1.2 Chapter 1 France is calling 教案(牛津上海版八年级下册)

Chapter 1 France is calling

Part A Language

I. words and expressions

1. Be in danger 处于危险之中

This book says that our world is in danger. 这本书说我们的世界处于危险之中。

2. vital very important and essential adj. 重要的

it is vital that we do something to save the earth. 我们得做些什么来拯救地球是至关重要的。

3. the threats to 对于……的威胁threaten v. 威胁

First of all, what are the threats to our environment? 首先,对于我们环境的威胁是什么?

4. Keep sth from doing 阻止……做某事

The atmosphere is acting like the glass letting sunlight in while keeping much of the warmth from getting out. 大气层像个玻璃罩,吸入阳光而阻止热量散失。

5. living adj. 有生命的lifeless adj. 无生命的

The atmosphere is essential to all living things. Without it, the earth would be as cold and lifeless as the surface of the moon. 大气层对所有的生命都至关重要。没有它地球将会像月球表面那样寒冷而毫无生命。

6. protective adj. 保护性的

it forms an essential protective layer around the earth. 它在地球周围形成了一个重要的保护层。

Protect v. 保护protection n. 保护

7. destruction of ……的破坏……的毁灭

destruction of the rain forests 雨林的破坏

destroy v. 破坏

8. take in 吸入let out/release 排出

the burning and cutting down of trees is making the Greenhouse Effect worse because trees take in CO2. 燃烧和砍伐树木使温室效应越来越严重,因为树木能吸入二氧化碳。

9. our habit of doing sth 我们做某事的习惯

Many of our habits cause pollution, especially our habit of using things once and then throwing