General Description The MAX6381–MAX6390 microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuits monitor power-supply voltages from +1.8V to +5.0V while consuming only 3µA of supply current at +1.8V. Whenever V CC falls below the factory-set reset thresholds, the reset output asserts and remains assert-ed for a minimum reset timeout period after V CC rises above the reset threshold. Reset thresholds are available from +1.58V to +4.63V, in approximately 100mV incre-ments. Seven minimum reset timeout delays ranging from 1ms to 1200ms are available.

The MAX6381/MAX6384/MAX6387 have a push-pull active-low reset output. The MAX6382/MAX6385/ MAX6388 have a push-pull active-high reset output, and the MAX6383/MAX6386/MAX6389/MAX6390 have an open-drain active-low reset output. The MAX6384/MAX6385/MAX6386 also feature a debounced manual reset input (with internal pullup resistor). The MAX6387/MAX6388/MAX6389 have an auxiliary input for monitoring a second voltage. The MAX6390 offers a manual reset input with a longer V CC reset timeout period (1120ms or 1200ms) and a shorter manual reset timeout (140ms or 150ms).

The MAX6381/MAX6382/MAX6383 are available in 3-pin SC70 and6-pinµDFN packages and the MAX6384–MAX6390 are available in 4-pin SC70 and





♦Factory-Set Reset Threshold Voltages Ranging

from +1.58V to +4.63V in Approximately 100mV


♦±2.5% Reset Threshold Accuracy Over

Temperature (-40°C to +125°C)

♦Seven Reset Timeout Periods Available: 1ms,

20ms, 140ms, 280ms, 560ms, 1120ms,

1200ms (min)

♦3 Reset Output Options

Active-Low Push-Pull

Active-High Push-Pull

Active-Low Open-Drain

♦Reset Output State Guaranteed Valid

Down to V CC= 1V

♦Manual Reset Input (MAX6384/MAX6385/MAX6386)

♦Auxiliary RESET IN


♦V CC Reset Timeout (1120ms or 1200ms)/Manual

Reset Timeout (140ms or 150ms) (MAX6390)

♦Negative-Going V CC Transient Immunity

♦Low Power Consumption of 6µA at +3.6V

and 3µA at +1.8V

♦Pin Compatible with



and MAX6711/MAX6712/MAX6713

♦Tiny 3-Pin/4-Pin SC70 and 6-Pin µDFN Packages


SC70/µDFN, Single/Dual Low-Voltage,

Low-Power µP Reset Circuits

________________________________________________________________Maxim Integrated Products1

Pin Configurations

19-1839; Rev 4; 4/07

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