Unit 1 Persistence


1.Although we have tried very hard to achieve the goal,we still encounter great difficulties in our work.虽然我们很努力来达到我们的目标,我们仍在我们的工作遇到很大的困难。

2.I have tried all kinds of ways , but still cannot bend my daughter to my will.


3.It is natural that babies tumble when they are learning to walk.


http://m.wendangku.net/doc/c5c3bbbee109581b6bd97f19227916888486b988.htmlst time he failed in the exam, so this time he made a serious attempt to pass it.


5.After so many misfortunes, the mother was not able to stand this heavy blow


6.He suddenly took a swipe at her face and knocked her down on the ground.


7.I’m afraid that his efforts will be of no avail


8.They attempted to escape from the prison, but failed.


B.Full in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.(P9)

1.For years, his persistent (persistence )attempts had enabled him to gain the position in the government.


2.A severe flood struck the food base of the city and consequently (consequence)caused a shortage of food.


3.Under the bright (brighten)moon, he told her his love story.


4.Because of his improbable (probable)and unexpected victory in the contest, his mother cried. 因为他在比赛中可能的和意想不到的胜利,他的母亲哭了。

5.Her experience shows how thoughts and behavior affect the good and bad fortune (misfortune)we have in our lives.


6.Take it easy;it is just a trifle (trifling)


7.Do not undertake (undertaking)a project unless you can implement it.


8.The doctor will prescribe (prescribed) some medicine for you.


Complete each of the following sentences with an attributive clause.(P11)

1.The girl whom you want to marry (你想娶的)stole my wallet yesterday.


2.I hate the hotel in which/where I stayed.(我住过的)


3.I will never forget the autumn when/in which I studied and lived together.


4.Is there anything that I can do for you?(我能帮你的)


5.As the teacher told me yesterday, he didn’t pass the exam.


6.We are studying the business English, which is very useful for us In the future.


7.He is the very worker whose picture we saw in the newspaper yesterday.


8.I never really understand the reason for which /why he made such a serious mistake.


Comprehensive Exercises

A.Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.(P15)After hearing a story from my Chinese teacher I have changed my opinion on failure. It was a story about a girl who always succeeded and never 1 A . Luck never 2 C .Her life was totally perfect until she 3 A working.She found she could not stand any 4 C in her work,and she envied either her boss or any colleague who was better than her .At last she went mad, only because she was always thinking that she had no 5 D , she was the best one.

I’ve really learned something from this story that failure can easily defeat a person who seldom fails or never learns 6 C from it; yet it can never 7 B the wings of a person who is strong-willed and always tries to get something from it. Although sometimes it is true that failure stabs you to the heart, it gives you power and 8 B you grow up and have strong will. It also teaches you to be calm and never 9 A when you are in trouble.

So don’t be afraid of failure. If you think you are on the right 10 A ,just keep on doing it and you will succeed one day.

1.A.failed B.suffered C.blamed D.disappointed

2.A.turned to her B.went against her C.threw her off D.got across her

3.A.started B.kept C.meant D.continued

4.A.failure B.envy C.criticism D.weakness

5.A.advantage B.progress C.reputation D.defect

6.A.achievements B.appreciations C.lessons D.classes

7.A.keep off B.break up C.take out D.carry off

8.A.encourages B.helps C.requires D.urges

9.A.frustrate B.discourage C.defeat http://m.wendangku.net/doc/c5c3bbbee109581b6bd97f19227916888486b988.htmlplain

10.A.track B.mind C.opinion D.idea

B.Translate the following sentences into English.(P15)

1. 我不会因为失败而绝望地放弃自己的理想(in despair)

I will not give up my ideals in despair because of failure.

2.在太多数情况下,不去尝试便不能肯定我们能够做些什么。(make an attempt)

In most cases, we are not sure what we can do if we do not make an attempt to do it.

3.她把注意力集中在如何发现自己的优点(focus on)

She focused her attention on how to find her own advantages.

4. 虽然经历了很多失败,她还是努力建立自信。(build up)

Although she has experienced many defeats, she still tried hard to build up her self-confidence. 5. 无论别人说什么,我们都将坚持自己的梦想(hold to)

No matter what is said by others, we will hold to our dreams.

C.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.(P16)


Unit2 Animation


1.Thank you for coming to my birthday party and for your lovely present.


2.The doll was my daughter's favorite toy and she carried it with her everywhere.


http://m.wendangku.net/doc/c5c3bbbee109581b6bd97f19227916888486b988.htmlcking a partner, I had to sing solo.


4. The present situation concerns all the students in my class.


5.Her laziness show in her exam results.


6.This famous comic actor is loved by the public even after his death.


7.Step on it or we'll miss the beginning of the show.


8.The children fold their arms and sit up straight to wait for their teachers.


B.Full in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.(P27)

1.Those students give mutual support and inspiration to each other.


2.The dentist told the boy not to eat too many sweets.


3.The continual noise in the classroom made him slap his notebook down on the desk.


4.The company is tying to popularize its main products.


5.His collection of paintings will go on the block tomorrow.


6.She is very happy to see that her method is working in the classroom.


7.The minister is trying to improve his public image.


8.We are astounded by his action.


Complete each of the following sentences with an appositive.(P29)

1.John Smith,one of your old friend,has just called.


2.His bad habits, smoking and drinking, have done much harm to his health.


3. Let me introduce to you Mr. Collins, Vice President of our university.


4. Suddenly came the news that he was diagnosed with HIV.


5. They both are in favor of the arrangement.


6. The number of students enrolled in this school is 800, about half that of last yer.


7. We expressed the hope that he would visit China again.


8. All these years she had but one aim- to provide as much help to AIDS patients

as possible.


Comprehensive Exercises

A.Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.(P33)When she appeared on stage, singing a Japanese song, hundreds of 1 A teenagers crowded around shouting, “Curarpikt(酷拉皮卡)! It’s Curarpikt!” At the Beijing Comic and Animation Expo last week, that’s exactly who Shi Jia was. The Senior 1 girl was cosplaying(角色扮演)”Curarpikt”,a character from the popular Japanese comic book Hunter X Hunter(《猎人》)by Yoshihiro Togashi. “I 2 B Curarpikt because I like him,” said the pretty 15-year-old girl. “I’m 3 D by his sad story and I’m 4 A by his courage and 5 B .” In the adventure comic story, Curarpikt, a handsome and kind-hearted boy, struggles to become a hunter so he can capture the men who killed his people.She has read all the comic books and is a big fan of the animated series of Hunter X Hunter. Then last year she saw a real ”Curarpikt” in a cosplay show.”I had watched cosplay shows before but only for fun,”she explained. “It’s really exciting to see young people wearing the make-up and costumes of characters that you’ve read about and are familiar with. But that time I just fell in love with cosplaying, probably because I like Curarpikt so much. I thought I could play the character 6 A , so I decided to have a go.” She bought some cloth and asked a 7 D to make a Curarpikt costume foe her. She was 8 A to find out there was a cosplay show in Beijing in October. “It’s a great way to spend the national holiday. Posing on the stage for all the comic book fans, I knew I was doing something I had always wanted to do,” she said.

1.A.excited B.exciting C.boring D.bored

2.A.copy B.cosplay C.make D.enjoy

3.A.movement B.moves C.moving D.moved

4.A.attracted B.enjoyed C.liked D.attractive

5.A.beauty B.personality C.weapon D.sword.

6.A.better B.well C.good D.best

7.A.waiter B.waitress C.shopkeeper D.tailor

8.A.delighted B.sad C.exciting D.moved

B.Translate the following sentences into English.(P34)

1. 为了追求自己的理想,他十七岁时退学了(drop out)

In order to pursue his ideal, he dropped out of school when he was seventeen.

2.他自身的理解和创新催生出独特的设计风格(give birth to)

His understanding and innovation gave birth to his unique design style.

3.我们必须指出,动漫体现的是电影制作者的技巧(point out)

We must point out that animation is the embodiment of the filmmaker’s skills.


What peyo seeks is not only the animation, but something classic.

5. 这部影片的动画效果令人满意(come off)

The animation effects in this film came off satisfactory.

Unit3 The Car and Life


1.How long does it take him to drive to the shopping mall?


2.A survey of middle school students' parents showed that most of them are dissatisfied with the present education system.


3.Those children got out of control while seeing the candies in the basket.


4.Do you mind reading out the text of the message?


5.The long and boring control to the church made us all tired.


6.The editor planned to print your article in the next issue.


7.I had no choice but to accept the job offer from the foreign company.


8.Er, let me see.Sorry, my mind is completely blank now.


B.Full in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.(P45)

1.We can only through the financial crisis by reducing our expenses.


2.For some reason or other I feel a little bit faint.


3.The heating system has recently been repaired to make it more efficient.


4.The commuter train between the town center and bus stop is never punctual.


5.I will speak up for those people when others talk negatively about them.


6.She is very interested in the meteorological study of climates and their phenomena.


7.His family is the driving force behind his accomplishments.


8.These goods were damaged in transit.


Grammar Tips: Complete each of the following sentences in the subjunctive mood.(P47)

1.If the doctor had come earlier, the child wouldn’t have died.


2.I suggested my husband should park the car in garage.


3.If I had enough money,I would have bought a much bigger car.


4.If he were to leave to,he would get there by Friday.


5.It is proposed that the boss should raise the salary for workers.


6.If the car had stopped in time,it wouldn’t have crashed into the truck.


7.If it should rain tomorrow,what could we do?


8.He requested that the manager give him an interview.


Comprehensive Exercises

A.Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.(P51)Today the car is the most popular sort of transportation in all of the United States. It has completely 1 replaced the horse as a 2 means of everyday transportation.Americans use their car for nearly 90% of all .........The average price of a 3 regularly made car was $1500 in 1950,$2600 in 1960........During this period American car manufacturers set about 4 improving their products and work efficiency. As a result, the yearly income of the 5 average family increased from 1950 to 1975 6 faster than the price of cars. For this reason 7 purchasing a new car takes a smaller.........In 19518 proportionally it took 8.1 months of an average........In addition, the 1975 cars were technically9 superior to models from previous years. The 10 influence of the automobile extends...........

B.Translate the following sentences into English.(P52)

1. 我宁愿开车去那里(would rather)

I would rather drive car to go there.

2.研究资料表明,目前有私家车的家庭占到30%以上(account for)

Studies indicate that the families who have private vehicles account for more than 30 percent.

3. 现在飞机可以超音速飞行,它们可以突破音障(break through)

Now planes can fly faster than the speed of sound, breaking through the sound barrier.

4.中国新能源汽车技术的发展历史最早可以追溯到上世纪(date back to)

The history of new energy automotive technology development in china dates back to the last century.

5.有一辆陌生的车子拐入了我们这条街(turn into)

There is a strange car turning into our street.

Unit4 Career Choice


1.The head office has been transferred from Boston to New York. 总部已从波士顿转移到纽约。

2.I don't wish to associate myself with what he is doing.


3.Oil price will be the focus of next month's conference.


4.stock market prices continue to advance.


5.Our department has a strong team of professors and associate professors.


6.I have received an advance payment.


7.If you don't like this subject, you can apply for transfer at the end of the the first semester. 如果您不喜欢这个主题,您可以在第一学期结束时申请转学。

8.We should focus our attention on the most important issues.


B.Full in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.(P65)

1.His decision to resign surprised all of us.


2.The aim of a university should be the advancement of learning.


3.I am in charge of the maintenance of these machines.


4.He is lucky enough to have bought a large but inexpensive apartment.


5.Vocational education has been making very important contributions to China’s social and economic development.


6.This fund is intended for emergency use only.


7.Now in China experienced technicians are much needed and usually well paid.


8.As her son hadn’t yet come home,she became increasingly worried.


Grammar Tips: Complete each of the following sentences in the subjunctive mood.(P67)

1.I wish I knew both English and French.


2.Were I to do it ,I would make a survey of public opinion at first.


3.But for his help,we couldn’t have done it successfully.


4.I would rather you had promised me last night.


5.It is high time that we made great efforts to learn English.


6.In that case we could have accomplished the task earlier.


7.He gets up early lest he should be late for school.


8.I would just as soon you had passed CET-6.


Comprehensive Exercises

A.Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.(P72)Any huge success 1 takes preparation and hard work........Bill Gates was a silent computer programmer before he became the focus of 2 attention . Michael Jordan was a hardworking and determined high-school and college athlete 3 before he became one of the greatest athletes of all time. These men have different careers and ambitions, but they have 4 devoted themselves to their work.......They know that success 5 depends on learning from mistakes and overcoming challenges.

It’s not 6 enough to be ambitious..........And the path to success is scattered with unfulfilled dreams and disillusioned(幻灭的)people who 7 never achieved the recognition or success they felt they deserved. It would be great to go straight to the rewards 8 without having to make of time.........So,no matter 9 what career you will choose.........The journey will lead you to your goal, and the lessons and skills you learn on the path can be as rewarding as the10 goal itself.

B.Translate the following sentences into English.(P72)

1. 她不多讲话,但言之有理(make sense)

She doesn’t talk much, but what she says makes sense.

2. 我代表我们公司欢迎你来这里(on behalf of)

On behalf of our company, I would like to welcome.

3.我在这里是办公事而不是度假(as opposed to)

I am here on business as opposed to on holiday

4. 我们的最终目的是最迟年底完成这项工作(aim for)

We aim for the completion of the task by the end of this year.

5.为了完成论文我打算熬夜不睡(stay up)

I am going to stay up late to finish my paper.

C.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.(P73)


Review Test 1(Units 1-4)


16.It is quite natural that my coming late again B them very angry.

A.had made

B.would make



17.He will have learned English for eight years by the time he C from the university next year.

A.will graduate

B.will have graduate

C. graduates

D.is to graduate

18.-Must I renew the magazine now?

-No, you D . You that before the deadline.

A.mustn’t; should do

B.needn’t; should have done

C. may not; should do

D.needn’t; could do

19.Twenty miles B a long way to cover.

A.seem to be




20.The climate of Shanghai is better than A of Nanjing.





21.The prize of the game show is $30000 and an all-expenses- B vacation to




C.to be paid

D.being paid

22.It is thought to be a wise way to have some money A for old age.

A.put aside

B.take off

C.given in

D.set out

23.The question is A me and I am completely at a loss.





24.The harder I tried, D it seemed to solve that math problem.

A.the impossible

B.most impossible

C.the most impossible

D.the more impossible

25.The investigation, C will soon be published, was made by John.

A.at which the results

B. the results on which

C.whose results

D.of whose results

PartⅢReading Comprehension(P79)

Task 1 Each day, computers help millions of people do their jobs more efficiently.For example, they can help manager............

36.A 37.D 38.D 39.B 40.C

Task 2 How men first learn to invent words is unknown; in other words, the origin of language is a mystery...............

41.A 42.C 43.D 44.D 45.B

Unit5 Gender Roles


1.No credit is given at this shop.


2.the idea sound a very good one to me.


3.The death of the Queen mark the end of an era.


4.The order urged the armed forces to keep up their morale.


5.The war would harm the relative power of the Japanese state.


6.His income last year reached six figures.


7.She is cleverer than I gave her credit for.


8.I've ordered egg and chips for you.


B.Full in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.(P91)

1.He spent a considerable amount of money on his new house.


2.You should always keep in mind your rights and responsibilities.


3.I had not expected that things should turn out like this.


4.We are in favor of competing openly and justly for that position.


5.It is no good ignoring the problem; you must face up to reality.


6.They have been arguing over this issue for hours.


7.He has invested all his savings in a new business.


8.In order to keep his business profitable, he works very hard, almost having no holidays. 为了使他的生意有利可图,他工作很努力,几乎没有假期。

Grammar Tips: Complete each of the following sentences.(P93)

1.The number of the students who will join the army is wrong.


2.The means of solving the problem is very easy.


3.Some deer are playing around the river.


4.Five minutes is not enough to do this exercise.


5.Each boy and each girl likes to climb the mountain at weekends.


6.Five years is not very long.


7.The whole family are looking for the lost child.


8.Either your students or Mr. Wang knows how to deal with the problem.


Comprehensive Exercises

A.Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.(P97)Peggy Whitson first imagined being an astronaut at the age of nine, when, sitting excitedly before the television set, she watched Neil Armstrong become the 1 first human to walk on the 2 moon , in 1969.........when she and two Russian astronauts were launched 3 into space on the shuttle(航天飞机)Endeavor, ..........

Whitson was born on February 9, 1960.4 When still a little girl,..........Her teachers remember her 5 as a bright, diligent student with a positive attitude.During high school she 6 played on the girls basketball team and competed in other sports.In 1978, she 7 graduated second in her class from high school............

Whitson had worked for NASA(美国国家航空和航天局)for 10 years before 8 being selected as an astronaut in 1996. When Endeavor 9 reached the ISS on June 7, 2002.........and the second woman 10 to serve on the ISS.

B.Translate the following sentences into English.(P98)

1. 当今越来越多的男性开始帮忙做家务了(help out)

Today more and more males helping out to do housework now

2.妻子弄不明白她们的丈夫为何有如此大的压力(figure out)

The wives cannot figure out why their husbands are under so great.

3.不管是女性还是男性都承担着同样的社会责任(take on)

Women and men have to take on the samesocial responsibility.

4. 很多女性除了工作还要做大量家务(apart from)

Many women have to do a lot of housework apart from their job.

5. 我外出时你照料这个婴儿好吗(watch over)

Will you take care of the baby while I'm out?

C.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.(P98)


Unit6 Disaster


1.What is the impact of the tropical climate on the raw materials? 热带气候对原材料的影响是什么?

2.The old woman spread the good news around the town.


3.he saved the little boy's life at the risk of his own.


4.I am willing to accept his challenge.


5.He's quite crazy:he goes to school in very odd clothes.


6.He threw his cigarette end on the floor.


7.here are some difficult tasks given by the boss to challenge you and your friends.


8.They end the party with a song.


B.Full in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.(P109)

1.Many kinds of rare animals and birds are now extinct.


2.His long illness and consequent absence put him far behind in his work.


3.What’s more, to be a doctor is very challenging.


4.The car was severely damaged by the force of the collision.


http://m.wendangku.net/doc/c5c3bbbee109581b6bd97f19227916888486b988.htmlrmation must be stored so that it is secure from mistaken deletion.


6.The ship was completely wrecked after the enemy’s attack.


7.Those two countries agreed to interconnect the services after the severe earthquake.


8.Our civil rights should be preserved.


Grammar Tips: Complete each of the following sentences.(P111)

1.Many a student has missed the opportunity to further study abroad.


2.A pair of chopsticks was in front of every foreign guest.


3.This kind of women is fit for this kind of work.


4.This Japanese works in the electronic company.


5.Going to bed early and getting up early is a good habit.


6.A knife and fork is on the table.


7.Your shoes are black,while ours are brown.


8.Those who want to go please sign your names here.


Comprehensive Exercises

A.Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.(P115)

There appear to be more and more natural disasters1 happening on our earth,..........Our technology is not yet good enough to 2 predict these events accurately, so people can only try to 3 minimize the losses afterwards.

In order to deal with natural disasters, we should try to get ready in a number of 4 different ways.

1. More money should be 5 invested in disaster prediction...........

2.Rescue teams should be based on the country’s military forces........The training would not 6 affect the army’s regular military training or practice.

3.A certain percentage of the country’s economy should be reserved as a fund for 7 emergency use or for sponsoring scientific research.

4.Emergency response training should be arranged by local community centers and school to educate the citizens about the 8 right things to do when a natural disaster 9 occurs.

We may not be able to 10 get rid of natural disasters.............

B.Translate the following sentences into English.(P116)

1. 天气转暖,冰层就会分裂(break up)

The ice will break up when the warm weather comes.

2.市民可以自由使用图书馆(have access to)

Citizens may have free access to the library.

3.他认为他的成功是艰苦工作是结果(attribute to)

He attributes his success to working hard.

4.闪电打下来之后,突然爆发了一场森林大火(break out)

A huge forest fire broke out after the lighting struck.

5. 假如我们努力做的话,我们将能够提前完成任务(ahead of)

If we work hard, we’ll finish it ahead of time.

C.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.(P98)


Unit 7 Problems Facing Cities




2.The rain was beating heavily against the windows.


3.Who will bear the expense of the trip?


4.There has been a switch in classes between the teachers.


5.why is she always in such a rush?


6.what he says bears little relation to what he does.

bear no\little relation to sth.:与什么极不相称;与某事(某物)无关


7.your letter reached me yesterday.


8.she suddenly switched the conversation to another subject.


B.Full in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.(P128)

1.She sounded the horn in irritation but the car in front wouldn’t move.


2.Decorating the house will be a considerable expense.


3.It’s wonderful to see you so cheerful.


4.I think his proposal is quite acceptable.


5.His rude behavior drove her to the very limit of her patience.


6.She is very weak and hasn’t enough strength to walk upstairs.


7.He sold information that may have damaged our national security.


8.There is a shortage of low-cost housing in the city.


Grammar Tips: Complete each of the following sentences.(P129)

1.Arriving at the school,we found that class had begun.


2.Not having checked the watch the night before,they found it had stopped when they woke up. 由于前一天晚上没有检查手表,他们醒来时发现表已经停了。

3.Being asked to give a performance,he couldn’t very well refuse.


4.Having been made at the meeting,the decision could be carried out.


5.He is a promising actor.


6.We met many foreigners visiting in the nearby areas.


7.They lived in a room facing the east.


8.Having fulfilled the task, he felt a stone lifted from his heart.


Comprehensive Exercises

A.Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.(P134)

Many people believe that cities will continue to draw people. But 1 whatever the future may hold today’s cities are in trouble now! And no 2 solution is in sight for.......Nor has anyone found a means to 3 eliminate crime..........

Some would argue that governments...........But is solving the problems of cities as simple as writing out a(n)4 check ?Decades ago the book The Death and Life of Great American Cities said, “There is a myth 5 that if only we had ..........But look at the low-income projects we have built 6 with the first several billions.They have become worse centers of pollution and crime than the slums they were supposed to 7replace !” These words ring true even today.

But if money is not the solution, what is? We must remember that cities are 8 made up of people...........So in the final 9 analysis , it is people..........If pollution, crime , social inequality and other problems are to be eliminated , 10 more is required than an increased................

Review Test 2(Units 5-8)


16.It is high time we D home.

A.will go

B.would go

C.have gone


17.I wonder why Jenny A us recently. We should have heard from her by now.

A.hasn’t written

B.doesn’t written

C.hasn’t written

D.hasn’t written

18.There C be any difficulty about passing the road test since you have practiced

a lot in the driving school.





19. B help if you can, and our country will improve more quickly and grow better.


B. Give


D.To give

20. The storm left, D a lot of damage to this area.


B.to have caused

C.to caused

D.having caused

21.So carelessly D that he almost killed himself.

A.he drives

B.he drove

C.does he drive

D.did he drive

22.Try not to be absent A class again for the rest of the term.


B. on

C. in

D. of

23.There is not doubt C Robert is the most hard-working student in our class.




D. if

24.He will go to America next month, if he A ready then.

A. is

B. will be

C. shall be

D. is going to be

25.The government official explained that there’s no point C about inflation.

A.to worry

B.with them worrying

C.in worrying

D.worry PartⅢReading Comprehension(P158)

Task 1 Nike is one of the world’s best-known sports shoes and clothes companies...........

36.C 37.A 38.A 39.C 40.A

Task 2 Sponsorship may seem to someone a simple matter of asking a rich company for money and the money may be treated as a donation..............

41.C 42.D 43.A 44.B 45.A