1.Please talk about the importance of time. What’s your view on it?

2. Green food is now becoming more and more popular. Do you know why? And can you say something about the changes in people’s diet nowadays?

3. Your bes t friend’s sister is going to marry an American, and you two talk about the marriage across nations.

4. Finding a job, further study or going abroad, which will you choose and how do you prepare to achieve the goal?

5. You find your best friend is smoking, and you want to stop him /her, so you talk with him /her about the harm of smoking and try to persuade him /her to quit smoking.

6. “The thinner, the better?” You are free to exchange your views on beauty.

7. How would you like to get rid of your stress in daily life? Please share your experiences with your partner.

8. Live to work or live to enjoy? You are required to present your opinions to your partner.

9. How do you understand “Green Olympics”, what do you think is our duty to achieve this goal?

10. Campus marriage: good or bad?

11. Do you think surfing on the Internet can help you? And how?

12. Do you believe in love at first sight? What’s your definition of “true love”?

13. What can you do to resist temptation(诱惑) when shopping? (Your partner is crazy about each hot item on sale, while you are rather sensible and are ready to give some advice.)

14. Do you have a mobile phone? If you do, do you think it’s good or bad? If you don’t, would you like to buy one? Why?

15. Do you like developing friendship or love with a key pal(网友)? Why or why not?

16. Is it better for a woman to find a good husband than to find a good job? You two are on opposite sides and are supposed to give your own opinions.

17. If you got 5,000,000 Yuan by winning lottery ticket, what will you do? Share your opinion with your partner.

18. “Laughter is the best medicine.” You two can discuss it freely.

19. Do you think there is a friendship between parents and children? How can you improve it?

20. Do you often judge people by appearances? How do you think about it?


1.What should be given priority in education? knowledge, skills or creativity? why ? how can schools and colleges encourage creativity in


1. Creativity of course. The major job of a distinguished teacher, as well as the whole school, without doubt is to inspire students and pushing them to learn. I quote no less an example than Sanzai products in our daily life. When ipad came out last year, a pirated product came into sight immediately in China. It is a clear manifestation of lacking creativity. It is by no means wisdom; it is fraud and showing no respect for others' efforts. College students nowadays learn for examinations, they have no clear goal about what they want to do or to be in the coming future. Colleges should realize the seriousness of this problem, and authorities need to pay more attention to students' thoughts and ideas. On the others hand, students ought to strike a balance between book knowledge and social activities.

2 Why do people get depressed? Is there any connection between depression and bad luck? Can depression be overcome?

2. There are various kinds of reasons why people get depressed. People who are under great pressure may suffer depression. They may have a lot of work to do and have a time getting along with their bosses or colleagues. They may suffer failure even after hard work and so on.

There may be a subtle link between depression and bad luck.

Cases are that, even though you did a lot of preparation on a

time-consuming project, and worked out a perfect plan for it. When the day finally came, your boss may seem to be stuck in another issue and show no interest in your plan. There is nothing else to blame but your bad luck. But the matter is, bad luck doesn't always bring depressions.

There is no denying that depression can be overcame if you are optimistic enough to face even the greatest difficulty you have ever met in your daily life. And confidence also plays an important role in this situation. Be confident enough to make yourself believe that you have the ability to better the situation.

3When a boss employs or promotes people, what may be the chief consideration: their education or their practical ability?

3. From my perspective, both of them should be taken into consideration. But nowadays, most employers emphasize more on candidates' education background when they decide to hire them. Because they believe that with higher education, those candidates may be superior to those with lower education, and they have those abilities to make great achievements.

4 After finishing undergraduate studies, would you like to find a job or pursue a postgraduate degree? Why?

4. It depends I think. Because of the severe job marketing, it is

wise for us to continue to receive higher education and pursue a postgraduate degree, and it is a remarkable choice at any time.

However, as an adult, it is high time I should be independent and try to make a living all by myself. I should be grateful for my parents for raising me all these years, and be responsible for myself.

5Do you think music can affect people’s lives, for example, to calm people, to cheer them up, or to increase efficiency?

5. Yes, absolutely. Take myself for example, when I am happy, I

would turn on the radio and dance to those happy songs. On the other hand, when I feel sad, I will listen to sorrowful music, and sometimes

I may cry. But they both help to release my feelings and comfort me.

With those music I won't be alone all the time.

6 What measures should we take to prevent drunk driving?

6 Drunk driving is an extremely dangerous behavior to people on the streets. Without any doubt, we should prohibit it. This year, a new regulation has been enforced by government that drunk drivers will receive severe punishment. That is good news to hear. But on the other hand for the drivers’ part, I think they should also pay more attention to

avoid intoxicated driving as it would pose threats to innocent people. On the condition that all drivers at the wheel consciously refuse a drop of wine, the accidents on road will reduce greatly.

7If a student is afraid of speaking English in front of other people, what suggestions can you give?

8It is not an infrequent scene that many people feel nervous when speaking English in front of other people. But how to avoid this kind of negative emotion? First of all, I think the most important is self-confidence. Confidence is the mother of success. You must have faith in yourself and believe that you can do it well even excellent.

Secondly, like an ancient Chinese saying goes “Practices make perfect”, you should speak English as much as you can, in that way you may feel less uncomfortable when expressing yourself with your second language. Thirdly, do not afraid of making mistakes. I found many people fear that they would be caught by errors and faults, so they rejected to stand forward. But I think it is ok when you say something wrong or pronounce weirdly in English, your audiences will understand. All in all, we must believe ourselves can do it, then we can do it well.

8If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be?

Actually, one thing I want to change mostly is my height. I want to be a taller person. Among the male students in our college, I am not tall enough. Sometimes I feel depressed by my height. Friends around me are all taller than me which makes me more uncomfortable. In order to settle the problem, I have tried various methods. However, the results are disappointed. If there is any effective way to help me get rid of my awkwardness, I would do it immediately.

9How do you understand the term “globalization”? Is globalization making the world better or worse? Why?

To the term globalization, I think, it is a concept of the connections and constraints among the countries and districts across the globe including politics, economy, culture, technology, military, lifestyle, ideology, etc. The associations and communications among them will also bring great impact on them. For my part, I think it is hard to judge that globalization is good or evil. First of all, the advantages globalization leads are obvious. Ipad, ipod and other high-tech products made in America are darlings chased by a large number of Chinese people. We favor cameras made in Japan than made in China. Besides these, China is a producing area of many world-famous brands, for example, Disney built its factory in Guangzhou, because the labors are much cheaper than those in America. From globalization, we can make full use of the local resources and reduce costs. On the other hand, the disadvantages can not be neglected.

Because of globalization, many local folk customs are vanished by the impacts of foreign culture. Although the culture shock is diminished, what is our purpose of visiting different place from our own? So, to the matter globalization makes the world better or worse, it depends.

10. Do you agree the longer you know people the more you are puzzled by them? Explain.

Yes, I totally agree. Take myself as an example. I know a friend since we were 5. We went to elementary school, middle school and high school together. When we graduated from high school we entered into different colleges. Having apart from each other nearly two years, I found we had less and less common topics to discuss. Most of the time, we chat on QQ only for few minutes and then stuck into silence. One day, I read her blog and realize there is an invisible gap between us. It’s difficult to describe that emotion. I ask myself do I really know this girl growing up with me. Maybe it is time and distance that separate us.