考前一百天冲刺突破高考课标3500词汇 必备训练


Day 1


1. The plane crashed killing all the 157 passengers ________ (在飞机上) who came back from _______(国外).

2. He was _________(专心致志) in his book, making him ____________ (缺席) the meeting. To tell the truth, I seldom see his __________(缺席).

3. She spoke English with a Dutch _______(腔). But it could be __________(完全地)


4. It is generally __________ (公认) that smoking does harm to our health. Last month I

received some cigarettes, but I wouldn’t __________(接受) them.

5. He can have/gain ________ (进入) to the library with the ID card. Those books are easily _____________(接近的、可进入的).

6. On __________ (由于) of what you said, I am determined to go abroad to a__________(完成) my further study.

7. It is very difficult to get a(n) _____________ (准确的) answer.

8. His illness _________(导致) for his absence .

9. I didn’t break the vase on purpose, Mum, it was an _________ (意外). It ___________(意外

地) slipped from my hands.

10. He is _________(能够) to run the company very well. His ________(能力) is beyond me. Suggested answers:

1. aboard, abroad

2. absorbed, absent from, absence

3. accent, absolutely

4. accepted, accept

5. access, accessible

6. account, accomplish

7. accurate

8. accounted

9. accident, accidentally 10. able, ability

Day 2


1. I was ______________ (指责) stealing her money , but in fact it was the other

way around .

2. You will _______________ (一事无成) if you don’t put your heart into your study.

3. What you did is ____________ (令人钦佩的) and we __________(羡慕)your

___________ (成就)..

4. Effective _________(措施)should be taken to _______ (适应) ourselves to the new


5. Tom takes an _____________(积极) part in class _______________(活动).

6. The number of ____________(男演员) and ___________(女演员) ________________(总计)

exactly 100 .

7. Students nowadays are ____________(习惯于) to taking all sorts of examinations. In __________(此外), sometimes they are __________(沉溺于) to playing game through mobile phones.

8. The manager delivered an ________ (演讲) on TV to share his experience in


9. This letter was wrongly ____________(写上地址). Please __________(加) your friend’s

_________(真实的) __________(地址) to the envelope.

10. ___________(事实上), the man ____________(担任) manager of the company. Suggested answers:

1. accused of

2. achieve nothing

3. admirable, admire, achievements

4. action, adapt

5. active, activities

6. actors, actresses, adds up to

7. accustomed, addition, addicted

8. address, management

9. addressed, add, actual, address 10. Actually, acts as

Day 3


1. He ___________(建议) me to book the tickets ____________(预先) and I followed his

__________ (建议).

2. She had a(n) ____________ (优势) of a good education, making him feel calm when she meets _________(冒险).

3. I’m _________ (担心) I can’t __________ (支付) the money to buy the book. But that’s my own _________(私事).

4. I can’t _________(同意) to the ___________ (协定) which was reached by you.

5. You were greatly __________(影响) by the trouble but finally made it ____________ (终究).

6. I have no a______________(喜欢、爱) for all kinds of ___________(广告) on TV.

7. We can be concerned about ___________ (大事) of state through CCTV News 30 Minutes.

8. Although he was __________ (反对) the opinion, the old professor didn’t come up with it himself.

9. The house ________(代理人) has been _________(追求) the beautiful girl for _________(很


10. I’m fond of _________(非洲). I often turn to my teacher for more ___________(非洲的)


Suggested answers:

1. advised, in advance, advice

2. advantage, adventures

3. afraid, afford, affair

4. agree, agreement

5. affected, after all

6. affection, advertisements

7. affairs

8. against

9. agent, after, ages 10. Africa, African

Day 4


1. These measures _________________(旨在)preventing smoking in public places like restaurants, hospitals. But ____________________(在户外) people are free.

2. This job would be impossible without the ________(辅助) of a computer. Besides, you can __________________(给予援助) to her.

3. These kids are _______________(几乎一样), so try to treat them ________ (一样地).

4. His parents won’ t ___________ (允许他待在外面) very late. Besides, they don’t ________(吸烟) at home.

5. I saw my wife off at the __________ (在机场). She is going to the U.S.A. on business _________(乘飞机). Again I began to live _______(独居).

6. All ______________ (总的来说), she was always well _____________(遥遥领先) the rest of the class.

7. The party has been planned weeks _______________ (提前). We can _____________(开始).

8. She’s asked__________________(别打扰她),but the press photographers follow her everywhere.

9. She lost her job when the factory closed, _______________ (同…..一起)hundreds of others. ____________(最重要的是), she was still ____________(活着).

10. Our plans of banning the sale of the ____________(酒精) are still___________(悬而未决), ___________________(更不用说) the sale of cigarettes.

Suggested answers:

1. were aimed at, in the open air

2. aid, lend your aid

3. are almost alike, alike

4. allow him to stay out, allow smoking

5. airport, by air/plane, alone

6. in all, ahead of

7. ahead of time, go ahead

8. to be left alone

9. along with, Above all, was still alive 10. alcohol, up in the air, let alone

Day 5


1. Caught in the act, he ____________________________ (除了……别无选择) tell the truth.

2. He looked at me _________________ (惊愕地). I was __________(吃惊) by his

_____________(令人吃惊的) strange look.

3. W e’ve had __________________________(很大的amount…) help from the local people.

4. ________(尽管)he had only entered the Competition for fun, he won the first prize.

5. _________(在……中)those present were ___________(大使) and his wife.

6. What you said _______________ (等于) great encouragement. From then on, he became a man of ___________(有抱负).

7. I heard ______________ (生气地) that___________(动物)were treated in a cruel way.

8. I was ____________________(生气) myself for making such a stupid mistake. I broke my pen a_____________(生气地).

9. This hotel offers its guests different kinds of _______________(娱乐活动). We can also

___________(娱乐) ourselves by holding a party.

10. He _______________________(总是抱怨)the endless boring work.

Suggested answers:

1. had no alternative/choice but to

2. in amazement, amazed, amazing

3. a large amount of

4. Although

5. Among, ambassador

6. amounted to, ambition

7. with anger; animals

8. angry with, angrily

9. amusements, amuse 10. is always complaining about

Day 6


1. They ___________ their engagement _____ the family (向……宣布).

2. He ____________________ me_____ my carelessness(为……生气annoy…).

3. In _________(再、另) two weeks, the job will be finished.

4. Parents are naturally a________________ (为……而担心) their children when they leave home.

5. __________(除……外)their house in London, they also have a villa in Spain.

6. Please let me know how many are coming,_______________(如果有的话).

7. I_____________ Jane_____________________(因……缺席而道歉)her party.

8. The police ___________(呼吁)the public to remain calm.

9. It’s __________ (显而易见) that she was really upset, and then she paused, _________ (显

然)lost in thought.

10. The new technology _________________ (应用于) farming.

11. She had never been greatly concerned about __________ (外貌)

12. ____________________ (看起来) there has been a mistake.

13. I’m afraid we can’t come, but thanks for the invitation a_________(无论如何).

14. The public ________________________ (爱好) scandals.

Suggested answers:

1. announced…to

2. was annoyed with……for/at

3. another

4. anxious for

5. Apart from

6. if anything

7. apologized to; for being absent from

8. appealed to

9. is apparent that; apparently 10. was applied to 11. appearance 12. It appears that 13. anyhow 14. have an appetite for

Day 7


1. I would ________________ (不胜感激) if you can _____________________(约会)with me.

2. It was the __________________ (建筑师/设计师) who designed the building, which _____________________________ (占地) about 600 square hectares.

3. Jane often ________________ her friends _________/_________ little things(在……上争

论)________________(由……引起) their different opinions.

4.The Eighth Route Army ________________________(用……武装)enough guns and before long many enemies were ___________________.(被捕)

5. All families are busy making ___________ (准备) for the _________ (到来) of the new year.

6.The government has ____________ (任命) some experts to find out an ______________ (方

法) to the serious problem.

7. Jim ___________________________ (做出决定) that he will enter an _______(美术) school, which still hasn’t _______________________________ (没有得到同意) of his parents.

8. Please use an _______ (箭头)to match the information with the festivals in _________ (四月)

9. Mary ________________________________ for (为…表感谢) what the neighbors has _________(安排) for her when she was ill and stayed in the ___________ (轮椅).

10. It always takes me _____________ (大约)1 hour to finish the _____________ (算数) work. Suggested answers:

1. appreciate it, make/fix an appointment

2. architect, covers an area of

3. argues with, over/about, arising from

4. was armed with, under arrest

5. arrangements, arrival

6. appointed, approach

7. arrived at a decision, art, gained the approval

8. arrow, April

9. showed her appreciation, arranged, wheelchair 10. approximately, arithmetic

Day 8


1. I __________________________ (很惭愧) my _____________________ (睡着了) during the class.

2. The floor is covered by __________ (灰), ______ (因为) she always _________________ (把……放到一边) her housework..

3.__________________/____________________(总的来说),the book deserves well reading,

which treats all _______________(方面) of health care.

4. Whisky is usually __________________(联系) with Scotland.

5. ______________(运动员) tend to _____________(依附) themselves to all kinds of sports.

6. I was __________________________(对……感到惊讶) the news that the man travelled across the _______________ Ocean (大西洋) alone.

7. His parents would like him to be an _____________ (艺术家), but he wants to be an ______________ (天文学家), because he is keen on _______________ (天文学).

8. All the shop ________________(店员) work together in a very friendly ________________ (氛围).

9. How many ___________ (亚洲) countries have taken part in the sports meeting?

10. ________________ (只要) we take action, the pollution will be reduced.

1. was ashamed of, falling asleep

2. ashes, as, sets aside

3. In general/Generally speaking, aspects

4. associated

5. Athletes, attach

6. astonished at, Atlantic

7. artist,, astronomer, astronomy

8. assistants, atmosphere

9. Asian 10. As long as

Day 9


1. My ________(姑母)________________________________ (尝试) get close to the dog, but unfortunately she was ________ (攻击) by it, so she went to see the doctor ________ (马上).

2. The reference books are _______________ (可以借到的) for you in the library on the third

_____________ (大街).

3. The _________ (作家) wrote many ___________(有吸引力的) stories happening in _______________ (澳大利亚).

4. All the ____________(观众) were ________________ (吸引) by his superior performance.

5. We ____________ (出席) a meeting, where the speaker talked about the global warming, which ____________________________________(引起我们的注意).

6. The meeting was held to make people _________ (意识到的)of the ___________(可怕的)environmental problems.

7. I was so surprised that I was __________ (授予) the first prize in English speech contest. But

soon I was _____________ (叫醒) by my desk mate, only to find that I just had a day dream.

But from then on, I decided to work hard to be a student above the ___________(平均水平).

8. You should __________________ (收拾好) your books to ________________ (避免) your house being in a mass.

9. After summer vocation, we students are required to return school in ____________ (八月),nearly one month ahead of time.

10. We should ___________________________________________(抱持积极的态度) our life.

1. aunt, made an attempt to, attacked, right away

2. available, avenue

3. author, attractive, Australia

4. audiences, attracted

5. attended, attracted/drew our attention

6. aware, awful

7. awarded, awoken, average

8. put away, avoid

9. August 10. take a positive attitude towards

Day 10


1. In summer, foods and vegetables are often put in fridges, otherwise they will _______________(变质) easily. As a result, they __________________________(对……有害) health with _______________(细菌).

2. The man with a ________ (羽毛球) in his hand is a friend of my brother. He is a b________ because he is not married. But he is well-educated with a ________________ (学士学位).

3. According to the law, it is ______(禁止) to carry illegal objects among one’s ________(行李).

4. Yesterday when I _____________________________ (去理发), I saw

______________________ (一伙盗贼) caught by the police because of breaking into a ____________ (银行) and taking a large amount of money away.

5. As we know, pandas live mainly on b__________________.

6. Whoever gets a ticket will be admitted to the _____(舞会) regardless of their _______(背景).

7. Stopping to look up a new word while reading is actually a _____________ (障碍) to understand the whole passage.

8. We human beings must try our best to ________________________________(保持自然平

衡), or else we will destroy its ecosystem.

9. While buying something, don’t be ashamed of ________________________ the salesmen ___________ the prices (和……进行讨价还价). In fact, it is a kind of art __________________ (以……为基础) your speech.

10. Jack ___________________(失去平衡) and fell off the __________(阳台). Although he

was sent to the hospital in time, his parents walked_______________ (来回地)with anxiety.

1. go bad, are bad for, bacteria

2. badminton, bachelor, a bachelor’s degree

3. banned,

baggage 4. went to the barber’s, a band of robbers, bank 5. bamboos 6. ball, backgrounds 7. barrier 8. keep the balance of nature 9. bargaining with, about/ over, based on 10. lost his balance, balcony, back and forth

Day 11


1. Nowadays, lots of people tend to have __________________________ (日光浴)on the

____________ (海边) during holidays in summer.

2. The ________ (棒球) match this afternoon will be put off ___________(因为) the heavy rain.

3. The letters NBA stand for National __________________ Association.

4. A group of _____________ (蝙蝠) _____________ (拍动) their wings and flew into the air.

5. The painting ___________________________________ (以大自然的美为基础)is attractive.

6. Some videos have been banned ____________(基于……对的考虑) that they are too violent.

7. The man _______________________ (留胡子) is a chairman of a committee and he is

__________________________ (极忙碌) and has no time to have a rest. Last week he broke down and had to stay _____________ (卧床) for two days.

8. So we should _______________ (记住) that health is the ___________ (基本的) thing we

need to work and live on. So let us treasure our lives as we don’t know what will ______________________ (发生become…) us tomorrow.

9. Jenny was a ____________(漂亮) girl, but she suffered from a serious disease. She was brave enough to ________________________ (与……作斗争) the disease although she __________________________ (承受很大的负担). She said when she was going to have an operation, she felt her heart b____________ faster than before. Fortunately, she got well soon.

10. This toy car needs three _________ (电池). There are some in my ______________ (卧室).

1. sun baths, beach

2. baseball, because of

3. Basketball

4. bats, beat

5. on the basis of the beauty of nature

6. on the basis

7. with a beard, as busy as a bee, in bed

8. bear it in mind, basic, become of

9. beautiful, battle with, bore a heavy burden, beat 10. batteries, bedroom

Day 12


1. China is a developing country ____________________ (属于)the third world.

2. Physical exercise is _______________________________(对……有好处)health.

3. She has certainly ____________________________(充分利用)time to study hard.

4. The scientist ______________________ (专心致志于)the research into the causes of cancer.

5. Water can change into ice __________________________(零下,冰点之下).

6. We must mind our ______________(行为)in our daily life and sure enough we can ____________________(从中受益)it.

7. Li Ping ________________________________(坚信)that if he _____________________ (尽最大的努力)in his study, he will not ______________________(落后于)others.

8. The boy ______________ his mother ______________ her forgiveness(乞求原谅)because

he ____________________(表现不好)in the party.

9. The universe ___________________________(形成)20 billion years ago, which is _________________________(难以置信).

10. Hello, everyone. I am glad to be here to make a speech about how to protect our environment

______________________ (代表)my company. ______________________(首先), we must reduce the pollution.

11. Don’t worry. It won’t be _______________________(不久之后)the plane arrives. It is

_______________________(晚点)due to the weather.

12. The composition had many mistakes. __________(而且), it was _______________(离题).

1. belonging to

2. of great benefit to / beneficial to

3. made the best of

4. bent his mind to

5. below freezing point

6. behavior, benefit from

7. holds a firm belief, tries/ does his best, fall behind

8. begged, for, behaved badly

9. came into being, beyond belief 10. on behalf of, To begin with 11. long before, behind schedule 12. Besides, beside the point

Day 13


1. My friend Mary ____________________(生) a boy on her 25th ___________(生日). She was ___________(流血) nearly to death. Bless me! The news was a ________(打击) to us all.

2. God bless me! When I was ________(出生), both my mother and I were in peace. Everything has gone smoothly _____________(生来). I’m __________________(不是一点点) lucky.

3. I often treat my friends to restaurants and all the _______(账单) are on me. _____________(渐渐地), my wife _________(责怪) me for it. Sometimes she feels _________(有点) too _________(闷闷不乐).

4. He was ________(咬) by a dog yesterday. When we went to the hospital, we saw him in bed ___________________(青一块紫一块) in the leg. It was a _______________(害群之马). Who is _____________(该受责备) for it.

5. __________(填写) the blank on this cheque. Do _____ leave anything ________(一点也不).

6. He is __________(失明) in both the eyes, so he has to live a ________(痛苦的) life. We should not _________________________( 对……视而不见) them.

7. It’s said that two _________(街区) were ______________(爆炸), which _________(阻塞) the traffic for hours.

8. The ________(董事会) is having an important meeting, so I have to _______(上) the plane right away.

9. These ________(靴子) are popular. I’d like to _________(预订) a pair.

10. That lecture was so ___________(乏味的) that I was ___________(厌烦) to death.

1. gave a birth to, birthday, bleeding, blow

2. born, by birth, not a little

3. bills, bit by bit, blames, a bit, blue

4. bitten, black and blue, black sheep, to blame

5. Fill in, not, a bit

6. blind, bitter, turn a blind eye to

7. blocks, blown up/bombed, blocked

8. board, board

9. boots, book 10. boring, bored

Day 14


1. He wanted to _________(借) another from me, but I didn’t __________(借) him because he had ___________(借、留) the first book for more than one year.

2. I have to _________(打扰) you for my bike. Its __________(刹车) _____________(出故障). You are ___________(一定) to repair it.

3. ____________(简而言之), I want to give my gratitude to you ________________________ (从心底里), for you helped me find a good job to __________________(谋生).

4. Don’t be afraid to ____________________(麻烦工作) hard, in other words, you must do things ______________________(从头到尾).

5. ______________________(动脑筋) in the _______________(拳击赛). You are sure to ______________________________(取得突破).

6. When the fire ____________(突然发生), the firemen were _______(勇敢) to _____________ (破门而入) the house and saved ten old people. We admire their _________(勇敢).

7. Bank of China is in Beijing, but it has _____________(分部) all over the country.

8. The boat ______________(撞碎) on the rocks, people on board were ___________________ (喘不过气来) with fear.

9. Before diving into water, he took a deep ________(呼吸) and then ____________(屏住呼吸).

10. The __________(新郎) and _________(新娘) got married in _________(鲜艳的) dresses. 1. borrow, lend, kept 2. bother, brake, broke down, bound 3. In brief, from the bottom of my heart, make /ear my bread/living 4. bother working, from top to bottom 5. Use your brains/head, boxing match, make a breakthrough 6. broke out, brave, break into, bravery 7. branches 8. broke up, breathless 9. breath, held his breath 10. bridegroom, bride, bright

Day 15


1. Why so many Chinese have accidents in _________(不列颠) is that __________(英国人) people drive on the left while we drive on the right. Different traffic rules ______________ (导致) our failure.

2. We are _______________(扶养) in China and we should _________________________(担

负重担) of supporting my family.

3. My younger _________(弟弟) often gets up at 11:00 for _________(早午饭), but he _________________________(增强体质) by playing basketball every afternoon.

4. Something in the house __________(爆炸), and it was ______________________(被烧成灰

烬), with a _________(烧焦的) body. The owner of the house _______________(放声大哭).

5. He is ________(埋头bury…) in his work and only _______________________(只管自己的

事) it , so he becomes a successful _______________(商人).

6. Every day he _________________(上下车) the bus and was _____________(忙于) doing three jobs ______________(按小时). He ________________________(只好) work hard.

7. _____________(顺便说), I wanted noting but _________(玩) in the playground after school.

8. ___________________(以这种方式), he had saved enough to buy an apartment _______________(到……时候为止) last year.

9. Jack worked very hard, but he was still ___________________(倒数第二).

10. He was able to collect so many _________________(束花) _____________(独自一人). He was ________(非常) the best worker.

1. Britain, British, bring about

2. brought up, carry/bear the burden

3. brother, brunch, builds up his strength

4. burst, burnt into ashes, burnt, burst into tears/burst out crying

5. buried, mind his own business, businessman

6. got on and off, busy in, by the hour, could do nothing but

7. By the way, to play

8. By this means, by the end of

9. the last but one 10. bunches of flowers, all by himself, by far

Day 16


1.The government _________________(号召) us young people to teach the children in the poor areas and it is our duty to _______________(关爱) children.

Call on call at drop at/in pay a visit to, call off, call sb. up/ call sth. Up

Call for

2.He is good at __________________(计算) and ________________(喜欢) doing business.

Care for ,be good at/be better/best at

3.My English teacher often tells us to be ___________________(认真对待) spelling, but I show ________________________(漠不关心) it. He often criticizes me for my doing exercises so _________________(粗心). I should have been so __________(粗心).

4. Originally I had planned to go to his office to ________________(拜访) him, but he went home, so I had to ___________________(拜访) his house instead.

5. The photos taken with this ___________(照相机) _______________(使回忆起) memories of my teaching life in school.

6. Being one of the ______________( 候选人) to be president of the Students Union, he ______________________________________(忍不住打我电话), telling me the news. Can’t help doing/can;t help do

7.I have many _____________(加拿大) friends, but not all of them were born in


English/Englishman, American

8.Jack was made ________(队长) of the football team. We all respected _____________(队长). 职务头衔是否加冠词

9. When we write U.K, we should write it ________________(用大些字母).

10. I smoked a lot and doubted whether I had a lung ___________(癌症), but the doctor told me

to ____________________(保持镇静).

Keep calm; stand still; quiet

Suggested answers:

1. calls on, care about

2. calculating, cares for

3. careful with, no care for, carelessly, careless

4. call on, call at

5. camera, called up

6. candidates, couldn’t help calling me up