A bad day英语作文

A Bad Day

What a bad day today!

I hadn’t sleep whole night,so I am very tired all day. During my English classes today, my English teacher asked me a question but I hadn’t know what question she asked, I was embarrassed and my English teacher was so angry that she let me copy the English book five times!

When I had lunch, I found the rice taste sour and there was a worm in my apple. In the afternoon my stomach felt strange. It must be the sour rice. How could this be!

Finallyit was after school. On my way home, I saw a big black dog and it made very fear and I was forced to go back home.When I got home, I couldn't find my keys. So I had to wait for my parents. At 23:00, my parents got home. When I finished my homework, it was 2:00. Oh! God! Tomorrow will be a bad day too!