1.He_____his friend's feelings by not inviting her to the party.

A:wounded B:harmed C:hurt D:injured

2.The people in our country are encouraged to_____the management of state affairs.

A:admit into B:participate in C:take part D:attend into 3.Such a skilled tennis player knows how to take_____of his opponent's chief weakness.

A:use B:advantage C:chance D:utility

4.I expect that you will want to inquire_____the reasons for the decision. A:about B:on C:into D:after

5.He_____himself in a most gracious manner.

A:conducted B:behaved C:deported D:acted

6.Staff are suffering from low_____.

A:moral B:mortal C:mortality D:morale

7.Will the rebels____the ceasefire?

A:comply B:observe C:conform D:obey

8.We look forward____you soon.

A:to see B:to seeing C:for seeing D:with seeing

9.Failing this entrance exam means_____for a year.

A:wait B:to wait C;to be waited D.waiting

10.I regret_____you that piece of bad news.

A:to tell B:to have told C:having told D:having been told 11.He didn't go to school_____the illness.

A:because B:as a result of C:though D:while

12.The bank refused to_____our plan.

A:backward B:agree C:back D:oppose

13.I don't like you_____such people.

A:accompany to B:act with C:joining D:associating

14.Her expression suggested that she______angry.

A:should be B:was C:would be D:is

15.He suggested___the children to the zoo.

A:to take B:take C:taking D:be taking

16.Not only students but also the teacher_____for a holiday.

A:wish B:wishes C:has wished D:have wished 17.It has the characteristic taste_____Italian wine.

A:of B:by C:what D:which

18.We should strive_____a lasting world peace.

A:of B:for C:to D:about

19.This is____he failed to pass the final examination.

A:that B:why C:who D:whose

20.Tom didn't decide with____he should first make contact.

A:whom B:which C:who D:whose

21.For thousands of years man dreamed______it seemed impossible to


A:what B:that C:which D:why

22.School disciplines are important.Students shouldn't_______them. A:ignore B:pay attention to C:notice D:obey

23.The street will have its 1000-m______northward to the newly-built railway station.

A:expansion B:enlargement C:extension D:rebuilding

24.You'd better______the work hour and pay on the contract.

A:specialize B:particularize C:classify D:specify

25.Our monitor recommended that our classroom_____every day.

A:was cleaned B:would be cleaned

C:obliged selling D:must be cleaned

26.Beethoven was one of the first professional composers_____wrote music not for money's sake.

A:who B:whom C:which D:that

27.Beethoven's father was a hard task-master to his son______talents he developed fully.

A:why B:whose C:whom D:that

28.Mary,as well as her family ______from America.

A:is B:are C:were D:have been

29.Twenty dollars_____obviously too much to pay for such a small item.

A:were B:are C:is D:have been

30.______,he knows a lot.

A:A child as he is B:The child as he is

C:Child as he is C:Although he is child

32.You'd better_____the general idea of the article.

A:put B:put off C:put down D:put on

33.He denied_____the woman's credit card.

A:steal B:stolen C:stealing D:stole

34.A number of students_____doing experiments in physics now.

A:are B:is C:were D:was

35.Tom hit his elbow against the_____of the desk.

A:angle B:angel C:anger D:angst

36.All of us found impossible______the work on time.

A:finish B:to finish C:finished D:finishing 37.___is known to the world.Beethoven was a classical composer.

A:That B:which C:As D:It

38.The teacher often has his students____what he tells them.

A:repeat B,repeating C:to repeat D:repeated

39.___Mary was writing a letter, the children were playing outside.

A.While B:Since C:When D:Although


1.Plastics has found wide______in our daily life. applications

2.We can come to the______that the more we practice,the more skillful we will be. conclusion

3.Birds learn to fly by______. imitation

4.Our difficulty is___(we,live)too far from the independence. our living

5.All of us were surprised by___(Tom,fail)in this entrance exam.

Tom failing

6.The government official was pleased with___(they,pay)their income tax in time.their paying

7.She finds___very rewarding. heroism

8.The__are threatening to blow up the government building.terrorist

9..The blow caused him to lose____.consciousness

10.____(disappoint)at the results,she didn't say a word. disappointed

11.Make sentences,___(use)the phrases___(give)http://m.wendangku.net/doc/afccd958804d2b160b4ec0e9.htmleing;given

12.Don't hesitate to ask me for help if you want something__(do).done

13.He has been used to lying in bed_____(read).reading

14.I should like the matter___(settle)immediately. been settled

15.He didn't wish his work__(disturb). to disturbed

16.He used to get up early,but he is used to___(stay)in bed now. staying

17.The design__(complete)by next month. will have been completed

18.Umbrellas__(sell)best in the rainy season. Sell

19.He thought that honesty___(be)the best policy. is

20.He spoke with_______. warmth

21.We cannot believe in the___of the statement. reality

22.There are four boys in the classroom.The___one is my son. fourth 3:英译汉

1.She has been warned of the danger of driving the car in that state.


2.We associate China with the Great Wall and silk.


3.My parents will be disappointed with me if I fail the examination


4.All bodies are made up of atoms.


5.Farming and mining make up most of the country's industry.


6.The painter always strives for the perfection of his paintings.


7.His fame was in great danger because he had done such a terrible thing. 因为他做了如此糟糕的事情所以他的名声处于危急之中。

8.In response to his help,I sent him a Thank-you letter.


9.You may ask Lin to as your interpreter.He is capable of speaking English fluently.


10.The clothes vary in price from $50 to $5,000.


11.The mast broke off.


12.The students are liberated from boring life.


13.He entertained us for hours with his stories and jokes.


14.They will provide group visitors with special rates


15.Exposure of the body to strong sunlight can be harmful


16.His translation is characterized by accuracy and elegance


17.The store enjoys an excellent reputation for fail dealing


http://m.wendangku.net/doc/afccd958804d2b160b4ec0e9.htmlputers made their first appearance about half a century ago


19.Newly-made school rules and regulations will come into being soon


20.Her job is typing some letters whiles yours is sending those letters 他的工作是打打印一些信而你的任务是他把这些信寄出去



We intend to entertain guests with beef.


My words made no impression no her.


We will provide clients with quality services.


In addition applicants need to be full—time employees.


In addition foreign investment contributes to the development of the city.


He is one of the few survivors of the tsunami.

7. 他被指控偷窃珠宝。

He is accused of stealing the jewelry.


The doctor are warning the patient of the danger of overweight.


She tried to cover up her fear.


The nation was quite disappointed with its men football team.


His teacher is disappointed with his behavior.


He price of gold rose again due partly to the outbreak of the war 13.由于风雨交加,她就没来。

Her absence was due to the storm.


The tea is made up of several different types.


The crew are made up of five Englishmen, two Americans and one Australian.


I will share with you in costs.


Heavy smoking will put you in danger of having lung cancer.


Road signs can be classified into warning signs and directional sings.


He is capable of speaking three different languages


The general manager should affix his signature to the contract.


Tom denied having been to the hospital.


I'm lucky to have been enrolled by this world famous university.


The attitude for this thing varies from person to person.


The price of the garments vary form season to season


Let's break off for 10 minutes.


The person is denied the entry into the country.