1.He came to China _______ 1998.

A. From

B. since

C. At

D. in

2. —____ did you buy the new bag?—Last Monday.

A. Where

B. How

C. When

D. Who

3. Mr. Yang is too ______ to go on walking.

A. strong

B. Tall

C. Kind

D. tired

4. ______ trees are cut down every year.

A. Thousand

B. Thousands of

C. Thousands

D. Thousand of

5. He's lived here ________ 1980.

A. after

B. In

C. from

D. since

6.—Can you understand me ? —Sorry, I can_______ understand you.

A. hardly

B. Almost

C. nearly

D. ever

7. —______ does it take me to go from my school to your school ?—About five minutes.

A. How many

B. How far

C. How much

D. How long

8. —Hello. May I speak to Jim, please? —_________, please?

A. Who are you

B. How is he

C. Who is that

D. What are you

9. She asked me if I knew whose pen ______.

A. is it

B. it was

C. it is

D. was it

10. It's cold outside. You'd better ________your coat.

A. put on

B. put away

C. put back

D. put up

11.—I have finished my homework. —When ______ you _______it?

A. have; finished

B. do; finish

C. did; finish

D. will; finish

12. —Can I _____ your bike? —With pleasure. But you mustn't _____ it to others.

A. lend; borrow

B. borrow; lend

C. carry; lend

D. borrow; keep

13. ____ of them has an English dictionary.

A. Every

B. Each

C. Both

D. All

14. It ____ me about ten minutes to go to school by bike every day.

A. pays

B. spends

C. costs

D. takes

l5. Don't tell anybody about it. Keep it _____ you and me.

A. among

B. between

C. in

D. with

16. I’d like to _________ the word in French.

A. say

B. speak

C. tell

D. talk

17. A strong wind will arrive in Harbin. It will _____ much rain.

A. bring

B. take

C. carry

D. get

18. It's ______ a beautiful stamp.

A. quite

B. too

C. very

D. so

19. He doesn't know ____ English because he has studied it for only ___ weeks.

A. much; a few

B. little; few

C. few; little

D. a few; a little

20. It's about _______ walk from my home.

A. ten minute

B. ten minutes

C. ten minute's

D. ten-minutes

21. —Is this your sock? —Yes, it is. But where is _____?

A. the others

B. the other one

C. others

D. other one

22. The radio is too noisy. Would you please _____ a little?

A. turn it off

B. turn it down

C. stop it from

D. pick it up

23. The woman had to do the farm work herself, ___?

A. did she

B. didn’t she

C. had she

D. wasn’t she

24. He has_______for about twelve years.

A. bought the house

B. left here

C. lived here

D. gone there

25. I’d like some water, but he wants ______.

A. two bottle orange

B. two bottles of orange

C.two bottle oranges

D. two bottles of oranges

26. Mike is learning ________a computer.

A. how can he use

B. how to use

C. how he use

D. how to using

27. You are just ______ for the game. Please come and join us.

A. in time

B. on time

C. at times

D. at the time

28. Who will teach ______ English next term?

A. ourselves

B. us

C. our

D. ours

29. Everything is _____ lighter on the moon than on the earth.

A. so

B. more

C. much

D. very

30. —_____ do you go to see your parents? —Once a week.

A. How often

B. How long

C. How soon

D. When

I. 1—5 DCDBD 6—10 ADCBA 11—15 CBBDB 16—20 AAAAB 21—25 BBBCB 26—30 BABCA

31. It’s very nice you to give me the chance .

A. of

B. for

C. to

D. at

32. Jack bought useful book . book is also very interesting .

A. an ; The

B. a ; The

C. an ; A

D. a ; A

33. Bill said they would have holiday .

A. a two-month

B. two months

C. two-months

D. two month’s

34. Tom regards Tianjin as his second because he has been here for over ten years .

A. family

B. house

C. room

D. home

35. —Who taught French ?

—Nobody . She learned all by .

A. herself ; her

B. she ; herself

C. her ; herself

D. her ; she

36. Study hard , you are sure to have a good result in the exam .

A. or

B. and

C. for

D. but

37. The population of Tianjin is than that of Shanghai .

A. larger

B. less

C. smaller

D. fewer

38. It’s raining . We have to stay at home instead of going fishing .

A. badly

B. hardly

C. heavily

D. strongly

39. Again and again the doctor the crying girl , but he couldn’t find our what was wrong with her .

A. looked over

B. looked after

C. looked for

D. looked out

40. The flowers every day , or they’ll die .

A. must water

B. can be watered

C. should water

D. must be watered

41. We are often told at people in trouble .

A. not to smile

B. to smile

C. not to laugh

D. to laugh

42. —What are you going to do this weekend ?

—I yet .

A. haven’t decided

B. won’t decide

C. have decided

D. didn’t decide

43. No one can be sure in a million years .

A. what man looks like

B. what will man look like

C. man will look like what

D. what man will look like

44. The sports meet will continue it rains this afternoon .

A. if

B. since

C. as soon as

D. unless

45. The young lady we met yesterday is our new maths teacher .

A. what

B. whose

C. whom

D. which

1. Tom came in a moment ago. He must be in his bedroom

A. after a while

B. just now

C. just then

D. all the same

2. Eric is younger than Marx. I think he is less than twenty years old.

A. above

B. about

C. under

D. over

3. The meat tastes wonderful. I like it very much.

A. delicious

B. bad

C. terrible

D. well

4. Mary’s father passed away last week. She can never see him.

A. went out

B. died

C. came back

D. was ill

5. I’m sorry I can’t do anything for you. I’m just a small potato in the world.

A. 大混蛋

B. 小土豆

C. 初来者


6. -They are thirsty. Will you please give them____________?


A. some bottles of waters

B. some bottles of water

C. some bottle of water

D. some bottle of waters

7. -Excuse me. Where’s the Science Museum?

-T ake No.3 bus and ________ at the fourth stop.

A. get on

B. get off

C. get up

D. get to

8. ______ you don’t hurry up, you’ll miss the train.

A. Until

B. Before

C. But

D. If

9. _______ foreign friends from different countries visit the Great Wall every year.

A. Thousands of

B. Over eight thousands of

C. Thousand of

D. Over eight thousand of

10. -How does Bill drive now, Sue? -Oh, he drives _________ than before.

A. much more careful

B. much more carefully

C. more much careful

D. more much carefully

11.________ book on the desk is _______ useful one.

A. The; an

B. A; a

C. The; a

D. The; X

12. This maths problem is too difficult. _______ students in our class can work it out.

A. A little

B. Little

C. Few

D. A few

13. -________ are you late for school? -A few times.

A. How often

B. How long

C. How soon

D. How much

14. Mr Brown met Mrs Wang yesterday,________?

A. does he

B. doesn’t he

C. did he

D. didn’t he

15. They got to London ________ 3:00 _______ the afternoon of May 10.

A. on; on

B. at; in

C. at; on

D. in; in

16.Linda often ________ her homework in the evening, but this evening she __________ TV.

A. does; watches

B. is doing; watches

C. does; is watching

D. is doing; is watching

17. -Hello. May I speak to Tom Smith? -Yes.________.

A. That’s Tom Smith

B. He isn’t in at the moment

C. This is Tom Smith

D. That’s me

18. -Tom, don’t make faces in class! -______________.

A. It doesn’t matter

B. Sorry. I won’t do it again.

C. I’m sorry to hear that

D. Nothing much

19. -Who is the man over there? Is it our English teacher?

-No, it_______ be our English teacher. It ______ be our Chinese teacher.

A. mustn’t; must

B. can’t; must

C. needn’t; can

D. mustn’t; can

20.When you meet your foreign friend in the street,you should usually say “first.”

A.Where are you going?

B.How do you do?

C.How are you?


1. To shut your eyes to the facts,_A_many of you often do,is foolish.





2. ---What would you like to eat?

---I can eat_C_.





3. Why didn’t Jack ask for the job?He _C_it.

A.might get

B.could get

C.could have got

D.must have got

4. The lecture_A_me to death.





5. The pictures that he_A_on the wall yesterday are very beautiful.




D.was hanged

6. He achieved his aim_D_.

A.by hard working

B.through hard working

C.working hard

D.by hard work

7. My wallet is nowhere to be found.I_C_when I was on the bus.

A.musy drop it

B.should have dropped it

C.must have dropped it

D.had dropped it

8. _D_,we should be glad.

A.They arrive tomorrow

B.Were they arriving tomorrow

C.They were to arrive tomorrow

D.Were they to arrive tomorrow

9. I could have done it better if I_C_more time.

A.have had


C.had had

D.will have had

10. He was a good swimmer,so he_D_swim to the river bank when the boat sank.



C.succeeded to

D.was able to

11. _C_,that step is not safe!

A.Look around

B.Look up

C.Look out

D.Look down

12. Is there any_B_ medicine to cure that patient of his illness?





13. Make greater efforts,and you are sure to reach your goal_A_.





14. As I felt so much better,my doctor_B_me to take a holiday by the sea.





15. Every picture has been sold_A_these two,so you’d better make a decision earlier.



C.expect for


16. Seldom_B_him in the past two years.

A.I have seen

B.have I seen

C.I saw

D.did I see

17. ---He went to see the film last night.


A.So he did,and so did I

B.So did he,and so I did

C.So he did,and so I did

D.So did he,and so did I

18. I wish I_B_you better.



C.will know

D.have known

19. This is the student_A_I know will pass the TOEFL test.





20. They are looking forward to_C_to the lecture by the famous professor.


B.be sent

C.being sent


21. Not only_A_us light,but it gives us heat.

A.does the sun give

B.the sun gives

C.gives the sun

D.the sun does give

22. They were too dirty to walk;_B_,it was late.





23. The book looked_C_it had been out in the rain.



C.as through


24. My brother had a cold last week,so_B_I.





25. I haven’t met him for ages,but his mother_B_him quite often.

A.had seen


C.has seen


26. I sat near the entrance for a long time_A_him,but he didn’t arrive.





27. I’m_D_in this newspaper.

A.making a word puzzle

B.having a puzzle word

C.getting a word puzzle

D.doing a word puzzle

28. I’m not_B_beautiful dreams.I want beautiful realities.

A.content to

B.content with

C.content of

D.content at

29. As there is no butter,we shall have to_A_dry bread.

A.content ourselves with

B.content us with

C.content to


30. The Anti-Japanses War_B_in 1973and it__8 years.

A.was broken out;lasted

B.broke out;lasted


D.had been broken out;kept

31. What do you think_C_?

A.what he is

B.that he is

C.he is

D.is he

32. I still remember the place_C_he visited.


B.in which



33. Mother was worried because little Alice was ill,especially_A_Father was out.





34. He plays football_B_,if not better than,John.

A.as well

B.as well as

C.so well

D.so well as

35. Finallt,the thief handed everything_D_he had stolen to the police.





36. If you climb up to the top,youcan get a good_B_of the whole city.





37. You look tired.You_ A_all day long.

A.must have been working

B.might be working

C.should have been working

D.should have worked

38. Come and see me_B_two day’s time.





39. _B_Java Man.who lived before the first Ice Age,was the first man-like animal.

A.Generally believed it is

B.It is generally believed that

C.Believed it generally is that

D.That is generally believed

40. I haven’t seen Tom yet today,and I haven’t seen Joe,_B_.





41. ---You forgot to turn the gas off when you finished cooking this evening. ---Good heavens,_B_.

A.so did I

B.so I did

C.so you did

D.you did so

42. Mary is_A_.She is a bit too strong.

A.on a diet

B.at a diet

C.on a dieting

D.going for dieting

43. How many_B_do you need?

A.hour’s sleep

B.hours of sleep

C.hours of sleeping

D.sleeping hours

44. I want to know how much you_A_since you__last time.

A.have read;did

B.had read;did

C.had read;read

D.would have read;had read

45. _A_he said made me __.




D.If;to sick

46. They have been in Hawaii_A_the end of the war.





47. Under the tree_B_two boys.





48. As a_C_of fact,talking to a friend is nice,but being alone is also enjoyable.





49. My brother said_C_eraser he had bought was__help to him.





50. You can often see the runners_B_________on the playground.

A.to train



D.to be training


( )16. Can you tell me the way _______ the bank near here?

A. to

B. in

C. at

D. of

( )17. Let’s take a walk ___________ the park on Center Street.

A. across B, through C. pass D. cross

( )18. Bridge Street is a good place _______.

A. have fun

B. to have fun

C. having fun

D. to fun

( )19. -- Is there a pay phone _______ the neighborhood?

--Yes, it’s_______ Center Street________ the right

A. in, down, on

B. on, on, is

C. in, on, is

D. on, down, on

( )20. Look! There is a woman _____ _ your car.

A. in the front of

B. in front of

C. on front of

D. on the front of

( )21. The story is very interesting. It's only the _ of it.

A. begun

B. begins

C. began

D. beginning

( )22. I know you are arriving_______ Beijing next week.

A. to

B. in

C. at

D. for

( )23.China is a country _____ a long history.


B. has



( 24.-- "________there any apples on the table?''

--"Yes ,but there ________only one.''

A. Is ;are

B.Are; is

C.Is; is

D.Are; are( )25. His home is on a _____ stre et, so it's very noisy(嘈杂的) during the day.

A. quiet

B. busy

C. clean

D. dirty.

( )26.--What’s in the room?


A.It has a table

B.This is a big table

C.Those are tables

D. There is a table

( )27. --I hope you have a good trip!


A. Thank very much!

B. You too!

C. Thanks!


( )28. --______ , may I ask you a question?

--Sure. What is it?

A. I'm sorry

B. Excuse me

C. Thank you

D. Hi

( )29.--Why do so many planes(飞机) go ane come every day?

--Because there is a big _____ in our city.

A. hotel

B.post office

C.super market


( )30.--_____?

--It is on Sixth Avenue.

A. Is there a hotel near here

B.Where is the hotel

C.How is the hotel

D.Is the hotel in the neighborhood



Today is Saturday, Ann 31___ to school. Her parents Mr King and Mrs King 32___ to work. They want to go to the Haishan Park. The park is near their house, so the y 33___ to the park. It’s 9 o’clock now. There are 34___ p eople in the park. Some people chat(聊天).Some people 35___ .Some people si ng. There are a lot of good places to 36___ fun in the park. Ann plays on th e merry-go-round(旋转木马) 37___ other boys and girls. Mr King 38___ in th e sports club. Mrs King dances in the music club. They 39___ it’s very 40___ .

( )31. A. don’t go B. doesn’t go C. not go D. goes

( )32. A. don’t go B. doesn’tC. not go D. go

( )33. A. takes a walkB. take a walk C. takes the walk D. take the walk ( )34. A. no B. many C. a lots ofD. lot of

( )35. A. play the guitar B. play guitar C. plays the guitar D. plays guita r

( )36. A. havingB. have C. has D. enjoy

( )37. A. havingB .and C. with D. or

( )38. A. plays tennis B. play the tennis C. plays the tennis D. play tenni s

( )39. A. think B. thinks C. thinkingD. look

( )40. A. relax B. relaxingC. relaxedD. boring

B) 请先阅读短文,掌握其大意。然后从方框中所给的词中选出最恰当的10个,用其适当形式填空,每个词限用一次,有两个是多余的。(每小题1分) The US President

Obama(奥巴马) is the President(总统)of the United States. He is very 41_ ____ every day, but he often makes the time to go to the school to 42_____ students. He tells them about his 43_____.

He says that he 44 _____ a lot from his mother. He also asks students to work 45_____ at s chool. Some students tell him that they don’t know 46____ _ to learn well. The President gives them 47_____ good ideas(主意). First, go to school on time(按时)every day. Second, listen to teachers well in 48_____. Third, do homewoek every day 49 _____ don’t wat ch too much TV.

Please do as what the President says and you 50 _____ be successful one day