Unit1 Section A


1) Time is money. 时间就是金钱。/一寸光阴一寸金。

2) Time is life and when the idle man kills time, he kills himself.


3) Time flies like an arrow, and time lost never returns. 光阴似箭,一去不返。

4) Time and tide wait for no man. 岁月不等人。

课文短语:停止不前:to stand still 想使每分钟有意义:to want every minute to count 致力于:to be committed to 宝贵资源:precious resource

造成······的结果:result in 在允许的时间内:within the time allowed

说明;解释:to account for 增进信任·······:to develop a sense of trust

同时发生;伴随:to go with 想引起别人注意:to seek attention

生活的节奏:the pace of life 在轻松的环境里:in relaxed surroundings

在手边:at hand 与陌生人闲聊:small exchanges with a stranger

亲身;亲自:in person 使工作开展起来:to get things moving

部分由于:to be due partly to 随着时间流逝:by the passage of time

在······眼里:in one’s eyes 千方百计地做:to work hard at the task of

1、to fall behind:落后;跟不上

扩展:求助于: to fall back upon 未能符合: to fall down on

与······失和: to fall out with 失败;落空: to fall through

eg. 他之所以被重用,是因为他总能尽职尽责。

(短语:be put in a key position / never fall down on obligations)

译:The reason why he is put in a key position is that he has never fallen down on obligations.

eg. 不怕落后有多远,就怕失去前进的勇气。

(短语:be better than / lose the courage to do sth. / move ahead)

译:However far you fall behind, it is better than losing the courage to move ahead.

2、be a slave to :是······的奴隶,受······支配

eg. 他作为金钱的奴隶,除了赚钱,对任何别的事情都不感兴趣。

(短语:anything other than / make money / take no interest in sth. )

译:Being a slave to money, he takes no interest in anything other than making money.

3、to have a rather acute sense of :深刻感受到


(短语:lack of knowledge / tend to / have a greater motive to do sth.)

译:He who has a rather acute sense of lack of knowledge tends to have a greater motive to learn.

4、under pressure:处于压力之下

扩展:在压力下: under stress

在控制中: under control

在······威胁之下: under the threat of

受到怀疑: under suspicion

eg. 医学界没能控制住病毒,这将每位市民都置于被感染的威胁之下。

(短语:the medical community / keep the virus under control / get infected

译:The medical community failed to keep the virus under control, which put every citizen under the threat of getting infected.

eg. 王进喜生前常说,井没压力不出油;人没压力轻飘飘。

(短语:during one’s lifetime / under no pressure / produce oil / under no stress / grow light-headed)

译:During his lifetime, Wang Jin-xi used to say, ―A well, under no pressure, does not produce oil, while a man, under no stress, grows light-headed.‖

5、to race through:匆匆完成

扩展:经历: to go through

用完,完成某事,通过: to get through

经历某事而幸存: to live through

传来;康复,还活着: to come through

eg. 医生说如果他能度过当晚,他存活的可能性就很大。

(短语:live through that night / stand a great chance of survival)

译:The doctor said if he could live through that night, he stood a great chance of survival.

eg. 由于急着去赴约,她匆匆忙完手头的事情。

(短语:eager to do sth. / fulfill an appointment / the matter at hand

译:Eager to fulfill an appointment, she raced through the matter at hand.

6、beyond a certain appropriate point :不得当地,不得体地

eg. 就此事而言,不宜矫枉过正。

(短语:as far as sth. is concerned / it is no good doing sth. / right sth. )

译:As far as the matter is concerned, it is no good righting it beyond a certain appropriate point.

7、a steady flow of :一系列的/······的稳定流动

eg. 常发短信被视为增进友谊的流行方式。

(短语:a constant flow of short messages / be taken as / enrich friendship / a popular way of )

译:A constant flow of short messages is taken as a popular way of enriching friendship.

8、to have little or no relation to :与······关系不大或没有关系

扩展:与······没有关系: have nothing to do with

与······没有关系: have no bearing on

与······没有关系: have no connection with

eg. 家庭背景与他事业上的成就无关。

(短语:family background / one’s achievements in career)

译:His family background has no bearing on his achievements in career.

eg. 他学习差与其智力无关,但与其懒惰有很大关系。

(短语:one’s poor performance in study / intelligence / laziness / have much to do wi th)

译:His poor performance in study has no relation to his intelligence, but has much to do with his laziness.

9、to give added weight to :更加重视······

扩展:重视: attach/lend weight to

非常重要: be of great weight

很重要/不重要: carry much/little weight

eg. 由于农业对一个国家的经济发展十分重要,我国开始更加重视这一问题。

(短语:economic development / be of great weight / attach added weight to)

译:Since agriculture is of great weight to the economic development of a nation, our country begins to attach added weight to it.

eg. 在一些女孩看来,她们对男友的冷淡会使自己在爱情游戏中的身价进一步加码。

(短语:in the eyes of sb. / one’s indifference to sb. / one’s status in the game of love )

译:In the eyes of some girls, their indifference to their boyfriends will give added weight to their status in the game of love.

10、to be taken as a sign of :被视为······的标志

eg. 现如今,玩不转人际关系就被视为是无能的表现。

(短语:one’s failure to do sth. / handle interpersonal relations well / be incompetent)

译:Nowadays, one’s failure to handle interpersonal relations well is taken as a sign of being incompetent.


1、Sb. does sth., doing … and doing … (渐进句) 某人做某事,做······,做······




City people always appear to be hurrying to get where they are going, restlessly seeking attention in a store, or elbowing others as they try to complete their shopping.

eg. 他热衷于邪门歪道,不停地拉关系,走后门。

(短语:take great pleasure in sth. / dishonest practices / never cease to do sth. / establish underhand connections / exploit underhand connections for personal gains )

译:He takes great pleasure in dishonest practices, never ceasing to establish underhand connections and exploit them for personal gains.

eg. 他对自己父母的教诲都不予理睬,更别说听你的建议了。

(短语:sb’s teaching / turn a deaf ear to sth. / follow your advice

译:He turns a deaf ear to his parents’ te aching, much less will he follow your advice.

2、Sb. do not do sth., much less do sb. do sth. else.某人不做某事,更不用说做其他事。




Normally, Americans do not assess their visitors in such relaxed surroundings over extended small talk; much less do they take them out for dinner, or around on the golf course while they develop a sense of trust.

eg. 她从不讨好别人,更不会委身事人。

(短语:seek favor with others / submit oneself to the service of others)

译:She never seeks favor with others, much less does she submit herself to the service of others.

much less,引导的词组或从句,表示一种追加的否定。less是由little的否定意义而来的,所以这个词组只能用于否定句中,意为"更不用说、更不必说"。后面可跟名词,代词和从句。

much less还可以作为一个比较级,意为“更少的”,此时后面接不可数名词。

如:The father can't even discipline himself much less setting a good example to his children. There will be much less pollution in the future.

3、Sb. do sth. by / through … rather than by / through …, which, though …, … —especially given …某人是通

过······而不是通过······做某事。虽然后者······, 但却······,尤其是考虑到······。注:用于强调―对某人做事的辩证分析‖。

rather than,表示客观事实,意为―是……而不是……;与其……不如……‖。它连接的并列成分可以是名词、代词、形容词、介词(短语)、动名词、分句、不定式、动词等。


触。虽然面对面接触令人愉快,但却要花更多的时间, 尤其是在马路上交通拥挤的时候。

…we communicate rapidly through faxe s, phone calls or emails rather than through personal contacts, which though pleasant, take longer—especially given our traffic-filled streets.

eg. 在这种下雪天,我宁愿乘公交, 也不愿自己开车去上班。虽然自己开车自在,但更加危险,特别是考虑到我糟糕的驾驶技术。

(短语:on such a snowy day / go to work / one’s poor skills in driving)

译:On such a snowy day, I would go to work by bus rather than by driving my car, which, though comfortable, is more dangerous, — especially given my poor skills in driving.

eg. 人获得知识要靠勤奋而不靠投机。尽管后者更省力,但是一种自我欺骗,特别是考虑到未来职业的需要。

(短语:acquire knowledge / through diligence / through trickery / free from hard work / a self-deception / the demand of future career)

译:One should acquire knowledge through diligence rather than through trickery, which, though freer from hard work, is a self-deception — especially given the demand of future career.

4、To some, sth. have little relation to sth. else. To others, nothing can be done without (doing) sth. else.在一些人




没有关系。在有些国家, 如果没有目光接触,就做不成大生意,这需要面对面的交谈。

To us the impersonality of electronic communication has little or no relation to the significance of the matter at hand. In some countries no major business is conducted without eye contact, requiring face-to-face conversation.

eg. 对于美国人,买卖成功与宴请无关。而对于中国人,无一连串宴请则无法成交。

(短语:success in a deal / a steady flow of feasts)

译:To Americans, success in a deal has no relation to feasts. To Chinese, no deal can be made without a steady flow of feasts.

eg. 在一些人看来,真爱与财富的数量无多大关系;然而在另一些人看来,没有充足的金钱爱情免谈。

(短语:the amount of wealth / adequate money / no access to sth. / be allowed)

译:To some people, true love has little relation to the amount of wealth. To others, no access to love can be allowed without adequate money.

5、Sb./Sth. does /is sth., whereas/while sb./sth. else does /is sth. else




This is due partly to the fact that the telephone service is superb here, whereas the postal service is less efficient. eg. 人的生命是有限的,而其对生命的热情却是无限的。

(短语:be finite / one’s passion for life / be infinite)

译:One’s life is finite, whereas one’s passion for life is infinite.

6、Unless …, it seems in one’s eyes (to one’s mind) as if …




Unless a certain amount of time is allowed to elapse, it seems in their eyes as if the task being considered were insignificant, not worthy of proper respect.

eg. 如果没为孩子提供力所能及的一切,中国父母就觉得好像对孩子关照不够。

(短语:provide everything for sb. / within one’s power / not care enough for sb.

译:Unless they provide everything within their power for their child, it seems in the eyes of Chinese parents as if they did not care enough for him / her.

Unit3 Section A

1.ups and downs:盛衰;浮沉

eg. 回首往事,夫妇二人庆幸彼此互相扶持、共同经历人生的起起落落。

(短语:look back on the past / stick up for each other/ through the ups and downs in life)

译:Looking back on the past, the couple felt lucky that they could stick up for each other through the ups and downs in life.

2.to be open with each other:开诚布公

eg. 作为朋友,我们要开诚布公,而不是相互猜疑。

(短语:rather than / feel doubtful about )

译:As friends, we should be open with each other rather than feel doubtful about one another.

3.to be involved with sth. :热衷于某事

eg. 她过分热衷于打探他人的隐私,因而与人处不好关系。

(短语:sb.’s privacy / be on good terms with sb. )

译:She is too involved with others’ privacy to be on good terms with people.

扩展:对······着迷: to be obsessed with

忙于······: to be occupied with

为······所困: to be seized / cursed with

为······所动: to be touched with

eg. 为情所困者难于理性思维。

(短语:be cursed with emotion / find it hard to do sth. / think in a rational way )

译:Those cursed with emotion find it hard to think in a rational way.

4.to have/harbor (no) illusions abou t …:对······(不)抱幻想

eg. 尽管男孩意识到女孩不喜欢他, 但他仍对他们的爱情前景抱有幻想。

(短语:aware of / one’s dislike for sb. / harbor the prospects of one’s love )

译:The boy, though aware of the girl’s dislike for him, harbored illusions about the prospects of their love. 扩展:错误地相信······: be under the illusion that …

对······不存幻想: be under no illusion about/as to sth.

错误地认为······: cherish the illusion that

eg. 遭遇了一个又一个的不幸,他对幸福生活不再抱有幻想。

(短语:hit with / one misfortune after the next )

译:Hit with one misfortune after the next, he is under no illusion about a happy life.

5.to hold … for sb./sth. :对某人/事意味着······

eg. 一个人的未来如何将与其今天所做的努力息息相关。

(短语:make effort / rest most with sth. )

译:What the future holds for one will rest most with what effort one makes today.

6.to work out :以某种方式发展

eg. 我们要做最坏的打算,因为事情不可能像预料的那样发展。

(短语:prepare for the worst / as expected )

译:We need to prepare for the worst, for things may not work out as expected.

扩展:从事,致力于: to work at the task of

对······起作用/从事于······: to work on

有助于: to work for

继续干: to work away

eg. 只管埋头拉车不顾抬头看路是不明智的。

(短语:work at the task of / pull one’s cart / without bothering to do sth. / look up at one’s road)

译:It is unwise of you to work at the task of pulling your cart without bothering to look up at your road. 7.to be supportive of :支持,赞成

eg. 她虽然赞同儿子的志向,但对其做法看不惯。

(短语:sb’s ambition / sb’s way of doing things / frown upon )

译:Supportive of her son’s ambition, she frowned upon his way of doing things.

扩展:怀疑······: to be doubtful of

确信······: to be confident of

对······不满,挑剔: to be critical of

渴望······: to be desirous of

eg. 这群年轻人渴望成名与财富,所以抓住每次机会展示自己。

(短语:desirous of fame and wealth / take every occasion / demonstrate oneself )

译:This group of young people, desirous of fame and wealth, took every occasion to demonstrate themselves.

8.to harbor reservations about… :对······持保留意见

eg. 他服从多数人的意见,但对此决定仍持保留意见。

(短语:submit to the majority )

译:He submitted to the majority, but still harbored reservations about the decision.

扩展:怀着······的愿望: harbor a wish for

对······抱不切实际的想法: harbor unrealistic notions about

热爱······: harbor a deep love for

对······心怀憎恨: harbor hatred for

eg. 长期遭到继母的虐待,男孩对她心怀怨恨。

(短语:for long / be subjected to abuse)

译:Subjected to abuse by his stepmother for long, the boy harbors resentment for her.

9.to have sb./sth. for… :有某人/物作····

eg. 总的说来,那些喜欢拿父母当靠山的人往往表现出强烈的优越感。

(短语:in general / have sb. for a backer / show a strong sense of superiority )

译: In general, those who love having their parents for backers tend to show a strong sense of superiority.

10.at one’s worst :最差的时候;最糟糕的时候

eg. 任何人一旦被卷入爱河,总希望心上人看到自己最好的一面,而不是最糟的一面。

(短语:be involved in the river of love / see one at one’s best / rather than)

译:Anyone, once involved in the river of love, always wishes his sweetheart to see him at his best rather than at his worst.

课文短语:面对某人的弱点和长处:confront the weaknesses and strengths of sb.

增强我们的关系:enhance our relationship

仇恨微妙的表现形式:subtle forms of hatred

永不枯竭的力量源泉:the continual source of strength

花时间去做······:take the time to do sth.

经历一场痛苦的婚变:go through a painful divorce

一度:for a time

造成负面影响:have a negative effect on

处于萌芽状态的关系: a budding relationship

把消息告知家人:spread the news to one’s family

建议某人做某事:counsel sb. to do sth.

跟某事无关:have nothing to do with sth.

表面上:on the surface

以诚恳的态度对待某事:approach sth. with an honest attitude

获悉;听说:learn of …

在······方面有问题:have problems with

负责;处理:take care of …

清楚地表明:make it very clear that …

接着做某事:proceed to do sth.

解决全部疑难问题:resolve all doubt


1、One avoids the mistake made by the other of doing sth. for the wrong reasons, and only finding out some time

later that …



原文:许多夫妻因为错误的理由结了婚, 结果在10年、20年或30年后才发觉他们原来是合不来的。他们······。


We wanted to avoid the mistake made by many couples of marrying for the wrong reasons, and only finding out ten, twenty, or thirty years later that they were incompatible, that ...


(短语:seek economic growth / one’s gain / one’s loss / be smaller than / manage to )

译:China should manage to avoid the mistake made by developed countries of seeking economic growth for the wrong reasons, and only finding out many years later that their gain was smaller than their loss.

2、Sb. does sth. in the expectation that … :某人做某事,期望/指望着······

注:用于表述“某人做某事时的期望或目的” 。


They overlooked serious personality conflicts in the expectation that marriage was an automatic way to make everything work out right.

eg.许多学生从大学毕业时, 指望很快能找到称心的工作。

(短语:graduate from / in accordance with one’s wishes / land a job )

译.Many students graduate from college in the expectation that they can soon land jobs in accordance with their wishes.

3、Instead of (doing) sth. upon doing…, sb. do sth. else.




Instead of congratulations upon hearing our news, Deborah counseled Gail to be really sure she was doing the right thing.


(短语:at sb.’s gossip / blow one’s top / with a laugh / shrug sth. off )

译.Instead of blowing his top at other s’ gossip, he shrugged it off with a laugh.

4、One’s biggest worry is that the other may do sth. (else) for the same wrong reason that one did sth.某人最大




My biggest worry is that you may be marrying Mark for the same wrong reasons that I married your father. eg.我最大的担心,是我弟弟也会像我当初干蠢事一样,为了错误的原因而做傻事。

(短语:do something stupid / do a dumb thing )

译:My biggest worry is that my brother may do a dumb thing for the same wrong reasons that I ever did something stupid.

Unit4 Section A

1、to focus one’s eyesight on:注视;盯着

eg. 他们彼此用炽热的目光注视着,心中充满了激情。

(短语:focus one’s burning eyesight on sb. / with one’s heart full of passion )

译:They focused their burning eyesight on each other, with their hearts full of passion.

扩展:将注意力集中在······: focus one’s attention on

将思想集中在······: focus one’s mind on

将精力集中在······: focus one’s energy on

eg. 他的学习效率很高,因为他能够在课堂上全神贯注地听讲。

(短语:be efficient in sth. / in class / the lecture)

译:He is very efficient in learning, for he can focus all his attention on the lecture in class.

2、to fill a special place in one’s life :在某人的生命中占有特殊地位

eg. 青春最遗憾的莫过于抓不住未来幸福中占主导地位的东西。

(短语:the saddest thing about youth / failure to take hold of )

译:The saddest thi ng about youth is the failure to take hold of what will fill a leading place in one’s future happiness.

3、without fail :必定;总是

eg. 成功总是眷顾那些不畏艰险勇往直前的人。

(短语:care for / regardless of / hardships and dangers / keep moving ahead )

译:Success cares, without fail, for those who keep moving ahead regardless of hardships and dangers.

4、to forbid… from… :禁止······做······

eg. 使她感到极为惊讶的是,越不想让儿子做什么,他就越想做什么。

(短语:much to one’s surprise / be eager to do something)

译:Much to her surprise, the more his son is forbidden from doing something, the more eager he is to do it.

扩展:明令禁止······做······: to ban … from…

禁止······做······: to prohibit … from…

阻止······做······: to prevent … from…

阻碍······做······: to hinder … from…

eg. 学生在宿舍里吸烟的情况屡禁不止,这让校方极为头疼。

(短语:in the dormitories / fail again and again to do sth. / a great headache for sb.)

译:It is a great headache for the school to fail again and again to forbid the students from smoking in dormitories.

5、to sport patches of gray :显露斑斑灰白

eg. 夏去秋来,苹果园呈现出片片成熟的景象,散发着阵阵果香。

(短语:give way to / apple orchard / patches of ripeness / send out / spells of fruity smell )

译:With summer giving way to autumn, the apple orchard sports patches of ripeness, and sends out spells of fruity smell.

6、more than :十分;不止是

eg. 这道菜最合我的口味,因为它不是一般的好吃。

(短语:the dish of food / be to one’s taste / delicious )

译:This dish of food is most to my taste, for it is more than delicious.

7、to vanish into :消失

eg. 人最大的失败是看着自己一生的努力化为乌有。

(短语:the failure of one’s failures / one’s lifelong effort / vanish into vo id)

译:The failure of one’s failures is to see one’s lifelong effort vanish into void.

8、to compress … into …:把······压缩成······

eg. 他千言万语汇成一句话:他对你的爱一如既往。

(短语:all one’s words / one’s love for sb. / remain what sth. has ever been )

译:All his words are compressed into one sentence——His love for you remains what it has ever been.

扩展:将······转化为······: convert …into …

将······变成······: turn …into …

将······凝练成······: condense …into …

将······调教成······: mould …into …

eg. 让学生用几句话来概括文章极有助于培养他们的写作技能。

(短语:a few sent ences / condense …into … / be of much help to sth. / cultivation of sth.)

译:It is of much help to the cultivation of the students’ writing skill to ask them to condense articles into a few sentences.

9、to long for :渴望

eg. 他的幸福源于他得到了自己一直渴望的东西。

(短语:stem from / the attainment of sth. )

译:His happiness stems from the attainment of what he has been longing for.

扩展:渴望,渴求: to thirst / yearn for

寻求,追求: to seek / search for

期盼, 盼望: to hope / wish for

为······奋斗: to strive / struggle for

eg. 什么也比不上人们追求错了人生目标更糟糕。

(短语:be worse than the fact that … / seek for a wrong life goal )

译:Nothing is worse than the fact that one has sought for a wrong life goal.

10、to resist the urge to do sth. :克制做某事的冲动

eg. 人的理智在于及时克制犯错误的冲动。

(短语:lie in / in time / resist the urge to…)

译:One’s reason lies in resisting the urge to make mistake.

扩展:克制······的冲动: to resist the impulse to

克制······的欲望: to resist the desire to

抑制······的诱惑: to resist the temptation to

顶住······的压力: to resist the pressure to

eg. 一些官员经不住滥用职权的诱惑,从而走上了犯罪的道路。

(短语:abuse one’s power / step on the way to crime)

译:Some officials couldn’t resist the temptation to abuse their power, thus stepping on the way to crime.

课文短语:自愿参军:to volunteer for military service

祝某人平安:to wish sb. safety

出发那天:on the day of departure

感激某人的支持:to appreciate sb’s support

一遍遍读某人的信:to read sb’s letter again and again

收到某人的回信:to receive sb’s reply

战争的艰苦岁月里:during the difficult days of war

从未减少过:without decrease

谢绝某人的要求: without decrease

解释反对的理由:to explain one’s objection

可以自由做某事:to be free to do sth.

感到与某人有联系:to feel a connection with sb.

立刻:right away

犹如春天般生气盎然:like springtime comes alive

嘴角露出笑容:smile forms on one’s lips

与某人同路:to go sb’s way

向某人靠进一步:to make one step closer to sb.

一位四十好几的女人:a woman well past forty

让别人认出他:to identify him to others

因某事而感激某人:to be thankful to sb. for sth.


1、While all of people/sth.…, sb./sth. is the only person/thing to do sth. else:尽管所有人/物都······,某人/物是




And while they all got strength from it, and appreciated her support of their cause, John Blandford was the only person to write Ms. Meynell back.

eg. 尽管他们都得到过她的恩惠,但只有他恩将仇报。

(短语:obtain kindness fro m sb. / return hate for one’s love)

译:While all of them obtained kindness from her, he was the only one to return hate for her love.


(短语:people present / be discontented with sth. / the move / tell the truth)

译:While all the people present are discontented with the move, he is the only one to tell the truth.

2、Even when …, sb. does sth. without decrease. 即使······,某人仍然一如既往做某事,从未减少。



When his letters did not arrive, she wrote anyway, without decrease.

eg. 即使诱惑无处不在,他仍然一如既往地坚持自己的行为准则,从未降低过。

(短语:temptation / all around / cling to one’s principles of conduct )

译:Even when temptation is all around, he clings to his principles of conduct anyway, without decrease.

3、As long as …, sb. feels as though…:只要······,某人就感觉好像······



As long as he received letters from her, he felt as though he could survive.

eg. 只要一站到讲台上,这位教师就感觉自己好像年轻了十岁。

(短语:as long as / the platform / feel as though / younger)

译:As long as she stands on the platform, the teacher feels as though she were ten years younge r.

4、Suppose … Sb. would do sth. Suppose… (opposite to the previous). Sb. would do sth. else. Either way, sb.




Suppose I’m beautiful. I’d always be bothered by the feeling that you loved me for my beauty, and that kind of love would disgust me. Suppose I’m plain. Then I’d always fear you were writing to me only because you were lonely and had no one else. Either way, I would forbid myself from loving you.

eg. 假如我的生命短暂得只有十八年,我会使我的生命充满灿烂。假如我的生命长达八十年,那我也不会虚度我生命的每一天。不论是哪种情况,我都会珍惜生命的每个瞬间。

(短语:be as short (long) as / make life shine with brilliance / waste each day of one’s life / hold dear)

译:Suppose my life is as short as eighteen years. I would make it shine with brilliance. Suppose my life is as long as eighty years. I would not waste each day of my life. Either way, I would hold dear every moment of life.

eg. 假如他辞去工作,他将丧失经济来源。假如他留在公司,他将继续承受许多不公正待遇。不论哪种情况,他都将感到很难过。

(短语:quit the job/ lose the source of income/ remain in the company/ continue to/ suffer from/ unfair treatment/ feel unhappy)

译:Suppose he quits the present job. He would lose the source of income. Suppose he remains in the company. He would continue to suffer from many unfair treatments. Either way, he would feel unhappy.

5、So … is sth., yet so … is st h. else :某物如此······,然而另一物又如此······



so strong was his desire to follow the girl, yet so deep was his longing for the woman whose spirit had truly companioned and brought warmth to his own.

eg. 她多么渴望能和那个没钱但很爱她的男孩结婚,但她又深深地向往着那个不爱她但将要继承大笔财产的男孩。

(短语:long for / be in line for sth. / a big wealth)

译:So strong was her desire to marry the boy who does not have money but loves her, yet so deep was her longing for

the boy who does not love her but is in line for a big wealth.

6、Sth. will be sth. + adj., sth. perhaps even more / less+ adj. than sth. else …:某物将成为一样······东西,一样




…, it would be something precious, something perhaps even less common than love – a friendship for which he had been, and would always be, thankful.

eg. 她人生的这段插曲将成为一样有益的东西,一样可能比金钱更有价值的东西——一种她一直、也将永远感激的人生馈赠。

(短语:this episode / something worthwhile / more valuable than / be thankful / a gift of life)

译:This episode in her life will be something worthwhile, something perhaps more valuable than money——a gift of life for which she has been, and will always be thankful.

eg. 他的过去不堪回首,但这可能是比任何东西都不易忘却的事情——一次他将在未来的生活中永远汲取的沉痛教训。

(短语:be unbearable to recall / less forgettable than sth. / learn from a bitter lesson)

译:His past is unbearable to recall, but something perhaps less forgettable than anything else—a bitter lesson from which he will always learn in the life to come.

Unit6 Section A

课文短语:促使结识新朋友;to encourage new acquaintances

与她的优雅举止相配:to suit her elegant manner

填写申请表:to fill out an application form

自己感到好多了:to feel more comfortable with oneself

有积极含义的名字:names with a positive sense

增加······的信心:to add self-confidence to…

是······的特征:to be characteristic of 从古至今:throughout history

用A代替B:to substitute A for B 在某种程度上:to some extent

拒绝一次约会:to turn down a blind date 相关的:to be related to

认真对待某事:to take sth. seriously 互送秋波:to exchange glances

没有偏见:free from prejudiced notions 对······有罪责的:to be guilty of

是······的真实写照:to be descriptive of…

更适合做厨师:to be more qualified to be a cook

智商测试考得好:to perform better on IQ tests

受同伴欢迎程度:one’s popularity with one’s peers

1、to become attached to :附属于

eg. 女人最悲惨的事,莫过于对男人的依附。

(短语:the saddest thing about sb. / become attached to sb.)

译:The saddest thing about women is that they become attached to men.

扩展:热爱;依恋: be attached to

不看重: attach little importance to

十分重视: attach most weight to

参加: attach oneself to

eg. 尽管家乡贫穷,他仍深深地眷恋那里的一草一木。

(短语:despite the poverty of one’s hometown / every little thing )

译:Despite the poverty of his hometown, he is deeply attached to every little thing there.

2、to work for:有助于

eg. 最有助于一个人成长的是逆耳忠言。

(短语:most work for sth. / honest advice unpleasant to the ear)

译:What most works for one’s growth is honest advice unpleasant to the ear.

扩展:掺入;穿插: to work in/into

对······有作用: to work on

制定/ 想出/ 有效: to work out

准备/酝酿/逐渐激动: to work up

eg. 他的讲话艺术就是知道何时何地穿插一个有趣的笑话。

(短语:one’s art of speaking / a funny joke )

译:His art of speaking is to know when and where to work a funny joke into it.

3、to press for:催促/竭力争取

eg. 具有讽刺意味的是,你现在竭力争取的恰恰是你未曾珍惜的。

(短语:it is ironic that … / fail to cherish)

译:It is ironic that what you press for now is just what you once failed to cherish.

扩展:继续进行: to press on/ahead with

团团围住: to press around

迫近: to press upon

不够/缺乏: to be pressed for

eg. 时间紧迫,因此我们要加紧努力,设法达成协议。

(短语:be pressed for time / press ahead with one’s efforts / reach an agreement)

译:We are pressed for time, so we must press ahead with our efforts to reach an agreement.

4、to take charge of:负责/管理

eg. 每个公民一旦懂得为自己的言行负责之时,则是诚信回归社会之日。

(短语:every citizen / one’s words and deeds / come back into)

译:Once every citizen knows to take charge of his words and deeds, it will be the day when honesty comes back into society.

扩展:免费: free of charge

自费: at one’s own char ge

由······负责/掌管: in sb.’s charge

因······的罪名: on (a/ the) charge of

eg. 在他的掌管下,公司终于扭亏为盈。

(短语:in sb.’s charge / company / turn loss into gain)

译:In his charge, the company finally turned loss into gain.

5、to be stuck with sth.:被······束缚/被······所困

eg. 她由于受思维定式所困,无法从其痛苦中解脱出来。

(短语:the fixed pattern of thinking / lift oneself out of / one’s pain)

译:Stuck with the fixed pattern of thinking, she could not lift herself out of her pain.

扩展:坚持(干某事): to stick at

支持/拥护: to stick by

坚持/忠于: to stick to

处于困境: to be/get stuck

eg. 他始终坚持这一信条:有容乃大。

(短语:stick to the belief / have tolerance / grow broad)

译:He has always stuck to the belief that, the more tolerance one has, the broader one’s mind grows.

6、to add sth. to sth. else:给······增添······

eg. 一连串的小成功为他向更大的成就奋斗增添了信心。

(短语:a succession of / one’s striving for sth. )

译:A succession of little successes adds confidence to his striving for a greater one.

7、for better or (for) worse:无论好坏/不管怎样

eg. 不论怎样,人们彼此真诚的牵挂会增进相互间的友谊。

(短语:one’s sincere concern for sb. / add to sth.)

译:For better or worse, people’s sincere concern for each other will add to their friendship.

8、to convey sth. to sb.:给某人传递某事

eg. 他正是通过不停发短信向女孩传递着他深深的眷恋之情。

(短语:through a constant flow of / one’s strong attachment to sb.)

译:It is through a constant flow of short messages that he conveys to the girl his strong attachment to her.

9、to be ill at ease:不自在

eg. 换位思考有助于我们学会使局促不安的人放松下来。

(短语:stand in another’s shoes / learn how to ease sb.)

译:Standing in another’s shoes helps us learn how to ease those ill at ease.

10、to project sth. on sb.:把······附加在某人身上

eg. 问题的关键,是父母们把自己的一厢情愿附加在孩子们身上。

(短语:what matters is that … / one-sided wishes)

译:What matters is that parents project their one-sided wishes on their children.


1、As sth. be / do, so be / do sth. else. 甲事物如同乙事物。


原文:人如其名:As His Name Is, So Is He!

eg. 天道酬勤。

(短语:ways of heaven / rewards for diligence)

译:As ways of heaven are, so are rewards for diligence.

2、One day, while doing sth., sb. impulsively did sth. else.一天,在做某事时,某人心血来潮做了另一事。



One day, while filling out an application form for a publishing job, the young woman impulsively substituted her middle name, Lynne, for her first name Debbie.

eg. 一天,在苹果树下休息时,牛顿心血来潮自问道:为什么苹果往地上掉?

(短语:rest under a tree / fall down to the earth )

译:One day, while resting under an apple tree, Newton impulsively asked himself why the apples fell down to the earth.

3、As soon as one stops doing sth. / stops to do sth., one feels comfortable / uncomfortable with oneself.一旦某人




As soon as I stopped calling myself Debbie, I felt more comfortable with myself…

eg. 一旦他停下手头的事,去玩网络游戏,他就感到很舒服。

(短语:stop to do sth. / play online games)

译:As soon as he stopped to play online games, he felt very comfortable with himself.

4、Sb. do sth. Even so, sb. else refuse to do sth. else. 某人做了某事。即便如此,另一人仍拒绝做另一事。


原文:······我确实曾一度设法成为了一名艺术评论家。即便如此,一家著名杂志一直拒绝把―乔‖作为我的文章署名,而是用我名字的首字母J. S. 来代替。

…I did manage to become an art critic for a time. Even so, one prominent magazine consistently refused to print

―Joe‖ in my by-line, using my first initials, J. S., instead.

eg. 他的确在公开场合为自己的做法表示了歉意。即便如此,国家队仍不能原谅他。

(短语:express one’s apology for one’s conduct / national team / forgive sb.)

译:He did express his apology in public for his conduct. Even so, the national team refused to forgive him.

5、Though sb. would like to think himself free from …, sb. be ….虽然某人认为自己没有······,但是······(并非




Though most of us would like to think ourselves free from such prejudiced notions, we’re all guilty of name stereotyping to some extent.

eg. 虽然我们都认为自己不受金钱的诱惑,但我们常常为赚钱所困, 而不能自拔。

(短语:lure of money / be stuck in sth. / money making)

译:Though we all like to think ourselves free from the lure of money, we are often stuck in money making.

6、If sth. no longer seem to do sth., there is no need to do sth. else; ….(建议/劝导) 如果某事似乎不再······,不




If your name no longer seems to fit you, don’t despair; you aren’t stuck with the label.

eg. 如果你的人生目标似乎不再适合你,不必勉强。你最好考虑换个目标。

(短语:the target for one’s life / compel o neself / entertain an alternative target)

译:If the target for your life no longer seems to fit you, there is no need to compel yourself. You’d better entertain an alternative target.

Unit7 Section A

课文短语:减轻负担:to lighten one’s load 感到受不了:to feel overwhelmed

对自己负责:to take charge of oneself 本质上, 内在地:on the interior

心脏病发作:to suffer a heart attack 缺乏控制力:lack of control

压力的预测指标:the predictor of stress 痛苦的根源:the root of pain

生闷气:to stir the anger within sb. 平静下来:to calm down

不擅长此道:not to be good at that way 记住:to keep sth. in mind

因······而跨下来:to blow apart with sth.

没有安全的发泄渠道:with no safety outlet

经济上独立:to be financially independent

思维上活跃:to be stimulated intellectually

保持性情平和:to remain even-tempered

列出事物的清单:to make a list of things

根据······的观点:from one’s viewpoint

无法控制某事:to have no control over sth.

1、to spin out of control:迅速失去控制

eg. 不论形势多么严重,他从不让理智失控。

(短语:grow grave / let one’s senses spin out of control)

译:No matter how grave situations grow, he never lets his senses spin out of control.

扩展:失控: beyond control/out of control

控制住某事: to bring … under control

无拘束地: without control

能控制某事: to have control over sth.


(短语:only when …/ have an active control over / reap true happines s from sth.)

译:Only when you learn to have an active control over your moods will you reap true happiness from life.

2、beyond one’s control:超出某人的控制范畴


(短语:keep one’s mind at peace / not bother to do sth. / take sth. on)

译:To keep yo ur mind at peace, you needn’t bother to take on what is beyond your con trol.

3、among other things:除了其他事情之外


(短语:be best at / lift sth. from sth. else / the fruits from others’ labor)

译:What he is best at, among other things, is to lif t the fruits from others’ labor.

4、to be all things to all people / all men :有求必应;八面玲珑


(短语:for sb. to do sth. / think highly of sb. / know well the art of doing sth.)

译:For everyone to think highly of her, she knows well the art of being all things to all people.

扩展:刁难某人: to make things warm for

半途而废: to do things by halves

照目前情况: as things stand

据实而言: to call things by their names


(短语:on purpose)

译:To call things by their names, they are making things warm for us on purpose.

5、to blow one’s top:勃然大怒/大发雷霆


(短语:informed of the news that … / become attracted to sb.)

译:Informed of the news that his girlfriend had become attracted to another boy, he blew his top.

6、to have no compass in life:生活没有方向


(短语:be the equivalent of / one bird with broken wings)

译:One who has no compass in life is the equivalent of one bird with broken wings.

7、to give emphasis to …:看重/强调······


(短语:sb’s academic performance / be harmful to / the development of one’s creativity)

译:Giving undue emphasis to your child’s academic performance is harmful to the development of his / her creativity. 扩展:过分强调: lay undue emphasis on

用力: with emphasis

为了强调: for emphasis

值得重视: deserve/merit emphasis


(短语:a new economic policy / be evolved / with special emphasis on / reduce inflation)

译:A new economic policy has been evolved, with special emphasis on reducing inflation

8、on one’s trail:在······路上


(短语:hot on one’s trail of / science’s frontiers / have no time / attend to / domestic trifles)

译:Hot on his trail of science’s frontiers, he has no time to attend to domestic trifles.

9、to set/ establish one’s priorities:确定优先做的事情


(短语:meet challenges / be faced with)

译:To meet many challenges you are faced with, it is best to set your priorities.

扩展:优先考虑: to give priority to

依次: according to priority

得到······的优先权: to take priority of

至关重要: top priority


(短语:in one’s promotion of sales)

译:In their promotion of sales, many shops give priority to women and children.


10、to flow with sth.:与······相容/溢满/ 富有


(短语:fight with / learn to )

译:There are many things i n your life, with which you can’t fight but must learn to flow.

扩展:流逝: to flow away

不太影响: to flow over

外流: to flow out of

出自: to flow from


(短语:wisdom / knowledge and experience / wealth / industry and economy)

译:Wisdom flows from knowledge and experience, while wealth from industry and eco


1、If sb. …, like … (从句), then sb. may … :如果某人······,就好像······,那么某人很可能······



If you often feel angry and overwhelmed, like the stress in your life is spinning out of control, then you may be hurting your heart.


(短语:at the thought of sb. / feel hungry for sb. / become tasteless / fall in love with sb.)

译:If you feel very hungry for a boy at the thought of him, like everything would become tasteless without him, you may fall in love with him.


(短语:with on mobile phone ready at hand / feel lost / go without sth. / for a short time / develop the mobile phone syndrome)

译:If you feel lost with no mobile phone ready at hand, like your life would not go for a short time without it, then you may develop the mobile phone syndrome.

2、On the exterior, sb. be / do…, but on the interior, sb. be/do … 表面上,某人······,但某人内心却······



On the exterior, he was cool, calm and collected, but on the interior, stress was killing him.


(短语:be full of affection for many / have special love for only one person)

译:On the exterior, she is full of affection for many, but on the interior, she has special love for only one person.

3、For sb., the root of sth. is …, and the trick/ key is to do ... 对某人来说,某事的根源是······,而对付它的诀窍/ 关键是······



For many people, the root of their stress is anger, and the trick is to find out where the anger is coming from. eg.对你而言,考试不及格的根源是不务正业,而对付的诀窍是做该做的。

(短语:no pass in exams / one’s failure to attend to one’s major business / do what is worth doing )

译:For you, the root of no pass in exams is your failure to attend to your major business, and the trick is to do what is worth doing.


(短语:jilted lovers / bitter taste / one’s lack of self-knowledge / get rid of sth. / in perspective / evaluate oneself)译:For most jilted lovers, the root of bitter taste is their lack of self-knowledge, and the trick to getting rid of it is to evaluate themselves in perspective.

4、What h appens (to sb. / sth.) is that … :(对于某人/某事) 会发生这种情形:······



―What happens is that the hotter people get, physiologically, with mental stress, the more likely they are to blow ap art with some heart problem.‖


(短语:take great pains to do sth. / be anxious to do sth. / erase sth. from one’s memory)

译:When you take great pains to forget something, what will happen is that the more anxious you are to erase it from your memory, the harder it is to make it.

5、It must be kept/ born in mind that … (从句) 必须要牢记的是······



Keep in mind that over time these priorities are going to change.


(短语:keep rhythm with times /take…as /a lifelong pursuit

译:It must be kept in mind that one has to take learning as a lifelong pursuit to keep rhythm with times.


(短语:the Chinese nation / calamity / yield to sth.)

译:It must be born in mind that the Chinese nation has never yielded to the calamity.

6、From sb.’s viewpoint /angle of view, the key to doing sth. is to … 依照某人的观点,做某事的关键是······



From Eliot’s viewpoint, the other key to controlling stress is to ―realize that there are other troublesome parts of your life over which you can have little or no control—like the economy and politicians‖.


(短语:break with / the vicious circle / once and for all / change the fixed pattern of thinking

译:From the experts’ viewpoints, the key to breaking with the vicious circle is to change the fixed pattern of thinking once and for all.