1、Tom and Mike are good friends. Often help each other.

A. they


C. their


2、The road last year.

A. build


C.was duilt

D.is built

3、Do you know the capital museum?

A. when will they visit

B. when they will visit

C. when did they visit

D. when they visited

4、New Zealand has two islands.one is North Island and is South Island.

A. Another

B.the other

C. other

D.the others

5、Tina and her parents to England for sightseeing last summer.

A. go


C. will go

D.have gone

6、The Harry Potter books pretty popular since they were published.

A. become

B.will become

C. have become

D.are becoming

7、exciting sport it is to climb the mountain!

A. How


C.what a

D. what an

8、I want to know .

A. when we should arrive at the airport

B.When should we arrive at the airport

C. When the airport we should arrive at

D. When the airport should we arrive at

9、the customers are pleased with the of the restaurant.



C. surface

D. service

9、angel is keen on all kinds of pop music .the underlined part means ““ .

A.is surprised at

B.is fomous for

C. is fond of

D.is worried about

10、--I`m really sorry to have broken your coffee cup .-- .

A.good idea

B.that`s all right

C. I don`t think so

D.you are welcome

11、The plane will .from BeiJing Capital Airport and land in London.

A.take up

B.take out

C. take away

D. take off

12 He wanted to know .the English party.

A. when will we have

B. when we will have

C. when would we have

D. when we would have

13 He wanted to know .the English party.

A. when will we have

B. when we will have

C. when would we have

D. when we would have

14、-Must I clean the room now?

-No, you . You can do it well this term.

A. mustn`t

B. must

C. needn`t

D. need

15、Our life is getting better and better in .21st century.

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. 不填

16、Do you notice the strange noise of the computer?Maybe .is wrong with it.


B. anything

C. nothing

D. something

17、The weather in Kunming is .too cold too hot. people like live there.

A.either ;or

B. both;and

C. neither nor

D. not only;but also

18、I .my clothes ,and the phone rang.

A. wash

B. washed

C. am washing

D. was washing

19、I often laugh when I see my grandma learing pop songs.But she says”one is never .old to learn ”.

A. too

B. so

C. very

D. quite

20、-Long time no see.

-I`ve just returned. I . to Zhengzhou for a meeting last month.

A. am set

B. was sent

C. am sending

D. was sending

21、Some of my friends are interested in science,but. I . to Zhengzhou for a meeting last month.

A. am set

B. was sent

C. am sending

D. was sending

22、In summer ,food goes bad easily . It is put in the refrigerator.


B. if


D. nor

23 –Susan ,why are you still here?they are all ready to start.

- I`m sorry,but I .when to leave.

A.don`t tell

B. did`t tell

C.was`t told

24、I hear Tom lives here,but I`m not sure .

A.which room he lives in

B. which room does he live in

C. he lives in which room

D. in which room he lives

25、-Can I help ?

- Well ,I`m afraid the box is .heavy for you,but thankyou all the same.


B. much


D. too

26、-Have you read this book ?

- Yes,I .it two weeks ago.

A.am reading

B. have read

C.will read


27、-It`s diffcult for me to decide whice one to choose,because .of them are good.


B. both



28、-I need something for cutting the paper.

-Oh,you want a knife? OK, I`ll get .for you.

A. it

B. that

C. this


29、Bob promises to join in the football match he has to help his parents on the farm.

A. if

B. as

C. unless

D. when

30、-Did you find the small village yesterday?

-Yes, without any diffcult,for it has changed over years.

A. hardly

B. greatly


D. nearly

31-Did you find the small village yesterday?

-Yes, without any diffcult,for it has changed over years.

A. hardly

B. greatly


D. nearly

32、-Do you often watch Man and Nature on TV?

-Sometimes. It`s an interesting programe,but I Sport News.

A. prefer

B. want


D. miss

33、-Have you ever been to Shanghai, Mary?

-Yes. I there for three days with my parents last month..

A. have gone

B. have been


D. was

34、The teacher asked the boy many questions,but he only

answered of them.


B. lots



35、-Why didn`t you go to the cinema with us this afternoon?

-I at the station for my uncle from Beijing.

A.was waiting

B. have waited

C. am waiting

D.will wait

36、I couldn`t get through the door because there was a big box .

A.by the way

B. on the way

C. out of the way

D.in the way

○37、I couldn`t get through the door because there was a big box .

A.by the way

B. on the way

C. out of the way

D.in the way



I tried as hard as possible in the PE test.


Beijing is famous for its many place of interest in the world.


You had better not depend on Your parents,and learn to look after yourself.


There chocolates are all made by hand


I asked for a job at small station at the age of nine.

6、The kid is playing the piano at the school music club.(对划线部分提问) Where is the kid playing the piano?

7、Staven joined (参加)the school dancing club last year.

8、Many school things were (send) to Yushu last month.


Grandma is too old to emigrate to another planet.


He said he had never seen a match so exciting before.


I don`t know what the life in the future will be ? .


It`s good that the robot do all the work instead of us. .


We should prevent the factory from polluting river. .


Here are various books for you to choose from


The physics teacher said that light travels faster than sound


The scientists are working hard to make this dream come true.


You won`t find out the answer until you f inish the experimen t


It`s said the football match will be covered live on the coming Saturda y.


The victim was attacted with a knife and beld to death as a result.


The police have arrested him because he did things against the law.


Last night that famous director was murdered .he was found dead in the street this morning.


I think you ought to put your effort into English well.


Unlealthy web sites have a bad effect on children`s body and mind.


You had better give up smoking. It`s harmful for your health.


Zhang Yimou is considened as one of the most famous director in china.


When we arrived at the airport out of breath,The plane had been away for 10 minuters.


They asked me whether I had been to the USA.


I didn`t finishes my homework until 11:00 last night.


Was Mr Green killed or killed by himself?


You have made so many mistakes and you should do your homework more carefully next time.


She insisted that Helpbun was the prefect girl to play the lead role.


Our teachers remind us to put effort into our study.


She was presented with a number of awards because of her efforts in this area.


Jim has success at school but he never showed off


He is imaginative enough to come up with new ideas.


Red can help you when you are having diffculty making a decision.


Your suggestions are very valuable to me.


He is patient enough to explain everything to us.


We have no choice but to finish homework on time.


We are not sure whether we can complete the task on time.


1A2C3B4B5B6C7B8A9D10C11D12D13D14C15C16D17c18d19a20b21a22c23c 24a25D26D27B28D29C30A31A32A33D34A35A36D



1、阻止某人做某事:keep(stop\prevend) sb from doing sth

2、以药丸的形式:in the form of pills


4、对……有害……:be harmful to\do harm for

5、为某人提供某物:provide sb with sth; provide sth for sb

6、在……的控制下:under the control of

7、以……的速度:at the speed of

8、以……开始:begin (start) with

9、竭尽努力put one`s effort into


12、有坏的影响:have a bad effect on

13、丢失:go……missing 指纹:fingerprints

14、被看见:be seen doing(to do) 破门而入:break into

15、希望某人做某事:wish sb to do sth

16、超越go beyond

17、作讲演make a speech

18、发送信息文本到send text message to

19、做某事有困难have diffculty in doing sth

20、心情很差be in a bad mood

21、给你以快乐和满足的感觉give you a happy and satisfied feeling


1、tell sb not to do sth

2、prefer doing to doing

3、look after= be cared for

4、have sb do sth\have sth done

5、send sb out

6、look out 留神注意look over 仔细检查Look into sb 盯着某人看look after照料look up 查字典、看望

Look over 检查调查

7、be sit close to 8、had better not do sth

9、devote to doing 10、be made to do sth

11、devote time to doing sth 12、why not +动词原形

13、since two years ago=for two years

14、not only my friend but also I+am动词的就近原则she and I+动词复数形式

16、leave sth at sp 把某东西遗忘在某处。

17、by the end of 到……末期,一般用过去完成时had+ed

18、argue with +sb; about +sth

19、a large number of =many 20、attract sb to someplace

21、put one`s effort into doing sth 22、pass away =die

23、see sb doing sth看见某人正在做某事;see sb do sth看见某人做了某事

24、is base on 在……的基础之上25、insist on+sth/+doing sth

26、remind sb to do sth 提醒某人做某事;remind sb of sth提醒某人某事

27、be devided into 28、sth be worth doing

29、prefer doing A to doing B = would rather do sth than do sth

= prefer sth to sth

30、a bit of+不可数名词=a little +不可名

31、be worried about not to do sth(doing sth)

32、promise to do sth 承诺做某事

33、be strict with sb 34、the cause of =the reason for

35、爱好体育运动who was sporty 36、当名词前有many\much\few\little加so


1、They were busy with each other the time.

A. too, to talk, to forget

B. so, to talk, that they forgot

C. too, talking, to forget

D. so, talking, that they forgot

2、people we help , we feel.

A. Many,the more happily

B. The more , the happier

C. All, the happiest

D. Most, the most happiest,

3、The surface of Mars is like the surface of Earth than planet in our solar system.

A. much, the other

B. much, any other

C. more, the other+(复数)

D. more, any other+( 单数),

4、We have so many kinds of glasses for you .(chose A from B)

A. to choose

B. to choose from

C. to be chosen

D. to be chosen from

5、Don`t worry .I think what we need to do .

A. is doing

B. was doing

C. is done

D. has done

6、-How long did it you to work out the diffcult problem?

-I about half an hour on it.

A. take ,took

B. spend took

C. spent cost

D. take spent

7、The water in the river smells terrible,people must dirty things into it.

A. be stopped to throw

B. be stopped from throwing

C. stop to throw

D. stop from throwing

8、Do you know he will say at meeting?

A. why

B. whether

C. that

D. what

9、We are not sure tomorrow.

A. if it rains

B. if will it rain

C. that it will rain

D. whether it will rain

10、-There is something wrong with the DVD player. you`d better have someone it.

-OK ,I`ll have it tomorrow.

A. to fix; fixed

B.fix, fixed

C. to fixed ; fix

D. fixing; fixed

11、-Will Mr.smith be here soon?

-I can`t tell,let`s go and when the train arrives.

A. find out

B.look out

C. find ;

D. lookng; fixed

12、-Do you know ?

-Sorry,I don`t know .you may ask the woman over there.

A. when the shop open?

B. when is the shop open?

C. when does the shop open?

D. when will the shop open?

13、It is that I would like to go to the beach.

A. such nice weather

B.so nice a weather

C. such a nice weather

D. so weather nice

14 、-Nice to see you .I you for a long time?

-I in Beijing ,I`ve just got back.

A.hadn`t seen;was

B. haven`t seen;shall be

C. haven`t seen;was

D. didn`t see;have been

15、-Listen! Is that Millie playing the piano in the room?

-No,It be Millie . She to London.

A.can`t ;has been

B. may not ;went

C. mustn`t ;has gone

D. can`t ;has gone

16、-What happened to him? -He was murder last week.

A. charged of (with)

B. guilty with(of)

C. arrested with(for)

D. guilty of

17、I prefer at home to out for a walk tonight.

A. to stay,go

B. staying, go

C.to stay,going

D.staying; going

18、Liu Xiang won the gold medal in the hurdles(跨栏) in the 16○th Asia Games.

A. 110-meter

B. 110-meters

C.110 meter`s

D. 110-meter`s

19、Jim sat to his mother with his eyes half .

A. closeed to ,opened

B. close; open


D. closely;opened

20、This has no on us.But the bad result will us.

A. effect ,effect

B. effect; be effect

C.influence affect

D. effect ,be influence

21、I don`t know if it rain.

A. will rain

B. rains


D. is raining

22、My dictionary .I have looked for it everywhere but still it.

A. has lost, don`t find

B. is missing, don`t find

C. has lost, haven`t found

D. is missing, haven`t fonud

23、Usually careless to failure..

A. leads

B. happens


D. agrees

24、The girl devoted all her time she had others.

A. to help

B. helping


D. to helping

25、She told us that her brother the league(社团) for more than three years.

A. had been in

B. had joined

C. joined

D. had become a number of

26、When you are sleeping .you had better all your window closed.

A. don`t keep

B. not to keep

C. not keep

D.not keeping

27、As the last train .we had to stay here for one more night.

A. left

B. was leaving

C. had left


28、Why didn`t you go to the cinema? Because I the film already.

A. have seen

B. had seen

C. have watched

D. watched

29、Do you know the differences the four words.

A. among

B. between

C. from

D. about

30、trees were planted last years.

A. Thousands of

B. two thousands

C. thousand of

D. two thousand

31、Yesterday we had meeting in the meeting room.

A. a two-hours

B. a two hours

C. a two-hour

D. a two-hour`s

32、I really don`t know what to about such a thing.

A. say

B. speak

C. talk

D. tell

33、“Is Jim at home by himself?”“No,There is another boy with him.”

A. playing

B. play

C. plays

D. to plays

34、--Did you watch the football match last night?

—Yes, I did. It was ,and I enjoyed it very much.


B. live

C. living


35、An important meeting was help in our town last weej. Many reports came to

The meeting.”

A. watch

B. look

C. write

D. cover

36、His father and mother often argue what TV programes .

A. with ;watching

B. about ;watching

C. with ;to watch

D.about ;to watch

37、-Hi Jim .How can you improve your English so much?

-Oh,nothing diffcult.the you work at it,the progress you will make.

A. harder ;great

B.more hardly ;more

C. hardier ;greater

D.hard; more

38、Do you know ?

A. where does my brother works

B. where my brother works

C. my brother where works

D. my brother works where

39 Not only his parents but also his grandpa to a lot of places of interest in our country.

A. has gone

B. has been

C. have gone

D. have been

40、Gong Li won an Oscar best actress her role his film.

A. of; for;in

B. for;of;in

C. for;for;in

D. of; of; in

41、I saw John the classroom iust now.

A. entered

B. entered into

C. entering

D. entering into

42、This novel is based historical facts.

A. in

B. with

C. at

D. on

43、When I got there,the train .

A. has left

B. left

C. had left

D. have left

44、-Do you know Betty?

-Yes, she and I friends since we studied at middle school.

A. had become

B.have become

C. have been

D.had been

45、“My father bought me a new watch yesterday.”is a structure of .

A. S+V+P




46、It’s fine weather. Why out for a walk? The air is nice and clean outside.

A.such a ;don`t go

B. so,not go

C. such, not go

D. so a ,not to go

47 、---Is Jim Yong is one of the greatest and oldest writers?

----Yes He is still .

A. living, alive

B. living, live C alive , living D. lively , living

48、While I a novel, someone at the door

A. read ,was knocking

B. read ,was knocked

C was reading , knocked D. was read ,was knocking

49、Jim be at work, I Know he has gone to London.

A. mustn`t 禁止

B. needn`t 不必 C can`t 不可能 D. may not可能不

50、---Sorry,Jane.I took your schoolbag by .

----It doesn`t matter.

A. hand

B. mistake C bike D. heart

51、Daniel doesn`t like to agure others and he can deal diffcult.

A. to ,with

B. with ,in

C. with ,with

D. for , to

52 、--Mum,may I have some cake?

--sorry, there `s left in the box.I`ll go and buy some for you tonight.

A. nothing强调无东西

B. no one强调无人

C. no强调数量多少

D. none

53、I can`t decide .

A. what to do it

B. how shall I do

C. how to do it

D. what shall I do

54、He leave until the train .

A. will; will

B. won`t ; will stop

C. will ,stops

D. won`t ,stops

55、of them felt very tired but quiet happy after sports meeting .

A. Everyone; a two days

B. Every one ; the two-day

C. Every one; a two days

D. No one; a two-day

56、It`s patient our teacher to spand a lot of time things to us patiently .

A. of ,explaining

B. for, to explain

C. for ,explaining

D. of, to explain

57、It`s too noisy at home because the TV is always .

A. on

B. turn on

C. open

D. turn off

58、I you to solve the young men`s problem and make them happy again.

A. hope

B. wish

C. think

D. enjoy

59、We notice him the building and go upstairs.

A. to enter

B. enter

C. entering

D. entered

60、The songs by Kate are well worth .

A. sing .listening

B. sung .listening

C. sung .listening to

D. are sung .listening to

61、Tom`s never been to the great wall, ?

A. has he

B. hasn`t he

C. is he

D. isn`t he

62、you offered him!

A. what a useful advice

B. how useful advice

C. how a useful advice

D. what useful advice

63、-Would you like some coffee?

---Yes, and get me some milk, too. I prefer coffee milk.

A. with

B. of

C. to

D. than

64、His parents are angry him,because they are strict .

A. with ,in

B. at ,in

C. with ,with

D. at ,with

65、He has few friends that he doesn`t know who to his study.

A. so ,talk with

B. such ,talk to

C.so, talk

D. such ,talking

66、There so many kinds sweaters in the shop.I can`t decide .

A. to buy what

B. to buy which

C.what to buy

D. which to buy

67、They can hardly do anything to help me, ?

A. can`t they

B. can they do

C. can`t they do

D. can they

68、of us like reading English in the morning.

A. Every one

B. Everyone

C. All

D. Every


1D2B3D4B5C6D7B8D9D10B11A12A13A14c15D16D17D18A19B20C21A22D23 A24D25A26C27C28B29B30AD31C32A33A34B35D36D37D38B39B40C41C42D 43C44C45B46C47A48C49C50B51C52A53C54D55B56A57A58B59B60C61A62D 63A64A65A66D67D68A