1.Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation?()

A. rest

B. mention

C. result

D. mess

2.The young engineer solved the problem in ________ unusual way.()

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. /

3.Some young parents are unaware ______ the danger of giving their babies smartphones


A. with

B. for

C. in

D. of

4.There were 22medical service areas ________ the route in 2017Shanghai Marathon.(

A. along

B. with

C. through

D. across

5.In the park, visitors will be able to discover for ________ the roots of the city's culture


A. them

B. their

C. themselves

D. theirs

6.When the boy lost his balance, the skateboard went one way and he went _______-.


A. the other

B. others

C. other

D. the others

7.I was late for school because of too much _______ on the road this morning.()

A. traffic

B. accidents

C. passengers

D. people

8.Thanks to the high technology, computers can be _______ than doctors at doing their j


A. good

B. well

C. better

D. best

9.This is _______ robot I have ever seen in the Robert Exhibition.()

A. intelligent

B. more intelligent

C. most intelligent

D. the most intelligent

10.The world's biggest e-business ________ making Single's Day shopping celebration in 2


A. begins

B. began

C. was beginning

D. has begun

11.According to the sports news, the Rugby World Cup _________ in France in 2023.


A. holds

B. is held

C. will hold

D. will be held

12.---_________ is it from your home to the nearest public library?

About twenty minutes' ride.()

A. How often

B. How long

C. How far

D. How soon

13.You had better _________ questions in class when there is something you can't understa


A. ask

B. asked

C. asking

D. to ask

14.With Internet Plus business, it's popular for us _______ the bill online in China.()

A. pay

B. paid

C. paying

D. to pay

15.Tim _______ a detective story written by Arthur Conan Doyle thistime yesterday.()

A. read

B. reads

C. was reading

D. is reading

16.According to the traffic rules, kids under 12 ________ ride bikes on the road.()

A. may not

B. mustn't

C. couldn't

D. needn't

17.My mother has little interest in football ________ she didn't watch the live match on TV

yesterday evening.()

A. so

B. if

C. though

D. when

18.There are quite a few customers doing shopping in the new mall, _______?()

A. are there

B. aren't there

C. don't they

D. do they

19.---Hello, Jenny, you look busy. Anything I can do for you?

_______ I can manage myself.()

A. Not at all

B. I'm afraid not

C. Thank you all the same

D. All right


---I'm sorry to hear that.()

A. I have been chosen secretary of the Students' Union

B. I've got a birthday gift from my parents.

C. I am planning to spend my holiday in Thailand

D. I can't attend your party because of my bad cold.


Around 80examples of failed products,business and ideas are showed in the newly opened museum in Sweden.It is to celebrate modern history's(75)______designs ---from Coca-Cola Blak,a coffee-inspired drink,to Bic pens made just for women.

Besides showing long-forgotten failure,founder Dr.Samuel West is on a task to help us learn from our mistakes.Samuel set up the museum after growing (76)______success stories.He said understanding bad design could be more valuable than(77)______good design."Most of all creative projects fail,and learning is the only way to turn failure into success." according to the museum's website."I hope that visitors take home two (78)______:that failure is connected with success,and that they should understand the importance of learning from failure," said Dr.West.

"The purpose of the museum is to show that creativity requires failure," Dr.West said as he introduced some of the products in a video."If you are afraid of failure,then you can't create." So the organizations will not ignore(无视)them and pretend they (79)


Many of the museum's items were available online.West believed that (80)______products have little in common with one another.One of the items,for example,is a frozen beef lasagna(意式千层面)made by Colgate(Yes,the company that makes toothpaste).West described this as a classical case of "brand extension failure."

A collection of nine objects from the museum is our tour.The traveling collection of failures will then visit Los Angeles,New York,Shanghai and Tokyo in 2018and 2019.

History may be written by the winners,but we should not ignore the losers.At least,that's wha the Museum of Failure wants us to believe.

21. A. best B. cheapest C. worst D. easiest

22. A. satisfied with B. tired of

C. keen on

D. surprised at

23. A. copying B. printing C. imaging D. making

24. A. stories B. bargains C. tools D. messages

25. A. always B. never C. sometimes D. usually

26. A. poorly-designed B. well-designed

C. carefully-designed

D. newly-designed



Star Cruises offer exciting new choices to escape the winter cold

After its Golden Sea Route journey to Japan this summer,Superstar Virago will start brand new winter routes from November 30,2017to February 28,2018for

customers.This is the time to escape from the cold weather in Shanghai.

The new routes will have seven popular destinations across the East Pacific Ocean.It provides a variety of winter travel choices.Shanghai Wusonkou International Cruise Terminal will continue to be the homeport."

As a leader in the Asia-Pacific cruise market,Star Cruises has always been developing great experiences for their guests.The four well-designed winter routes will show

landmark scenery from Osaka and Okinawa,Japan to Manila and Laoag in the

Philippines.To cater to customers' desires for popular destinations,and their different holiday plans,the four new routes are aimed at helping guests find new and exciting locations and allow them to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Scan to explore more service information on iDEALShanghai.com

27.From the advertisement,we can see______ is the name of the cruise to Japan.

A. Golden Sea

B. Superstar Virago

C. East Pacific

D. Asia Pacific

28.There are______ popular destination according to the new routes.

A. four

B. six

C. seven

D. eight

29.The homeport of the new winter routes is still in______.

A. Wusongkou,Shanghai

B. Osaka,Japan

C. Okinawa's,Japan

D. Manila,the Philippines

30.The customers on the cruise trip can do the following EXCEPT______.

A. enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

B. see beautiful scenery along the route

C. escape the cold winter days in Shanghai

D. drive the cruise ship across the East Pacific Ocean

31.The underlined phrase "cater to "means______-.

A. meet

B. explore

C. consider

D. recognize

32.If you want to know more about such kind of service,you can______.

A. visit the office iDEALShanghai

B. make a photo call to iDEALShanghai

C. write a letter to iDEALShanghai

D. search the website iDEALShanghai.com



village.On July 8,it was(46)______in the UNESCO's World Heritage List(《世界遗产名录》).It makes China the country with the second most World Heritages Sites in the world with 52.

The island might be small,but it's (47)______to many big-name musicians;among them are pianist Xu Feiping and violinist Yang Jing.It also has the highest per capita (人均)ownership of pianos in China.Therefore,it is called China's "Piano Island."

"Western classical instruments rarely(48)______in China before the end of the

mid-1800s," explain Robin Goldstein,tourism spokesperson for Kulangu." Kulangsu used to be a place for Westerners to live and work.Thus they brought (49)______from Europe.As a result,Kulangsu became one of the first places in China to play and hear Western classical music."


The largest in the world ----and the only one in China -----the Gulangyu Piano Museum is hard to miss,thanks to an eye-catching figure that looks like piano keys.Inside,more than 100shining pianos,(50)______a precious old-plated piano and an antique(古董的)hand piano,provide the island's musical heritage.

The tiny island is (51)______free of cars and bikes,except the tourist trolleys(电车).Then there are the 19th-century buildings of(52)______style and leafy seaside footpath.The beaches of Kulangsu might not be the same as the Philippines",but they're very clan----with white sand and palm trees.

The highest point on the island offers(53)______of the island's read rooftops and of downtown Xiamen across the river.Climbing to its top is great in the evening because the crowds are thinner,and you can watch the sunset and skyline of Xiamen begin to twinkle.

33.The after-sales services department is on the______ floor of the building.(five)

34.It's dangerous to tell you______ information to other online.(person)

35.The couple have shot a number of______ during their honeymoon trip.(photo)

36.Next month Anna will work as a volunteer to offer______help to the community.(she)

37.Don't______with Mr. Li when he is in bad temper.( argument)

38.In a______ survey, 28percent of consumers were bored with online sales.( recently)

39.The story Beauty and the Beast is______known among kids all over the world.(wide)

40.In this task,

______ thinking is required as well as team work among the group.( depend)

41.Mr. Smith held a magazine in his hand on the way back home.(改为一般疑问句)

______ Mr. Smith______ a magazine in his hand on the way back home?

42.The top singing star's set up his own charity to help those in need.(对划线部分提问)

______ the pop singing star set up to help those in need?

43.The policemen took the injured students to the hospital at once.(改为被动句)

The injured students______ to the hospital at once.

44.I didn't copy the papers because something was wrong with the printer.(改为句意基

本相同) I didn't copy the papers because the printer______.

45.Tony asked his mum, "How will we spend the Spring Festiva?"(改为宾语从句)

Tony asked his mum how______ spend the Spring Festival.

46.Mandarin, the Chinese language, is important to Chinese culture.(改为感叹句)

______ Mandarin, the Chinese language, is to Chinese culture!

47.without, one, a student card, is not allowed, showing , to enter the hall(连词成



Augie Dobson,a 9-year-old American boy is prud of his ability to speak Chinese.He has been studying the language for three year from Shanghai Community International School.

Augie is one of a group of three and took part in a drama performance competition.It was organized to e(81)______overseas students to understand Chinese culture.

Their play is based on Tang Dynasty (618-907)poet He Zhizhang's " Hui Xiang Ou Shu," L(82)______,the play got the second prize at yesterday's ceremony.

" Hui Xiang Ou Shu" means writing something after returning home.It describes an old man who left his hometown at a young age but feels like a s (83)______when he returns

a couple of years later.

Mrs Sun,a Chinese teacher in school said she tries to teach her pupils to sing and dance

to the poem."Children are interested in singing poems rather than just reciting t(84)______.

Students at Shanghai Community International School now learn an ancient poem every day."It's difficult b (85)______I ‘m trying to remember," said Augie.

The first prize went to drama "Kong Cheng Ji," performed by students at Dulwich

College Shanghai.Kong Cheng Ji,tells of Zhuge liang during the Three Kingdoms period (220-280).He had no army to protect and guard the city but m(86)______to make the enemy's leader Sima Yi believe that the city was full of traps and ambushes(埋伏).As a result,Sima gave up.

Li Zihao,9,plays Sima in the drama.Li is a fan of chengyu,Chinese four-character idioms(四字成语).

"I've downloaded an app about telling stories with chengyu,and he loves it.I think chengyu is a very s(87)______and important parts of Chinese culture.Four words alone can mean a lot,and chengyu shows the great wisdom of old Chinese people." said his mother.


49."Mom, I dreamed about you all night. I dreamt that you had come back to me, but I

know you are gone……" says a post-80s girl named Lulu in a Sina Weibo post.

Lulu has been " talking " to her deceased(已故

的) mother through her microblog for the past four years. Her act has moved millions of Chinese netizens, Xinhua reported last Tuesday.

The girl from Shenyang posted the first to her mother on June, 2012, just over a wee k, after her mother passed away. " I will keep talking to you until I leave the world." Lulu wrote. Since then, she has kept updating her post almost every day, expressi ng how she misses her mother and also shares exciting or sad moments of her daily life.Lulu said it's her way to "keep in touch" with her mother, as she used to talk with her t hree to four time a day when she was alive.

During the past four years, she has posted over 1,200messages and got 86,

583followers so far. One internet user said, " Every tweet moves me to tears, and t hank you for reminding more people to cherish(珍

惜) each day we have with our mother." Another said this was the most touching mic roblog ever.

Lulu said she was pleased that her microblog made more people realize their filial (子女的) duties and she hopes young people could take more time to be with their parents.

88. Where did Lulu write letters to her deceased mother, in Sina Weibo or Xinhua D aily?______

89. When did Lulu post the first message to her mother?______

90. How often did Lulu use to talk to her mother when she was alive?______

91. How many followers has Lulu got in the past four years?______

92. After reading the blogs, what did some people think of it?______

93. What can people get from Lulu's blog?______


50.Write at least 60words on the topic" My happy moment with______"




The following is for reference only (以下表述仅供参考)communicate with….., share with…., learn from ……, enjoy, relax