新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理


新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

1. In our class, most discussions and activities take place in assigned small groups. These groups provide a supportive and safe environment that learning.

2. It is the development strategy of the company to Its overseas expansion in order to take a slice of the world market.

3. Nearly six million people go to see the Mona Lisa every year, attracted by the of her smile. When you're not looking at she seems to be smiling; when you look at her, she stops.

4. To live with a family whose native language is English is the ideal way to further improve one's English and to gain into Its culture.

5. There is a real need to academic achievement in schools and help with the development of a students overall character.

6.Einstein said his scientific discoveries grew from his imagination rather than from , reason and language.

7. Being a single parent, there is no way for her to the time and energy she has devoted to her children for the past 10 years.

8. It is essential that you start by listening because one of of the main teenagers and their parents face in forming positive relationships is that neither listens to the other.

9.We all know the dangers the of an earthquake: the to buildings, the troubles can be caused by falling trees, and the terror occurs when the earth actually opens up.

10. Not until recently have we realized that the increasing world population may lead to a potential gloomy for humanity: starvation.

新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

1.Because women often restrict their diet in an effort to control weight , they may not consume enough iron-rich food and

Experience an iron deficiency.

2.Some reform advocates ignore the impact of class size on student achievement, and they are what they call as a priority:teacher effectiveness.

3.Because of easy access to the Internet , the new breakthrough to create something truly creative happen anytime now.

4 Indeed, if teachers want to how far students might get in life, a better measurement than grades might be how hard the students try.

5 Nature has these animals a capacity

for not showing fear.

6 During the weeks of discussion, delegations from groups who are interested in the resolution may call on representatives to

their point of view.

7 Plato was a superb writer, and his works part of the world’s great literature. Most of his existing work is

dialogs and letters.

8. Young people should enter into a broad flexible training program, through which they can learn a lot and be their future careers.

9.The young man is very happy and proud to be

the old professor because he always feels great when talking with him.

10.One day they passed more than 20 villages ,and some of these are said to have stretched for six miles or more.

新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

that he’d broken the speed limit.

2. Whenever my boss makes a decision that I don't agree with, I tell him what I really think, though it's to make him

happy by telling him his ideas are always right .

2.As can be probably perceived, a manned trip to Mars may soon since scientists have achieved the manned moon mission .

4. A number of countries are their efforts to send out food to the area worst affected by the flood.

5 State governments and the colleges themselves have

financial help to students with special abilities and those with financial needs.

6 The committee agreed that his papers a wider circulation because of their essential and fundamental interest to larger audience.

7. The anger and frustration the local people who do not understand what is happening to them will be a terrible and dangerous force.

8.Americans defend the right to obtain a gun,and they have

been willing to turn a blind eye to the harm that people owning guns have caused.

9.As the finance ministry rejected the deal for its“ lack of clarity”,it a complaint with the European Commission that this deal was against the law.

10.Dogs cannot distinguish the color of traffic lights. so the master must make the decision of when it is safe to

across the road.

新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

1.She authorized her partner to carry out the daily responsibilities when she was on her business trip.

2 On hearing the latest news about your other’ s ill health, I canceling

your reservation at the Sheraton.

3 There was an obvious indication that the police who have to enforce the new law

were not the general discontent.

4 When she heard of her failure in the experiment, her eyes tears ;

whether it was of shame, frustration, or grief was difficult to tell.

5. Rose knows that continuous letters from John, together with countless roses, are

aimed at making her him.

6. public school for drinking and smoking and then failing in

show business as a singer, she joined her father's business 10 years ago.

7.Since the great scandals in banking,many people in the country have the prospects of economic recovery within a few years.

8. The parents were quite happy to our suggestion because it

had taken their most important concerns into consideration.

新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

asks people to spend; therefore, they each other.

2. It is a(n)

that in some odd way world peace appears to depend on

our spending millions of pounds on weapons that can kill us all.

3. It is far more effective for parents to allow for the child's and let

him make his own choice rather than make a decision for him.

4.When you are writing any directions for people, you've got to be direct and to make everything rightly understood.

5. The new teaching program was last semester because the teachers

in the department protested its demand for more intense work.

6. He is a very considerate and generous person,and he is also one of those who can

often pleasure from helping others.

7. Many children are addicted to computers, so they often their

parents and play the computer games for hours every day.

8. My roommate is always very optimistic, and that's why he still his

good humor after all the setbacks.

9. There is a widely held suspicion that the politician, though retired, still has great

power and is events behind the scenes.

10. The organization has been working with local authorities as well as regional

government and officials to the problem of climate change.

新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

1. People who work in offices are as“ white-coll

workers ”for the simple reason that they traditionally wear a white shirt with a collar and a tie to go to work.

2. When the police arrived, he had already destroyed the evidence that was his earlier statement made a few hours ago.

3. In order to persuade his daughter to the marriage, the father quoted statistics showing mixed-race couples had higher divorce rates than same-race couples.

4. The mother made the decision to give cough medicine and Aspirin to her sick child without the child's doctor.

5. Both professional experts and school teachers say that children tend to when they see their parents making similar efforts.

6. As she entered the most dynamic period of her career, Kyle her success and tried to analyze the strong impact of her college education.

7. The chief executive George Grey is confident that current growth levels can be maintained since all the group's development projects stay .

8. It is very important for students to understand and new information.

Besides, they should examine and judge information carefully and then make the right decisions.

新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

1. It was essential to science and technology, not just for the economy but for environmental protection as well.

2. Language is the representation of a people, and it combines their historical and cultural backgrounds, as well as their approach to life.

3. Because of the e effective and helpful method, I was to answer all the questions I could, and I never worried about making mistakes.

4. It can be inferred from the passage that the commercial prosperity in Cambridge is due to hi-tech IT companies whose business has been .

5. You will need to prove that the noise the regulations, that your neighbor was causing the noise, and that you attempted to have him stop.

6. Most universities will guarantee your ,at least during your first year,but you are likely to share a kitchen and bathroom with other students.

7 We may from the report that hackers from outside of the company present a more serious threat to their security systems.

8. She frowned at the business report, making an effort to herself before she talked to the employees at the upcoming meeting.

9. A crucial factor is that one witness' evidence, the though may be rejected because it is contradicted by another witness whose evidence is already

proved correct.

10.Windsor Middle School has been famous for zero to violence and

emphasis on respect for its students and rules.

新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

1. I surely know it's a good opportunity for us to invest in this housing project, but it

all money in the ends that is how much money we can afford to invest

2. Many people

their report because it may imply that women generally

ave a weaker character and are less responsible for their behavior.

3. There have been big strikes all over the country due to the recent tax reform, but

the Prime Minister has made it clear that he won’t the strikers.

4. What surprised me was that she stared at me for a moment and then laughter suddenly.

5. He would never the French :He will never wear the right clothes,

and he will never feel well on goose and red wine ;

6.Having expected that she would become the mistress of the household and have

much more freedom after her marriage, she was now disappointed .

7.Carl he duties and responsibilities of his father in running a

manufacturing factory from an early age.

8.Bob was popular with local soccer fans, but his popularity also

the fact that he made or scored vital goals when they were


新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

1. The main task for the troop there is no fighting but Progress of the

enemy army and waiting for reinforcements (援兵).

2 He always anxiously summarizes the concessions which he has made but he almost

always to mention those offered by the


3.She was an excellent teacher, whose courses on women’s writing were

very popular among the students.

4. It will be up to the doctor's judgment whether or not the organ can be successfully to the child who has been waiting for it.

5. Teachers can no longer use their past experiences to prepare students for their

future career; ,our young people need to rely on themselves.

6. Accurate and inaccurate information is mixed so naturally that there are no

reliable ways to tell what has been and what has not.

7. That wealthy lady’s demand on a premari tal agreement greatly her

future husband 's pride, and it ended up with his refusal to get married.

8. When I opened the album, I carefully examined every photograph in detail by wearing my reading glasses so as not to miss anything.

9. It seems that James has a talent for acting because he can

different teachers' speeches perfectly, which real amazes his classmates.

11.Smoking is compared to self-poisoning and self-destroying, thus making the effects of smoking cigarettes truly alarming.

新视野大学英语读写教程2 选词填空及翻译 期末整理

1.Some people have a traditional view that language learning is essentially the same as the learning of grammar or language rules.

2. Regular review of the teaching material in school ensures that the courses provided the workplace and what students will do in the future .

3.Job opportunities are expanding rapidly, and more and more people are online chances that allow them to work at home.

4. They have put old women in nursing“ homes”,

human warmth and contact, and then complained that they had lost their mental abilities.

5.Some organizations are exploiting local people

scientific research: They are collecting genetic material for commercial purposes. 6. Day care centers for the elderly to overall public service; they did a lot to make the life of the old active, valuable

and meaningful.

7. The policeman has extra duties, so he would not have the time either for answering questions or being Interviewed.

8. What the chairman said did not

much to his advantage ; statement can be only considered as a slim chance for gaining approval.

boost vt.促进;增加;支援vi.宣扬;偷窃n.推动;帮助;宣扬

promote vt.促进;提升;推销;发扬

prospect n.前途;预期;景色vi.勘探,找矿vt.勘探,勘察网络前景; 展望mystery n.秘密,谜;神秘,神秘的事物;推理小说,推理剧;常作insight 洞察力

calculate 计算

destruction 破坏

barrier 障碍

accelerate 加速

analysis 分析

prepare for 准备

be bound to 必定

stand up for支持

in favor of 赞成

speculate about 推测

in the company of在…陪同下

in the form of以下列方式

be liable to易于有…倾向

invest ...with投资

in succession 接连依次











Immune to免疫

fall in love with爱上

go along with随同

on ones behalf代表某人

be filled with充满

take the liberty of冒昧地

expel from逐出

be pessimistic about悲观



paradox 悖论








take stock of盘点

put off推迟

at odds with不和

on track在轨道上

take in收容

consult with商榷

refer to参照

do ones utmost尽最大努力tolerance容忍accommodation住宿plausible貌似有理的symbolic象征的







stem from源于

feel at ease with安心

take ever永远采取

take exception to破例

burst into闯入

on both count两个计数come down to归结为

make concessions to作出让步transplant移植










tip the scales贴秤

have relevance to具有相关性isolate from隔离

become aware of意识到

be occupied with忙于persist in坚持

in the name of以…的名义make a contribution作出贡献


A abundant F distress K curious

B superficial G presently L obliged

C tedious H efficiently M destinations

D absorbed I adjusted N evidently

E functions J beneficial O bulk

The Internet has made English learning much easier. English learners used to be 1) to spend their time in libraries looking for the books that would help them in their language studies.It was very inconvenient because a lot of materials could only be found in 2) and uninteresting textbooks and readers.

But today authentic content on a variety of subjects is only a click away.This is especially 3)for those who wants to learn English earnestly.

In order to achieve fluency in English,you need to be comfortable using at least 10,000 words.

The 4) materials on the Internet make it possible for you to choose appropriate content to read and listen to.These materials can be 5) to your level if you input some key words in the search engine.But how can you remember the 6)of unfamiliar words?

In this case,the Internet 7) makes it easier to learn vocabulary.You can use online dictionaries to instantly find out their grammatical 8)and the specific meaning of these words.The Internet helps you to 9) accumulate vocabulary based on lively and interesting language content,which greatly reduces your 10) caused by inability to remember the new words.The efficiency of this vocabulary learning is one of the reasons why the Internet has become an ideal place to learn English.

A speculate F affected K recovery

B prospect G appreciation

L promote C insight H education M invest D boost

I spectacular N effected E contest J mystery o aspiration

Through exploration of the humanities,we learn how to think creatively and critically,to analyze,and to ask questions.Because these skills allow us to gain new 1)into everything from poetry and paintings to business models and politics,humanistic subjects have been at the heart of a liberal arts 2)

since the ancient Greeks first used them to educate their citizens.

Research into the human experience helps to 3)our knowledge about our world.Through the work of humanities scholars,we learn about the values of different cultures,about what goes into making a work of art,and about the 4) of how history is made.Their efforts depict the great accomplishments of

the past,help us understand the world today,and give us tools to imagine the

5)of our future.

Today,humanistic knowledge continues to 6) the ideal foundation for exploring and understanding the human experience. Learning another language might help to 7) you with great insights as well as gain much

8)of different cultures. Taking a close look at a sculpture might make you think about how an artist's life 9) his creative decisions.Reading a book from another region of the world might help you 10) about the meaning of democracy. Listening to history courses might give you a clearer picture of what the future will be like.

A promising F comment K weird L display

B tempting G charm

C local H components M arrange

D process I allowing

N commence E proceed J appealed o magic

Traditional dating is a self-paced,general meeting of two people.The two usually

1)with spending extra time together,getting to know one another and seeing how 2) they could be to each other.A good example is a man meeting a woman and sensing her 3) He then extends a formal invitation for a date. With traditional dating,you get to go at a steady pace,

4) yourself and your date to get to know each other through extensive contact.

There are many 5)that can be expected from traditional dates.Men,who are supposed to 6) these traditional values,will open the door for the woman,stand up when she leaves the table,pay for everything and 7)

to the next move.In the 1950s,a man would usually ask a woman out several days ahead for a specific date and time. If she accepted,they would 8)for time to pick her up.He would then take her to dinner and a movie.

Today the rules of traditional dating are less clear.Twenty years ago,if a young lady asked a young man out on a date,it was thought to be 9).Now,women are being encouraged to take the initiative and ask men out.A date may consist of a brief meeting at a cafe or a trip to the 10)art museum. Men often pay on the first date,but the woman may offer to go Dutch.The traditional dating style has been found much less common now.

A charmed F derive K option

B dilemma G withdraw L implicit

C appetite H urgent M hinder

D explicit I manipulated N suspend

E retain J obstacles O perspectives

To spend or save is a question which many people have.There is always a(n)1)

whether one should spend the money that he has earned or save that money for the future.Well, there is no 2) answer to the question as different people have different 3) on their life,and that is the reason why some people tend to spend all the money earned while others 4) control over their money.

People who spend all the money do not think much about the future.The only thing that they enjoy doing most is to 5) pleasure from spending money.For example,if they like a particular car,mobile phone or laptop,they will buy it without giving it a thought.For them,the most important thing is to satisfy their material 6).

People who have their first job or who haven't married often fall in this category.In the long run,saving is a good 7) for one's life as saving helps an individual to plan for future 8) needs.That is also the reason

why many people save money for a rainy day. Individuals who can

9)their spending save money successfully.Instead of buying on impulse,they delay their purchasing decision and won't be easily 10)by commercial ads.Individuals who have responsibility for their family belong to this category.

A comparison F jealous K suspended

B respectively G competition L dispute

C bystanders H diplomatically M genuine

D flourishing I valid N ridiculous

E accomplishing expanded J expanded O administrative

It's obvious that women have come a long way as successful professionals.Women in the workplace are 1)as an increased number of women have made their presence felt in many industries and professions.The sector of the female workforce has 2)with more and more strength and thus has its 3) importance in the professional world.

Whether they like it or not,men have to accept that women are marching up the management ladder confidently and 4). Women used to be much more “quiet and passive”due to the relatively small number of female employees in 5) to males.Women today,on the other hand,have begun seeking their 6) positions by using all their powers of intelligence.

Men are hierarchical and 7) of the “beauty power”that allows women to get certain things based on their physical assets.Even though there is a(n) 8) whether many professional females got into positions of power by using their appearance to their advantage,the 9) fact is the majority of women have worked hard to achieve their desired success.

Women were considered as 10) in the workplace for many years and it

was believed that the only jobs that they could handle were those of teachers or secretaries,but today's women can not only hold their own positions in the workplace,but they also have the dual task of raising their families.

A post F consent K insists

B hence G afforded L lobby

C consists H awarding M resent

D omitted I criticism N compass

E evil J however O rewarding

The animal rights movement is a social movement which seeks an end to using animals in the research,food,clothing,and entertainment industries,1)being called animal liberation.It advocates the idea that the most basic interests of non-human creatures should be 2)the same consideration as those of human beings.

Advocates 3) for animal rights from different aspects,ranging from the focus on animal suffering in laboratories to the argument that 4) on not casting animals as properties of human beings.Despite the different approaches,advocates broadly 5) to the opinion that animals should be viewed as non-human members of the moral community and should be 6)from being food, clothing,entertainment,or research subjects.The idea of 7) rights to animals wins the support of several prominent scholars.

However,some critics argue that animals are unable to enter into a social contract or moral 8) and for that reason cannot be granted rights.Only humans have duties and, therefore,only humans have rights.There is nothing wrong or 9)about using animals as resources so long as there is no unnecessary suffering.From within the animal rights movement itself,there has also been 10) of certain forms of animal rights activism,in particular the destruction of fur farms and animal laboratories.


1.中国书法(calligraphy)是一门独特的艺术,是世界上独一无二的艺术瑰宝。中国书法艺术的形成发展与汉文字的产生与演进存在着密不可分的关系。汉字在漫长的演变发展过程中,一方面起着交流思想、继承文化的重要作用,另一方面它本身又形成了一种独特的艺术。书法能够通过作品把书法家个人的生活感受、学识、修养、个性等折射出来,所以,通常有“字如其人”的说法。中国书法不仅是中华民族的文化瑰宝,而且在世界文化艺术宝库中独放异彩。Chinese calligraphy is a unique art and the unique art treasure in the world.The formation and development of the Chinese calligraphy is closely related to the emergence and evolution of Chinese characters.In this long evolutionary process,Chinese characters have not only played an important role in exchanging ideas and transmitting culture but also developed into a unique art form Calligraphic works well reflect calligraphers' personal feelings ,knowledge, self-cultivation,personality,and so forth,thus there is an expression that “seeing the ca lligrapher's handwriting is like seeing the person".

As one of the treasures of Chinese culture,Chinese calligraphy shines splendidly in the world's treasure house of culture and art.



In recent years,with the development of Internet technology,the construction of digital education resources of our country has made great achievements.Many universities have set up their own digital learning platforms,and digital teaching is playing an increasingly important role in http://m.wendangku.net/doc/83b8cc3af11dc281e53a580216fc700abb68529d.htmlpare with the traditional way of teaching,the digital way has a lot of advantages.On one hand, digital teaching makes global sharing of teaching resources possible;on the other hand,it expands the learner'

study time and space to learn,allowing people to get access to the digital virtual schools through the Internet anytime and anywhere.These advantages make it possible for people to shift from one-time learning to lifelong learning.

3.农历七月初七是中国的七夕节(Qixi Festival),是中国传统节日中最具浪漫色彩的一个节日。一些大的商家每年都举办不同的活动,年轻人也送礼物给他们的情人。因此,七夕节被认为是中国的“情人节”(Valentine's Day)。七夕节来自牛郎与织女(Cowherd and Weaving Maid)的传说。相传,每年的这个夜晚,天上的织女都会与牛郎相会。所以,在七夕的夜晚,人们可以看到牛郎织女在

银河(the Milky Way)相会。姑娘们也会在这一天晚上向天上的织女乞求智慧,以获得美满姻缘。但随着时代的变迁,这些活动正在消失,唯有标志着忠贞爱情的牛郎织女的传说一直流传民间。

The Silk Road is a traffic route in the ancient times connecting China and

Eurasia.This trade route focuses on the trade of silk,hence the name "the Silk Road”.As an international trade channel and a bridge of cultural exchanges,the Silk Road effectively improved the economic and cultural exchanges and development between the East and the West,exerting a profound impact on the progress of the world civilization.Nowadays,under the new historical circumstances,our country proposes the strategy of “One Belt,One Road”(namely the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road).The strategy of "One Belt,One Road"focuses on cooperation and mutual benefits,emphasizing mutual benefits,win-win,as well as common development of the related countries.Once proposed,the strategy has received positive responses from the related countries along the road.

4.丝绸之路(SilkRoad)县我国击代一条连接中国和欧亚大陆(Eurasia)的交通线路,由于这条商路以丝绸贸易为主,故称“效绸之路”。作为国际贸易的通道和文化交流的桥梁,丝绸之路有效地促进了东西方经济文化交流和发展,对世界文明进程有着深远影响。当前,在新的历史条件下,我国提出了“一带一路”(One Belt,One Road)(即“丝绸之路经济带”和“21世纪海上丝绸之路”)的战略构想。“一带一路”以合作共赢为核心,强调相关各国的互利共赢和共同发展。这一战略一经提出即受到沿线各国的积极响应。中国是丝绸的故乡,因而有很多与丝绸相关的艺术,刺绣(embroidery)就是其中的一种。刺绣是中国民间传统手工艺之一,至少有两三千年的历史。从事刺绣的多为女子,因此刺绣又被称为“女红”(women's needlework)。刺绣在中国受到了人们广泛的喜爱。刺绣


China is home to silk,thereby having a variety of arts related to silk one of which is embroidery.Embroidery,with at least two or three thousand years of history,is one of the Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts.Since most embr oiderers are women,it is also called “women's needlework”.Embroidery has been much-loved by the Chinese people.It can be used to beautify clothing and things.For example,clothes,quilts,pillowcases,etc.can be embroidered with beautiful designs,or a piece of embroidery can be made for a special ornament.There are four most famous types of embroidery in China: Suxiu from Suzhou,Yuexiu from Guangdong,Xiangxiu from Hunan,and Shuxiu from Sichuan, each having its own style and theme.Among the four Suzhou embroidery has enjoyed the highest reputation.

5.新中国成立以来,特别是改革开放以来,中国政府在生态环境(eco-environmental)保护方面做出了大量努力,取得了有效进展。政府采取了一系列保护和改善生态环境的重大举措,譬如积极推进重点生态工程,加强生态系统建设(ecosystem)及生物多样性保护(biodiversity conservation),建立了一批自然保护区(nature reservation)、生态示范区(ecological demonstration zones)、风景名胜区和森林公园。加强生态环境的保护和建设,实现人与自然和谐相处,是构建社会主义和谐社会(harmonious society)的重


Since the founding of New China,especially since the economic reform and door-opening to the world,the Chinese government has made considerable efforts in eco-environmental protection and achieved effective progress.The government has taken a series of important measures to protect and improve the ecological environment,such as actively promoting key ecological projects,enhancing ecosystem construction and biodiversity conservation,establishing a number of nature reservations, ecological demonstration zones,scenic spots and forest parks.One of the important goals of building a socialist harmonious society is to strengthen ecological protection and construction and to achieve harmony between man and nature.Environmental protection and ecological civilization construction have provided a solid foundation for the sustainable development of China's economy and society.