Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen

Good afternoon ladies and I will introduce a great film to’s name is the imitation game.then i will introduce it’s actors ,actress and look at this page of ppt, the woman who shows in the picture is the leading lady of this film.her name is Keira Knightley(凯拉-奈特莉).as far as I’m concerned,she is beautiful.look at her bridge of the nose ,it is very tall. She is the typical example of the beauty from the western country, but she is not just a beauty, who is she?let me introduce you this sexy woman.everyone looks at this page of ppt.this is her brief introduction.firstly her hometown is she can speak with pure England accent.she began her job since she was a very young girl.she became popular all over the world in 2003.the reason why she became famous is that she played a very important role in the film whose name is pirates of caribbean加勒比海盗.her father is a actor,and her mother is a playwright剧作家,so it avail to her when she started her career.we can see that family is a very important factor to our life.obviously her main job is acting in a play, she did it very good.she is a earnest person, she can do anything she want to, and she is responsible for her emotion, now she got married . In other aspects she treat everybody as her friend. Her height is 171 cm, it’s a big number,because if a girl can have such a stature like her , that will be very nice and will make female showy in crowd, if someone want to be a actress, a very symmetry body is essential.her birthday is march 26th 1985, as we

can see , she is very young ,only 31 years old. I mean that she got nominated in the 78th Oscar and 87th Oscar. Many actors and actresses don’t obtain the honor in his/her whole life ,so she has talent in her job.she graduated from Esther College. I don’t know about this college,even in weikki and baidu. This college isn’t famous. But it is the college that cultivated a international film star. So everything is possible.let’s talk about her representative works. The first film she took apart in is Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl(加勒比海盗:黑珍珠号)the picture in the right side is it’s poster. I believe that most of us watched this film before. It can’t be denied that it is a good film. It ‘s leading man is johnny depp. The second film is Pride & Prejudice (傲慢与偏见), she is the leading lady in that film,it is a literary and historical film, the role she played is just like the true lady who lives in the true world which likes we live. The third film is King Arthur(亚瑟王). It is a historical film which adapted from a true story, in that film she plays the role who is the queen of Arthur. I didn’t watch this film ,so i don’t want to evaluate this film, but i believe that this film is worth to watch. The 4th film is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest(加勒比海盗:聚魂棺). Here are the posters of this film. It is the second film of it’s series. Her acting skill was still embodied in that film. She made the role alive. The 5th film is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (加勒比海盗:世界的尽头),from my point of view, it is the

Best film i’ve ever seen, every role is such vivid like the real men and women in front of my eyes. By the way , zhou run fa plays a big negative character in that film. That’s one of the reason why i like it. The 6th film is The Duchess (公爵夫人)if you want to learn the real pure england accent ,this film can help,you will hear and learn the pure England accent. The 7th film is A Dangerous Method (危险方法),it shows us a girl fights for her freedom it can reflect how big a person’s power can be motivated. The 8th film is 8.Anna Karenina(安娜-卡列尼娜)it's a classic film and it can reflect the true life of 19th century in Muscovy. 9. Laggies (永远16岁)it's a comedy,and if you want to laugh,so enjoy it. 10.Everest(绝命海拔)another great film.By the way, the leading man is Jake Gyllenhaal (杰克-克伦哈尔)who is one of the leading man of Brokeback Moutain (断背山).

Look at this guy, he is the director of this film,his name is Morten Tyldu (莫滕-泰杜姆). As a matter of fact, i don’t know about him, let’s see his brief introduction, he wanted to be a musician at first till he entered cinema college he make the dicision that he want be a director. His hometown is Norway. That’s what i know about him!

Next i’ll introduce some important supporting male role to you, the first man is Matthew Goode马修-古蒂.he is handsome let me show his brief introduction to you. His hometown is England and he graduated from 韦伯戏剧艺术学院. His occupation is actor and model, he also has a nice

body shape. That’s the reason why he can be a model. His height is 188cm wow how tall. Let us see the representative works. The 1st film is Burning Man (浴火男人)it is a science fiction film. The 2nd film is Copying Beethoven (复制贝多芬)a great film about one of the most famous Musician,Beethoven. The thrid film is Downton Abbey (唐顿庄园)most of us must watched it before. The 4th 4.Chasing Liberty (总统千金欧游记). It is a great film.

The 2nd supporting male role is Marco Giuseppe Salussolia(马克-斯特朗)As you can see his hometown is England and he graduated from 布里斯托尔戏剧学院his birthday is August 5th 1963. In his life time he always play the supporting role. Now see the ppt , the first film is Oliver Twist (雾都孤儿)it's adapt from a masterwork whose author is Charles Dickens(查尔斯-狄更斯)

2nd Kick Ass(海扁王)this is a comedy whose leading man is my favourate actor Nicolas Cage(尼古拉斯-凯奇)


it's a science fiction film whose leading lady is Michelle Yeoh(杨紫琼)he plays a big negative character.

No.4.Sherlock Holmes(大侦探福尔摩斯)

The film whose leading man is Robert Downey Jr. (小罗伯特-唐尼)and Jude Law(裘德洛).He plays a negative character in the film.

The TV plays:Our Friends in the North(我和我们北方的朋友们)

it's a BBC TV series whcih is one of the most great BBC TV plays in 90s. That’s all the actors ,actress and director i want to show you. Thank you