module 6 测试题

30.______ ______ _______(据说),the price of houses has _______ ________(下降)。


31. His job consist ______ helping old people who live alone.

A. of

B. in

C. with

D. at

32. ________ Tom and Mary, I think Tom is taller.

A. Comparing

B. Compared

C. Compare

D. Being compared

33. ______ with that one, this one is more suitable.

A. Compared

B. Comparing

C. Compare

D. Being compared

34. I hesitate _____ you, but will you recommend me for the post?

A. ask

B. asked

C. asking

D. to ask.

35. His story agreed _______ the facts.

A, with B. to C on D. for

36. I think, Tom, rather than all of you, _______ an honest boy.

A. is B are C . were D. have been.

37. I knew _____ John Lennon, but not ___________ famous one.

A. /; a

B. a; the

C. /; the

D. the; a

38. In fact __________ is a hard job for the police to keep order in an impart ant


A. this

B. that

C. there

D. it

39. We need to concentrate resources ________ the most run-down areas.

A. to

B. on

C. in

D. with

40. What ___ great fun it is to have a swim on a hot day in summer.

A. a

B. the

C. /

D. of

41. Yesterday I ______ my e-mail box at www. 126. com and found a new email for me.

A. logged on

B. logged off

C. got on

D. got off

42. We will discuss the strange idea you _____ this afternoon.

A. came up to

B. came up with

C. come through

D. come across