1.Peter looked ___ when he learned that he hadn’t passed the final exam.

A, sadly B, sad C, happily D, happy

2.Jack did badly at the school sports meeting. I did even ___.

A, worse B, worst C, more bad D, more badly

3.Billy, is your mother cooking meat in the kitchen? It smells so ___!

A, well B, badly C, nice D, pretty

4.The car stopped so ___ that the bus behind almost ran into it.

A, closely B, immediately C, suddenly D, soon

5.We must finish cleaning the office ___.

A, as soon as possible B, as quickly as soon

C, as possible as soon D, as soon as possibly

6.What she said this time sounds ___.

A, pleasantly B, nicely C, friendly D, truly

7.I didn’t work ___ my brother when I was young.

A, as hard as B, harder C, hardest D, hardly

8.I’m going to move ___. It’s too noisy in our neighbourhood.

A, somewhere quiet B, quiet somewhere C, anywhere D, quiet anywhere

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/bac37d80e53a580216fcfee5.htmlst year, 15 typhoons (台风) hit China and Khanun was ___.

A, strong B, strongest C, stronger D, the strongest

10.It’s a good habit to keep the classroom ___ all the time.

A, cleanly B, clearly C, clear D, clean

11.When class was over, our maths teacher came into the classroom and said, “Please stay at your seat. I have got ___ to announce.”

A, nothing important B, important something

C, important nothing D, something important

12.In the exam, the ___ you are, the ___ mistakes you’ll make.

A, less careful, fewer B, more careful, less C, less careful, few D, more careful, fewer 13.What is ___ joke you have ever heard?

A, more funny B, the more funny C, the most funny D, the funniest

14.This kind of material feels ___ silk.

A, differently from B, the same to C, different as D, different from

15.A recent survey showed that Jingjing and Huanhuan were ___ among the five Olympic mascots (吉祥物).

A, popular B, more popular C, most popular D, the most popular

16.A: Is there ___ in today’s newspaper?

B: Y es. Shenzhou VI has been sent up into space successfully.

A, nothing new B, anything new C, new nothing D, new anything

17.Visitors in the orchard can eat as ___ fruit as they want.

A, many B, more C, much D, most

18.All of us were very ___ when we heard the ___ news.

A, excited, exciting B, excited, excited C, exciting, exciting D, exciting, excited

19.Eddie, my best frind ___ Ben.

A, is as high as B, works as careful as

C, doesn’t sing as beautifully as D, writes more better than

20.Tom never does his homework ___ Alice. So he makes more mistakes.

A, as carefully as B, so careful as C, less carefully than D, more careful than

21.Water pollution is one of ___ in our country.

A, serious problem B, the more serious problems

C, most serious problems D, the most serious problems

22.The pizza was too small, so she decided to look for ___ to eat.

A, large something B, something else C, something other D, other something

23.We are too tired and hungry. So our steps are getting ___.

A, slow and slower B, slower and slowest

C, slower and slower D, more and more slowly

24.Most children in our kindergarten like to play with Barbie girls. They look so ___.

A, nicely B, happily C, beautifully D, lovely

25.In winter, Chinese students like to kick the Jianzi (毽子) to keep themselves ___.

A, warm B, warmly C, cold D, coldly

26.In order to keep healthy, you should eat ___ fast food, ___ fresh vegetables and take enough excises.

A, fewer, fewer B, fewer, more C, less, more D, less, fewer

27.Don’t worry, My sister is ___ to take care of little Betty.

A, enough carefully B, enough careful C, carefully enough D, careful enough

28.Of all the students in our class, Jack is ___.

A, taller B, tallest C, the tallest D, very tall

29.In order to get full marks, Tim always does his lessons very ___.

A, more carefully B, most carefully C, much carefully D, carefully

30.A: Is there ___ in today’s newspaper?

B: Y es. It says that President Hu Jintao has reached Washington.

A, anything important B, any important thing

C, important anything D, any thing important


1.I don’t like him and it would be ______________ of me to do the opposite. (honest)

2.Our holidays in Thailand were really ______________ and unforgettable. (enjoy)

3.The government is doing everything possible to help those ______________ people after the earthquake. (home)

4.Put on the glasses so that you can see the word on the blackboard ______________. (clear)

5.The war made millions of people ______________. (home)

6.What is the most ______________ animal in the forest? (power)

7.It is ______________ to travel by train than by air. (cheap)

8.It is ______________ for him to finish the job in two hours. He is so slow. (possible)

9._________, over 28,000 civilians (平民) lost their lives during the three-year war in Iraq. (sad)

10.I feel quite comfortable at home when it is raining ______________ outside. (heavy)

11.Jack is such a ______________ fellow, for he always leaves this or that at the offic e. (forget)

12.It is not ______________ to eat food with Sudan I (苏丹红1号). (safely)

13.Lily is ______________ enough to get the prize in the 2006 Shanghai Junior High School English Contest. (luck)

14.We’d better drive our cars ______________ on rainy days. (slow)

15.One starry night, when the seven little dwarfs went back home from work, they found something ______________ at once. (usual)


1.I’m shortsighted and I can’t see the words on the notice board ____.

A, clear B, clearly C, carefully D, good

2.Jean works hard but she doesn’t work ____ Mary.

A, as harder than B, as hard than C, as harder as D, as hard as

3.This is ____ book in our library.

A, the most interesting B, most interesting C, the more interesting D, more interesting 4.Do you think maths is ____ important than English?

A, very B, as C, more D, quite

5.They got a Christmas tree and it was ____ ours.

A, so tall as B, so taller as C, as tall as D, as taller as

6.Tom failed in the exam. He looked ____.

A, happy B, sadly C, upset D, lovely

7.A taxi doesn’t run as ____ as an underground train.

A, fast B, faster C, fastest D, more fast

8.Y angpu Bridge is one of ____ in the world.

A, bigger bridge B, the biggest bridge C, the biggest bridges D, bigger bridges

9.”I’ve got an A for my history,” Judy said ____.

A, sadly B, sad C, happily D, happy

10.I think the song in the film “Titanic” is ____ one of all the movie songs.

A, the most beautiful B, most beautiful C, a beautiful D, much more beautiful

11.The little baby looks ____.

A, lovely B, carefully C, heavily D, sadly

12.Her cousin can draw ____ an artist.

A, as well as B, not so well as C, as better as D, as good as

13.Jinmao Tower is ____ building in Shanghai.

A, high B, tall C, highest D, the tallest

14.30,000 dollars is a large amount of money, but it’s ____ than we need.

A, far more B, very much C, far less D, very little

15.Mr Smith thought the Century Park was the second ____ in Shanghai.

A, large B, larger C, largest D, very large

16.I think Y ao Ming, the famous basketball player, will be ____ new star in NBA.

A, hot B, hotter C, hottest D, the hottest

17.Shanghai Waihuan Tunnel is already open to traffic, so it will take us ____ time to go to Pudong International Airport.

A, a few B, fewer C, a little D, less

18.A: What delicious cakes! B: They would taste ____ with butter.

A, good B, better C, bad D, worse

19.Among all the teachersin this school, Miss Tao is one of ____.

A, young B, younger C, the youngest D, the most young

20.Thanks to Mrs Lin! With her help, we finished our work an hour ____.

A, late B, later C, early D, earlier

21.The light music sounded very ____. I enjoyed every minute of it.

A, well B, beautiful C, wonderfully D, boring

22.A: In our English study reading is more important than speaking, I think.

B: I don’t agree. Speaking is ____ reading.

A, as important B, so important as C, the most important D, the same as

23.A: Mum, the Chinese medicine tastes so ____. I don’t want to take it.

B: But, dear, it is good for you.

A, good B, terribly C, terrible D, well

24.Where is today’s newspaper? Is there ____ in today’s newspaper?

A, important something B, something important

C, important anything D, anything important

25.Simon looks ____ today and smiles ____ all the time.

A, happy, happy B, happily, happily C, happy, happily D, happily, happy

26.It’s ____ to send an e-mail than a regular mail.

A, much more quickly B, quick C, more quickly D, much quicker

27.The price of these dictionaries is ____ than before.

A, much cheaper B, more expensive C, much higher D, more higher

28.Bob has ____ to tell you.

A, something important B, anything important

C, important something D, important nothing

29.She is looking ____ at her lovely son.

A, happy B, happily C, happiness D, happier

30.The old soldier lived all by himself. Even though he was ____, he was not ____ at all.

A, alone, lonely B, alone, alone C, lonely, alone D, lonely, lonely


1.On hearing the great news that Beijing has won the birds of 2008 Olympic Games, The crowds at Tian An Men Square began to cheer ______________. (excite)

2.Never give your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or pictures to a ______________ in online chat. (strange)

3.I haven’t seen you for a long time. Y ou look much ______________ (health)

4.Mum has bought a lot of ______________ food from the supermarket nearby. (freeze)

5.I won’t do business with such a(n) ______________ man. (honest)

6.The man was still ______________ when he was sent to the hospital. (life)

7.He went to Canada several years ago. Now he is a ______________ citizen. (Canada)

8.Drinking too much fruit juice can be ______________ to children’s teeth. (harm)

9.We have very ______________ weather here, especially in the winter. (change)

10.The test was so difficult that half of the class made ______________ marks than usual. (bad)

11.A lot of young students from different countries go to France for their _________ study. (far)

12.We should save ______________ expenses. (necessary)

13.Some parents choose ______________ presents for their children. (education)

14.In addition, E-mail can provide (提供) information ______________. (automatic)

15.Travelling by train is much cheaper and far more ______________ than a trip by air. (enjoy)


1.The turcky tastes ____ the chicken.

A, as better as B, much better than C, as well as D, the best to

2.I like Chinese because it sounds ____.

A, wonder B, wondering C, wonderful D, wonderfully

3.E-mailing is much ____ than long distance calling.

A, cheap B, cheaper C, cheapest D, the cheapest

4.Y our advice sounds ____. We’ll all take your advice.

A, well B, carefully C, wonderful D, correctly

5.Nick didn’t do very ____ in the final exam, but his scores are ____ than last year’s

A, good, better B, bad, worse C, well, worse D, well, better

6.The sand-storm from the north yesterday seemed to become ____ in recent years.

A, bad B, badly C, the worse D, worse

7.The leading actor felt ____ when he saw a lot of people cheering him.

A, happy B, happily C, angrily D, lovely

8.If you decide on the date to leave Shanghai, please tell me ____ possible.

A, as fast as B, as quickly as C, as swiftly as D, as soon as

9.The price of the flats in the housing estates (住宅区) located in the center of Shanghai must be very ____.

A, big B, huge C, high D, expensive

10.People prefer to send e-mail than to post letters because e-mail are much ____ than letters.

A, fast and convenient B, faster and convenient

C, fast and more convenient D, faster and more convenient

11.He hasn’t got a very ____ voice, but he sings very ____.

A, good, well B, good, good C, well, well D, well, good

12.The Mars is far ____ to us than the Pluto (冥王星). We wish we could live on it one day.

A, close B, closer C, closest D, the closest

13.Nowadays, more and more people do enough excise to keep their ____ well.

A, healthy B, health C, unhealthy D, healthily

14.The girl looks as ____ as a film star.

A, lovely B, beautifully C, carefully D, swiftly

15.In the exam, the ____ you are, the ____ mistakes you’ll make.

A, carefully, little B, more careful, fewer

C, more careful, less D, more carefully, fewer

16.The turkey smelt ____ the chicken wings.

A, as delicious as B, as deliciously as C, much delicious than D, more deliciously than 17.Our class teacher looked ____ and said to us ____. “Stop talking.”

A, angry, angry B, angrily, angry C, angrily, angrily D, angry, angrily

18.Canada, Australia and New Zealand are ____ countries.

A, English-spoken B, spoken-English C, English-speaking D, speaking-English

19.The room wasn’t ____ for the doctor to operate on the lady.

A, quite a clean B, enough clean C, clean enough D, much a clean

20.A: My CD is seven yuan. What about yours?

B: Only five yuan. It’s ____ than yours.

A, less B, cheaper C, lower D, smaller

21.The food not only looks nice but also smells ____.

A, good B, well C, lovely D, delicious

22.Jane has a ____ voice. She sang ____ at the party last night.

A, good, beautiful B, wonderful, beautifully C, well, nicely D, sweet, great

23.Are you ____ to reach the picture on the top of the blackboard?

A, very tall B, so tall C, too tall D, tall enough

24.I like ____ fruits ____ peaches and apples.

A, so, as B, as, as C, such, as D, many, as

25.She is feeling ____ better than before.

A, much, more B, far C, even more D, more

26.Is Mr Smith ____ the man?

A, so strong as B, more strong than C, stronger than D, much stronger as

27.Tom looked ____ when he heard the good news.

A, happily B, upset C, happy D, luckily

28.Please listen as ____ as possible so that you won’t make any mistakes.

A, careful B, much carefully C, more carefully D, carefully

29.In my opinion, the Summer Palace looks ____ than Bei Hai Park.

A, beautiful B, more beautiful C, beautifully D, more beautifully

30.It ____ for him to recite the text.

A, seems easy B, seems easily C, seem easy D, seem easily


1.They were ______________ in my culture and they asked me a lot of questions. (interest)

2.It is ______________ to teach a man to fish than to give him fish. (good)

3.If you are _______________ of confidence, you’ll be happy all the time. (fill)

4.We are sure that China can hold the Olympic Games in 2008 ______________. (succeed)

5.What a ______________ day it is today! Shall we have a picnic on the beach? (sun)

6.The doctor told me to take ____________ training for at least 30 minutes every day. (physics)

7.”Why are the birdies (小鸟) in the nest all looking at their mother ______________?”asked little Joe. (hungry)

8.The doctor said there was no ______________ cure (治疗方法) for Aids at present. (certainly)

9.Many students go abroad to ______________ their studies. (far)

10.Please close the windows. It is raining ______________. (heavy)

11.I was very ______________ to believe him and lend him the money. (fool)

12.The serious earthquake left thousands of people ______________. (home)

13.The old man looks ______________ though he is over 80. (health)

14.The weather in Shanghai is quite ______________ this year. (change)

15.It’s really exciting that Shengzhou VI landed ______________ at last. (safe)


1.Y our idea sounds much ___ than his.

A, interesting B, interested C, more interesting D, more interested

2.In my opinion, Tim doesn’t write English ___his sister.

A, as clear as B, so clear as C, more clearly as D, as clearly as

3.Simon is a fast runner. John runs even faster. But Liu Xiang runs ___.

A, faster B, a bit faster C, fast D, fastest

4.Shanghai is my hometown. It is one of ___ in China.

A, the biggest city B, the biggest cities C, a biggest city D, the big city

5.Their English songs sounded ___. I think they must get the first prize.

A, well B, wonderful C, sweetly D, wonderfully

6.It is ___ to work out this maths problem. Y ou needn’t ask others.

A, very easily B, easy enough C, enough easily D, enough easy

7.I don’t like buying clothes. I like to spend money collecting stamps ___.

A, too B, either C, also D, instead

8.I ran ____ than Maria in the 400-metre race.

A, much fast B, more fast C, much faster D, more faster

9.Simon is a fast runner. John runs even faster. But Liu Xiang runs ____.

A, faster B, the fastest C, fast D, fastest

10.Mary used to be the tallest girl in Class Two. But now Alice is ____ than Mary.

A, tall B, taller C, tallest D, the tallest

11.I think Liu Xiang, the famous runner, will be ____ star in Asia and in the world as well.

A, hot B, hotter C, hottest D, the hottest

12.Their English songs sound ____. I like them.

A, well B, wonderful C, sweetly D, wonderfully

13.I’m sure he can run ____ to win the first prize.

A, enough fast B, fast enough C, too fast D, so fast

14.That’ll be ____ important lecture, you mustn’t miss it.

A, such a B, such an C, a such D, so an

15.Since China has been a member nation of WTO, English is ____ useful than before.

A, far B, most C, more D, very

16.Rose caught a ____ cold and has been ____ ill for days.

A, bad, bad B, bad, badly C, badly, bad D, badly, badly

17.Supermarkets are necessary. People can spend ____ time finding things they want, but they usually spend ____ money than they want.

A, less, less B, less, more C, fewer, less D, fewer, more

18.Of all the actresses, she speaks English ____.

A, the most fluent B, most fluently C, better D, the most beautiful

19.The green tea smells ____. I like it.

A, wonderfully B, wonderful C, well D, beautifully

20.It is not easy to learn English well. We need to practise as ____ as possible.

A, soon B, more C, much D, harder

21.In China families are becoming ____ with ____ children.

A, small, few B, smaller, fewer C, smallest, fewest D, smaller, less

22.Why does she look so ____? Did she hail in the exam again?

A, interested B, exciting C, unhappy D, surprised

23.The boss tried to finish the work with ____ money and ____ people.

A, less, fewer B, fewer, few C, few, less, D, little, less

24.Mike went to school today because he felt ____.

A, enough well B, good enough C, enough good D, well enough

25.I’m sorry I’m late. There is ____ with my bike.

A, anything wrong B, something wrong C, wrong anything D, wrong something 26.What’s the matter with Tom? He looks ____.

A, unhappy B, hungrily C, sadly D, happily

27.Now Mr. Brown drives much ____ than he did two years ago.

A, careful B, carefully C, more careful D, more carefully

28.Is there ____ in today’s newspaper?

A, something new B, new something C, any new things D, anything new 29.Which is ____, cotton, wood or iron?

A, heavier B, heaviest C, the heaviest D, the most heaviest

30.In my opinion, Tim doesn’t write English ____ his sister.

A, as clear as B, so clear as C, more clearly as D, as clearly as

31.A: Is there ____ in today’s newspaper?

B: Y es. It says that a new Pope () has been elected already.

A, anything important B, any important thing

C, important anything D, any things important

32.He spoke ____ for everyone in the class to hear.

A, enough loud B, loud enough C, louder enough D, enough louder

33.Y our idea sounds much ____ than his.

A, interesting B, interested C, more interesting D, more interested

34. Ships come and go on the river ____ boats.

A, as noisy as B, noisier than C, as noisily as D, much noisily than

35.The train travels at top speed. The underlined part means ____.

A, the best B, the tallest C, the fastest D, the farthest

36.Do you think it is a ____ mistake?

A, ordinary B, common C, unusual D, generally

37.The man in black is nearly eighty but still busy and lively.

A, young B, dull C, active D, foolish

38.The trip was ____ , and everyone on the ship was ____.

A, pleased, pleased B, pleasant, pleasure C, pleased, pleasant D, pleasant, pleased 词性变换:

1.I’m afraid that I can’t afford (负担) such an ______________ cell phone. (expense)

2.Dogs can help blind people walk across the street ______________. (safe)

3.Please read the test paper ______________ before you do it. (careful)

4.There are ______________ than 200 passengers on his plane. (much)

5.Here is a ______________ present for your birthday. (love)

6.He is not as ______________ to us as his sister. (friend)

7.Y ou ______________ helped me a lot. Thank you very much indeed. (real)

8.The little girl was so ______________ when she saw the traffic accident. (frighten)



选择填空:1—10 BACCA CAADD 11-20 DDDDD BCACA21-30 DBCDA CDCDA 词性变换:1.dishonest 2.enjoyable 3.homeless 4.clearly 5.homeless 6.powerful

7.cheaper 8.impossible 9.Sadly 10.heavily 11.forgetful 12.safe 13.lucky

14.slowly 15.unusual



词性变换:16.excitedly 17.stranger 18.healthier 19.frozen 20.dishonest 21.alive

22.Canadian 23.harmful 24.changeable 25.worse 26.further

27.unnecessary http://m.wendangku.net/doc/bac37d80e53a580216fcfee5.htmlcational 29. automatically 30.enjoyable



词性变换:1.interesting 2.better 3.full 4.successfully 5.sunny 6.physical

7.hungrily 8.certain 9.further 10.heavily 11.foolish 12.homeless 13.healthy

14.changeable 15.safely



词性变换:1.expensive 2.safely 3.carefully 4.more 5.lovely 6.friendly 7.really