1.careers adviser 职业咨询师

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/c0e02e11a2161479171128e4.htmle onto 进入

3.turn to be 证明是

4.deal in 经营

5.management skills 管理技能

6.career track 职业生涯

7.diverse ethnic 不同种族的

8.probation period 试用期

9.in principle 大体上

10.pension scheme 退休金计划

11.in accordance with 按照

12.life insurance 人寿保险

13.contract duration 合同期限

14.employment classification 雇佣类别

15.statutory holidays 法定假日

16.maternity leave 产假

17.absent without leave 无故缺勤

18.basic salary 基本工资

19.vacation leave 假期

20.reimbursement of expenses 报销费

21.position and duty 职位及职责

22.accident insurance 意外伤害保险

23.housing allowance 住房补贴

24.equal employment opportunity 公平


25.efficiency wage 效率工资

26.be reputed as 被称为

27.in alignment with 与…一致

28.branch out 扩大范围

29.state/privately-owned enterprise 国


30.publicly traded companies 公开上市


31.registered capital 注册资本

32.grow steadily over…years…….年稳步


33.client base 客户群

34.export volume 出口量

35.leveraged buyout 资质认证

36.Sino-foreign joint venture 中外合资

企业37.Start-up 新成立的企业

38.Business scope 业务范围

39.Business principle 经营宗旨

40.be dedicated to 着力于

41.handle export of 经营…产品出口

42.production capacity 生产能力

43.federal government 联邦政府

44.health insurance 健康保险

45.research development manager 研发


46.the host organization 接待单位

47.reception personnel 接待单位

48.distinguished guests 贵宾

49.fill in the form 填表

50.check out 结账离开

51.registration form 登记表

52.buffet reception 冷餐招待会

53.farewell speech 告别词

54.waiting hall 候机大厅

55.reception desk 接待处

56.be cordially received 受到友好接待

57.a reciprocal reception 答谢招待会

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/c0e02e11a2161479171128e4.htmlrmation desk 问讯处

59.hold a grand reception 举行盛大招


60.guest house 招待所

61.see off 送机

62.round-trip ticket 往返票

63.minute taker 记录员

64.Board Meeting 董事会

65.Annual general Meeting 周年大会

66.General Meeting of Shareholders 股


67.financial forecast 财务预测

68.action plan 行动计划

69.production line planning 生产线规划

70.rules of procedure 议事规则

71.draft resolution 决议草案

72.to convene 召开

73.to make a speech 做报告

74.to ask for the floor 要求发言

75.to raise an objection 提出异议

76.briefing on finance 财务简报

77.inventory check 清点库存

78.operation review 运行审核

79.program status 项目情况

80.to second 赞成

81.to move an amendment 提出修正案

82.to adopt 通过

83.to adjourn 散会

84.trouble-free 无故障

85.expected life 预期寿命

86.business directory 厂商名录

87.local agent 本地代理

88.place an order 订购单

89.purchase contract 购货合同

90.disposition of equipment 设备配置

91.purchase price 购买价格

92.delivery date 交货日期

93.in stock 有现货的

94.equipment replacement 设备更新

95.customer service 客户服务

96.30 day satisfaction Guarantee 30天满


97.Transferable warranty 可转让的保修

98.A letter of complaint 投诉信

99.Open bidding 公开招标

100.Equipment department 设备部101.Cancel an order 取消订单102.Out of stock 无现货的

103.Appeal to…对…有吸引力104.target market 目标市场

105.market analyst 市场分析员106.market research agency 市场调查代理公司

107.product line 生产系列

108.direct marketing 直销

109.multi-level marketing 网络营销110.marketing management 营销管理

111.field research 野外实地考察112.observation study 观察调研法113.price war 价格战

114.recommended price 建议价格115.market forecast 市场预测116.market mix 营销组合

117.market leader 市场领先企业118.market-oriented 以市场为导向119.market penetration 市场参透120.an extensive range of 各种各样的

121.advanced version 新型号的产品

122.perform operations 执行操作123.fit into 适应

124.be made of 由…制成

125.be made in 在…制造

126.be popular with 受..欢迎127.best offer 最低报价

128. a discount of 5% 打5%折扣129.expense claim 报销申请130.original receipts 原始发票131.line manager 生产线经理132.under no circumstances 绝不133.public transit 公共交通

134.in question 争论中的

135.in accordance with 按照

136.superior to 比…高级

137.in full 全部

138.electronic remittance advice 电子汇款单

139.fulfill a requirement 满足要求140.accounts manager 会计经理141.in the case of… 在…情况下142.on a monthly basis 每月

143.make a false claim for expenses 虚报费用

144.settle the balance 结清余额145.out-of –pocket expense 现金支付的支出

146.inflated travel expenses 夸大出差费用

147.prevent duplicate claims 防止重复报销

148.accounts receivable 应收账款149.accounts payable 应付账款150.air fare 机票费用

151.financial controller 财务总监152.stock exchange 股票交易所153.be committed to 致力于

154.tailoring solution 定制的解决


155.working capital 营运资金156.clearing services 结算服务157.foreign exchange 外汇

158.balance statement 存款余额明细单

159.as per 按照

160.in line with 按照

161.year-on-year 逐年

162.at a slow pace 很慢的速度163.operating margin 营业毛利164.marketing spending 营销支出165.economic slowdown 经济减速166.the second half of the year 下半年

167.the first half of the year 上半年168.cost-cutting 削减成本

169.gross margin 毛利

170.at your earliest convenience 如果方便的话

171.meet its commitments 履行承诺

172. a deposit form 存款单

173.honor a cheque 兑付支票174.an insurance rate 保险率表175.insurance applicant 投保人176.cover all risks 投保一切险177.bear markets 熊市

178.bull markets 牛市

179.shoot up 暴涨

180.legal system 法律体系

181.perform the contract 履行合同182.business practices 商业惯例183.spell out 说清楚

184.in recognition of 鉴于

185.be subject to 使服从

186.accede to 同意

187.implied contractual terms 暗示合同条款

188.be entitled to 有…的资格http://m.wendangku.net/doc/c0e02e11a2161479171128e4.htmlmercial invoice 商业发票190.proforma invoice 形式发票191.country of origin 原产地国192.tariff classification 关税类别http://m.wendangku.net/doc/c0e02e11a2161479171128e4.htmlmissions or rebates 佣金及退款

194.marks an numbers 唛头及编号195.promissory note 本票

196.incorporate into 包含

197.security interest 担保物权198.secured party 担保人

199.amendment to contract 合同修改

200.advising bank 通知行

201.import quotas 进口配额202.confirming bank 保兑银行203.counter offer 还盘

204.date of acceptance 承兑日期205.documents against acceptance 承兑交单

206.non-transferable credit 不可转让信用证

207.bidding contract 投标合同208.consignment contract 寄售合同209.documents against payment 付款交单

210.letter of guarantee 保证书211.irrevocable credit 不可撤销信用证

212.transferable credit 可转让信用证

213.banker’s draft 银行汇票214.dispute resolution 争议解决215.arbitration body 仲裁机构216.in the case of 在…的情况下217.from case to case 逐个案例218.foreign-related disputes 涉外争议

219.develop a good reputation 建立良好声誉

220.bring an action against sb. 起诉某人

221.render an award作出判决222.financial standing 财政状况223.keep a promise 信守承诺224.credit check 信用调查

225.extend them credit 授予信用226.risk rating 风险评级

227.credit references 信用参考人228.meet obligations 履行义务229.balance sheet 资产负债表230.current assets 流动资金231.current liabilities 流动负债232.financial statements 财政报表233.see to it that 确保…

234.subject company 目标公司235.credit line 信用额度

236.unjustified complaint 不合理投诉

237.Force Majeure 不可抗力238.final settlement of a claim 索赔的最终结案

239.within time limit 在规定期限内240.quality guarantee 保证质量http://m.wendangku.net/doc/c0e02e11a2161479171128e4.htmlply with 与…一致

242.quality discrepancy 质量差异243.terminate automatically 自动终止

244.in accordance with the contract 根据合同

245.subject to the Inspection Certificate 以检验证书为准