cloze B

Uint 6 cloze B

Five years ago a female inmate (犯人) at Riker's Island told Jane Paley that she smelled wonderful. ___As__(1) president of Friendly Visitors, a 50-year-old organization __whose_(2) mission is “acts of loving kindness __that_(3) don‘t involve large sums of money _or____(4) hours of work,”Paley frequently went to the New York City__jail__(5). That day, though, a spray of perfume (香水) went off in her head.

_Her_(6) group had long donated money __so__ (7) that the 100 women in the jail could ___buy__(8) food and treats. Why __not__(9) give them fancy toiletries (化装用品) too?

Paley and her crew of 35 women__figured__(10)out the perfect way to get the goods: They asked friends to __collect__(11) hotel soaps, shampoos and lotions _when_(12) they travel. Volunteers bundle them _into_(13) goody bags and __deliver_(14) them to Riker's several times a year, _including__(15) Christmas and Mother's Day.

"These mini-donations make the women ___feel__(16)beautiful," says Paley. " You can see them turn themselves around a little bit."

So, Paley continues, "If you're lucky enough to afford a vacation, __take__(17) the soap and shampoos. _Bring_(18)them to homeless shelters, battered women shelters or any organization ___in_ (19) need. It's a__small_(20) act that may mean a great deal.

Uint 7 cloze B

Imagine how you would fill in 24 hours a day, every day, if you didn’t have to work. There you go —off to the beach _in_(1) summer, the movies in winter, watch TV _on_(2) rainy days, go skating or horse riding, _read_(3) a lot of books or magazines, sleep…

_But_(4) would you? Where would the money come from _for_(5) your bus fares, the movies, the TV set _and_(6) the electricity, the skates and books?

let’s say that money grew _on_(7) trees, and that no one had to _worry_(8) about that “small” problem. _now_(9) you can do all those things… right?

Probably not, __because_(10) if no one had to worry about earning money, _then_(11) who would bother driving your bus to _they_(12) beach —for that matter, who would bother building your bus, _or_(13) making your movies, skates, books,etc.?

Why would they __have/ bother__(14) to ?

What you’d probably end up _doing_(15) would be spending most of your time out _in_(16) the fields growing your own food, or _looking_(17) after your cows for milk and meat, your sheep for clothing, growing bamboo for the walls of your hut.

_Why_(18) would you need to do this? Because no one else would need to do it to earn _money_(19), because money grew on trees — right?

Obviously, money in that sort of society doesn’t __really_(20) exist, and is of _no_(21) value to the people.