Unit 7 – Section A

●Language Focus – Words in Use

1. It was essential to (harness) science and technology, not just for the economy but for environmental protection as well.

2. Language is the (symbolic) representation of a people, and it combines their historical and cultural backgrounds, as well as their approach to life.

3. Because of the effective and helpful method, I was (disposed) to answer all the questions I could, and I never worried about making mistakes.

4. It can be inferred from the passage that the commercial prosperity in Cambridge is due to hi-tech IT companies whose business has been (flourishing) .

5. You will need to prove that the noise (violated) the regulations, that your neighbor was causing the noise, and that you attempted to have him stop.

6. Most universities will guarantee your (accommodation) , at least during your first year, but you are likely to share a kitchen and bathroom with other students.

7. We may (infer) from the report that hackers from outside of the company present a more serious threat to their security systems.

8. She frowned at the business report, making an effort to (compose) herself before she talked to the employees at the upcoming meeting.

9. A crucial factor is that one witness' evidence, though (plausible) , may be rejected because it is contradicted by another witness whose evidence is already proved correct.

10. Windsor Middle School has been famous for zero (tolerance) to violence and emphasis on respect for its students and rules.

●Word Building























11.continuity / continual


1. In (actuality) , it was the poor peasants and blue-collar workers who complained louder about and suffered more from the current tax policy.

2. The purchase insurance covers (mechanical) breakdown for one year, which is stated in the insurance policy form.

3. The salesperson's emotional state will influence the customer, and the customer's buying decisions are first emotional and then are justified with (logic) .

4. I don't appreciate his reply as it was in part a(n) (denial) of the criticism and in part an attempt to change the issue.

5. (Occasional) gunshots can still be heard in the district though no one seems to know who fires the guns and if anyone is hit.

6. The boss was undecided as to what to do since his decisions can have severe and (fatal) consequences to all the employees and the company.

7. Mike is well over 40 now and is much worried about how to maintain (continuity) between his youthful past and his middle-aged present.

8. All notions about the well-known theory of (relativity) seem to have been coming from Einstein's general theory of relativity.

9. Social fund officers are expected to give high (priority) to requests for loans for the repairs in public places like schools.

10. With the increase of (commerce) in the 21st century, investment in money rather than in land has become the most convenient and popular form.

11. The insurance fee charged by the company is directly (proportional) to the compensation its clients try to claim from their cases.

12. As construction progresses, workers check (horizontal) and vertical levels to ensure that both walls are exactly up to the design requirements.

●Banked Cloze

It's obvious that women have come a long way as successful professionals. Women in the workplace are (1) (flourishing) as an increased number of women have made their presence felt in many industries and professions. The sector of the female workforce has (2) (expanded) with more and more strength and thus has its (3) (genuine) importance in the professional world.

Whether they like it or not, men have to accept that women are marching up the management ladder confidently and (4) (diplomatically). Women used to be much more "quiet and passive" due to the relatively small number of female employees in (5) (comparison) to males. Women today, on the other hand, have begun seeking their (6) (administrative) positions by using all their powers of intelligence.

Men are hierarchical and (7) (jealous) of the "beauty power" that allows women to get certain things based on their physical assets. Even though there is a(n) (8) (dispute) whether many professional females got into positions of power by using their appearance to their advantage, the (9) (valid) fact is the majority of women have worked hard to achieve their desired success. Women were considered as (10) (bystanders) in the workplace for many years and it was believed that the only jobs that they could handle were those of teachers or secretaries, but today's women can not only hold their own positions in the workplace, but they also have the dual task of raising their families.

●Language Focus – Expressions in Use

1. I surely know it's a good opportunity for us to invest in this housing project, but it all (comes down to) money in the end; that is, how much money we can afford to invest.

2. Many people (take exception to) this report because it may imply that women generally have

a weaker character and are less responsible for their behavior.

3. There have been big strikes all over the country due to the recent tax reform, but the Prime Minister has made it clear that he won't (make concessions to) the strikers.

4. What surprised me was that she stared at me for a moment and then (burst into) laughter suddenly.

5. He would never (feel at ease with) the French: He will never wear the right clothes, and he will never feel well on goose and red wine.

6. Having expected that she would become the mistress of the household and have much more freedom after her marriage, she was now disappointed (on both counts) .

7. Carl (took over) the duties and responsibilities of his father in running a manufacturing factory from an early age.

8. Bob was popular with local soccer fans, but his popularity also (stemmed from) the fact that he made or scored vital goals when they were needed.



The color and style of a wedding gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. For example, in Western cultures brides often choose a white wedding dress, while in China the traditional wedding dress is in red. Though white has become the most preferred color for wedding gowns across the world today, this was not a widespread trend before the Victorian era. White became a popular option in 1840, when Queen Victoria wore a white gown at her wedding. The official wedding photograph was widely published, and many brides chose white to become the followers of the Queen. Many people believed that the color white symbolized virginity, though this was not the original intention. As far as the style is concerned, wedding dresses were once typically short in the front with a longer train in the back. This tendency continued until the late 1960s, when it became popular to revert to long, full-skirted designs.



中国是丝绸的故乡,因而有很多与丝绸相关的艺术,刺绣(embroidery)就是其中的一种。刺绣是中国民间传统手工艺之一,至少有两、三千年的历史。从事刺绣的多为女子,因此刺绣又被称为"女红"(women's needlework)。刺绣在中国受到了人们广泛的喜爱。刺绣可用来装饰衣物,如在衣服、被子、枕套(pillowcase)等物品上绣上美丽的图案,也可制作成特别的饰品(ornament)。中国有四大名绣: 苏州的苏绣、广东的粤绣、湖南的湘绣以及四川的蜀绣。各种绣法不仅风格有差异,主题也各有不同。在这其中,苏州的苏绣最负盛名。

China is home to silk, thereby having a variety of arts related to silk, one of which is embroidery. Embroidery, with at least two or three thousand years of history, is one of the Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts. Since most embroiderers are women, it's also called "women's needlework". Embroidery has been much-loved by the Chinese people. It can be used to beautify clothing and things. For example, clothes, quilts, pillowcases etc. can be embroidered with beautiful designs, or a piece of embroidery can be made for a special ornament. There are four most famous types of embroidery in China: Suxiu from Suzhou, Yuexiu from Guangdong, Xiangxiu from Hunan, and Shuxiu from Sichuan, each having its own style and theme. Among the four, Suzhou embroidery has enjoyed the highest reputation.

Unit 7 – Section B

●Language Focus – Words in Use

1. Jim kicked the ball hard, and to his surprise it (bounced) uncontrollably around shelves, desks and over piles of books.

2. Learning to (tolerate) a stranger's habits may teach students flexibility and the art of compromise, but the learning process is often painful.

3. In this area, women worked long hours, often by candlelight, to (supplement) the low income their men earned for the family.

4. Rather than (condemn) them, he wrote a column for that newspaper to offer support, declaring that political reform was the very concern of the masses.

5. When she heard the news, tears (overflowed) and ran back along her cheekbones to her ears, she turned away, pressing her right hand over her trembling lips.

6. My friends, I (swear) by faith and conscience that what I would say is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

7. Almost any twin can tell you that while they (resemble) their brother or sister and share the same DNA, there are many differences between them.

8. Poverty is (compounded) by inflation which has reached extreme levels in the region, as demonstrated by the consumer price indices (消费者物价指数).

9. As far as I'm concerned, some of the tourists in this group are (disgusting) in what they do or say, but I don't think it's up to me to say so.

10. The fact that many developing countries must (trim) money from public education as part of their debt-reduction plans creates further pressure on families.

●Language Focus – Expressions in Use

1. I am worried that many students may (convert to) studying part time rather than full time, simply because they cannot afford to be full-time students.

2. Dinah (was revolted by) what the politician said to the audience, so after the politician had gone he was feeling much relieved.

3. I've recently moved into a new apartment, which (was comprised of) two bedrooms, a dining-room, a sitting-room, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

4. While she wrapped up some food in a cloth and gave it to the kids, her husband (busied himself with) preparing coffee for them.

5. Carol (fussed over) her dress and hairstyle before she left for the evening party, but her husband couldn't bear any more and shouted, "Why are you always so nervous?"

6. What the young senator advocated (is unique in) paying attention to unnoticed, but emotional components of social life which are often ignored by people.

7. Youngsters get so absorbed in computer games that they don't realize how much they're (exerting themselves) in this virtual world.

8. In modern factories, various kinds of machines are (substituted for) not only unskilled workers but also skilled workers.