1.People __________ space for many years by studying light through

their telescope.

a. explored

b. are exploring

c. have been exploring

d. will explore

2.I __________ my letter by the time you come back.

a. have finished

b. shall finish

c. shall have finished

d. shall be finishing

3.Engels said that what Darwin ___________ for biology was as great

as what Marx __________ for history.

a. had done…had done

b. has done … has done

c. did … did

d. does … does

4.The rest of the evening __________ singing and dancing.

a. has given up to

b. will give up to

c. will be given up to

d. are given up tp

5.___________, her heart was beating faster and faster.

a.Listening to the coming footsteps

b.As she listened to the coming footsteps

c.When listening to the coming footsteps

d.To the coming footsteps as she listened

6.They are said __________ a simple method for producing plastics.

a. to have found

b. finding

c. will find

d. to be finding

7.He was told that after he graduated he __________ by a company.

a. would be employed

b. would get employed

c. would be employing

d. would employ

8.Since computers were invented, it ___________ that they are

indispensable for scientific research.

a. was thought

b. has been thought

c. had been thought

d. has thought

9.If you ___________ TV every night, of course your eyes will ache.

a. sit and watch

b. will sit and watch

c. are to sit and watch

d. sat and watched

10.I __________ my breakfast when the morning post came.

a. had

b. had been having

c. was having

d. have been having

11.I f ________ to speak, he has no problem expressing himself.

a. asking

b. asked

c. ask

d. to be asked

12.W hat do you think we shall do if it __________ on the day fixed for

the sports meet?

a. will rain

b. rain

c. rains

d. is raining

13.I t was not until she had arrived home ___________ remembered her

appointment with the doctor.

a. when she

b. that she

c. and she

d. than she

14._________ at the moment, I’ll go to the shop.

a. For it doesn’t rain

b. For it isn’t raining

c. As it doesn’t rain

d. As it isn’t raining

15.W e had lived in this house for three years ___________ my father

decided to have us move to a new neighborhood.

a. while

b. since

c. before



16.W hen we said goodbye, I thought it was forever. But we __________

again, many years later, under very strange circumstances.

a. were about to meet

b. were to meet

c. were meeting

d. had met

17.W hen she phoned I didn’t have much time to talk, because I

____________ for France in tow hours.

a. left

b. would have left

c. had left

d. was leaving

18.B efore the first non-stop flight was made in 1949, it __________

necessary for all planes to land for refueling.

a. would be

b. has been

c. had been


would have been

19.S ir Denis, who is 78, has made it known that much of his collection

___________ to the local museum.

a. is left

b. had been left

c. is being left


is to be left

20.T here was a knock at the door. It was the second time someone

____________ me that evening.

a. interrupted

b. had interrupted

c. was interrupting

d. would interrupt

21.D on’t telephone me after eight. ____________ a dinner party.

a. We’ve had

b. We’re to have

c. We’ll be having

d. We’re having

22.W e’ll probably drive faster than ____________, so we’ll get there first

and buy the tickets.

a. you’re going to do

b. you’ve done

c. you’ll be doing

d. you do

23.T he newspaper finally ceased publication since its circulation

____________ steadily over a period of years.

a. had dropped

b. has dropped

c. dropped

d. was dropping

24.M any artists predict that this brilliant young actor ___________ to be

a shining star.

a. destines

b. will be destined

c. is destined

d. has been destined

25.T hat’s a nice watch. I wish I ____________ one like it.

a. have

b. had

c. have had

d. can have

26.I am not used ____________ to like that.

a. to being spoken

b. to speak

c. being spoken

d. to speaking

27.N o sooner had we reached the top of the hill __________ we all sat

down to rest.

a. than

b. then

c. when



28.I haven’t seen Mary these past few days; I’m afraid she

_____________ herself for some time.

a. hasn’t been feeling

b. hadn’t been feeling

c. isn’t feeling

d. wasn’t feeling

29.S cientists say it may be five or ten years ____________ it is possible

to test this medicine on human patients.

a. since

b. when

c. after

d. before

30.T he ability to store knowledge makes computers different from every

other machine ___________ invented.

a. ever

b. thus

c. yet

d. as

31.O nce environmental damage ___________, it takes many years for the

system to recover.

a. has done

b. is to do

c. does

d. is done

32.H e __________ when the bus came to a sudden stop.

a. was almost hurt

b. was hurt himself

c. was to hurt himself

d. was hurting himself

33.S ome people viewed the findings with caution, noting that a

cause-and-effect relationship between passive smoking and cancer remains ___________.

a. to be shown

b. to have shown

c. to have been shown

d. being shown

34.____________ conventional black ink costs newspaper about thirty

cents a pound, most rub-resistant inks add at least ten cents more to the bill.

a. While

b. Furthermore

c. Meanwhile

d. Moreover

35.H ow close parents are to their children ____________ a strong

influence on the character of the children.

a. has

b. have

c. having

d. to have

36.A fter ___________ for the job, you will be required to take a language


a. being interviewed

b. interviewed

c. interviewing

d. having interviewed

37.D oing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and

this is especially true ___________ it comes to classroom tests.

a. when

b. since

c. before

d. after

38.___________ you as soon as I know what ____________.

a. I’ll phone…does happen

b. I’ll phone …has


c. I am phoning … happens

d. I am going to phone …


39.T ed had told me that he always escapes __________ as he has got a

very fast sports car.

a. having fined

b. fining

c. being fined

d. to have been fined

40.I had just started back for the house to change my clothes _________ I

heard voices.

a. as

b. when

c. after

d. while

41.S carcely had we settled ourselves in our seats in the theatre

___________ the curtain went up.

a. then

b. when

c. as

d. after

42.I f Tom wins tomorrow, he ___________ thirty races in the past four


a. will win

b. has won

c. would have won

d. will have won

43.L ife is a candle __________ to burn ever brighter.

a. being meant

b. meaning

c. to mean



44.I decided to go to the library as soon as I ___________.

a. finish what I did

b. finished what I did

c. finished what I was doing

d. would finish what I

was doing

45.N o matter how frequently ___________, the works of Beethoven

always attract large audiences.

a. performed

b. performing

c. to be performed

d. being performed

46.____________ when she started complaining.

a. Not until he arrived

b. Hardly had he arrived

c. No sooner had he arrived

d. Scarcely did he arrive

47.I t __________ seen to be believed.

a. has

b. has been

c. has to be



48.I n this experiment, they are wakened several times during the night,

and asked to report what they ____________.

a. had just been dreaming

b. have just been dreaming

c. are just dreaming

d. had just dreamt

49.M any a writer of newspaper articles ___________ to writing novels.

a. has turned

b. have turned

c. have been turned

d. has been turned

50.A lthough ____________ Spanish, he attended the course.

a. he was knowing

b. he is knowing

c. having a knowledge of

d. knows

51.E ven if his letter _________ tomorrow, it __________ too late to do


a. will arrive … is

b. should arrive … were

c. arrives … will be

d. arrives … would be

52.B y the middle of the 21st century, the vast majority of the world’s

population __________ in cities rather than in the country.

a. are living

b. will be living

c. have lived


d. will have lived

53.Y ou should have put the milk into the ice-box, I expect it

____________ undrinkable.

a. became

b. had become

c. has become

d. becomes

54.T elevision enable us to see things happen almost at the exact moment


a. which they are happening

b. they are happening

c. which they happen

d. they have happened

55.O ur civilization cannot be thought of as _____________ in a short

period of time.

a. to have been created

b. to be created

c. having been created

d. being created

56.A ll the flights ___________ because of the snowstorm, we had to take

the train instead.

a. were canceled

b. had been canceled

c. having canceled

d. having been canceled

57.O nce _____________, this power station will supply all the

neighboring towns and villages with electricity.

a. it being completed

b. it completed

c. completed

d. it completes

58.A dvertising media like direct mail, radio, television and newspapers

___________ to increase the sales of industrial products.

a. have been used

b. will be used

c. is being used

d. has been used

59.W e will be losing money this year unless that new economic plan of

yours _________ miracles.

a. is working

b. works

c. will be working

d. worked

60.I t turned out that the children were not ___________ for the accident.

a. to blame

b. to be blamed

c. to be blaming

d. to have been blamed

61.I t ____________ to see so many children in that mountainous area

cannot even afford elementary education.

a. pains her

b. makes her pain

c. is paining

d. is pained

62.O ur boss, Mr. Thompson, ___________ a raise in salary for ages, but

nothing has happened yet.

a. was promising

b. has been promising

c. promised

d. has promised

63.N owhere in nature is aluminum found free, owing to its always

___________ with other elements, most commonly with oxygen.

a. being combined

b. having combined

c. to combine

d. combined

64.I f the door was not forced open, ____________ that the burglar must

have had a key.

a. it follows

b. it is followed

c. following is

d. it will be followed

65.T he university of California, ___________ in 1868, is administered by

president and governed by a twenty-four-member board of regents.

a. founded

b. has been founded

c. to have been


d. was founded

66.A ny steam engine gives us an example of ___________ into work.

a. heats having turned

b. heats turning

c. heats having been turned

d. heat being turned

67.I’ll certainly work all next week except when it ____________.

a. will be raining

b. would rain

c. will rain

d. is raining

68.H e concluded his speech with a remark that failure __________ the

mother of success.

a. is

b. were

c. was

d. must be

69.G reat as Newton was, many of his ideas ____________ today and are

being modified by the work of scientists of our time.

a. are to challenge

b. may be challenged

c. have been challenged

d. are challenging

70.I think you are supposed ___________ your graduate study last year.

a. to be finishing

b. to have finished

c. to finish

d. to have been finished

71.T he protection device can eliminate the faults ___________ they

cause more damage.

a. unless

b. until

c. before



72.L ook at these clouds. _____________.

a. It will rain

b. It’s going to rain

c. It will be raining

d. It is to rain

73.___________ the letter, I ran out of the room to the post office.

a. Finishing

b. No sooner that I had finished up

c. As soon as I finished writing

d. Since I finished up to


74.I f only I __________ what you wanted.

a. knew

b. know

c. had known


have known

75.I t was not until he took up fishing that he ____________ to relax.

a. had been beginning

b. began

c. had begun

d. beginning

76.N o sooner _____________ than he realized that he should have

remained silent.

a. the words had spoken

b. had the words spoken

c. the words had been spoken

d. had the words been


77.T he publishers will send you a specimen copy of their new books


a. when it will be requested

b. when they are requested


c. when it is requested

d. when requested

78.N ancy hasn’t begun working on her PH.D ___________ working on

her master’s.

a. still because she is yet

b. yet as a result she is still

c. yet because she is still

d. still while she is already

79.Y ou __________ where you leave your things.

a. always forgets

b. are always forgetting

c. have always forgotten

d. will always forget

80.I__________ to go to London today, but when the fortune-teller

warned me not to travel, I postponed the trip.

a. had intended

b. was intending

c. would intend

d. was intended

81.“I ___________ poetry as the food of the love,” said Darcy.

a. have been used to considering

b. have used to


c. use to consider

d. used to


82.S ince 1970, millions of enthusiasts ____________ a substance which

they believe can remedy the common cold --- Vitamin C.

a. have taken

b. have been taking

c. have been


d. have being taken

83.__________ to be heading for closure, after the government’s

announcement on cuts.

a. The hospital rumors

b. The hospital is


c. Someone rumors the hospital

d. Someone is

rumored the hospital

84.I want _____________ the renovations before I start thinking about


a. to get done with

b. to have got done


c. to be got done with

d. to have been done


85.P addock was not particularly intelligent but I felt sure I ___________

on his loyalty.

a. could be counted

b. could have been


c. could be counting

d. could count

86.H e gave what _________ to an apology on behalf of his company.

a. was amounted

b. amounted

c. was amounting

d. is amounting

87.______________ beyond doubt that an accident caused the fire, the

police will, naturally, release the man they are at present holding on suspicion of arson.

a. Should it be proved

b. Should it prove

c. Should someone be proved

d. Should that be


88.I f you ___________, you’d better go outside in the fresh air.

a. faint

b. have fainted

c. are going to faint

d. will faint

89.I t is ten years since I ___________ you last.

a. see

b. saw

c. didn’t see

d. haven’t


90.T his rule ___________ to everyone who ____________ for this post.

a. will apply … will apply

b. applies … will apply

c. will apply … applies

d. is applying … is applying

91.A re you suggesting that Joe ____________ the murder when you

don’t believe his alibi.

a. commits

b. will commit

c. commit



92.Y ou look frozen. I _____________ you a cup of coffee..

a. will make

b. am going to make

c. am making

d. am to make

93.S he will be 21 __________.

a. come May

b. when May is coming

c. if May will come

d. that May comes

94.W e ___________ our breakfast when an old man came to the door.

a. just have had

b. just had

c. have just had

d. had just had

95.T he manager promised to keep me _____________ of how our

business was going on.

a. to be informed

b. on informing

c. informed

d. informing

96.I decided to go to the library as soon as I _____________.

a. finish what I did

b. finished what I did

c. would finish what I was doing

d. finished what I was


97.I appreciate __________ to your home.

a. to be invited

b. to have invited

c. having invited

d. being invited

98.W hat ___________ would happen if the director knew you felt that


a. do you suppose

b. you suppose

c. will you suppose

d. you would suppose

99.M ark often attempts to escape ___________ whenever he breaks

traffic regulations.

a. having been fined

b. to have been fined

c. to be fined

d. being fined

100.Turn on the television or open a magazine and you ___________ advertisements showing happy, balanced families.

a. are often seeing

b. often see

c. will often see

d. have often seen 101.Don’t get your schedule _____________; stay with us in this class.

a. to change

b. changing

c. changed

d. change 102.Until then, his family ____________ from him for six months.

a. didn’t hear

b. hasn’t been hearing

c. hasn’t heard

d. hadn’t heard

103.After the Arab states won independence, great emphasis was laid on expanding education, with girls as well as boys _____________ to go to school.

a. to be encouraged

b. been encouraged

c. being encouraged

d. be encouraged 104.You see the lightning ___________ it happens, but you hear the thunder later.

a. the instant

b. for an instant

c. on the instant

d. in an instant

105.I’d rather read than watch television; the programs seem _____________ all the time.

a. to get worse

b. to be getting worse

c. to have got worse

d. getting worse 106._________ it or not, his discovery has created a stir in scientific circles.

a. Believe

b. To believe

c. Believing

d. Believed

107.I had just started back for the house to change my clothes ____________ I heard voices.

a. as

b. when

c. after



108.Your hair wants ____________. You’d better have it done tomorrow.

a. cut

b. to cut

c. cutting

d. being cut

Answer Sheet

1. c

2. c

3. a

4. c

5. b

6. a

7. a

8. b

9. a 10. c 11. b 12. c 13. b 14. d 15. b 16. b 17. d 18. c 19. d 20. b 21. c 22. d 23. a 24. c 25. b 26. a 27. a 28. a 29. d 30. a 31. d 32. a 33. a 34. a 35. a 36. a 37. a 38. b 39. c 40. b 41. b 42. d 43. d 44.c 45. a 46. b 47. c 48. b 49.a 50. c 51. c 52. b 53. c 54. b 55. c 56. d 57. c 58. a 59. b 60. a 61. a 62. b 63. a 64. a 65. a 66. d 67. d 68. a 69. c 70. b 71. c 72. b 73. c 74. c 75. b 76. d 77. d 78. c 79. b 80. a