EH英语-基础会话教学by Luna课堂笔记2011.05.06

?lesson one(2011.04.05):
i am...句型(这是以第一人称开始的句型,但是同样适用于第二,第三等其他人称)

1.+形容词/名词 -----表示一种状态
"I'm so tired."
"I'm confused."
"I'm happy."
"I'm twenty three years old."
"I'm hungry."
"I'm nervous."
"I'm excited."
"I'm thirsty."

"I'm extremely tired."
"I'm very happy."
"I'm terribly hungry."
"I am super excited."
"I'm very nervous."

"I'm leaving work."
"I'm eating lunch."
"I'm brushing my teeth."
"I'm scared."
"I'm driving to work."
"I'm crying."
"I am interested in the job."

"I'm in the shower."
"I'm in the lobby."
"I'm in a car."
"I'm in a house."
"I'm in a school."

"I'm at the grocery."
"I'm at the mall."
"I'm at the doctor's office."
"I'm at the park."
"I'm at the airport."

"I'm on the phone."
"I'm on my computer."
"I'm on a bus."

5.句型:i am good at...-----擅长于...
"I'm good at drawing."
"I'm good at video games."
"I'm good at swimming."
"I'm good at driving."

6.句型:i suck at...-----不擅长于...
"I suck at drawing."
"I suck at video games."
"I suck at swimming."
"I suck at driving."
lesson one口语练习要求: 使用以上6种句型其中的4种,完成一段介绍或者描述日常生活等,内容控制在10个句子之内。思考时间5分钟,内容不要过长,简洁明了即可。

lesson two(2011.04.15):
1.i am getting... 一种状态的改变...
"I'm getting better."
"I'm getting ready for bed."
"I'm getting a tooth ache."
"I'm getting a cold."
"I'm getting married."
"I'm getting good at reading."

2.i am trying... 试图做什么...
"I'm trying to get a job."
"I'm trying to call my family."
"I'm trying to enjoy my dinner."
"I'm trying to educate myself."
"I'm trying explain myself."
"I'm trying new food."

3.I have + (noun) 表示有什么...
"I have a cat."
"I have a nice car."
"I have a house."
"I have a computer."
"I have a headache."

4.I have to + (verb) 不得不去做...
"I have to switch schools."
"I have to use the telephone."
"I have to go to the bathroom."
"I have to leave."
"I have to unpack my bags."

5.I have + (past participle) (什么事情)之前做过了...
"I have done it."
"I have heard that before."
"I have driven a car."
"I have forgotten the words."
"I have read that book."

6.I used to + (verb) 过去常常做什么...
"I used to develop websites."
"I used to jog every day."
"I used to paint."
"I used to smoke."
"I used to work from home."

7.I'm not used to + (verb-ing) 不再习惯于做什么...
"I'm used to talking English."
"I'm not used to studying so much."
"I'm not used to being around new people."
"I'm not used to having so much stress."
"I'm not used to having so much responsibility."