summary of inside job

Inside job is a movie which revealed the causes of the financial crisis in 2008 from the insiders’ perspective. By Iceland's debt problem, the movie started to discuss the principles of this unprecedented crisis. Wall Street and government collusion, hiring well-known scholars to lobby, but the culprits who caused the financial crisis were able to unscathed in this catastrophe. They continue to get all the fame and fortune even after the financial crisis. The film attempts to expose the essence of the financial crisis and the consequences of global stock market crash, large bank failures and the ensuing social impact. "The poorest pay the most" seems to be the truth.

Part1 how we get here: changes in the government policy environment , process of financial deregulation.Administration allows savings-and-loan companies to make risky investments with depositors’ money.

Part2 bubble:bubbles is built up by investors, bankers, and the CEOs’ improper operation because they want to maximize their profits.

Part3 the crisis: they were running high risky operations like subprime mortgage, sale junk financial products ,overstates the security and conceal the risky.

Part4accountability:the criminals are still in power(top governmental economic advisors),corruption in academic circle.

Part5where we are now: It’s difficult to tighten supervision over financial system because they are “Wall Street government”