普本 《大学英语》(三)ssfftttt


Part One: V ocabulary and Structure

Directions: From each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.

1. He has a strong sense of justice and is ready at all times to ____ the truth.

A. stand up

B. stand for

C. stand up with

D. stand up for

2. Grandma always paid attention to the needs, wishes and feelings of those around her. She was the most _____ woman I’ve ever known.

A. artificial

B. merry

C. considerate D brilliant

3. The changes our city _____ in the past few years are little short of miraculous.

A. catalogued

B. underwent

C. inherited D furnished

4. The old couple decided to _____ a boy and a girl though they had three children of their own

A. adapt

B. bring

C. receive

D. adopt

5. He is respected and admired by people in the community since he treats all his customers ____.

A. like

B. alike

C. likely

D. liking

6. They determined to finish the task ____ of difficulties and dangers.

A. regarding

B. regards

C. regarded

D. regardless

7. If a fire alarm is sounded, all residents are requested to _____ in the courtyard.

A. assemble

B. converge

C. crowd

D. accumulate

8. You should come in person ____ ask someone else to come on behalf of you.

A. rather than

B. other than

C. better than

D. less than

9. We would _____ it if you would provide further information.

A. approve

B. appreciate

C. appeal

D. accord

10. NASA’s Mars program was set back when two apace craft failed up reaching Mars, one_____ up in the planet’s atmosphere and the other____ after software failure.

A. burned: disappeared

B. burned: disappearing

C. burning; disappearing D burning; disappeared

11. Supplies are _____ in that region due to persistent draught.

A. thin

B. slim

C. lean

D. petty

12. How can they _____on half a loaf of bread every day?

A. get by

B. get together

C. get ready

D. get over

13. I am afraid I won’t be able to _____ to your party next week.

A. did it

B. make it

C. get it

D. arrive at

14. Many scientists have been____ the goal of a practical and economical way to use sunlight to split water molecules.

A. pursing

B. chasing

C. reaching

D. winning

15. The money I get from teaching the piano is a useful_____ to my ordinary income.

A. implement

B. complement

C. supplement

D. compliment

16. The boy has a lot of disadvantages, but _____ I think he is still a good boy.

A. on balance

B. at balance

C. to balance

D. in balance

17. According to the history, this hatred was _____ by racial prejudice

A. produced

B. made

C. generated D created

18. She _____ herself as a man so she could fight on the battlefield.

A. decorate

B. fabricate

C. mistook D disguised

19. Don’t try to ____ your wishes _____ us.

A. get…through

B. impose….on

C. put… across D compel…to

20. I was so intent _____ my work that I didn’t notice the time.

A. on

B. to

C. by D with

21. I'd have to say this could almost _____ a Western dish, and certainly it's a safe dish for almost everyone to eat.

A. pass on

B. pass by

C. pass for

D. pass into

22. If your monthly salary exceeds 10,000, you have to ____ 20% tax from the sum you receive.

A. designate

B. repay

C. subtract

D. snatch

23. Their friendship was ____ by shared adversity

A. produced

B. created

C. forged D build

24. Key utilities in the UK including power stations, water plants, and transport systems are still far too _____ to flooding,

a new report claims.

A. fragile

B. vulnerable

C. tolerant D weak

25.Poor health can be a ____ to success.

A. barrier

B. barren

C. barricade D bandage

26. The CEO has ____ Mr. Smith to act for him during his absence

A. assigned

B. employed

C. authorized

D. recommended

27._______ our tickets, we drove to the airport to board the plane

A. Having got

B. Getting

C. Have got

D. Have been getting

28. As the semester is drawing to an end, the student union is calling on all the students to ____ the temptation to cheat on exams.

A. refuse

B. reject

C. resist

D. resolve

29. He was granted special admission _____ his effort.

A. because

B. on account of

C. to account of D due of

30. Obtaining a refund from the company is a _____ procedure.

A. complicated

B. mixed

C. mingled D fixed

31. I hastily _____ my lessons the last night and sat for the exam.

A. went to

B. went for

C. went into D went over

32. I always confuse the sisters: they look so_____.

A. alike

B. same

C. similar D kind

33. As students _____observations, they are learning to collect and organize information.

A. give

B. do

34. The injured was put _____close observation despite his constant protest.

A. under

B. on

C. with D by

35. When I am angry, I find it best to____ myself ____ others for a while.

A. isolate….from

B. take…from

C. put….into D join…in

36. Britain has a high level of unemployment, but the same _____ many other countries.

A. goes for

B. goes to

C. goes over D goes by

37. She is determined to do____ all consequences.

A. in case of

B. no matter

C. regardless of

D. because of

38. I told you to ____ that vase _____, now you’ve broken it.

A. leave…alone

B. keep…alone

C. put…alone D treat…alone

39. As it was getting colder and colder, their enthusiasm for doing sports in the morning _____.

A. fade out

B. get out

C. come out D go out

40. Various preparation works for Shanghai Art Fair 2005 are_____.

A. in the way

B. on the road

C. under way D by the way

41. Even when she didn’t say anything you could see she was _____ things _____ in her mind.

A. turning…over

B. consider…over

C. turn…around

D. consider…a round

42. I am full of _____ to you for helping me.

A. gratitude

B. thanks

C. felling D tear

43. The trade union issued a _____ opposing racial discrimination.

A. talk

B. lecture

C. speech D statement

44. He delivered a speech ______ all graduates on commencement day.

A. on behalf of

B. for the interests of

C. in consideration of

D. instead of

45. The teacher tried to_____ his students the necessity of being honest.

A. impress on

B. convey to

46. The students _____ in the classroom on Sunday to do a project together.

A. resembled

B. assembled

C. joint D take part in

47. Her character is quite out of _____with her beauty.

A. time

B. age

C. tune D tone

48. The company’s CEO’s post is still ____.

A. vacant

B. empty

C. blank D bare

49. I can see in your mind that you really wish _____.

A. being left alone

B. to be left alone

C. left D been left

50. A remote- controlled bomb exploded outside a hotel near the town square yesterday, ____ at least 12 people

A. having injured

B. having been injured

C. injured D injuring

51. There is an _____ of rain this summer.

A. excess

B. extreme

C. excuse D extent

52. The book contains some interesting passages about the author’s ch ildhood. _____, it is rather dull.

A. For the last

B. For the rest

C. For another

D. For instance

53. This dish _____ of garlic.

A. smell

B. smelled

C. smelling D smells

54. Her work stands out _____all the others in the class.

A. from

B. to

C. by D in

55. The manager is very stubborn and he always _____ his own view.

A. clung to

B. clings to

C. switch to D switched to

56. People will think of vast stretches of fields in quite and peaceful atmosphere when it _____life in the countryside.

A. goes to

B. comes to

C. went to D came to

57. I suspect not _____ who loves the country would be happy living the way we do.

A. everyone

B. someone

58______ to live free someday, he managed to get trained in iron molding.

A. Determined

B. Have determined

C. Determining D Be determined

59. A letter ____ today will probably reach the day after tomorrow

A. posted

B. post

C. be posted D is posted

60. _____ to me that the names of their children were the names of flowers.

A. It occurred

B. You occurred to it

C. It occurred to you D You occurred

61 You must employ someone to the project, otherwise it can' t be finished as scheduled.

A. overlook

B. oversee

C. overwork

D. overtake

62. I have no formal clothes for the occasion. Perhaps I can in a dark suit.

A. get by

B. get through

C. get along

D. get around

63. The general manager of the company is determined to take effective measures to make a marked in working conditions.

A. supplement

B. preparation

C. improvement

D. promotion

64. My parents have a farm in the countryside and I often help them the orchard and stack firewood.

A. shower

B. sprinkle

C. scatter

D. spray

65. People regularly buy to reduce uncertainty and to protect themselves from future disasters.

A. insurance

B. assurance

C. premium

D. guarantee

66. The description of what happens in the process of learning English is sometimes too .

A. complex to be understood

B. difficult to be understood

C. complicated to understand

D. complicated enough to understand

67 .The patient is seriously ill and is being kept under continuous .

A. observation

B. watch

C. look

D. examination

68. Without the support of the masses, the leading group is becoming increasingly .

A. separated

B. isolated

C. divided

D. parted

69. Medicare, another form of federal health insurance, pays a large part of the medical bills for the disabled,


A. on account of

B. regardless of

C. owing to

D. instead of

70. , Jim decided to go to the cinema.

A. His homework done

B. Doing his homework

C. His homework being done

D. His homework was done

71. As people's living standards improve, the health and beauty business is _ with more sophisticated products than ever before.

A. astonishing

B. flourishing

C. exaggerating

D. diminishing

72. As she matured as all artists, she __ realize that "all artists are a product of their culture."

A. came to

B. kept to

C. took to

D. went to

73. The of older persons is relatively low in developing countries, but it is growing much faster than in the West.

A. addition

B. majority

C. percentage

D. statistic

74. While freshmen are considered part of the academic elite, some of them appear to lack common sense __ following traffic regulations.

A. coming to

B. when coming to

C. when it comes to

D. when they come to

75. A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough a fair deal afterwards.

A. being given

B. been given

C. given

D. to be given

76. At daybreak, they launched a offensive against the enemy.

A. fierce

B. savage

C. wild D strong

77. The first flying machine of the Wrights', made of pieces of wood and cloth, looked too to fly.

A. creative

B. delicate

C. complicated

D. fragile

78. The steps of the museum had been by the feet of thousands of visitors.

A. worn down

B. worn away

C. worn off

D. worn out

79. We often patronize the local department store because it provides prompt __ of goods for the customers.

A. delivery

B. arrival

C. service

D. carriage

80.It's a wise and sensible decision to the head office from London to Cardiff.

A. change

B. transfer

C. shift

D. transplant

81. The contrast is so clear that I could tell the difference between the two paintings _____.

A. at glance

B. at one glance

C. at a glance

D. by a glance

82. Three people were killed in the bomb explosion, but police have not yet identified the

A .representative B. statistics

C. victims

D. circumstances

83. He was ashamed. That feeling ___, and he was never comfortable in church after that.

A lingered

B stalked

C. saturated

D. flourished

84. I made___ use of my spare time, mixing with a lot of different people and practicing my English.

A mobile

B fierce

C profitable D. swift

85. The meeting was successful and ended with a(n) ___to step up cooperation between the six states of the region,

A. testimony

B. pledge

C. evolution

D. signature

86. We think it is wrong to single out any ___of society for Aids testing.

A .spectrum B. section

C. mixture

D. locality

87. "Hi, John, could you show me how to __ graphics with text on the same screen?"

A. fuse

B. clone

C. merge

D. mingle

88. What they have done is ___ two different types of entertainment, the circus and the rock concert.

A. dispose

B. accord

C. adopt

D. fuse

89. The school strives to treat pupils as individuals and to help each one to achieve their full .

A. curiosity

B. genius

C. advantage

D. potential

90. The thought of dying slowly and painfully______ me. I really can't understand why so many people are opposed to euthanasia

A. terrifies

B. curses

C. puzzles

D. injures

Part Two: Reading Comprehension 40%

Directions: You will read four passages in this section and each will be followed by five questions or unfinished statements for each of them there are four choices marked ABC and D .You should decide on the best answer.

Passage One

Prices determine how resources are to be used. They are also the means by which products and services that are in limited supply are rationed(配给) among buyers. The price system of the united States is a very complex network composed of the prices of all the products bought and sold in the economy as well as those of a variety of services, including labor, professional transportation, and public-utility services, The interrelationships of all these prices make up the system of prices. The price of any particular product or service is linked to a broad, complicated system of prices in which everything seems to depend more or less upon everything else.

If one were to ask a group of randomly selected individuals to define “price”, many would reply that price is the amount of money paid by the buyer to the seller for a product or service or, in other words , that price is the money value of a product or service as a greed upon in a market transaction. This definition is, of course, valid as far as it goes. For a complete understanding of a price in any particular transaction, much more than the amount of money involved must be known. Both the buyer and the seller should be familiar with not only the money amount, but also the amount and the quality of the product or service to be exchanged, the time and the place at which the exchange will take place and payment will be made, the form of money to be sued, the credit terms and discounts that supply the transaction, guarantees on the product or price, delivery terms, return privileges, and other factors. In other words, both buyer and seller should be fully aware of all the factors that comprise the total package being exchanged for the asked-for amount of money in order that they may evaluate a given price.

1. According to the passage, the price system is related primarily to______.

A. products and services

B. utilities and repairs

C .labor and education D. transportation and insurance

2.Which of the following is NOT a factor in the complete understanding of price?

A.instruction that come with the product.

B.The quality of the product.

C.The quantity of the product.

D.Warranties that cover the product.

3. The word “the y” in the last sentence refers to______.

A. return privileges

B. all the factors

C. buyer and seller

D. money

4. Which of the following would most probably be the title of the passage?

A. The Inherent Weaknesses of the Price System.

B. The Complexities of the Price System.

C. Credit Terms in Transactions

D. Resource Allocation and the Public Sector

5. The word "evaluate" in the last sentence can best be replaced by ______.

A. decide

B. understand

C choose D. favor

Passage Two

The traditional American Thanksgiving Day celebration goes back to 1621, In that year a special feast was prepared in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The colonists who had settled had left England because they felt denied of religious freedom. They came to the new land and faced difficulties in coming across the ocean. The ship, which carried them, was called the Mayflower. The north Atlantic was difficult to travel. There were bad storms. They were assisted in learning to live in the new land by the Indians who inhabited the region. The Puritans as they were called, had much to be thankful for .Their religious practices were no longer a source of criticism by the government. They learned to adjust their farming habits to the climate and soil .When they selected the fourth Thursday November for their Thanksgiving celebration, they invited their neighbors, the Indians, to join them in dinner and a prayer of gratitude for the new life. They recalled the group of 102 men, women, and children who left England. They remembered their dead who did not live to see the shores of Massachusetts, they reflected on the 65-day-journey which tested their strength

6.The tradition of a day of thanksgiving is______.

A.100 years old

B.200 years old

C.300 years old

D. 400 years old

7.why had they left England?

A, because of religious problems

B.to establish a new religion.

C.to learn farming

D.becuase of the Indians

8.The Mayflowers was______.

A.the city they left from

B.the city they arrived at

C.the ship they traveled in

D.the name of the Indian chief

9. The Indians had ______.

A. made life difficult for them

B.helped them to adjust

C taken their land

D.been too afraid to talk to them

10.The climate and soil in Massachusetts are______.

A.similar to that of England

B.different from that of England

C.similar to that of Plymouth

D.different from that of Plymouth.

Passage Three

In the early days of sea travel, seamen on long voyages lived exclusively on salted meat and biscuits. Many of them died of scurvy(坏血病), a disease of the blood which causes swollen gums (齿龈), livid(青黑色的)white spots on the flesh and general exhaustion. On one occasion, in 1535, an English ship arrived in Newfound land with its crew desperately ill. The men's lives were saved by Iroquois Indians who gave them vegetable leaves to eat. Gradually it came to be realized that scurvy was caused by some lack in the sailors' diet and Captain Cook, on his long voyages of discovery to Australia and New Zealand, established the fact that scurvy could be warded off by the provision of fresh fruit for the sailors.

Nowadays it is understood that a diet which contains nothing harmful may yet result in serious disease if certain important elements are missing. These elements are called "vitamins''. Quite a number of such substances are known and they are given letters to identify them, A, B, C, D, and so on. Different diseases are associated with deficiencies of particular vitamins. Even a slight lack of Vitamin C, for example, the vitamin most plentiful in fresh fruit and vegetables, is thought to increase significantly our susceptibility to colds and influenza,

The vitamins are necessary for a healthy body is normally supplied by a good mixed diet, including a variety of fruit and green vegetables. It is only when people try to live on a very restricted diet, say during extended periods of religious fasting(斋戒), or when trying to lose weight, that it is necessary to make special provision to supply the missing vitamins.

1l.Scurvy is a disease that is provoked by______.

A. salted meat and biscuits

B. exhaustion

C. want of some essential substances

D. lack of fresh vegetables and fruits

12. In the last sentence of Paragraph l, "warded off" could probably be replaced by______.

A.got rid of

B. killed

C. avoided

D.cleared away

13. To avoid such disease as scurvy, it ' s better for us ______.

A.not to eat much salted meat

B.to supplement our diet with various vitamnin pills

C.to have more fresh fruit and vegetables

D.to develop a good dietary habit

14.Based on the passage we can safely conclude that if our diet is NOT comprehensive enough______.

A. vitamin pills are of no avail

B. nutritious food might be unhealthy

C. vegetable leaves can be a good remedy

D. religious fasting may help out a 1ot

15. Which of the following sentences best expresses the central ideal of the passage?

A. Deficiencies of Vitamin C may cause serious diseases.

B. Fresh fruit and green vegetables contain enough nutrition that is necessary for a

healthy body.

C. Vitamins play a vitally important role in people's health.

D.A good mixed diet normally supplies sufficient vitamins for us.

Passage Four

What is the importance of the Afro-American history to all Americans? How could Afro-Americans contribute anything to American history when they were just slaves and servants? This is the image which many of us are taught when we go to school. 7his is the image many Afro-Americans have of themselves also. The Afro-Americans need to remake their real historical image so that it is known and accepted in its truth fullness by themselves and the rest of the world. Men and women of darker color are human beings entitled to respect and acceptance in history.

When we think of famous scientists and inventors we immediately think of men such as Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Jonas E. Salk. This is because we associate famous people with the Anglo- Saxon race. But what about the Afro-African inventors and scientists? How many men during World War I owe their lives to Garrett

Morgan who invented the gas mask? Garrett Morgan also invented the traffic light which saves numerous lives on our streets. Daniel Hale Williams was the first successful heart surgeon. Charles Drew saved hundreds of thousands of lives during World War II by his discovery of the ways and means of preserving blood plasma(血浆). Percy Julian has helped millions suffering from the excruciating(极痛苦的)pain of arthritis. These men and others should be as easily recognized as Bell, Edison and Salk.

America is made up of many different blends of cultures. These many cultures have come to enrich and diversify the American way of life. We should not think because history has neglected to include the background of a particular culture, that these people have an inferior history. We should search for the truth and set the record straight against the slanders, the stereo typing and false images which have identified these people. We should understand each of the cultures and learn of their specific contribution to America's life story.

Only after we are taught the complete and accurate history of our great country and learn that the blending of cultures and backgrounds gives us our strength, can we go forward on the path to peace.

16. The function of the first paragraph is to ______.

A. present the main idea or the summary of the essay

B. present an introduction to the topic

C. provide background to the main theme

D. present the many cultures having contributed to American history

17. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Graham Bell, T, Edison and J. E. Salk are not very important people.

B. Black people who contribute to society should have equal recognition with their white colleagues.

C. We should not associate famous people with the Anglo-Saxon race only.

D.G. Morgan, D.H. Wllliams and Charles Drew were not Afro-Americans.

18. Paragraph Three tells us that ______.

A. we should oppose slander and stereo typing

B. the American way of life is richer because it is made up of many cultures

C. some cultures have been completely neglected

D. Afro-Americans have an inferior history

19. The word "image" (Line 3, Para. l) refers to______.

A. picture

B. portray

C. impression

D. similar

20.The main idea of the passage is______.

A. there are many Afro-Americans who are famous as scientists and inventors

B. many Afro-Americans have devoted to American history

C. Afro-American experience to American history

D. Afro-American history must be recognized as an important part of American history

Passage 5

Human needs seem endless. When a hungry man gets a meal, he begins to think about an overcoat, when a manager gets a new sports car, a big house and pleasure boats dance into view.

The many needs of mankind might be regarded as making up several levels. When there is money enough to satisfy one level of needs, another level appears.

The first and most basic level of needs involves food. Once this level is satisfied, the second level of needs, clothing and some sort of shelter, appears. By the end of World War I1, these needs were satisfied for a great majority of Americans. Then a third level appeared. It included such items as automobiles and new houses.

By 1957 or 1958 this third level of needs was fairly well satisfied. Then, in the late 1950s, a fourth level of needs appeared: the "life-enriching" level. While the other levels involve physical satisfaction, that is. the feed in comfort, safety, and transportation, this level stresses mental needs for recognition, achievement, and happiness. It includes a variety of goods and services, many of which could be called "luxury" items. Among them are vacation trips, the best medical and dental care, and recreation. Also included here are fancy goods and the latest styles in clothing.

On the fourth level, a lot of money is spent on services, while on the first three levels more is spent on goods. Will consumers raise their sights to a fifth level of needs as their income increases, or will they continue to demand luxuries and personal services on the fourth level?

A fifth level would probably involve needs that can be achieved best by community action. Consumers may be spending more on taxes to pay for government action against disease, ignorance, crime, and prejudice. After filling our stomachs, our clothes closets, our garages, our teeth, and our minds, we now may seek to ensure the health, safety, and leisure to enjoy more fully the good things on the first four levels.

21. According to the passage, man will begin to think about such needs as housing and clothing only when __________

A. he has saved up enough money

B. he has grown dissatisfied with his simple shelter

C. he has satisfied his hunger

D. he has learned to build houses

22. It can be inferred from the passage that by the end of World War II, most Americans __________.

A. were very rich

B. lived in poverty

C. had the good things on the first three levels

D. did not own automobiles

23. Which of the following is NOT related to "physical satisfaction"?

A. A successful career.

B. A comfortable home.

C. A good meal.

D. A family car.

24. What is the main concern of man on the fourth level?

A. The more goods the better.

B. The more mental satisfaction the better.

C. The more "luxury" items the better.

D. The more earnings the better.

25. The author tends to think that the fifth level __________

A. would be little better than the fourth level

B. may be a lot more desirable than the first four

C. can be the last and most satisfying level

D. will become attainable before the government takes actions

Passage 6

When we talk about intelligence, we do not mean the ability to get good scores on certain kinds of tests or even the ability to do well in school. By intelligence we mean a way of living and behaving, especially in a new or upsetting situation. If we want to test intelligence, we need to find out how a person acts instead of how much he knows what to do.

For instance, when in a new situation, an intelligent person thinks about the situation, not about himself or what might happen to him. He tries to find out all he can, and then he acts immediately and tries to do something about it. He probably isn't sure how it will all work out, but at least he tries. And, if he can't make things work out right, he doesn't feel ashamed that he failed; he just tries to learn from his mistakes. An intelligent person, even if he is very young, has a special outlook on life, a special feeling about life, and knows how he fits into it.

If you look at children, you'll see great difference between what we call "bright" children and "not-bright" children. They are actually two different kinds of people, not just the same kind with

different amount of intelligence. For example, the bright child really wants to find out about life - he tries to get in touch with everything around him. But, the unintelligent child keeps more to himself and his own dream-world; he seems to have a wall between him and life in general.

26. According to this passage, intelligence is __________.

A. the ability to study well

B. the ability to do well in school

C. the ability to deal with life

D. the ability to get high scores on some tests

27. In a new situation, an intelligent person__________.

A. knows more about what might happen to him

B. is sure of the result he will get

C. concentrates on what to do about the situation

D. cares more about himself

28. If an intelligent person failed, he would__________.

A. try not to feel ashamed

B. learn from his experiences

C. try to regret as much as possible

D. make sure what result he would get

29. Bright children and not-bright children__________.

A. are two different types of children

B. are different mainly in their degree of cleverness

C. have difference only in their way of thinking

D. have different knowledge about the world

30. The author of this passage will probably continue to talk about __________.

A. how to determine what intelligence is

B. how education should be found

C. how to solve practical problems

D. how an unintelligent person should be taught

Passage 7

Americans are pound of their variety and individuality, yet they love and respect few things more than a uniform, whether it is the uniform of an elevator operator or the uniform of a five-star general. Why are uniforms so popular in the United States?

Among the arguments for uniforms, one of the first is that in the eyes of most people they look more professional than civilian(百姓的)clothes. People have become conditioned to expect superior quality from a man who wears a uniform. the television repairman who wears uniform tends to inspire more trust than one who appears in civilian clothes.

Faith in the skill of a garage mechanic is increased by a uniform. What easier way is there for a nurse, a policeman, a barber, or a waiter to lose professional identity(身份)than to step out of uniform?

Uniforms also have many practical benefits. They save on other clothes. They save on laundry bills. They are tax-deductible(可减税的). They are often more comfortable and more durable than

civilian clothes.

Primary among the arguments against uniforms is their lack of variety and the consequent loss of individuality experienced by people who must wear them. Though there are many types of uniforms, the wearer of any particular type is generally stuck with it, without change, until retirement. When people look alike, they tend to think, speak, and act similarly, on the job at least.

Uniforms also give rise to some practical problems. Though they are long-lasting, often their initial expense is greater than the cost of civilian clothes. Some uniforms are also expensive to maintain, requiring professional dry cleaning rather than the home laundering possible with many types of civilian clothes.

31. It is surprising that Americans who worship variety and individuality _______.

A) still judge a man by his clothes

B) hold the uniform in such high regard

C) enjoy having a professional identity

D) will respect an elevator operator as much as a general in uniform

32. People are accustomed to think that a man in uniform _______.

A) suggests quality work

B) discards his social identity

C) appears to be more practical

D) looks superior to a person in civilian clothes

33. The chief function of a uniform is to _______.

A) provide practical benefits to the wearer

B) make the wearer catch the pubic eye

C) inspire the wearer’s confidence in himself

D) provide the wearer with a professional identity

34. According to the passage, people wearing uniforms _______.

A) are usually helpful

B) have little or no individual freedom

C) tend to lose their individuality

D) enjoy greater popularity

35. The best title for this passage would be _______.

A) Uniforms and Society

B) The Importance of Wearing a Uniform

C) Practical Benefits of Wearing a Uniform

D) Advantages and Disadvantages of Uniforms

Passage 8

Since we are social beings, the quality of our lives depends in large measure on our interpersonal relationships. One strength of the human condition is our tendency to give and receive support from one another under stressful circumstances. Social support consists of the exchange of resources among people based on their interpersonal ties. Those of us with strong support systems appear

better able to cope with major life changes and daily hassles(困难). People with strong social ties live longer and have better health than those without such ties. Studies over a range of illnesses, from

depression to heart disease, reveal that the presence of social support helps people fend off(挡开)illness, and the absence of such support makes poor health more likely.

Social support cushions stress in a number of ways. First, friends, relatives, and co-workers may let us know that they value us. Our self-respect is strengthened when we feel accepted by others despite our faults and difficulties. Second, other people often provide us with informational support. They help us to define and understand our problems and find solutions to them. Third, we typically find social companionship supportive. Engaging in leisure-time activities with others helps us to meet our social needs while at the same time distracting(转移…注意力)us from our worries and troubles. Finally, other people may give us instrumental support — financial aid, material resources, and needed services — that reduces stress by helping us resolve and cope with our problems.

36. Interpersonal relationships are important because _______.

A) they are indispensable to people’s social well-being

B) they awaken people’s desire to exchange resources

C) they help people to cope with life in the information era

D) they can cure a range of illnesses such as heart disease, etc.

37. Research shows that people’s physical and mental health _______.

A) relies on the social welfare systems which support them

B) has much to do with the amount of support they get from others

C) depends on their ability to deal with daily worries and troubles

D) is closely related to their strength for coping with major changes in their lives

38. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “cushions” (Line 1, Para.2)?

A) Adds up to.

B) Does away with.

C) Lessens the effect of.

D) Lays the foundation for.

39. Helping a sick neighbor with some repair work is an example of _______.

A) instrumental support

B) informational support

C) social companionship

D) the strengthening of self-respect

40. Social companionship is beneficial in that _______.

A) it helps strengthen our ties with relatives

B) it enables us to eliminate our faults and mistakes

C) it makes our leisure-time activities more enjoyable

D) it draws our attention away from our worries and troubles

Part Three Writing


Write an essay entitled On Part-time jobs in about 120 words

On Part-time jobs





Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic The Pros and Cons (利与弊) of Dormitory Life in three paragraphs. Your part of the composition should be no less than 120 words, not including the words given and you should base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below: