Ever since the dawn of human cognition

Ever since the dawn of human cognition, we've pondered the question "What is the meaning in life?". Thousands of theorists, philosophers, and religious leaders have tried to develop a set of moral and spiritual principles in an attempt to answer the ultimate question. Methods on finding meanings in life vary as much as the people practice them. Different people will pursue different life goals depending on their cultural background, religious beliefs, and present day experience. For example, a Buddhist would devote his (her) life to escape the cycle of suffering and rebirth, by doing good and wholesome deeds to build a good karma and to resist the cravings that are perceived as sources of happiness in the modern world. On the other hand, a corporate investor may hold the view that the goal of life is power, whether over finance, economy or politics, and the steps to achieve this will be the principles that govern life. Thousands of years later, we are still looking for the meaning in life, and we will continue to do so. Since none of the current method has been proved universal, curiosity and the desire for happiness will drive the search for the one true answer. In the mean time, we can start with the little things, doing one deed at a time; trying to find that sense of purpose, fulfilling the heart.

Always I say it is down to choice. We may feel we are victims in a