The girl

I could always saw the girl who lives in the building in front of my apartment. Her window confront the window of my bedroom. She looks so sweet and timid, and fixed with a bit muddled. I can not divert my attention now.

She put on her glasses when she was working.

She was walking barefoot in the living room.

She was sleeping with the air conditioner open.

Oh, she forgot to lock the door again.

I found that she was lonely, watching TV alone, eating alone. Just like me.

When she looked up at the table, I always wondered that she is about to find me. This possibility took my breath away at every turn.

“Oh, she brought a boy back.” I st ood in front of the window stiffly. My heart has started to wither. What should I do next?

Today, I decided to visit her after she went out from her house. This may be risky, but worth a tr y……

Standing in front of the window again, I feel excited when the timid girl entered my sight. She entered the room, accompanied by a shocked look. Obviously, the room which is full of messy scared her.

“Alas, you should blame yourself in that you forgot to lock

the door again. Sweetie.” I said playfully.