1. Mary regretted _____ to John’s birthday party last Sunday.

A. not going

B. not to go

C. not having been going

D. not to be going

2. The famous novel is said _____ into Chinese.

A. to have translated

B. to be translate

C. to have been translated

D. to translate

3. Standing on the bank, the children watched the ship _____ with all kinds of goods.

A. loading

B. being loaded

C. to be loaded

D. having loaded

4. I _____ writing the article by the time you get back.

A. shall finish

B. must have finished

C. have finished

D. shall have finished

5. Mary never tells anyone what she does for a _____.

A. job

B. work

C. profession

D. living

6. I’m sorry I couldn’t get in touch with him before he left, I _____ him earlier.

A. had a telephone

B. have phoned

C. should have phoned

D. should be phoned

7. With the old man _____ the way, we had no trouble in finding that mysterious cave.

A. leading

B. led

C. lead

D. to be led

8. _____ anything about the accident, he went to work as well.

A. Not know

B. Know not

C. Knowing not

D. Not knowing

9. Nowhere else in the world _____ more attractive scenery than in Switzerland.

A. you can find

B. is found

C. can you find

D. has been found

10. The voters told the politician that he could _____ on their support in the next general elections.

A. expect

B. decide

C. count

D. doubt

11. An old friend from abroad, _____ I was expecting to stay with, telephoned me from the airport.

A. that

B. whom

C. who

D. which

12. Peter wishes that he _____ law instead of literature when he was in college.

A. could study

B. studied

C. had studied

D. would study

13. When she heard the bad news, she _____ completely.

A. broke away

B. broke up

C. broke down

D. broke out

14. He _____ a large fortune from his business.

A. made

B. won

C. expected

D. gained

15. He never wrote to his father _____ he was in need of money.

A. except

B. except when

C. except for

D. except that

16. He looked behind him to _____ he was not being followed.

A. believe

B. find

C. make sure

D. look

17. The car was repaired but not quite to my _____.

A. joy

B. pleasure

C. attraction

D. satisfaction

18. Are you _____ spending more money on the space program?

A. in favor of

B. by favor of

C. in favor to

D. out of favor

19. Fortunately, the demonstration _____ to be quite peaceful.

A. turned in

B. turned out

C. showed off

D. showed up

20. _____ was unimportant.

A. Whether he enjoyed our dinner or not

B. No matter how he enjoyed our dinner

C. If he enjoyed our dinner

D. What he enjoyed our dinner

21.It is _____interesting book. It gives _____wonderful picture of what _____ life was like in ____ Victorian times.

A. a; the; the; the B an; a; ╳; the

C. the; the; ╳; ╳

D. an, a, ╳,╳

22.Everybody should mind ____own business.

A. his

B. one’s C their D. theirs

23._____of March is my sister’s bir thday.

A. The twenty-one

B. Twenty- one

C. The twenty-first

D. Twenty –first

24. If the local government took some measures, there would be ____crimes in the town.

A. less

B. fewer

C. many

D. little

25. You’ll run ____trouble if you don’t take care. 21-45选题

A down B. at C. across D. into

26. Mary said she____ to Beijing twice.

A. had gone

B. want

C. had been D was

27. Must I attend the meeting? _____.

A. Yes, you need.

B. No, you needn’t.

C. Yes, you do.

D. No, you don’t.

28.Finally his boss found an excuse and had him ____from the factory.

A. dismiss

B. dismissing

C. to dismiss D dismissed

29. My bicycle needs ______.

A. repaired

B. repairing

C. to repair

D. being repaired.

30. People _____in this firm were mostly women..

A working B. worked C work D. being working

31. They requested that we ____a delegation to their country .

A would send B. were to send C. sent D. should send

32.English _____all over the world. And many children start to learn English at very young age.

A. is speaking

B. speaking

C. speaks

D. is spoken

33.If I _____ his telephone number I _____him.

A knew, call B. knew, would call C. have known, call D. knew, am calling

34.On seeing an old woman _____off. A young man rushed up to help her.

A. falling B fall C. ell D. felt

35. “My daughter ______in 1997,” she told her friend.

A. did marriage

B. got married

C. had married

D. married

36. But for the heavy rain, they _____earlier.

A will have come

B came C. would have come D. had come.

37. She has the ability to keep _____in an emergency.

A. calmly

B. calm

C. to be calm

D. being calm

38.She ____ that they can mistake this for that.

A t hinks B. does think C. doesn’t think D. hasn’t thought

39.Sometimes we may ask ourselves _____the result will be if an earthquake strikes in our area.

A. that

B. which

C. whether

D. what

40. We even have no idea ____will happen, so we all feel nervous.

A in which B. in what C. of what D. of which

41. John bought a new car on the day when ____him.

A did we meet B. have met C. we met D. we meet

42.How ____he plays the violin!

A. graceful

B. grace

C. gracefully

D. gracefulness

43.We decided against turning to others for help for the reason ____we could manage to control it.

A. because

B. for which

C. that

D. why

44.We left the mother a note ____she was worried when she came back..

A. if

B. so that

C. in case

D. unless

45.Professor Black has us _____a composition every Friday.

A to write

B written C. wrote D. write

46. We want him to give it up but he won’t _____to it.

A. accept

B. admit

C. agree

D. allow

47. Summer is coming. Poor Jack has to _____money from his sister to buy an air-condition.

A. lend

B. borrow

C. let D .ask

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/9f9778c25fbfc77da269b17a.htmlo Wu _____silent at the meeting.

A. was remaining

B. is remaining

C. remained

D. had been remained.

49. Everyday, the old lady walks _____ Ren Min Theatre.

A pass B. past C. passing D. passed

50. _____the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids is not known..

A Which B. Since C. That D. How

51. _____I am pleased to go to his birthday party and I will bring him a very beautiful present..

A If invited B. If he were invited C. If he invited D. Being invited

52.---”Are you going to Xian by plane?”

----“If Helen wants to go there by plane, _____” 选题

A. so will I

B. so I will

C. so I do

D. so do I

53. You can’t see many ____ in a hospital. 开始

A. man nurse

B. men nurses

C. men nurse

D. man nurses

54. I prefer playing _______football in ______summer.

A. the; the

B. X; the

C. the; X

D. X; X

55. Lend me your motorcycle ; _______is out of order.

A. it

B. me

C. my

D. mine

56. John smith________ a letter to his mother yesterday.

A. wrote

B. had wrote

C. was written

D. writes

57. _______are nine.

A. Three threes

B. Three and three

C. Three three

D. Threes and threes

58. Tom is their _____son.

A. the 2th

B. 2th

C. the 2nd

D. 2nd

59. They competed to see who could work _____.

A. the fastest and the best

B. the faster and better

C. fastest and better

D. faster and best

60. The box is ______than I wanted.

A. biger

B. the biger

C. bigger

D. the bigger

61. ______, I finished it yesterday.

A. As a matter of fact

B. As the matter of fact

C. As the fact of matter

D. As a fact of matter

62. A monument was put up _________those killed in battle.

A. the honors

B. in honor of

C. for honor of

D. to honoring

63. The school bus________ with the students.

A. were crowded

B. was crowded

C. crowded

D. was crowding

64. He _________ not work hard. That was why he failed in the exam.

A. did

B. was

C. does

D. is

65. I saw your name______ up on the wall.

A. writen

B. written

C. wrote D writing

66. Sometimes _____to place physics and chemistry into separate categories.

A. difficult

B. is difficult

C. it is difficult

D. that is difficult

67. Some birds migrate to the south when________.

A. Does winter come

B. comes winter

C. winter comes

D. winter will come

68. I_________ leave my office that day.

A. can’t

B. may not

C. couldn’t

D. won’t

69. They________ have told me about it yesterday.

A. oughted to

B. oughted

C. ought to

D. ought

70. ______by his brother, the boy has a deep love for music.

A. Being influenced

B. Influenced

C. Influencing

D. Having influenced

71. The door was _____and I could not see who she was talking to.

A. shut

B. shutted

C. shutting

D. being shut

72. Their house _____when they were away on holiday.结束

A. broken into

B. breaking into

C. is broken into

D. was broken into

73. Don't get into the bad ______ of smoking or drinking.

A) habit B) custom C) hobby D) profession

74. I like your methods of teaching and shall ________ them in my teaching.

A) absorb B) adopt C) acquire D) afford

75. Feeling tired all the time is a __ __ that you may be sick.

A) mark B) sight C) sign D) trace

76. I take this medicine twice a day; it should _____ my cold.

A) care B) cure C) restore D) recover

77. Music often ________ us of events in the past.

A) remembers B) memorizes C) reminds D) reflects

78. It is well-known that retired workers in our country are ___ __ free medical care. A) entitled to B) involved in C) associated with D) engaged in

79. The two boys ____ each other in that they both have reddish hair and a round face.

A) like B) resemble C) similar to D) refer to

80. There is not much time left, so I will tell you about it

A) in detail B) in brief C) in short D) in all