Preparation of copper powder by glycerol process

Preparation of copper powder by glycerol process

Amit Sinha *,B.P.Sharma

Powder Metallurgy Division,Bhabha Atomic Research Center,Vashi Complex,Navi Mumbai 400075,India

(Refereed)Received 15May 2001;received in revised form 20August 2001;accepted 29November 2001


A simple,least energy intensive,ef?cient,low temperature chemical process for the production of copper powder of narrow size distribution is described.It involves reduction of copper salts by glycerol under atmospheric conditions at a temperature below 2408C.The powders produced by this process have been characterized by X-ray diffraction,chemical composition,BET surface area analysis and scanning electron microscopy.The powder is well crystalline and contains oxygen,carbon,and hydrogen as impurity elements.The purity of the powder produced by the process depends on the starting compound of copper.The glycerol process using copper acetate as starting compound yields copper powder having a purity of 99.7%.#2002Elsevier Science Ltd.All rights reserved.

Keywords:A.Metals;A.Nanostructures;A.Electronic materials;B.Chemical synthesis


Conductive pastes have been used for the formation of thick ?lm conductors such as electrodes or conductive patterns in multilayered electronic parts and printed circuit boards.Conductive paste includes metal powder dispersed in an organic vehicle along with glass frit.Replacement of precious metal powders like gold,silver or palladium by copper powder for production of conductive paste for hybrid integrated circuit and for the metallization of multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC)is a current trend in the electronic industry.Copper offers several economic

Preparation of copper powder by glycerol process

Preparation of copper powder by glycerol process

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