Unit 1

1. The Labor Party?s electoral strategy, which was based on a tactical alliance with other minor parties, has proved successful.


2. The government troops recaptured the city from the rebels at the cost of two thousand casualties


3. By a stroke of good luck, Genelle, who had been buried in the rubble for more than 26 hours, came our alive. 。


4. My brother wasn?t badly hurt, but he injured his leg and had to limp around for a few weeks.


5. The aircraft was subjected to a test of temperatures of minus65 degrees and plus 120 degrees.


6. Tax incentives combined with cheap labor will attract companies to the western regions of our country away from the east coast.

有廉价劳动力的税收刺激将吸引更多的公司到我国远离东海岸的西部地区。7. To my surprise, the opening speeches sounded more like declaration of war than offerings of peace.


8. After a three-day siege by the police, the terrorists who had seized the restaurant had to give in.


9. Once we stepped off the plane and onto the prairie, we were greeted by

a gust of raw and biting wind.


10. Being young and impatient, they are incline to dash into the jaws of danger where an experienced fighter might bide his time.


11. The harassing budget problems of the past few months have taken their toll on her health.


12. Workers who have to work on weekends are paid twice the normal wages. And in the case of national holidays, they can get triple pay.


Unit 2

1. Before Anglo –American westward expansion,there are already a number of settlements in the mid-West.


2. We are confident that the introduction of an automated assemble line will eliminate most of today?s human errors.


3. Warmer air is able to hold more water vapor than cold air and so has a higher humidity.


4. In most communities in the United States,the local American Red Cross chapter has been authorized to take control of certain local public buildings in times of emergency.


5. Traffic control establishes a set of rules and instruction that drivers,

pilots, train engineers, and ship captains rely on to avoid collisions and other hazards.


6. In the past few decades since the launching of the first artificial satellite in 1957, thousands of “man-made moons” have been rocketed into the Earth?s orbit,each designed to serve a specific purpose or mission.


7. The thunder crashed so near the house that the glass vibrated in the windows, and some books, which had sat on the windowsill fell to the floor.


8. Radio telescopes have provided valuable information about other stars and about the magnetic fields of other planets in our solar system, especially Jupiter?s.


9. At the beginning of the race,the runners were bunched together on the track, but later some of them got ahead and left the others behind.


10. From the control tower, air traffic controllers coordinate aircraft movement both in the air and on the ground.


11. Further troubles developed in October 1995 when the tape recorder in the orbiter Galileo got/was stuck in the “rewind” position for 15 hours, wearing out a section of the tape.



12. In 1978,at the beginning of the reform period, approximately 11,000 Chinese students went abroad to pursue further studies.



1. The waitress was so rude that Jane didn't tip her.


2. Racing takes everything you…ve got----intellectually, emotionally, and physically.


3. Although the structure of the building hadn?t suffered, the surface is badly damaged.


4. She received an increase in pay and it has made a difference in her attitude towards work.


5. She appeared very nervous one evening .I asked her what was wrong, and she blurted that she had fallen in love with Phil .


6. I looked at Tom?s pictures and found some of them so amusing and funny that I couldn?t help chuckling.


7. Your goals have to be measurable so you?ll know when you are making progress.


8. Salespeople often try to learn about the needs of the prospective buyer to make themselves more persuasive.


9. We have only five months to make preparations for the trip to the South Pole.


10. Prof. Lee?s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as she talked about how her new teaching method worked in her College English class.


11. In my senior year I took a crack at writing a novel, but without much success.


12. To reduce weight, I am now learning to play golf with my business partner, who plays like a professional.


Unit 4

1. The general ordered his troops to move quickly towards an advantageous position.


2. People would think the seven-year-old couldn?t even reach the pedals, let alone drive the car. Nevertheless, he made it!


3. In a sense, we are witnessing the vanishing of national boarders in many areas of economic activity in the world today.


4. The tower built at the turn of the century became a landmark of the city.


5. In a book entitled A short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson tries to ignite a passion for knowledge in young readers.

在名为《万物简史》的书中,比尔·布莱森激励激发青年读者的求知热情。6. It seems neuroscience is threatening to displace physics as the queen of the sciences.


7. It is only natural for the people to challenge the establishment,especially when the economic outlook is gloomy.


8. If anything, this movies appeals to the patriotic feelings of the people and helps to strengthen national unity.


9. Julius Caesar in this play is a man full of contradictions,at times strong and confidence, but at other times old and frail.


10. The newly launched website aspires to create a virtual community of common interest via exchange of views on the future of the Internet. 这个新启动的网站力求通过对互联网未来的观点交流,创造一个有着共同兴趣的虚拟社区。

11. What Ann advocates just shows how divorced from reality she has become.


12. After investigating the behavior of pendulums, Galileo was able to use them as time measurement devices in many of his experiments.


Unit 5

1. In a way I prefer shopping online because it is more convenient and saves time.


2. The success of mechanical in discovering reliable and useful laws of nature suggested to Galileo that all nature is designed in accordance with mechanical laws.


3. A vacancy exist for a sales manager at our pairs office .if you?re interested in it, please send useful an application letter and you resume at once.


4. If you are over 18 and in good condition, it?s completely safe to do the job.


5. Plastics can be made hard as stone, strong as steel, transparent as glass, and light as wood.


6. Coat the shoes with polish, then rub hard with a soft cloth to give a shine.


7. It was probably just a spicy joke to them, but it wasn?t funny to me at all.


8. Michael?s praise for my wife opened my eyes and taught me to show gratitude for her day-to-day heroism, which I had hitherto taken for granted.


9. The waitress did bring us clean plates eventually, but with a bad grace.


10. Some scientists believe that human beings are born with an instinct for using their arms and legs to stay afloat, which, however, disappears within a few months after birth.


11. In order to pay the bills, Linda pawned her grandfather?s gold watch in secret.


12. Fish instinctively fight their way upstream against the current, and many water birds and animals have the ability to travel long distances.