Unit 2 Unit 2 I’ll help to clean up the city park section B

Unit 2 I’ll help to clean up the city park section B No.1


某人用完--______________ 与---相似____________ not---any more_________ 捐sth.给sb._____________ 装烂自行车零件______________________ thank someone who helps you_________________ 写信给某人_______________ 使---成为可能_______________ 对我的生活有影响_______________________ 他的一个朋友_______________ 残疾人_________ 六个月的训练________________ 对---很兴奋_____________ 一只受过特殊训练的狗________________

1.---My computer is broken. I need _____--- Why not ask Mr. Smith_____ for you.

A.Repaired; to fix up it

B. repairs; fix up it

C. to repair it; to fix it up

D. repairing; fix it up

2. All eggs look similar _____ one another , but not two eggs are the same _____ each other.

A. to; to

B. as; as

C. to; as

D. as; to

3. We _______ all the paper. A. has run out of B. has run out C. have run out D. have run out of

4.---Who do you _____? --- My father, We both have big eyes and small mouth.

A. look after

B. take after

C. look like

D. run after

5. If you get there, please ______. A. call us on B. call us up C. call us to D. call us off

6. I fix bikes and ____. A. give away them B. give them off C. give them away D. give off them 句型转换:

1.Peter used up all his money. Peter _____ ______ _____ all his money.

2.When did you repair your bed? When did you ____ ___ your bed.

3.They wanted to make my sick mother happy. They wanted to _____ _____ my sick mother.

4.He takes after his grandmother. He’s _______ ______ his grandmother.


1.I’d like ______(thank) you for_______(give away) the money________(home) people.

2. Li Ming came up with an idea________(raise) money _________ his______(ill)

3.They ___________(volunteer) in the hospital__________(care ) for sick people.

4. Thanks to her ________(kind). I can make friends with him.

5. He imagines _________(send) some money_____________ (动物救助者)。

6.The dog ___________(understand) his ________(own) orders yesterday.

7. Her mother’s_______(die) made a big __________(different) to her life.

8. I have __________(difficult)_________(do) some small things, like__________(open) the door and _________(carry)things.

9. He has much homework _________(finish), but he doesn’t when_______(do). 10. You make it easy_________(learn) math well.



be unable to do sth___________ be strong in +v.ing__________ 给他命令_____________ 在他们心目中____________

the ideas of +v.ing_____________ 想象某人做--____________ 改变我的生活_______________ be free to do sth.______


1.After _____ training , my dog became clever. A. six months of B. six month of C. six-months D. six-month of

2.He______ a food bank to give food__________ to the homeless people.

A. put up; out

B. set up; away

C. setting up; away

D. sets up; away.

3.You helped make ____ possible for me to become a writer. A. that B. this C. it D. /

4.I’d like to thank you for_____ my life. A. change B. to change C. changed D. changing

5.Tell me when you are in trouble. I’ll ____ you____. A. help; out B. help; with C. help; on D. help; for

6.–We’ll have a party next week. Can you____ what it will be like? --- Maybe it will be very interesting.

A. imagine

B. believe

C. speak

D. see

7.Trust him! He has no ____ in working out the problem. A. difficulty B. interest C. difficult D. mind

8.She didn’t go to work on time_____ the heavy snow. A. because B. because of C. so D. so that

9.What do you think about ___ in the office? A. work B. to work C. working D. works

10.Although he is disabled, he can do many things____ swimming, writing and reading. A. as B. for example C. that is D. like

11. One of my friends is a policewoman, this is a photo of . A. her B. hers C. she D. his

12.--Excuse me,look at the sign NO PHOTOS! --Sorry, I ____it. A. don’t see B. didn’t see C. haven’t seen D. won’t see

13.The primary school ___in 1995 with the hope of young people. A. was set up B. was put up C. was found

14.The heavy snow didn’t ___ the international airlines. A. pay attention to B. add to C. make a difference to D. keep to

15.--My mother can’t imagine ___ on line.--Many people don’t know how to do it. A. shop B. to shop C. shoppingD. Shopped

16.--I have great ___ in finishing the work by myself. Could you help me?

---No problem. A. fun B. success C. advice D. difficulty

17.--What _____ news! --Yes. We are all _____ about it. A. exciting; exciting B. excited; excited C. exciting; excited

18.Lucy could read story book at the age of four. A. is able to B. was able to C. should D. would

19.--Oh ,I’ve left my schoolbag in the classroom. --Don’t worry. I’ll __it for you. A. bring B. get C. carry D. take

20.The teacher told the students ___ any food into the classroom . A. not to bring B. not bring C. don’t bring D. to bring not

21.—How are you going to be a basketball player ? —I every day. A. am going to practice basketball

B. am going to study math

C. am going to take acting lessons

D. am going to study computer science 22— Sam, my iPhone is in my bedroom. Could you _____ it for me?

— No problem. A. bring B. fetch C. take D. carry

23.Please send a photo of your family ____ me. A. for B. at C. to D. with

24. The children will climb the hill if it______ tomorrow. A. won't rain B. didn't rain C. isn't raining D. doesn't rain 25—You study so hard that you’re sure to pass the exam.—Thank you for ___ so.

A. say

B. to say

C. saying

D. said

26.___ her husband,she has now become a famous film star. A. Because B. Thanks to C. Thanks for D. With the help

27.If you want to change the world, you have to ___ yourself first. A. enjoy B .check C. help D. change

28.She doesn’t have any more of it. A. takes after B. looks out C. runs out of D. gives away

29. of them likes to play basketball. A. Each B. Everyone C. Every D. Both

30.He is strong football. A. in play B. in playing C. at play D. at playing


Unit 2  Unit 2 I’ll help to clean up the city park section B

Do you often communicate(交流) with your parents?

Some parents are always comparing their ___1__ with themselves when they were young or with other people when they were children.

―When I was your age,‖ a father said to ___2 sixteen-year-old son one day, ―I was at the top of my class every year. And I __3 what I wanted to do when I left school. I had goals (目标). You are always at the bottom (最后) of your class and you have no goals.‖

The man’s son said nothing. He had already heard this from his father _____4 times.

―And when your mother was your age,‖ the young man’s father _____5 , ―She had a good job and she was earning money. You don’t even have a part-time job .You earn nothing.‖

The man’s son still said ___6 . He had heard this before, too.

―And ____7__ your elder brother was your age, ‖ the young man’s father said, ― He studied hard. But you just waste your time.‖

And the man’s son still said nothing.

Finally, the young man’s father said , ―And when Abraham Lincoln was your age, he worked all day and st udied at night." This time the son ___8___ stay silent(安静).

―And when Abraham Lincoln was your age, father,‖ he said, ―He was the President of the United States. ___9 are you?‖ His father had no answer to this.

Are your parents always comparing you __10 others? And what’s your reply? Do you have a better way to communicate with each other?


A farmer had some little dogs to sell. As he was putting up an advertisement(广告)on the fence(栅栏)of his yard, a __1__ happened to pass by.

“I want to __2__ one of your dogs, sir .”

“Well,”said the farmer,“these dogs come from fine parents and cost a lot of __3__.”

The boy __4__ his head for a moment. Then he reached deep into his __5__ and pulled out some change. “I’ve got thirty-nine cents(美分). Is that __6__ to take a look? ”

“__7__,”said the farmer. And with that he let out a whistle(口哨),“Here, Dolly!”

Dolly ran out of the doghouse ___8___ by four little dogs. The boy’s eyes danced with joy.

As the dogs made their way to the fence, the little boy noticed something else moving inside the __9__.Slowly another little dog __10__; this one much smaller. It was doing its best to __41__...

“I want that one,”the little boy said.

The farmer said,“Son, don’t want that dog. He will __12__ be able to run and play with you like the other dogs would.”The boy rolled up(卷起) one leg of his trousers and showed a steel(钢) __13__.Looking back up at the farmer, he said,“You see, sir ,I don’t __4__ too well myself ,and he will need someone who __45__.”

1. A. boy B. dog C. farmer D. son

2. A .sell B. see C. buy D. feed

3. A. time B. money C. work D. study

4. A. shook B. covered C. knocked D. dropped

5. A. pocket B. yard C. heart D. mouth

6. A. enough B. easy C. necessary D. simple

7. A. No B. Sure C. Sorry D. Thanks 8. A. sent B. driven C. followed D. taught

9. A. farm B. fence C. advertisement D. doghouse 10. A. died B. shouted C. appeared D. watched

11. A. catch up B. go away C. give up D. look out 12. A. sometimes B. always C. often D. never

13. A. hand B. back C. arm D. leg 14. A. speak B. run C. walk D. swim

15. A. asks B. understands C. thinks D. succeeds