Environmental Aspects Identification and Evaluation Procedure


1. Purpose目的

This document provides a standard procedure for the identification, evaluation environmental aspects, conform significant environmental aspects and take effective measures to control. 识别评价环境因素,确定重大环境因素以便进行有效控制。

2. Scope范围

This document applies to the identification, evaluation environmental aspects and conformation of significant

environmental aspects among all activities, products and service in Arnold (Shenzhen).



3. Definition定义

3.1 Environmental aspect 环境因素:The factor of a n organization’s activities , products

or services that can interact with the environment. 一个组织的活动、产品或服务中能与环境发生相互作用的要素。

3.2 Significant environmental aspects 重要环境因素:Those aspects that have or can

have significant environment impact(s) on the environments .重要环境因素具有或可能具有重大的环境影响。

3.3 Environmental impact 环境影响: Any changes to the environment, whether adverse

or beneficial, wholly or partial ly resulting from an organization’s environmental aspects. 全部或部分地由组织的环境因素给环境造成的任何有害或有益的变化。

4. Reference参考文件

Nil 无

5. Responsibility职责

5.1 All relevant departments are responsible for the identification of environmental

aspects among his department. 各部门负责对本部门环境因素进行调查识别。

5.2 Management representative or authorized person is responsible for organizing to