第九讲不定式第十讲V-ing形式 第十一讲V-ed形式第十二讲形容词/副词第十三讲介词 第十四讲连词第十五讲It的用法 第十六讲定语从句 第十七讲名词性从句第十八讲状语从句 第十九讲倒装句第二十讲冠词



●从句或非谓语动词作主语时的主谓一致 ●表示数量的名词词组作主语时的主谓一致

●由连接词连接的主语与谓语的一致 ●集体名词作主语时的主谓一致

●―主语+with/as well as 等短语‖的主谓一致





1.The committee ______(be) unable to agree on the policies.

2.The committee ______ (have) decided to give the workers more financial help.

3.Why he entered the house and how he managed to get out of it without being seen by people ______ (remain) a mystery to us all.

4.Three years in a strange land ______(seem) like a long time.

5.He is one of those men who never ______(care) how they look.

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/88cbca80fe4733687f21aaa6.htmlw and order ______(mean) different things to people with different political opinions.

7.She’s the only one of these women who ______ (play) bridge well.

8.After the exams ______(be) the time to relax.

9.War and peace ______(be) a constant theme in history.

10.How is it that your answer and your neighbour’s ______(be) identical?

11.If either of you _____(take) a vacation now,we will not be able to finish the work.

12.One third of the population ______(be) working in factories.

13.There ______(be) a bed and two sofas in the room.

14.What he left me ______(be) three small rooms.

15.The crowd at the basketball game ______(be) wild with excitement.

16.None of the students ______(have)finished the exam yet.

17.A large crowd of people ______(have) gathered under the Town Hall clock.

18.All but he and I ______(be) going to the Exhibition.

19.Each soldier and sailor ______(be) given a gun.

20.Attending on campus concerts ______ (be) part of the pleasure of college life.

21.There ______(be) more than one answer to your question.

22.A number of pages ______(be) found missing.

23.This is one of the books that ______(tell) an authentic story of World War Two.

24.The cat with her kittens ______(be) sitting in the sun.

25.What ______(be) your weekly wages?

26.Bacon and eggs ______(make) a hearty breakfast for a growing boy.

27.Dancing and skating ______(be) my chief delights.

28.Only one of the students who_____(have) read the article can answerthe question.

29.John is the only student who ______(have) read the book.

30.The number of secretaries in this company ______(be)never under 100.

31.Five hundred dollars ______(be) spent yesterday.

32.It is I who ______(be) responsible for this.

33.To visit the parks and museums ______(be) really enjoyable.

34.Every word and phrase in this dictionary ______(be) important.

35.What he wants ______(be) a recorder and a radio.

36.There ______(be) many a reason why this book sells well.

37.What caused the damage of these cars ______(remain) unknown.

38.Two thirds of my friends ______(have) been abroad.

39.Two thirds of the crop ______(have) been damaged by the storm.

40.The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ___(have) been translated into many languages.

41.A thousand miles no longer ______ much to us today,for modern jets can easily get us over this distance within a few hours.

A)meant B)mean C)means D)will mean

42.It is reported that about two-thirds of the factory’s property

_______ in the fire.

A)are lost B)have been lost C)were lost D)has been lost

43.Statistics ______ a rather modern branch of mathematics.

A)are B)were C)is D)are to be

44.Every means ______ tried out but never with success,as far as my knowledge goes.

A)is B)has been C)are D)have been

45.The woman writer and Oscar Award candidate _______ a collection of short stories.

A)have just turned out B)has just turned out

C)have just been turned out D)has just been turned out

46.The athlete,together with his coach and several relatives,_____ to the Olympic Games.

A)are traveling B)is traveling C)were traveling D)have been traveling

47.Not only I but also Tom and Mary ______ fond of watching television.

A)am B)is C)are D)have

48.The audience _______ requested to be in their seats by 7:00.

A)have B)has C)are D)is

49.Your trousers ______ too long.______ to be shortened a little.

A)are;They need B)is;It needs C)are;It needs D)is;They need

50.Different forms of government agency ______ different functions.

A)is B)are C)has D)have



●可数名词与不可数名词 ●名词的复数词尾变化形式 ●名词所有格 ●名词作定语

●复合名词作定语时的数 ●单位词




1.Let me give you______.

A)some advice B)some advices C)an advice D)the advice

2.I’ll have a cup of tea and______.

A)two toasts B)two pieces of toast C)two piece of toasts D)two pieces of toasts

3.______did you buy for your new flat?

A)How many furniture’s B)How much pieces of furniture’s

C)How much furniture D)How many a furniture

4.Mr.Wang has recently made______.

A)some huge fortunes from share B)huge fortune from shares

C)huge fortunes from share D)a huge fortune from shares

5.The flood has done______to this region.

A)damage B)damaging C)damages D)ruin

6.______are ungrounded.

A)All this worries B)All these worries C)All the worry D)All these worry

7.Is this______to achieve success?

A)the only means B)the very two means C)various means D)the very mean

8.______covering it are not obtainable.

A)Accurate data B)Accurate datum C)Accurate datums D)Datums accurate

9.He said he had met the man______.

A)at my uncle’s room Sm ith B)at my uncle Smith’s room

C)at Smith’s my uncle’s room D)at room of my uncle’s Smith’s

10.I want to know______.

A)somebody else opinion B)somebody’s else opinion

C)somebody else’s opinion D)somebody’s else’s opinio n

11.This is a picture______.

A)of my boy’s B)of my room’s C)of a boy’s D)of the boy’s room’s

12.______of Mrs.Brown’s.

A)Mary is the daughter B)This is Mary

C)Mary is a daughter D)This is Mary,the daughter

13.I have finished ______.

A) a day work B) one day work C) a day’s work D) the work of a day

14.Julie went to the______to buy a pair of shoes.

A)shoes store B)shoe’s store C)shoe store D)shoes store

15.He is a______.

A)bank president B)president of a bank’s

C)bank’s president D)president of the bank’s

16.What do you call juice that comes from tomatoes? You call it______?

A)tomatoes juice B)tomato juice C)juice of tomato D)tomatoes juice

17.The rapidity of______in a river depends on the width of the river bed。

A)water’s movement B)water movement

C)water movement’s D)water’s movement’s

18.The ______was brought to completion in 1958.

A)workers stadium B)workers stadium’C)worker’s stadium D)workers’ stadium

19.I shall be back in______.

A)an hour or two time B)an hour or two’s time

C)an hour’s or two time D)a hour or two’s time

20.Would you compare and tell the differences between______houses?

A)Alan and Smith’s B)Alan and Smith

C)Alan’s and Smith’s D)Alan’s and Smith

21.The miners escaped the danger______.

A)by a hair breadth B)by hair breadth

C)by hairs breadth D)by a hair’s breadth

22.She put her arm through______.

A)her brother B)brother C)her brother’s D)brother’s

23.The boys ate and drank______.

A)to their heart’s contents B)to their hearts’contents

C)to their hearts content D)to their hearts’content

24.______race will take place at nine sharp tomorrow morning.

A)Scott and Anderson’s B)Scott and Anderson

C)Scott’s and Anderson’s D)Scott’s and Anderson

25.They took Dorson’s child to______at once by car.

A)doctor’s B)the doctor’s C)the doctors D)doctor

26.______must have heard the terrible cry from the building.

A)One of passer-bys B)One of passers-by

C)One of the passer’bys D)One of the passers-by

27.Though he was in college,he was still fond of reading______.

A)stories of children B)childrens stories

C)children stories D)children’s stories

28.We called at______on weekend.

A)my grandmother B)my grandmother’s

C)mine grandmother D)mine grandmothers

29.We have chicken,vegetables,______for lunch.

A)fish and mutton B)fishes and mutton

C)fishes and muttons D)fish and muttons

30.Very heavy______are levied on some imported goods.

A)custom duty B)customs duty C)customs duties D)custom duties

31.They saw______in that room.

A)a large amount of furniture B)a large amount of furnitures

C)many furnitures D)few furnitures

32.They were requested to hand in their______a month later.

A)theses B)thesises C)thesis D)these

33.After four years in Canada,she got______.

A)a degree of doctor B)the degree of a doctor

C)a doctor’s degree D)a doctor degree

34.The beautiful woman turned out to be______.

A)a daughter of Mrs Green’s B)a Mrs Green’s daughter

C)a daughter of Mrs Green D)the daughter of Mrs Green

35.This is a special______of butterflies.

A)specy B)species C)specys D)specis

36.______went to the party last night.

A) Many John friends B) Many John’s friends

C) Many of John friends D) Ma ny friends of John’s

37.The room was small and contained far too______.

A) many new furniture B) much new furnitures

C) much new furniture D) many new furnitures

38.We found ______in a large iron cage in the zoo.

A) two deer B) two heads of deer C) a lot of deers D) an amount of deer

39.The Nazi kept those ______ in their concentration camps.

A) prisoner-of-wars B) prisoners-of-wars C) prisoner-of-war D) prisoners-of-war

40.The doctor checked up both his______hearts.

A) father-in-law’s and his brother-in-law’s B) father’s-in-law and his brother’s-in-law C) father-in-law and his brother-in-law’s D) father-in-laws and his brother-in-laws







1.She has two daughters but ______of them likes chocolates.

A)no B)either C)neither D)both

2.Choose______book you like from my collection.

A)each B)any C)some D)anyone

3.I have had one house that exactly suited me,and I can hardly expect to find______.

A)another B)other C)any D)the other

4.______of them knew about the plan because it was secret.

A)Any B)No one C)Some D)None

5.I have two brothers.One is a teacher,______is a businessman.

A)another B)other one C)the other D)other

6.______of the four roads will take you to the library.

A)Every B)Both C)Any D)Neither

7.They do not accept______suggestion.

A)neither B)either C)both D)both of

8.The teacher gave______of the pupils a ball pen.

A)each B)every C)some D)the other

9.A good writer is______who can express the commonplace in an uncommon way

A)this B)that C)one D)which

10.The reason why we didn’t get______people to help us in the work is that we didnt want to trouble anyone.

A)all B)any C)no D)some

11.______of you shared my opinions,so we have______in common to discuss.

A)Few;little B)Nobody;a little C)A few;little D)None;many

12.Kim and Tony were not the only people in the garden.There______.

A)were some other ones B)were some others

C)was another people D)was someone more

13.It is one thing to enjoy listening to good music,but it is quite______to perform skillfully yourself.

A)other B)some C)another D)any

14.Two people had met the General before,but ______ recognized him.

A)either B)any C)neither D)some

15.______of the two winners in the composition contest was awarded a pen.

A)Every one B)Everyone C)Each one D)Anyone

16.The boy took off his gloves.______had holes in the fingers.

A)Either one B)Everyone C)Any one D)Each one

17.I walked into the room and______.

A)shook hands with everybody B)shook hand with each one

C)shook hands with each D)shook the hand by every body

18.Two little boys of my brother’s called to see me and I gave an apple to______when they sat down.

A)every one of them B)each C)every one D)every

19.A few cakes were served,and he ate______.

A)every one B)everyone C)no one D)anyone

20.______expressed his determination.

A)Everyone of them B)Every one of us C)Nobody of them D)Any body of you

21.I prefer red roses to white______,but my sister likes both ______.

A) one…one B) ones…ones C) one…ones D) ones…/

22.______the girls came on the trip.

A) No B) Nobody of C) None of D) No one of

23.— What do you think about these cakes?

—I’d like to have ______.

A) some other B) another C) the other D) other

24.Alexander certainly talks a lot and he’s never interested in what______has to say.

A) anyone else B) nobody else C)no one D)somebody other

25.It goes without saying that______ the staff of our company can enter

these laboratories.

A) anybody but B) but anybody C) none but D) everybody but

26.______of the two books holds the opinion that the danger of a nuclear

war is increasing.

A) None B) Either C) Both D) Neither

27.It’s time ______about the traffic problem downtown.

A) something was done B) everything is done

C) anything will be done D) nothing to be done

28.You have to hurry up if you want to buy something because there is hardly ______left.

A) everything B) nothing C) something D) anything

29.The managing director refused to accept ______of the four proposals made by the contractors and demanded complete novelty.

A) either B) any C) neither D) none

30.Knowledge is a two-edged weapon which can be used equally for good or

evil. It’s now being used indifferently for ______.

A) each B) either C) both D) one and the other

31.In order to be a good mountaineer,______ and enough knowledge in geology and meteorology.

A) a sound body should be obtained by one B) it is essential to have sound body

C) there should be a sound body D) one should have a sound body

32.Of the four bridges on the river ,the new one completed last year is longer and wider


A) another B) the other C) the others D) one another

33.He composed a vast amount of music,______is ever played today.

A) one of which B) little of which C) seldom D) a few of them

34.Tape recorders are quite cheap in this country ,you can buy ______ for a few pounds ,though the best ______ are usually exported.

A)ones…one B)one…ones C)that…one D)that…ones

35.Although Art Tatum was totally blind in one eye and had only slight vision in______,he became an international renowned jazz musician.

A)the next one B)another C)the other D)other one




●―动词+副词+介词‖构成的短语动词 ●―动词+名词+介词‖构成的短语动词





1.When he realized the police had spotted him,the man_______the exit as quickly as possible.

A)made off B)made for C)made out D)made up

2.Having decided to rent a flat,we_______contacting all the

accommodation agencies in the city.

A)set about B)set down C)set out D)set up

3.The manager needs an assistant that he can _____to take care of problems in his absence.

A)count on B)count in C)count up D)count out

4.There are other problems which I don’t propose to _______at the moment

A)go into B)go around C)go for D)go up

5.This popular sports car is now being_____at the rate of a

thousand a week.

A)turned down B)turned out C)turned up D)turned on

6.The French pianist who had been praised very highly______to be a great disappointment.

A)turned up B)turned in C)turned out D)turned down

7.If you happen to________my lost papers while you’re looking for your book,please let me know at once by telephone.

A)come across B)come to C)come up D)come over

8.Important people don’t have much free time as their work ____all their time.

A)takes away B)takes over C)takes up D)takes in

9.When I was very young,I was terribly frightened of school,but I soon______it.

A)got off B)got across C)got away D)got over

10.I always_________what I have said.

A)get to B)hold to C)lead to D)see to

11.The engine________smoke and steam.

A)gives up B)gives in C)gives away D)gives off

12.They ________in spite of the extremely difficult conditions.

A)carried out B)carried off C)carried on D)carried forward

13.When Mr.Jones gets old,he will_______over his business to his son.

A)take B)hand C)think D)get

14.I can’t ______what that object is.

A)make up B)make over C)make out D)make for

15.Although he had looked through all the reference material on the subject,he still found it hard to understand this point and her explanation only_____to his confusion.

A)extended B)amounted C)added D)turned

16.She________to say that she was not interested in what I was talking about.

A)broke out B)broke in C)broke down D)broke up

17.Experienced as we are,we must allow_______unexpected difficulties.

A)for B)to C)with D)into

18.The wallet was_______to the American tourist when he proved that it was his.

A)given away B)given out C)given back D)given up

19.They needed quite a sum of money to_______a special school for gifted children.

A)set about B)set up C)set back D)set off

20.The old lady opened the window to see what was ______ outside in thelane.

A)going on B)going out C)going over D)going after

21.With the birth of the Communist Party of China,the face of the Chinese Revolution______an altogether new aspect.

A)took for B)took on C)took up D)took over

22.The blow knocked him unconscious and it was several minutes before he.

A)came out B)came off C)came to D)came up

23.Though cruelly tortured by the German fascists,the underground leader didnt_______any of his comrades.

A)give in B)give up C)give back D)give away

24.Peggy had been absent from school for two weeks,so she naturally had a lot of homework to_______.

A)make out B)make for C)make after D)make up

25.He tried to_______at least half an hour every day for jogging(慢跑).

A)set out B)set aside C)set off D)set back

26.At first he could hardly_______what the American professor was saying.

A)take in B)take off C)take to D)take over

27.Once he has_______his loan from the bank,Henry will owe money to no one

A)paid back B)paid for C)paid up D)paid off

28.When the train_______,the Lafayette students were surprised to learn that the Carlisle track team was composed of one man only.

A)pulled out B)pulled on C)pulled up D)pulled in

29.After the big job was finished,the builder_______the number of men working for him.

A)cut back B)cut across C)cut off D)cut in

30.The president called on the people to_______arms to defend their freedom and independence.

A)take on B)take after C)take up D)take down

31.I will do my best to_______your expectation.

A)live up to B)live with C)live through D)live by

32.John’s youngest son is______medicine.

A)putting up with B)standing up to C)going in for D)making up for

33.The band was so short of musicians that they had to_______students.

A)fall for B)fall back on C)fall in D)fall on

34.We’ve ________sugar.Ask Mrs Johnsons to lend us some.

A)run down B)run off C)run away with D)run out of

35.The good service at the hotel_______the poor food to some extent.

A)made for B)made out C)made up D)made up for

36.She________us because she went to an expensive school.

A)looks above B)looks down upon C)looks over D)looks up to

37.You’ll find that job very difficult.You’ll ______some very tricky problems.

A)run over B)come off C)come up against D)run out of

38.There are many inconveniences that have to be______when you are camping.

A)put up B)put off C)put up with D)put away

39.Having gathered some information about the accident,they______its real causes.

A)got down to B)got round to C)got out of D)got into

40.When I was criticized at the meeting,only he______me.

A)stood for B)stood up to C)stood up for D)stood out

41.I am afraid my grandfather’s health will not be able to_____this dramatic change of weather.

A)stand up for B)stand out C)stand up D)stand up to

42.Jack has been working hard and has______his classmates in studies.

A)caught on B)caught up with C)caught out D)caught up

43.They are trying hard to________technical developments.

A)keep up with B)keep back C)put up with D)keep up

44.To fulfil the task assigned me,I’m quite prepared to______whatever danger that may lie behind.

A)face with B)face up to C)face down D)face up with

45.Very few scientists_____with completely new answers to the world’s problems.

A)come to B)come round C)come up D)come on

46.The union______under the financial strain.

A)broke up B)broke out C)broke off D)broke down

47.If we can______our present difficulties,then everything should be all right.

A)get off B)put away C)come across D)get over

48.The car slowed down and______at the gate.

A)pulled out B)pulled on C)pulled down D)pulled up

49.Some hard plastics can be______metals in manufacturing machine parts.

A)substituted for B)replaced C)taken the place of D)given way to

50.Trains stop here in order to ______passengers only.

A)get off B)pick up C)pull up D)get out

51.Tom could not______the last problem on the arithmetic test.

A)fill out B)figure out C)find out D)feel like

52.This office is so small that I don’t think we can______another desk.

A)place down B)hold up C)take in D)fit in

53.I had a bit of cold over the weekend but fortunately I______.

A)put it off B)made it up C)called it off D)threw it off

54.Prepositions______in the structure of English.

A)take part B)take a great part C)play a large part D)play many parts

55.Jack was about to announce our plan but I______.

A)put him through B)gave him up C)turned him out D)cut him short



●一般现在时 ●一般将来时 ●一般过去时 ●现在进行时 ●现在完成

●现在完成进行时●过去完成时 ●将来完成时 ●过去将来完成时●将来进行时


时态是英语谓语动词的一种形式,表示动作发生的时间和所处的状态。英语中共有16种时态. Ⅲ.自测题

1.Long ago,people didn’t know the earth ______ round the sun.

A) moves B) were moved C) moved D) had moved

2.Tom will go to school the moment he ______ his work.

A) will finish B) finished C) finishes D) would finish

3.I will go there even if it ______ tomorrow.

A) will have rained B) will rain C) has rained D) rains

4.In case he ______,let me know.

A) has come B) comes C) will come D) would come

5.It’s hard to tell if it ______ tonight.

A) will snow B) snows C) shall snow D) will have snowed

6.Free tickets will be given to whoever ______ first.

A) will come B) has come C) comes D) come

7.I ______ John several times during the past month.

A) saw B) had seen C) see D) have seen

8.It ______ every day so far this week.

A) has rained B) rains C) is raining D) rained

9.This is the first time that I ______ to Paris.

A) will go B) have been C) have gone D) came

10.It is the third cigarette that I ______ this morning.

A) smoke B) smoked C) have smoked D) am smoking

11.Anne is one of the brightest pupils who ______ from the school.

A) have graduated B) has graduated C) had graduated D) graduated

12.I am to do my homework as soon as I ______ back from school.

A) had arrived B) will arrive C) have arrived D) would arrive

13.By the time Mrs.Smith left the school,she ______ that course for twenty years.

A) taught B) has taught C) has been teaching D) had taught

14.Where ______ when I was in the Atlantic City?

A) have you been B) were you C) had you been D) did you

15.No sooner had Mr.Green finished explaining the poem than the students questions ______ to pour in.

A) begin B) began C) beginning D) had begun

16.Our teacher said the Yellow River ______ the second largest river in China.

A) was B) were C) has been D) is

17.Perhaps I ______ reading the book by this time tomorrow.

A) will have finished B) will finish C) have finished D) would have finished

18.We ______ nearly a thousand miles when we reach London.

A) travel B) have traveled C) shall have traveled D) are traveling

19.I’ll ______ my sister at the airport at five o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

A) be meeting B) be met C) have met D) have been meeting

20.The little girl ______ fine deeds both at and out of school.

A) was always done B) is always doing C) had always done D) does always do

21.I had intended to ______ you an early reply,but I didn’t know how to get contact with you.

A) have given B) would give C) give D) giving

22.I was to ______ to see you yesterday,but I was too busy to get away.

A) come B) be coming C) have come D) coming

23.It is two years since I ______ you.

A) see B) have seen C) had seen D) saw

24.It is the third time that Tom ______ late for class.

A) has arrived B) arrives C) arrive D) is arriving

25.He will come to call on you the moment he ______ his work.

A) will finish B) finishes C) finished D) to finish

26.—Let’s hurry.The president is coming.

— Oh,I thought that we ______.

A) already miss him B) had already missed him

C) will miss him already D) have already missed him

27.The Smiths told Jack that they ______ a new car the next morning.

A) went to buy B) would be going to buy

C) were going to buy D) have gone buying

28.John and Mary ______ in September.

A) are to be married B) will marry C) is to marry D) is married

29.I liked to play football when I was at the university,but I broke a leg five years

ago and since then I ______.

A) haven’t played again B) didn’t play again

C) would not play again D) would have played again

30.It doesn’t matter who ______ there in his place.

A) will go B) go to C) went D) goes

31.When he graduates from the university this summer,Tom ______ here for four years.

A) will be studying B) will study C) will have studied D) studies

32.The little girl told me her name only after I ______ her mine.

A) had told B) told C) tell D) have told

33.I’d like to know when he ______ back.

A)is B) will be C) be D) would be

34.Whatever ______,you should keep cool-headed.

A) happened B) should happen C) will happen D) happens

35.I’ll let you have the book when I ______ through.

A) will be B) am going to be C) am D) shall be

36.________last year and is now earning his living as an advertising agent.

A) He left the school B) He has left school

C) He had left school D) He left school

37.I knew I could not finish the homework________.

A) by he had come B) until he has come C) when he comes D) before he came

38.The government________to approve the use of widespread surveillance when the Justice Department took objections.

A) is going B) had been C) was about D) is coming

39.I hadn’t expected James to apologize but I had hoped_______.

A) him calling me B) that he would call me C) him to call me D) that he call me

40.Do not disturb me.I_______letters all morning and have written ten so far.

A) write B) have written C) was writing D) have been writing

41.Mr.Brown_______here for two weeks.

A) has already been B) is already being C) has already been being D) is already

42.Hand in your papers when you______ the test.

A) are finishing B) will finish C)will have finished D) have finished

43.By the time the course ends,______ a lot about Britain.

A) we’ll learn B) we are learning C) we have learned D) we’ll have learnt

44.My father_______.

A) has forever criticized me B) forever criticizes me

C) does forever criticize me D) is forever criticizing me

45.James has just arrived,but I didn’t know he______until yesterday.

A) will come B)was coming C)had been coming D)comes

46.Whenever I ______ these days,I always carry my raincoat.

A) shall go out B) am going out C) would go out D) go out

47.I had hoped_______my letter.

A) her to answer B)that she answer C)that she would answer D)her answering

48.This is the first time _______really relaxed for months.

A) I’ve felt B)I feel C)felt D)I am feeling

49.They were quarrelling about the property their father ____ them when he_______.

A) left…died B)left…had been dead C)had left…di ed D)had left…was died

50.I_____that we would be able to leave tomorrow,but it’s beginnig to look difficult.

A) hoped B)had hoped C)was hoping D)would hope

51.The company_________a rise in salary for ages,but nothing has happened yet.

A) is promised B)has been promising C)is promising D)promised

52.There was a knock at the door.It was the second time someone_____me that evening.

A) had interrupted B)would have interrupted C)to have interrupted D)to interrupt

53.The new one way scheme______for just over six months,and traffic has improved considerably as a result.

A) has been operated B)has to be operated C)has been operating D)had operated

54.They were sweating all over because they ______ basketball for more than two hours.

A) were playing B)were to play C)were to have played D)had been playing

55.Ever since the world began,nations ______ difficulty in keeping peace with their neighbours.

A) have had B)have C)had D)had had

56.I would very much like to have gone to see the movie,but I ______ a ticket.

A) shall not have B)haven’t had C)don’t have D)didn’t have

57.When Kate came to call on me,I had just finished my washing and _______ to prepare my lunch.

A) have started B)would have started C)had been starting D)was starting

58.I ______ work last week,but I changed my mind.

A) were to start B)was to start C)was to have started D)had started

59.By the middle of the 21st century,the vast majority of the world’s popula tion ________ in cities rather than in the country.

A) are living B)will be living C)have lived D)will have lived

60.I’ll come to your office as soon as I ______ the paper.

A) obtain B)will obtain C)am to obtain D)have obtained



●被动语态的时态形式 ●各种句型的主动语态转换为被动语态的方法

●短语动词的被动语态 ●get型被动语态


语态是动词的一种形式,用来说明主语和谓语动词之间的关系。英语动词有两种语态:主动语态和被动语态。主动语态表示主语是谓语动词所表示的动作的执行者;被动语态表示主语是谓语动词所表示的动作的承受者。被动语态由―助动词be+及物动词的ed形式‖构成。助动词be 有人称、数和时态的变化。


1.The goods ______ when we arrived at the airport.

A) were just unloading B) were just being unloaded

C) had just unloaded D) were just been unloaded

2.The problem ______ for two hours at the meeting.

A) was discussed B) has discussed

C) has been being discussed D) has been discussed

3.Greater efforts to increase grain production ______ if food shortages are to be avoided.

A) is being made B) must be made C) have to make D) is making

4.The instruments will have to be carefully tested before they ______.

A) are being used B) will be used C) can be used D) use

5.Each pupil ______ an orange at the end of yesterday s party.

A) has been offered B) were offered C) was offered D) has offered

6.People who live along this road receive their mail in these boxes.But why are all of the ______?

A) grey painted mailboxes B) mailboxes grey painted

C) mailboxes painted grey D) painted grey mailboxes

7.It was not until man had learned how to make iron and steel that the construction of various machines ______ possible.

A) were made B) had made C) made D) was made

8.The man who doesn’t work ______ work.

A) made B) should be made to C) should be made D) has to be made

9.He was ______ to be clever but dishonest.

A) thought as B) thinking C) to think D) thought

10.John ______ the best singer in his class.

A) regards to be B) regards as C) has regarded as D) is regarded as

11.Mr.Smith ______ by a large majority vote at the board meeting.

A) has turned down B) was turned down C) was turned D) had turned down

12.The sports meet ______ because of the weather.

A) puts off B) was putted off C) was put off D) has put off

13.Such success ______ when we first started.

A) was never thought B) has never been thought

C) was never thought of D) did not think of

14.More and more attention ______ adult education both at home and abroad.

A) is paying to B) are paid to C) has being paid to D) has been paid to

15.Mary got angry when she realized she ______.

A) was being made fun of B) has been making fun of

C) is made fun of D) made fun of

16.— The ceremony has already started.

— Look! The flag is ______ now.

A) being raised B) being rose C) risen D) raising

17.Bill ______ a job in a factory,but he refused to take it.

A) was offered B) offered C) was offering D) had offered

18.In 1950,she was the largest ship that ______.

A) was ever built B) has ever built C) has ever been built D) had ever been built

19.I should very much like to go to the party,but ______.

A) I am not invited B) I have not been invited

C) I was not invited D) I will not be invited

20.The work ______ by the time you get here.

A) will have been done B)is done C) had been done D) would have done

21.The construction of the laboratory ______ by the end of next month.

A) must have completed B) must have been completed

C) must be completed D) must complete

22.The Anti-Japanese War ______ in 1937.

A) broke out B) was broken out C) had broken out D) was happened

23.She was told the examination ______ on Friday.

A) will be given B) would be given C) to be given D) is given

24.I’ll have to push the car to the side of the road because we ______ if we leave it here.

A) would be fined B) will be fined C) will being fined D) will have been fined

25.They believed that by using computers the production of their factory


A) will greatly increase B) would greatly increase

C) would be increased greatly D) will been great increased

26.Lenin often spoke to his comrades and ______ with enthusiasm.

A) was always listened to B) was always listened

C) always listened to D) always was listened

27.This film ______ this Saturday.

A) shows B) will show C) is to be shown D) is to show

28.The children ______ many times not to go near the river.

A) have told B) told C) have been told D) were being told

29.I think much attention ______ your pronunciation.

A) must be paid to B) ought be paid to C) must pay to D) should be paid by

30.John will have to go to work by bus as his car ______.

A) is repaired B) is being repaired C) is needed repairing D) is needed repairs

31.Most environmental problems exist because adequate measures for preventing them ______ taken in the past.

A) was not B)were not C)were not being D)being not

32.My pictures _______ until next week.

A) won’t develop B)aren’t developing C)don’t develop D)won’t be developed

33.All the apparatus _____ before the experiment began.

A) have been prepared B)were prepared C)had been prepared D)had prepared

34.It’s upsetting when a person ______ for a crime that he didn’t commit.

A) is punishing B)will punish C)have punished D)gets punished

35.Enough _______ on how to take useful things out of rubbish.

A) has said B)was said C)has been said D)will be said

36.The Smiths ______ rooms in the hotel,for their houses ______ in the explosion.

A) were given;had been destroyed B)gave;destroyed

C)was given;was destroyed D)gave;had been destroyed

37.I wasn’t surprised she ______ elected after all the efforts she made.

A) got B)took C)grew D)turned

38._______ thousands of different species of beetles.

A) There is known to be B)There are known to be

C)There is to be known D)Known there are to be

39.It is reported that a new railway station ______ there by the end of next month.

A) will be built B)has built C)was built D)will have been built

40.Your hair wants______.You’d better have it done tomorrow.

A) cut B)to cut C)cutting D)being cut