Dead Lands AR Zombies Review

Dead Lands AR Zombies Review

In this post, I review a game called Dead Lands –AR Zombies, developed by Shenzhen Augmreal Technology. I love playing games with zombies Dead Lands AR Zombies the game caught my attention was the creepy looking zombies in the screenshot. What’s better than shooting down life-size zombies in the real world?

Dead Lands Gameplay

Dead Lands is a first-person shooter where you fight to defend the world from zombies. The game consists of waves which should be cleared out of zombies to progress to the next wave.

You start the game with a P2000 pistol loaded with bullets. You can purchase more weapons from the shop at any moment during the game using money that you get by killing zombies. The available weapons in the game are the Desert Eagle pistol, M4A1, and AK47 assault rifles as well grenades.

You can eliminate zombies by shooting him in any part of his body, but all it takes is one accurate bullet to the headshot to take it out in one shot. It’s not easy to make headset because the zombies spawn far away from you, sometimes they are in groups and by the time they get close you might find yourself dealing with many of them at the same time.

Bullet flies out of the pistol bullet chamber

Realistic shooting experience. Look at the bullet flies out of the bullet chamber when you release a shot.

Sometimes I just enjoy getting my ARK47 and just spraying everyone, but the problem is that visiting the store doesn’t pause the game and it also takes time to reload the weapon. A grenade deals area damage, but they don’t wipe the zombies out instantly, just reduce their health. I actually combined a grenade explosion followed by body shots to a group of zombies to clear them out fast.

At the end of the game, you’ll see the total number of zombie kills, your best record so far, the total gold that you earn, number of headshots and the total time you’ve played the session.

AR Experience

grenade explosion in Zombie Lands AR game

That’s a grenade explosion, looks cool isn’t it?

Dead Lands suppose to have both indoor and outdoor modes. As of the time of writing, the indoor mode is still in development and you only get to play the outdoor mode. The outdoor mode suitable for a small indoor area. The reason for that is because the game was designed with life-size characters. Furthermore, the developer made them spawn further away from the player and walk towards him. The result is that once played indoors, the characters will appear