新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

New Horizon English Course(Third Edition)Mid-term Examination

I. Proper Response

Directions: This section is to test your ability to give proper answers to questions. The questions will be spoken twice. When you hear a question, choose the best answer from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. (5 points)

1. A. It's over there.

B. It's 11:30.

C. It's late.

D. It seems good.

2. A. Yes, I look pale.

B. I've got a headache.

C. Nor am I.

D. Don't mention it.

3. A. Don't you know? B. Thanks a lot.

C. No problem.

D. It doesn't matter.

4. A. She is old.

B. She is ill.

C. She is a teacher.

D. She is well.

5. A. Yes, I have been waiting for one and a half hours.

B. Yes, flights are often late these days.

C. No, it's not a waste of time.

D. No, that's OK. I've been able to make two phone calls.

II. Understanding Short Dialogues

Directions: This section is to test your ability to understand short dialogues. At the end of each dialogue, there is a recorded question. Both the dialogues and the questions will be spoken twice. Choose the best answer from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. (5 points)

6. A. Fixing an engine.

B. Repairing a car.

C. Cashing a check.

D. Buying some wheels.

7. A. Nurse.

B. Student.

C. Journalist.

D. Teacher.

8. A. The man is interviewing a job applicant.

B. The woman is working for a big company.

C. The man believes he has a bright future.

D. The woman is interested in her present job.

9. A. The woman's class ended ahead of time.

B. She had no classes today.

C. The class usually began at 3 o'clock.

D. The woman wasn't with her classmate.

10. A. One of her hands was absent at the party.

B. All her friends were present at the party.

C. Not all her friends came to the party.

D. All her friends took pleasure to the party.

III. Understanding Short Conversations

Directions: This section is to test your ability to understand short conversations. After each conversation, there are some recorded questions. Both the conversations and the questions will be spoken twice. When you hear a question, you should decide on the correct answer from the 4 choices marked A, B C and D. (10 points)

Conversation 1

11. A. Scenic spots in Paris. B. A business trip.

C. Whether to go to Paris or London.

D. Where to spend their holiday.

12. A. In July. B. In August.

C. In September.

D. In October.

13. A. Quite good. B. Just so so.

C. Not delicious.

D. Very salty.

Conversation 2

14. A. Father and daughter. B. Husband and wife.

C. Doctor and patient.

D. Teacher and student.

15. A. Toothache. B. Stomachache.

C. A headache.

D. A backache.

Conversation 3

16. A. In the summer. B. In the spring.

C. In the winter.

D. In the autumn.

17. A. Sacramento. B. San Diego.

C. They're not sure.

D. St. Albans.

18. A. Because London is her favorite city.

B. Because that's the place they fall in love.

C. Because that's the place where her parents live.

D. All of the above.

Conversation 4

19. A. To a rock and mineral show.

B. To a movie at the student center.

C. To an opera at the concert hall.

D. To a popular music concert.

20. A. His supper only.

B. Their vacation.

C. His ticket only.

D. Their supper.

IV. Spot Dictation

Directions: In this section you will hear a recorded passage. There are 5 missing words in the passage. The passage will be read three times. During the second reading, you are required to write out the missing words or phrases according to what you hear. The third reading is for you to check your answers. (5 points)

Passage 1

Sometimes one invention leads to many others. As people use a new product, changes are made to it. This has certainly happened with computers.

The first computers were used around 1950. They were very large and expensive. They (21) __________ whole rooms. A single unit cost (22)_________ of dollars.

Then came changes and improvements. Scientists studied each part of the computer. Through their work, both the size and cost of the units were greatly reduced. Data can now be (23) __________ on tiny chips and some computers even (24)_____________ computers through speech rather than through keyboards.

This invention is still changing. (25)______________ on our lives can only grow with each improvement.

V. Word Forms

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the given words and change the form if necessary. (10 points)

26. Nowadays, because of the fast spreading of AIDS, everyone is in (dangerous) .

27. The storm caused great (damage) to the village.

28. Most of us think there are too many (advertise) on TV.

29. People often make (complain) .

30. We have (confident) _______ to defeat them.

31. I (lend) ______ him $20000 for a year.

32. This is the first time that he (accomplish) _________ his goal.

33. You will soon become get (use) __________ to the weather here.

34. Their eyes (focus)________ on the teacher.

35. He climbed up the trees and hid among the (branch)_______.

VI. Multiple Choice (Vocabulary)

Directions: Choose the best item to complete each sentence. (15 points)

36. "The fire is in Main Street." John said to the man, "The New Hotel is _________."

A. on fire

B. in fire

C. by fire

D. at fire

37. The old man ____________ and missed the train.

A. slept over

B. slept

C. slept in

D.slept out

38. Let me give you _________.

A. some advice

B. advices

C. an advice

D.the advice

39. —Hi, Mary, you look very tired,

—Yeah, I _________ for a whole week.

A. worked

B. had worked

C. have worked

D. have been working

40. After her marriage, she couldn't devote herself totally _____ music.

A. for

B. in

C. to

D. into

41. Your education is bound _____ your world view.

A. changing

B. to change

C. change

D. exchange

42. What's the ______ between you and that woman?

A. relate

B. relationship

C. wrong

D. relating

43. He is _______ she will pass the final exam with good grades.

A. confidence

B. confident

C. surely

D. confidently

44. She was ______ when she heard the good news.

A. delighting

B. pleasing

C. exciting

D. delighted

45. He must be from Africa, _______ can be seen from his teeth and skin.

A. that

B. what

C. which

D. where

46. The project will have been _______ by the end of this year.

A. completing

B. completed

C. set up

D. finishing

47. Is he ________ of the price of shoes like those?

A. conscious

B. observant

C. cautious

D. careful

48. He is _________ of the ten boys.

A. the clever

B. the cleverer

C. cleverest

D. the cleverest

49. The sun gives off light and warmth, _________ is very important to the living things on the


A. that

B. which

C. what

D. where

50. ____ more time, the scientists will be able to work out a good solution to the problem.

A. To give

B. Giving

C. Given

D.Be given

VII. Multiple Choice (Reading Comprehension)

Directions: Read the following passage and then choose the best answers to the questions that follow. (5 points)

Passage 1

Chain stores have been developing rapidly in China during the past few years and taking hold of ever-increasing retail (零售) market share, an official survey indicates. The State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC) survey shows that the annual sales volume of China's 20 biggest chains leapt last year by 43 percent and the number of their retail stores rose by 46.7

percent, while sales for the whole retail market grew by 10.1 percent. Shanghai Lian Hua Supermarket Company holds the top position with 14.06 billion yuan (US$1.7 billions) in sales in 1, 225 retail stores. The statistics indicate that the biggest stores are swallowing more market share, leaving little development space for medium and small stores, said analysts (分析家). Analysts also note that almost all the giant chains have their headquarters in East China, but they are likely to explore western regions in the near future. With China's entrance into the World Trade Organization, its market is attracting overseas retailers, too. The country is committed to opening gradually its retail business, and as a result more chain stores from outside China will have a share of the pie. Successful domestic retailers are preparing to battle for market share. Shops like Hua Lian and Guo Mei, a giant home appliance distributor in Beijing, have announced ambitious plans for development.

51. According to the passage, Shanghai Lian Hua Supermarket Company is a ____.

A. bargain shop

B. chain of stores

C. department store

D. goods distributor

52. We learn from the paragraph that ____.

A. the market share of the 20 biggest chains grew last year by 10.1%

B. the number of retail stores in China increased last year by 46.7%

C. sales of China's 20 biggest chains increased last year by 43%

D. 1, 225 new retail stores were set up in Shanghai in recent years

53. Facing the challenge of foreign rivals, the Chinese chain stores will _____.

A. fight for their market share with confidence

B. cooperate with foreign retail chain stores

C. shift their focus to western areas

D. form even bigger companies

54. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The biggest stores are enjoying most of the market share.

B. A number of chain stores have started to explore western areas.

C. Medium and small stores don't have any space for development.

D. China will allow more foreign investors to invest in its retail business.

55. The passage is mainly about the ____.

A. the rapid growth of big chain stores

B. the present and future retail market in China

C. the leading role of Lian Hua Supermarket Company

D. the competition between domestic and foreign chain stores

VIII. Short Answer Questions

Directions: Read the following passage and give brief answers to the questions following it. Use as few words as possible. (5 points)

Passage 1

This autumn term, spring term, or academic year program offers advanced students an opportunity to improve their spoken and written Chinese, and to be familiar with a range of people and organizations that are helping to shape China's relationship with the United States and the world. All students who take intermediate or advanced Chinese language may make a choice to participate in the Professional Development Program that includes guest lectures by Chinese and foreign professionals on areas such as politics, foreign affairs, economics, trade, media, art, and culture. This program is supplement (补充) by field trips and short journeys in and around Beijing. Housing and meals: Students live in the foreign student dormitories and take meals in the dormitory dining hall or local restaurants. Requirements: Two years of college level Chinese and one Chinese studies course; graduate students accepted. Program Fee: 1998 Autumn Term: $ 6,995; 1999 Spring Term: $ 6,995. Fees include tuition housing and all meals, cultural activities, local journeys and field trips, insurance, and the International Student Identity Card.

56. What language abilities will be improved if advanced students take part in the program?


57. Who will be guest speakers in the Professional Development Program?

Both ______________________________________________.

58. Where will the foreign students stay when they are in China?

In _________________________________________ .

59. Apart from academic activities, what else will the foreign students do in this program?

They will take ____ and tour around Beijing.

60. How many requirements are there for one who wants to be accepted to the program?

____________________________________________ .

IX. Matching

Directions: Match the following English terms with their Chinese equivalents. (5 points)

Task 1

A. Acceptance letters

B. Adjustment letters

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

C. Application letters

D. Collection letters

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

E. Complaint letters

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

F. Credit letters

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

G. Inquiry letters

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

H. Memorandums

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

I. Order letters

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

J. Reference letters

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

K. Sales letters

L. News releases

M. Annual reports

N. Feasibility reports

O. Investigative reports

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

P. Progress reports

新视野英语教程(第三版)读写教程2期中考试 试卷

Q. Trouble reports

Example: (D)催款函






X. Phrase Translation

Directions: Translate the following expressions. (5 points)

66. 大量的

67. 时髦

68. 意见一致

69. 习惯于__________

70. catch on

XI. Translation from Chinese to English

Directions: Translate the following sentences into English. (6 points)

71. 这家公司已经决定要关闭其分行。(close down)

72. 我始终相信只有努力争取了才能成功。(try hard to do sth. )

73. 我现在写信回复你上星期六给我写的信。(in response to)

XII. Translation from English to Chinese

Directions: Translate the following sentences into Chinese. (4 points)

74. Jack's father suggested that Jack stay in London for a few more days.

75. I have been waiting for you for a long time.

XIII. Basic Writing

Directions: This part is to test your ability to do basic writing. Read the instructions carefully and finish the task. (10 points)

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the verbs given in the brackets.

76. I (not like) to disturb you, because you're quite tired with working hard today.

77. What I (see) was two men crossing the street.

78. A curve (be) a line of which no part is straight and which has no angle.

79. Unless I'm mistaken, I (see) that man before.

80. The fisherman, being poor, (can not ) buy another boat.

81. All man (die) , but death can vary in its significance.

82. Three people, including the little boy, (injure) in the accident.

83. We (use) plastics in place of wood and metal now.

84. I (spend) half an hour working on this difficult math problem.

85. Her suggestion that everybody sing a song (be not appreciate) .

XIV. Practical Writing

Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. Read the instructions carefully and finish the task. (10 points)

The following is a contribution (征稿) on English Corner in a Chinese local newspaper. Put both the introduction and the contributions into English.




1. 一则简短的故事;

2. 发生在你身边的趣事。





Words for Reference:各界:all walks of life