II. 选择填空从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。(30分)

21. ---What about your weekend, Jack? ---I went to pick strawberries in the village and had ___ great time there

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. /

22. ---Li Na is my favorite tennis star. Do you like _________?

---Sure, though she couldn’t win in the final match against Sharapova.

A. she

B. her

C. hers

D. him

23. --- How is your daughter today? --- Thanks to the new medicine, she feels much ______ now.

A. good

B. well

C. worst

D. better

24. September 1st is my daughter’s _________ birthday. I’m going to have a pet for her.

A. the twelfth

B. twelfth

C. twelve

D. thirteen

25. ---Excuse me, where can I find Dave? --- He has gone to the ___________ to borrow books.

A. gym

B. lab

C. museum

D. library

26. ---Welcome ________ my birthday party! ---Thank you for asking me! Here is a gift for you!

A. in

B. to

C. with

D. of

27.--- Lucy, I called you at six yesterday afternoon, __________ nobody answered.

---Oh, my family went out for dinner at that time.

A. because

B. so

C. but

D. and

28. ---How do you like Shu-How Lin? ---Very much. I think he is one of __________players in NBA now.

A. the most popular

B. more popular

C. popular

D. most popular

29. --- Bill ,I can’t follow you. Will you please speak a little more________? ---Sorry, I will!

A. quietly

B. quickly

C. slowly

D. politely

30. --______is it from here to the Capital Airport? --Nearly sixty kilometers.

A. How long

B. How much

C. How often

D. How far

31. ---Hi, Linda, how’s it going? ---__________.

A. I don’t like it.

B. I will go to the zoo.

C. Not too bad.

D. I go to school by bike.

32. --- Can you come to dinner with us? --- I’m sorry I am too busy. What about _________ time?

A. some

B. the other

C. another

D. other

33.Which of the signs below tells people nearby to be more careful.






34. --- Would you like some more coffee? ---Yes, please, just ___________. Thanks.

A. little

B. few

C. a little

D. a few

35. --- The light is still on in our teacher’s office.--- Probably she ________ her work yet.

A. doesn’t finish

B. didn’t finish

C. hasn’t finished

D. won’t finish

36.--- Someone is knocking at the door.

---It ________ Miss Wang. She has called me to meet me at this time.

A. can be

B. may not be

C. must be

D. can’t be

37. The PLA soldier, Shen Xing, lost his life when he saved the boy from the river. People all over China ________ the hero.

A take an interest in

B take pride in

C take part in

D take place

38. ---Is there __________ in? --- Yes, who is that?

A. nobody

B. somebody

C. anybody

D. e verybody

39. __________ excellent idea! We are sure to solve the difficulties soon.

A. What

B. What a

C. What an

D. How

40.---We have worked for long hours. Let’s stop __________. ---That sounds good.

A. have a rest

B. to relax ourselves

C. going to sleep

D. had fun

41. If you want to be healthy, you should _______ junk food, such as hamburgers and tomato chips.

A care about

B belong to

C use up

D stay away from

42. ---Could you mind my parking my car here? ---__________.This is not a public parking place.

A. Yes, please.

B. No, of course not.

C. It' s great.

D. You’d better not.

43.The tickets for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games __________ at least £500 each.

A. cost

B. pay

C. take D spend

44.Which of the following pictures is the most traditional Chinese food?






45. --- Everyone ____________ to obey the traffic rules.

--- I agree. It is extremely dangerous to drive after drinking wine.

A. is allowed

B.is supposed

C. is willing

D. l ooks forward

46. ---Could you tell me where Mr. Lin is? ---Yes. Look, he the flowers in the garden.

A. waters

B. is watering

C. watered

D. has watered

47. -- Do you think yesterday's math problem was difficult?-- Yes. I could _______ work it out.

A. hardly

B. easily

C. quickly

D. lovely

48. ---How nice the scarf is! Is it new? ---No, I have __________it for 2 years.

A. had

B. received

C. borrowed

D. bought

49. ---What did he ask you? ---He asked me ___________..

A. who did I buy the MP4 for

B. when I am going to visit his school

C. where I was having my birthday party

D. if I have cleaned up the classroom

Ⅳ. 完形填空选出一个能填入文章中相应空白处的最佳答案。(10分)

Charlie came from a poor village. His parents had 50 money to send him to school when he was young. The boy was very sad. Mr. King lived next to him. He found the boy 51 and had pity on him and lent some money to him. So the boy could go to school. He studied hard and 52 all his lessons. When he finished middle school, the man introduced him to his friend in the town. And he began to work.

Once Mr. King was seriously hurt in an accident. Dying, he asked Charlie to take care of his daughter, Sharon. The young man 53 and several years later he married the girl. He loved her very much and tried his best to make her happy. He often bought beautiful clothes and delicious food for her. He was good at cooking and he cooked 54 for her. So she became very fat and she felt it difficult to walk. And one day she found there was something wrong with her heart. Her husband wasn’t at home and she had to go to 55 at once. The doctors looked her over and told her 56 eat meat, sugar, chocolate and things like these. She was afraid 57 the doctor’s words and wrote all the names of the food on the paper. When she got home, she put the list on the table and 58 .When she returned home that afternoon, she found many kinds of food: meat, sugar and chocolate in the kitchen. Charlie was busy 59 there. As soon as he saw her, he said happily, “I’ve bought all the food you like, dear!”

50. A. no B. some C. much D. enough

51. A. lazy B. clever C. careful D. hard

52. A. did well in B. was poor at C. was working D. was good for

53. A. refused B. replied C. agreed D. offered

54. A. a little B. a few C. many D. a lot

55. A. rest B. sleep C. hospital D. work

56. A. shouldn’t B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t D. not to

57. A. to remember B. to forget C. to catch D. to teach

58. A. slept B. went out C. cooked D. ate

59. A. reading B. seeing C. cooking D. writing

Ⅵ. 阅读理解 A

Yesterday I was shopping for a few items(物品).With nothing to do at home, my son, who just left university, was ready to go together with me.

As I pushed the basket towards the register(收银机),I checked my items to see how many I had, thinking I might go to the Express Line(快速通道)where the sign said “Ten items or less”.

I started to go to that line and my son said “Mon, you have twelve items!” I said, “You know, but they’re close.” He said,“Why are you in such a hurry to get home? You should go to the Regular Line because you have over ten items.”

Knowing he was right. I agreed and then pushed the basket to the next line. So I was waiting for my turn there and I was just removing my items from the basket to pay for them when a young man came up behind me in line with two items.

I just left the Express Line because I had too many and now I really wanted to get finished. Again, my son came up. “Mom, he has only two items and the Express Line is very long now. Won’t you just let him go first?” I agreed, and the young man smiled widely and thanked me several times.

It felt good to be with my son and have him remind me not to live a hurried life. Do what’s right and also be kind. I really take pride in him.

60. The writer _____________ when she was pushing the basket towards the register.

A. lost something she liked best

B. found her favorite item

C. checked her handbag

D. counted the items she had

61. The writer went to the Regular Line because _____________.

A. she had 2 items

B. she had 12 items

C. she was in a hurry to get home

D. she wanted to wait for her son

62. Of the following, which order is right according to the story?

①prepare to remove the items from the basket ②let the young man behind go first

③walk towards the Express Line ④return to the Regular Line





63. If you pay for your items at the Express Line, _____________.

A. you need to help others

B. you must wait for a long time

C. you can get finished more quickly

D. you should buy more than ten items

64. What did the writer learn from her son that day?

A. Enjoy your life and be kind.

B. Don’t buy too many at a time.

C. Try to be friendly to your family.

D. Never waste time waiting in line.


As space science develops, man has learned more and more about space. Space is not only amazing but also dangerous. While working in space, spacemen are facing danger as well as success.

Scientists have found out that the radiation(辐射)is the greatest danger to spacemen in space. When spacemen are working in space, they are in danger of the radiation from the sun and other stars, which is bad for their health. The harm of the radi ation won’t be found until their children even grandchildren are born.

Some special medicine may work a little, but no really effective medicine has been found so far.

Space rubbish is also thought to be a great danger to spacemen. It’s reported that the re were 9,000 man-made things flying in space. About 30% of these are satellites, 10% are spaceships, and the rest are space rubbish. An explosion(爆炸)in s pace in 1999 made a cloud of 300,000 fragments,each at least 4mm in size. A small piece of these even knocked a spaceship window and caused some damage.

Scientists are watching and reporting any possible danger all the time. They are working to deal with space rubbish. Although space is really dangerous, it interests many people on the earth. In the near future, it may become possible for people to spend a few days in a space hotel. We may even choose to leave the earth and live in space in a few years. So we should do something to help improve the space environment.

65. The radiation is mainly from __________


A. the earth

B. the moon

C. the sun D the sun and other stars

66. ______ shows the man-made things in space in the correct way.


A. B. C. D.

67. The underlined word “fragments”means “__________”. A.泡沫 B. 碎片C. 烟雾 D. 飞碟

68. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Every one of us can have a travel to space in ten years.

B. Scientists have found out ways to solve any problem in space.

C. The harm of the radiation may be found in the spacemen’s children.

D. Space is really dangerous, so it doesn’t interest anyone on the earth.

69.Which of the following is the best title of the passage?

A. Radiation: the most dangerous!

B. Rubbish: Possible Danger!

C.Space: Amazing but Dangerous! D. Where to live in the future?


Imagine, getting out of bed in Beijing and being at your office in Shanghai in only a couple of hours, and then, after a full day of work, going back home to Beijing and having dinner there.

Sounds unusual, doesn't it? But it has come true with the development of Ch ina’s high-speed railway system. And that’s not all. China has an even greater high-speed railway plan—to connect the country with Southeast Asia, and finally Eastern Europe.

China is negotiating(协商) to spread its own high·-speed railway network to up to 17 countries in 10 to 15 years, at the end reaching London and Singapore.

China has proposed three such projects. The first would possibly connect Kunming with Singapore through Vietnam and Malaysia. Another could start in Urumqi and go through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and possibly to Germany. The third would start in the northeast and go north through Russia and then into Western Europe.

China’s plan for the high-speed railway goes forward, people could zip over from London to Beijing within two days. The new system would still follow China’s high-speed railway standards.

China’s high-speed train, the one connecting Wuhan to Guangzhou, already has the World’s fastest average speed. It covers 1,069 kilometers in about three hours.

Of course, there are some technical challenges we have to face. There are so many things to be improved, for example, safety. So, it’s important to pay attention to every tiny thing.

But the key point is really money. China is already spending hundreds of billions of yuan on the railway system in the country.

China prefers that the other countries pay in natural resources(资源) rather than with capit al investment(投资). Resources from those countries could stream into China to its long-term development.

It’ll be a win-win project. For other countries, the railway network will surely create more chances for business, tourism and so on, not to mention the better communication among those countries.

For China, such a project would not only connect it with the rest of Asia and bring some much-needed resources, but would also help develop China’s far west. We foresee that in the ne ar future, millions of people will move to the western areas, where the land is empty and resources rich. With high-speed trains, people will set up factories and business centers in the west once and for all. And they’ll trade with Central Asian and Eastern European countries.

70. Which country is not mentioned in the passage above?

A. Germany

B. Singapore

C. Russia

D. Korea

71. What does the underlined sentence “It will be a win-win project” in the passage mean?

A. China will win for ever in the project.

B. The project will win China a lot of money.

C. Chinese will arrive wherever they want to go with the project.

D. The project will do good to both China and the countries mentioned.

72. What’s the writer’s attitude towards China’s high-speed railway plan?

A. He agrees.

B. He doesn’t care about it.

C. He disagrees.

D. He doesn’t know whether it will come true.

73. Which of the following is True?

A. China’s far western areas need to be f urther developed.

B. China plans to connect Southeast Asia with Eastern Europe.

C. There is enough money for China to carry out high-speed railway plan.

D. Safety problem of the high-speed railway has been completely solved.

74 What is the passage mainly about??

A. New Railway Standards

B. Big Railway Dreams

C. International Railway Network

D. High-speed Trains

VII.选词填空(10分)并用其适当形式填空。有的需要加助动词或不定式符号 (每词限用一次)。


I was in the park with my sister, Cathy, on Friday. My sister left her jacket on a chair while we

(75)______________ with some friends. When we went back to the chair again, a girl in a red T-shirt was sitting there. When she (76)______________ us, she got up and walked away at once.

I asked Cathy, “Did you take any money with you in your jacket?”

Cathy answered, “Yes, Anna, I did.”

Cathy looked for the money in the inside and outside pockets, but nothing (77)_______________there at all.

Then we got back home angrily. But before (78)______________ our parents what happened, my mother said to Cathy, “You (79)______________ your money at home, it is on the table in your bedroom. Be more careful with money next time.”


80. The boy went to the Great Wall on vacation. (改为一般疑问句)

______________ the boy _____________ to the Great Wall on vacation?

81. I’d like a medium bowl of noodles for lunch.(对划线部分提问)

_____________ ______________ bowl of noodles would you like for lunch?

82. My teacher asked me, ”Are your books in your backpack? ”(改写句子,句意不变)

My teacher asked me _____________ my books ___________ in my backpack.

83. The students are trying their best to work hard so that they don’t make their parents

and teachers disappointed. (改写句子,句意不变)

The students are working hard to try not to ____________ their parents and teachers _________.

84. Nobody can enter schools or kindergartens if he isn’t allowed. (改写句子,句意不变)

Anybody can’t go into schools or kindergartens ____________ _____________

IX. 完成句子根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。(5分)

85. 张丽莉被称为最美教师,她总是想着她的学生。

Zhang Lili is called “the most beautiful teacher” and she always ___________ _________ her students

86. 为了改善青少年体质,学校要在每天放学后组织学生进行一小时的体育锻炼。

To improve the teenagers’ health, scho ols should organize them to ___________ ___________for an

hour after school every day .

87. 一群大学生利用周末时间去一家福利院照顾那里无家可归的小朋友,感动了很多人。

A group of college students spend their weekends ____________ ___________ the homeless

kids at a welfare home, and it moves a lot of people.


A website ___________ ___________ at the beginning of 2012 in order to help the disabled people.


Humans have always dreamed of finding a way to leave traffic jams behind.Well,dream no longer.The flying car and pod car(豆荚车)can help cut down on traffic jams.

The world’s“first flying car”,called the Terrafugia Transition,has made its first flight in the skies of the US.It can fly 640 km through the air without adding more gas,the car maker says.

As a light airplane,it is not easy to fly in poor weather, however,it has the advantage of being able to continue the journey by road if conditions are bad.This flying car can travel from air to road because it has foldable wings.

However, there are a few problems. The car/plane, which is expected to go on sale as early as 2012, will cost about $194,000 (1.33 million yuan). Drivers will also need a driver’s and pilot’s license.

For those who are afraid of heights,or who don’t want to fly,the pod car is a great way to travel.Imagine using a button to stop pod car.The doors open,you climb into the passenger seat,and enter your personal number.Minutes later,the doors slide open and you have reached the place where you’re going.Pod cars are designed for one person or small groups traveling together.Passengers simply type their place into the pod car’s computer and the pod car takes them directly there.

Because pod cars do not make unnecessary stops and use electricity,they save a lot of energy and do not pollute the air.Pod cars also provide passengers with faster service and more privacy than a subway or bus.While flying cars and pod cars are still dreams, many humans are dreaming bigger dreams,such as teleportation(隐形传输).It is most widely found in works of science fiction.

Teleportation is a method of transportation,in which,objects or information disappear,and then recreated in another place.Maybe one day,teleportation could become a reality and people could avoid traffic jams for ever !


In the passage ______________ ______________ are mentioned to solve the traffic problems.


Pod cars can provide people faster and more private service and they can also save energy by ______ _____ 91.根据短文内容回答问题

Where can teleportation probably be seen according to the passage?

_______________________________________________________________________________ 92.把短文中划线句子译为英语。

________________________________________________________________________________ 93.根据短文内容用一个完整的英文句子(10词以内)回答问题。

What is the passage mainly about?