn't understand why.There were no bugs or diseases in these trees.The weather was not dry.But now they think that the rain was the cause.Acid rain is making the earth more acidic in these areas.Some kinds of trees cannot live in the soil that is very acidic.

Now scientists are also beginning to study the effects of acid rain on larger animals.For example,they believe that some deer in Poland are less healthy becauseof acid rain.If deer are hurt by the rain,what about people? This is the question many people are beginning to ask.No one knows the answer yet.But it is an important question for us all.

1.Every year thousands of species of animals ————

A.are hunted for their meat and skins

B.migrate to other places

C.starve to death

D.die out

2Acid rain is caused by————

A.natural gas

B.the oone(臭氧)layer depletion(损耗)

C.acidic lake water

D.emissions of industrial enterprises

3 Which of the following is true?

A.Dead fish in lakes is the only problem caused by acid rain

B.Scientists are sure that acid rain is not harmful for mankind.

C.If we don't make an attempt to stop acid rain we may never see some animals again.

D.There's no reason to worry about several trees that died of some unknown disease.

4.What is not mentioned in the text?

A.Acid rain is capable of dissolving(分解) some rocks and stones.

B.Fish are unable to live in the water containing acidic chemicals.

C.Coal,oil or gas form dangerous combinations after being burnt.

D.Scientists think that if some larger animals can be affected by acid rain,people may be in great danger.

5.Factory smoke.——————

A.stays over the factories

B.is usually clean now

C.turns into air

D.can travel hundreds of miles

Passage 11


Driver Wanted

(1)Clean driving license.

(2)Must be of smart appearance.

(3)Aged over 25.

Apply to:Capes Taxis,17 Palace Road,Boston.


Air Hostesses for International Flights Wanted

(1)Applicants must be between 20 and 33 years old.

(2)Height 1.6m to 1.75m.

(3)Education to GCSE standard.

(4)Two languages.Must be able to swim.

Apply to:Recruitment office,Southern Airline,Heathrow Airport West.HR37KK


Teacher Needed

For private language school.Teaching experience unnecessary.

Apply to :The Director of Studies,Instant Language Ltd,279 Canal Street,Boston.

1.What prevents Jack,an experienced taxi driver,working for Capes Taxis?

A.Fond of beer and wine.

B.Punished for speeding and wrong parking.

C.Unable to speak a foreign language.

D.Not having college education.

2.Ben,aged 22,fond of swimming and driving,has just graduated from a college.Which job might be given to him?

A.Driving for Capes Taxis.

B.Working for Southern Airlines.

C.Teaching at Instant Language Ltd.

D.None of the three.

3.What prevents Mary,aged 25,becoming an air hostess for international flights?

A.She once broke a traffic law and was fined.

B.She can't speak Japanese very well.

C.She has never worked as an air hostess before.

D.She doesn't feel like working long hours flying abroad.

4.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the three advertisements?


B.Male or female.


D.Working experience.

Passage 12

Many immigrants(移民) to the United States find the decision to seek better lives for their familiesin America can have an unexpected and tragic consequence(后果).Deep differences with their children develop over language and culture.

“Many immigra nts arrive here without much education.Their kids soon gain language skills and also street smarts(耍时髦) on how to live in America,leaving the parents at a disadvantage,”Ileana,Rosas,pastor of a Methodist church group operaing in Virginia,said.

“Not only t hat but they find they cannot relate to children who quickly absorb American culture,”she said.

According to the US Census Bureau(人口调查),the number of foreign born or first generation Americans reached 55 million last year,a record one in five the totalpopulation.

A government survey of 922 immigrants in 2000 found that nearly 40 percent of those who had been in the United States for more than 15 years would still like to take English classes if they had the time.

Two thirds of low income households depended on their children for translation.

Psychologists(心理学家) and sociologists say parents can lose their position of authority(权威) in a family as a result and the effects of that can be farreaching.

Children exposed to American pop culture that glorifies(颂扬) youth and sexuality(性

感)often rebel when their parents try to impose the conservative valuesthey brought with them. “Americaniation erodes(侵蚀) all critical(紧要的) aspects of parenting,”saidRichard Weissbourd,who teaches education at Harvard University.

“I feel a part of me is dying with my ch ildren.They don't listen to my music.I have to play it on Sunday morning when they are not around,”said an immigrant.

1.What troubles the immigrant parents most is .——

A.that they can't understand the English language

B.that they lose their position of authority in their families

C.that their children have lost sense of their own national values

D.how they can master the English language as soon as possible

2.From the passage we can infer that the population of the States at present is about.——

A.275 million

B.220 million

C.255 million

D.smaller than 250 million

3.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A.All the immigrants had expected the troubles they would meet before they went to the US.

B.Two thirds of the immigrant families are low income households.

C.American culture shows a spirit against conservative social and cultural values.

D.American pop culture puts the immigrant families at a disadvantage.

4.Which of the following is probably the title of the report?

A.The Result of the US Census

B.The Differences Between Parents and Children in the US

C.The Troubles of the American Immigrants

D.Role Reversal(颠倒) Troubles Many Parents and Children

Passage 13

Humanity uses a little less than half the water available worlide.Yet occurrences of shortages and droughts(干旱) are causing famine and distress in some areas,and industrial and agriculturalbyproducts are polluting water supplies.Since the world's population is expected to double in the next 50 years,many experts think we are on the edge of a widespread water crisis.

But that doesn't have to be the outcome.Water shortages don't have to trouble the world—if we start valuing water more than we have in the past.Just as we began to appreciate petroleum more after the 1970s oil crises,today we must start looking at water from a fresh economic perspective.We can no longer afford to consider water a virtually free resource of which we can use as much aswe like in any way we want.

Instead,for all uses except the domestic demand of the poor,governments should price water to reflect its actual value.This means charging a fee for the water itself as well as for the supply costs.

Governments should also protect this resource by providing water in more economically and environmentally sound ways.For example,often the cheapest way to provide irrigation(灌溉) water in the dry tropics is through smallscale projects,such as gathering rainfall in depressions(洼地) and pumping it to nearby crop land。

No matter what steps governments take to provide water more efficiently,they must change their institutional and legal approaches to water use.Rather than spread control among hundreds or even thousands of local,regional and national agencies that watch various aspects of water

use,countries should set up central authorities to coordinate water supply.

1.What is the real cause of the potential water crisis?

A.Only half of the world's water can be used.

B.The world population is increasing faster and faster.

C.Half of the world's water resources have been seriously polluted.

D.Humanity has not placed sufficient value on water resources.

2.As indicated in the passage,the water problem——

A.is already serious in certain parts of the world

B.has been exaggerated by some experts in the field

C.poses a challenge to the technology of building reservoirs

D.is understated by government organiations at different level

3.According to the author,the water price should——

A.be reduced to the minimum

B.stimulate domestic demand

C.correspond to its real value

D.take into account the occurrences ofdroughts

4.The author says that in some hot and dry areas it is advisable to ——.

A.build big lakes to store water

B.construct big pumping stations

C.build small and cheap irrigation systems

D.channel water from nearby rivers to cropland

5.In order to raise the efficiency of the water supply,measures should be taken to ————

A.guarantee full protection of the environment

B.centralie the management of water resources

C.increase the sense of responsibility of agencies at all levels

D.encourage local and regional control of water resources

Passage 14

People in Shanghai can quench their thirst(解渴) with high quality water if the Shanghai Water Authority (SWA) is able to make good on its word.It has vowed(发誓) to make the city's water match its status as a worldclass city。

“The current tap water quality meets nati onal standards,but,compared with that of the European Union and the United States,it still needs to be improved,”said the SWA's director general,hang Jiayi.

The Shanghai Special Water Supply Layout calls for residents to be able to drinkthe tap water without boiling it,in less than a decade.

In other developed countries,water fountains can be found almost everywhere—people do not bother with bottled drinking water.

By 2020,the water of the Huangpu River will be treated to reduce the amount of organic(有机物的) waste in it.This initiative(倡议) is to be completed in the first half of this year,hang said.

Major water works that draw water from the Huangpu will need more treatment facilities to improve the color,texture(结构),ammonia(氨)and nitrogen(氮) content before 2010.

These treatment facilities are expected to cost 4 billion yuan,something that could affect the price of water,according to Chen Yin,SW A's deputy director general.

Chen said that replacing water pipes was also a key project.The city's aged pipes are mostly to blame for the bad water quality.

The SWA has started the water facilities renovation(整修) work,including the more than 14,000 kilometers of indoor piping,107,000 tanks on top of the buildings,and more than 6,000 underground facilities.

World Water Day came on March 22,and this year's theme is“water for the

future”.Beijing is also drawing up plans during China's Water Week,which runs until March 28.

By 2008,the water for the Olympic Games is to above World Health Organiation standards.And,the people of Beijing will be able to drink their tap water as well.

(From 21st CenturyMarch 27,2003)

1.What does the italicied word“it”mean in the second paragraph?

A.The current tap water.

B.The quality of current tap water.

C.National standards.

D.The tap water of the European Union and the US.

2.People in Shanghai can drink their tap water.————

A.By 2020

B.in the first half of this year

C.before 2010

D.by 2008

3.What step need not be taken in order to improve the tap water?

A.The water of the Huangpu River will be treated.

B.Aged water pipes will be treated.

C.Water facilities must be renovated.

D.Water fountains must be found.

4.Which is the correct order of the following events?

a.People of Shanghai can quench their thirst with high quality water.

b.The tap water quality meets national standards.

c.The water of Shanghai reaches the standards of developed countries.

d.The people of Beijing drink their tap water.

e.The treatment of the water of Huangpu River has been finished.





5.What is the main idea of the passage?

A.The cost of treating the tap water.

B.How to reach the water standards of developed countries.

C.The project for making tap water drinkable in Shanghai and Beijing.

D.The progress of treating the water of Huangpu River.

Passage 15

United States President George W.Bush yesterday expressed dou on efforts by United Nations arms inspectors(调查人员) to get information from Iraqi scientists, adding the presence of Iraqiofficials as a reason for it. A US official said any interference(干涉) by Iraq with the interview would be another sign that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was failing to meet UN disarmament(解除武装) demands. “The inspectors are there to decide whether or not he is disarmingYou hear these reports about Iraqi scientists being interviewed, but there's an official in the room." Bush told reporters during a tour of his Texas farm. Bush had been asked whether he was satisfied with the UN inspectors' attempts to interview Iraqi scientists. Bush's answer included broad criticism(批评) of Saddam and a warning that a war was near. “He is a man who likes to play games andjokes. The question is, will Saddam Hussein disarm?" Bush said. “The first sign isn't very satisfactory that he will voluntarily disarm." Bush talked of Iraq's declaration on its arms, which he called “false", as well as the scientist interviews. “He's got to understand his day is coming," Bush said of Saddam. Bush spoke as more than 11,000 US soldiers prepared to head for the Gulf to join in US preparations for a possible invasion(入侵) of Iraq to force an end to any programmes Saddam has to make nuclear biological or chemical weapons(武器). The news came the same day as warplanes dropped 480,000 leaflets(传单) over two cities in a so called nofly area of southern Iraq on Thursday, pressing Iraqi armyand citiens to listen to US specialforces radio broadcasts to the area, the US armed forces said.

1 What didn't President Bush talk about according to this news report?

A The interview with Iraqi scientists.

B The warning towards Iraq.

C The dou about Saddam's disarmament.

D Sending 480,000 soldiers to Iraq.

2 Why didn't Bush believe what the Iraqi scientists said during the inerviews?

A Because the scientists wouldn't like to tell the truth.

B Because Bush never believed anything the scientists said.

C Because Iraqi off icials were watching them during the interviews.

D Because Saddam asked them to tell lies during the interviews.

3 Which of the following statements is true?

A The farm owned by Bush is in California.

B 11,000 US soldiers haven't got to the Middle East.

C The nofly one is in the northern part of Iraq.

D Bush thinks Saddam will disarm of himself.


Passage 1

1.细节题。从文中第一段的最后一句“…or are prevented from asking by ourfear of being criticied”可以得出结论。答案为B。

2.从文章第三段“In order to protect your feelings,whi ch you may not want exposed,write the question down(in capitals if you wish) on a slip of papes without your name on it.Then fold the paper and hand it to your teacher…”可


3.从文中的最后一段“The class should regard both!Questions and answers and the di scussion that arises from them as confidential to avoid breaking the trust the questioner has placed in the lesson…”可以得出答案。答案为A。

Passage 2

1.主旨题。其实我们根据文章的标题“Chinese,MainLand,Hong Kong,TaiwanJoin Hand in SARS Research”,另外从文章的倒数第二段的第一句话“We have cooperated with the US Center for Disease Control…”和文章的最后一段“Experts fromthe mainland and Taiwan are pushing for greater cooperation in the field”,均可找出答案。答案为B。

2.细节题。从文中第三段“The disease's infectiousness(传染性)is being weakened as it passes from one group to another.”可直接找到答案。答案为B。

3.从文章的倒数第二段的第一句“We have cooperated with the US Center…”和倒数第一段的第一句“Experts from the mainland and Taiwan are pushing for greater cooperation in the field”可以得出结论。A.“about half of the patients with SARS died”是一个错误信息,通过文章的几句话,“So far,over 83% of the patients have recovered and been released from hospital.”“So far,a little over 20 peoplehave been affected,with no deaths reported.” 可以推测出来。B.“When the passage was written there were about 2,960 people with SARS in Guangdong.”这是个错误


广东一个地方。C.是一个错误信息。第五段第二句话“So far,a little over 20 people have been affected.”已经有20多人患病。答案为D。

4.词语理解题。从第三段中可以看出,“…there is no reason to panic”中的“panic”表示“慌乱,害怕”,“scare”的意思是“恐惧,害怕”。答案为C。

Passage 3

1.A.“45,000 children and teachers a year…”这是一个错误答案。从文中最后一句话“…and at least…over the past 19 years…”可知是在过去十九年中,而不是一年。B为错误答案,从第五段的最后一句“regardless of their background”可以看出。D是错误答案,从文中的第四段的最后一句可以看出。C是正确答案,从“What made it really bad was when I started mixing…”得出结论。答案为C。

2.通读全文可以了解该文章主要介绍“Lapalala Wilderness”。答案为D。

3.三个人有“Walker,Conita,a neighbour”。答案为C。

Passage 4

1.细节题。从第一段“…he helps the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) find out the world's

most wanted cyber criminals”可找出答案。答案为A。

2.细节题。从第二段的第一句话“Jonathan first made headlines when he and another

Swede,Fredrik Bjoerck,found out the maker of the …Melissa?virus in March 1999.”可以找出答案。答案为B。

3.Jonathan的一些经历积累了知识,所以我们说,“experience is knowledge.”答案为B。

4.总体说来Jonathan是一个“regular kid”,但是他又做了一些不寻常的事情。答案为D。 Passage 5


2.作为现年54岁的戈尔年龄并不大,A是不对的;从“…their party had lost a top candidate”也可以判断出B是不正确的;从戈尔的话“…it probably means that I will never have another opportunity to run for president.”来分析,他还是很想当美国总统的。再说,又有谁不想当总统呢?从“There are a lot of people within the De mocratic Party who felt exhausted( by the 2000 race)…who fell like,OK,…I don't want to go through that again.?And I'm frankly sensitive to that feeling.”可以很清楚地推断出正确答案为C。

3.从好多人对戈尔的赞扬以及戈尔的话“…in the full understanding that…”可以看出戈尔做出的决定是通过深思熟虑的,因此,他也是很冷静的(calm)。答案为D。

Passage 6





3.词语题。这一段指出:The Ouchidas是室内空气污染的受害者,国家开展的节能运动使人们忽视室内空气污染问题,这是造成这种情况的部分原因。然后指出:室内空气污染问题早在节能运动前就存在,只是节能使这种问题在有些情况下变得更严重。据此,答案为C。


5.主旨题。综观全文,尤其是作者在最后两段的分析,可以看出本文只是以节能所造成的问题为例,旨在阐述早已存在的室内空气污染问题。所以选项C为正确答案。实际上该题就是“Which of the following can be the best title of the passage?”的另一种表达形式。答案为C。Passage 7

1.从文中的第二段可以看出:私立学校可以提供“better teachers,superior living facilities and more advanced teaching equipment”。答案为C。


3.从文中“However,adequate money doesn't guarantee good education.If not well guided and properly disciplined,…”可以推出,作者提到引导学生和纪律的重要性,所以下文可能要谈论私立学校如何引导学生。答案为B。

Passage 8





4.surprising一词不能用来说明人感到惊奇;对于一个大小伙子来说,一条裤子改毁了就“cry”是不合情理的;裤子已经短了,“worried”也没有用了,只有“sad”而已。答案为D。Passage 9

1.从文中的第一句话“Rush hour traffic is a problem in many big cities around the

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/7ebdbb40a98271fe910ef9da.htmlmuters … in cars,buses,subways,…”可找出答案。答案为B。

2.从文章的第二段的第一句“In Tokyo,there's a big rush hour undergroundMost of the people in Tokyo take the subways”可以找出答案。答案为A。

3.从第三段可以找出答案。“In Seoul,many commuters prefer to take taxis to get to work.To hail a cab,many people stand at crossroads and raise two fingers.”“to hail a cab”表示“try to get a cab”。答案为B。

4.答案可以从第四段来找。“because it doesn't want to disturb the many historic sites…”答案B。

5.从最后一段“They share the costs of gas and parking and take turns driving into the city”可以找出答案。答案为C。

Passage 10

1.“die out”表示动植物种类的灭绝。从文章的第一段“Every year more and more plants and animals disappear never to be seen again”可以找出答案。答案为D。

2.从文章的第三段“It is caused by factories that burn coal or oil or gas”可以得出答案。答案D。



5.从文中的第三段的最后一句可以找到答案:“The wind often carrie s the smoke far from the factories.Some of the harmful substances in the smoke may come down with the rain hundreds of miles away.”答案为D。

Passage 11

1.从第一部分“Clean driving license”不应受罚过。答案为B。

2.她的年龄不够“Capes Taxis”的要求。她也不符合招收空姐的条件,但她符合C“Teaching at Instant Language Ltd”的要求。答案为C。



Passage 12

1.从文中第七段“Psychologists and sociologists say parents can lose theirposition of authority in a family as a result and the effects of that can be farreaching”中找出答案。答案为B。


3.从文中第八段可以找出答案:“Children exposed to American pop culture that glorifies youth and sexuality often rebel when their parents…”答案为C。


Passage 13








Passage 14

1.从第二段一开始就提到了“the current tap water quality”,“it”就是指上文提到的自来水的质量。答案为B。





Passage 15

1.文章中“The news came the same day as warplanes dropped 480,000 leaflets over two cities…"战机投下了480,000份传单,在两个城市的上空。“Bush spoke as more than 11,000 US soldiers prepared to head for the Gulf to join in US preparations for a possible invasion to Iraq."布什声称11,000多美国士兵准备一场对伊拉克可能进行的入侵。答案为D。

2.文章第一句“Bush expressed dou on efforts by United Nations arms inspectors to get d etailed information from Iraqi scientists, adding the presence of Iraqi officials as a reason for it".布什之


3.文中:那11,000多美国士兵只是在为战争作准备,准备动身去Gulf。暗示他们并没有到达中东地区。文章中:during a tour of his Texas farm,并未在Cal ifornia“in a socalled nofly area of southern Iraq"并不在北部,故C项也排除。“He is a man wholikes to play games and jokes"“The first sign isn't very satisfactory that hewill voluntarily disarm"暗示布什不认为Saddam会自动解除武装。答案为B。


Passage 1

Among various programmes, TV talk shows have covered every inch of space on daytime television. And anyone who watches them regularly knows that each one isdifferent in style(风格). But no two shows are more opposite in content, while at the same time standing out above the rest, than the Jerry Springer and the Oprah Winfrey shows.

Jerry Springer could easily be considered the king of “rubbish talk”. The contents on his show are as surprising as can be. For example, the show takes the ever—common talk show titles of love, sex, cheating, and hate, to a different level. Clearly, the Jerry Springer show is about the dark side of society, yet people are willing to eat up the troubles of other people's lives.

Like Jerry Springer, Oprah Winfrey takes TV talk show to its top, but Oprah goes in the

opposite direction. The show is mainly about the improvement of society and different quality(质量) of life.Contents are from teaching your childrenlessons, managing your work week, to getting to know your neighbors.

Compared to Oprah, the Jerry Springer show looks like poisonous waste being poured into society. Jerry ends every show with a “final word”. He makes a small speech about the entire idea of the show.Hopefully, this is the part where most people will learn something very valuable.

Clean as it is, the Oprah show is not for everyone. The show's main viewers are middleclass Americans. Most of these people have the time, money, and ability to deal with life's tougher problems. Jerry Springer, on the other hand, has more of a connection with the young adults of society. These are 18-to-21-year-olds whose main troubles in life include love, relationship, sex, money and drug. They are the ones who see some value and lessons to be learned through the show's exploitation.

1Compared with other TV talk shows, both the Jerry Springer and the Oprah Winfrey are—— .

A more interesting

B unusually popular

C more detailed

D more formal

2 Though the social problems Jerry Springer talks about appear unpleasant, peop le who watch the shows ——

A remain interested in them

B are ready to face up to them

C remain cold to them

D are willing to get away from them

3 Which of the following is likely to be a topic of the Oprah Winfrey show?

A A new type of robot.

B Nation h atred.

C Family income planning.

D Street accident.

4 We can learn from the passage that the two talk shows————

A have become the only ones of its kind

B exploit the weaknesses in human nature

C appear at different times of the day

D attract different people

Passage 2

Advertising gives useful information about which products to buy.But modern advertising does more than gives news about products and services.Today's advertisements,or ads,try to get consumers(消费者)to buy certain brands(品牌).Writers of advertising are so skillful that they can sometimes persuade a consumer to wear acertain kind of clothing,eat a special kind of cereal(麦片),or see a movie.Consumers might never even want a product if they did not see or hear advertisementsfor it.

For example,you probably do not need the newest cereal in the supermarket.Thereare probably many cereal brands on your kitchen shelves.You may not have space on your shelf for another.But if you see ads about a new cereal that is your extra tasty and has a free prie i n the box,you may want it.Advertising must get attention.To be effective,it must be

exciting,entertaining,or provide some pleasure.The secret of writing good advertising copy is to offer a good idea as well as a product.The idea is what the ad is really selling.One example is anad that says eating a certain cereal will make a person do well in sports.That cereal brand may sell