1.I have kept that portrait (我每天能看到的地方), as it always reminds me of my university life.

2. (我们经理正在拜访一个重要客户)and he will be back this afternoon.

3. But for the help of their group, (我们在调查中就不会取得成功).

4. If people feel hopeless, they don't bother (获取他们成功所需的技能).

5. During the process, great care has to be taken (以便使得精致的丝绸不被弄坏).

答案:1. where I can see it every day in the place where / in which I can see it every day

2. Our manager is calling on an important customer now

3. we would not have succeeded in the investigation

4. to acquire the skills they need to succeed

5. to protect the delicate silk from damage protect something. from


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Online Shopping. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:

1. 现在网上购物已成为一种时尚;

2. 网上购物有很多好处,但也有不少问题;

3. 我的建议。

Online Shopping

Online shopping, as an act of buying products and services over the Internet, is growing in popularity ever, which has been significantly shocking our lifestyles. Many individuals favor this kind of shopping because of its ease. But like any other newborn device, people may unconsciously expose themselves to the threat from it by incaut ion.

For those who work for lengthy hours, the internet offers them much convenience. First of all, they do not have time to visit the store during regular trading hours, while online retailers allows orders twenty-four hours a day. As well, online shopping gives the customers the facility to compare prices and features of the products thanks to the detailed product description. In most occasions, the items are cheaper than online than in the conventional stores, making it an appeal to most people.

While there are numerous advantages of online shopping, there are also threats and fears regarding this way of shopping. Information security is the key concern. Online payment may not be so secure because of identity theft. Another problem of online shopp ing is encountering misleading and false product information.

In my viewpoint, online shopping is a double-edged sword. Buying on reputed online stores is a good solution to ensure the pleasure and comfort of the internet shopping.

In the past, it was believed that depression was more prevalent among the poorer and less educated people, but that is not the case. The truth is, depression can afflict people from all walks of life, and often it hits the most ambitious, creative and conscientious. It is fallacious to think that people on the corporate rung of the social ladder are not prone to this malady. In fact, executives and professionals who are burdened with mounting pressures in their work may succumb to all these pressures and become depressed. The suicide of Vincent Foster, Jr, a noted American lawyer and White House official is a case in point. Despite the glamour of his position, which many people thought enviable, he felt overburdened with pressures and decided to take the easy way out.

Studies show that people born later in this century have experienced much more depression than those born earlier. In fact the rate of depression over the last two generations has increased tenfold. Experts theorize that it could be due

to the fact that the younger generations have higher expectations from life and are therefore more likely to suffer from failure, disappointment and hence, depression.

Depression is easily recognizable. The depressed person feels sad or down in the dumps, and loses interest in even the most pleasurable activities. Moreover, he suffers from either significant gain or loss of weight, sleeplessness or

over-sleeping, sluggish movement and thinking, fatigue, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, impaired concentration and forgetfulness, and in extreme cases, the afflicted person may have suicidal tendencies. It is often believed that depression runs in the family, but this is not conclusively so, since there are cases where depressed persons do not have a history of depression in their families. Depression is often work-related although at times it has its roots in family relations.

People who suffer from depression need not stay in the closet, since it is not a sin or a shame to be depressed. A prompt visit to a psychologist means prompt treatment and hence prompt recovery. Experts guarantee that depression is easily treatable, and in nip-in-the-bud cases, the patient fully recovers in a few days, thanks to the variety of effective treatment available.

1. According to the author, depression .

A) had more effect on the poor and less educated people in the past

B) seldom hit people with more experience in life

C) is not limited to any particular group of people

D) results from one's ambition

2. Research demonstrates that depression ______ .

A) hit only young people

B) was more common in the old days

C) increased ten times in the days of our grandparents

D) is more common today than in the past decades

3. According to the passage, all of the following are true EXCEPT .

A) Depression finds its roots in families

B) Depression is not a shame

C) A depressed person feels sad and dejected

D) Ambition may make a person feel depressed

4. Depression can be quickly removed .

A) if the patient is young

B) if the patient receives treatment early

C) if effective equipment is available

D) at the early stage of the sickness

5. The main idea of the passage may be best expressed as _______ .

A) ways of treatment of depression

B) brief introduction of depression

C) summary of the causes of depression

D) description of the symptoms of depression

答案:1.C 设题区在第一段。该段大意是,过去人们错误地认为抑郁症在穷人和受教育不多的人中更为普遍,其实,患抑郁症的人在各行各业都有,而那些雄心勃勃、有创造力和责任心强的人则更易患此病。另外,行政官员及专业人员由于不断增加的压力,也可能患上此病。

2.D 设题区在第二段。该段指出,一项研究结果表明,本世纪后期的人比早期的人更容易患抑郁症。接着,有一个例子来证明这一点。

3.A该题需要考生对文章总体意思的把握。像这一类问题,可用排除法来找到正确答案。A项说抑郁症与家庭遗传有关,但第三段倒数第二句已讲到,这并不成定论:but this is not conclusively so,......。

4.B 设题区在最后一段。该段指出,及早治疗收效快。

5.B 全文介绍了抑郁症发生的原因、症状及治疗方法,所以应选B。其它几项都是本文所涉及到的某一方面,当然不能以偏概全。


Many teachers believe that the responsibilities for learning lie with the student. __71__ a long reading assignment is given, instructors expect students to be familiar with the __72__ in the reading even if they do not discuss it in class or take an examination. The __73__ student is considered to be __74__ who is motivated (激励) to learn for the sake of __75__, not the one interested only in getting high grades. Sometimes homework is returned __76__ brief written comments but without a grade. Even if a grade is not given, the student is __77__ for learning the material assigned. When research is__78__, the professor expects the student to take it actively and to complete it with __79__ guidance. It is the __80__ responsibility to find books, magazines, and articles in the library. Professors do not have the time to explain __81__ a university library works; they expect students, __82__ graduate students, to be able to exhaust the reference __83__ in the library. Professors will help students who need it, but __84__ that their students should not be __85__ dependent on them. In the United States professors have many other duties __86__ teaching, such as administrative or research work. __87__, the time that a professor can spend with student outside of class is __88__. If a student has problems with classroom work, the student should either __89__ a professor during office hour __90__ make an appointment.

71. A) If B) Although C) Because D) Since

72. A) suggestion B) context C) abstract D) information

73. A) poor B) ideal C) average D) disappointed

74. A) such B) one C) any D) some

75. A) fun B) work C) learning D) prize

76. A) by B) in C) for D) with

77. A) criticized B) innocent C) responsible D) dismissed

78. A) collected B) distributed C) assigned D) finished

79. A) maximum B) minimum C) possible D) practical

80. A) student’s B) professor’s C) assistant’s D) librarian’s

81. A) when B) hat C) why D) how

82. A) particularly B) essentially C) obviously D) rarely

83. A) selections B) collections C) sources D) origins

84. A) hate B) dislike C) like D) prefer

85. A) too B) such C) much D) more

86. A) but B) except C) with D) besides

87. A) However B) Therefore C) Furthermore D) Nevertheless

88. A) plentiful B) limited C) irregular D) flexible

89. A) greet B) annoy C) approach D) attach

90. A) or B) and C) to D) but

答案:71-75 ADBBC 76-80 DCCBA

81-85 DACDA86-90 DBBCA