1.Are you on holiday here? —No, we aren’t. W e live here


2.Can you help me clear up the mess? —No problem

3.Could I talk to Prof.Lee? —Y es, speaking.

4.Can you tell me where I can park the car? —W ell, just over there


5. Do you mind if I read the newspaper on the table? —Go ahead, please


6.Have you ever been toTokyo? —No,but I hope to go there next year.

7.How was the journey to London? —It went very well.

8.Have a nice holiday, Ted. —Thank you, and you too

9.Here you are, Sir. —Thank you very much

10.How long will you be away from Italy? —About a month 11. How are you feeling now? —Much better


12.I?ve got a bad cdld today. —Oh,dear! I hope you get better soon.

13.Is it going to be warm next week? —Y es,it is.


14. May I speak to Prof Li please? —I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong number


15. So sorry to trouble you. —It’s a pleasure.

16. Sam, this is my friend, Jane. —Glad to meet you, Jane


17. Would you like a tea? —Y es,please.

18. What do you do? —I’m a teacher.

19. What time does the train leave? —At half past five.

20. What?s the matter with you?—I feel a bit sick

21.What?s the best way to get to the Empire Hotel from here? —Walking through the wood

22. What?s the fare to the museum? —Fi ve dollars

23.What do you usually do in your spare time? —Reading 24.What does your English teacher look like? —She looks much like her mother

25. What?s the weather like in this area? —It’s rainy


26.Y ou needn?t do the work till

after the New Y ear. —Oh,

good! Thank you



1.Before joining the army, he

spent a lot of time in the village

to which he belonged.


2.Could you tell me how long

you have lived here?

3.China is no longer what it used

to be.

4.Could you tell me where I can

find a toilet ?


5.Do you think Tommy telling

the truth?

6.Does this patient?s record need

completing now? No, you can

finish it later.


7.He is like his father for both of

them love walking in the


8.He didn?t want anything to eat

because he had already eaten.

9.He has three companies

employing 50 people each.


10.I have taken many photos .I?m

going to get the film developed.

11.I was sick , but I got over it at

the weekend.

12.I shall have finished reading

the novel by the end of this


13.If the weather had been good,

the children could have gone out

for a walk.

14.If he had been warned, he

would not have taken that food.

Luckily he was sent to the

hospital immediately

15.It is one of the best concerts I

have ever been to.


16.John was bored, so he left his

life in England.

17.John fell asleep while he was

listening to the music.

18.John Walters claimed that this

lack of information had resulted

in negative feelings towards the



http://m.wendangku.net/doc/cad6a16727d3240c8447efa3.htmlst year hundreds of new

books were published on

environmental protection.


20.Mary said to me,”If I had seen

your bag, I would have returned

it to you.”

21.My boss is always holding

pointless meetings. It really

annoys me.

22.My watch has been losing

time for the past week. It

probably needs cleaning.


23.Each of them has a bedroom

and a study.


24.Robert is said to have been

studying abroad, but I don?t

know what country he studied in.


25.Since this road is wet and

slippery this morning, it must

have rained last night.

26.She is very careful. She

makes very few mistakes in her


27.What she couldn?t understand

was why fewer and fewer went

to him for help.

28.She was so late that she

missed the last train.


29.The doctor advised her to get

enough rest before going back to


30.The workers are busy making

model for the exhibition.

31.The car won?t start because

the battery has run out.

32.The hall was almost empty.

There were few people in it.

33.The best thing to do is to


34.The food was quite good, but

not good enough for me to eat

there again.

35.The new computer allows me

to work more efficiently.

36.The trip to the countryside

was great fun .

37.Then she cheered up a lot

when they got into the taxi.

38.They were asked to avoid

drinking any water which had

not been boiled.

39.There are many cities

expanding very fast.

40.There is a lot of crime on

television. Therefore other

issues are pushed out.

41.That dinner was the most

expensive meal we had ever


42.These new processes should

be controlled.

43.This is very important. Y ou

must remember to shut down

your computer every evening.


44.Unfortunately the poor girl

can?t do anything but sell all her

belongings at a low price.


45.We are going to have our

office rearranged to make room

for a new engineer.

46.We shall have an opportunity

to exchange views tomorrow.

47.Waste electrical goods must

be disposed of safely.


48.Unless you change your mind,

I won?t be able to help you.

49.Y ou will get used to living

here when you have settled


50.Y ou had better take a coat

with you.


Passage 1

1 Many people are unaware

(1)___ a lot of the foods they eat

every day,…….or is it about to

go (5)___ control?

2 Genetically engineered foods

are produced by taking……a

human gene has been introduced

into pigs to make

them(8)___more quickly.

3 Some claim great

advantages……They also

maintain that food can be made

more nutritous or that the fat

content can(10)___to make it


(1)that (2)such as

(3)different (4)scientifically

(5)out of (6)to (7)so that

(8)grow (9)so (10)be


Passage 2


Emails—do you love them or

hate them? Whatever you feel,

they are here to stay. Here are

some tips and ideas

(11)___improving your email

writing……….If your

contact(20)___irrelevant emails

from you, they may also delete

any relevant ones


(11)for (12)upsetting

(13)with (14)with (15)to

(16)informed (17)that

(18)updating (19)get through

(20)is used to deleting

Passage 3

The biggest adventure I?ve ever

had was trekking in Thailand. We

hired a guide (21)_____us to a

village in the ju ngle………We

had been very lucky; if we

(30)____ the hunters, we would

have had to sleep in the jungle.

(21) to take (22) had never

been (23) Unless (24) so

(25) further (26) get across

(27) redirected (28)for

(29) absolutely (30)hadn’t met

Passage 4

Scientists are working hard to develop better aerials for mobile phones, a spokesman for Phikia Phones said today. …It really (31) ______ users when they lose the signal in the middle of a call,……“If (40) ______ one of these phones this morning, I wouldn?t have missed my train coming here”, joked the spokesman.

(31)irritates (32) to receive (33) were travelling (34)losing (35) have learnt (36) to get used to (37) -- (38) that (39) Every (40) I’d had Passage 5

Ian and Shiree are a very unusual couple. Although they (41) ________ in the heart of London,………More and more people (50)________ the same in the future?, predicted Shiree (41) live (42) are renting (43) to buy (44) started (45) have grown (46) have been working (47) had only used (48) will have bought (49) worry (50) are going to do Passage 6

2 Patten Close DerbyDJ5 6XX16 April 2003

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing

(51)_________________ about a recent stay at your hotel, The Grand. My wife and I arrived on 21st March and stayed for two nights. ……I look forward (60)_________________ from you.

Y ours faithfully,

Arthur Mullard

(51)to complain (52) at (53) Moreover (54) before (55) had asked for (56) out of order (57) service (58)that (59)unhelpful (60)to hearing

Passage 7

I was travelling alone in Western Australia last year, and one day I set 61 to climb a high peak in that area。……Fortunately one rescuer had said …Let?s try for just five more minutes.? 70 they had given up, I would have died.

(61)off (62)so (63)down (64)that (65)because (66)who (67)so (68)Luckily (69)on (70)If

Passage 8

Dealing with waste is a huge

global problem. Unfortunately,

many people don?t usually think

much about what happens 71

their old fridge when they update

to the latest model……and

precious metals 80 gold and


(71)to (72)in (73)As

a result (74)of (75)that

(76) be removed from (77)

likely (78) that (79) from

(80) like




"Are you the happiest man in the

world?" When asked this

question, most people would say

no………It is hard for us to give

up the image of "being perfect."

As nothing is perfect, anyone can

be unhappy. It takes no courage

or effort to be unhappy. True

happiness lies in struggling to be


1.According to the author,

most people would not

think that they are the

happiest in the world

2.The author thinks that

people quite often compare

themselves with anyone

they think is happier

3.What is not true about the

young man the author once

met with? Everything goes

effortlessly right for him.

4.After talking with the young

man about the Internet, the

author realizes that he is

mistaken in thinking

nothing unhappy existed

in the latter’s life

5.The significant conclusion

the author draws about

happiness is that true

happiness lies in

struggling to be happy


Blocks of “high-rise” flats have

been built in large numbers in

London and in many other big

cities………We are now building

up many high-rises in big cities

such as Beijing, Shanghai and

Guangzhou. Perhaps we should

also reconsider the idea too.

1.There was a big housing

problem after the Second

World War in many big


2.Blocks of “high-rise” flats

were thought to be the ideal

solution to the housing

problem, because they were

built on less land and were

able to house a lot more


3.The sentence “Hundreds of

the vast blocks had been

built before anyone began to

doubt about whether they

were good solutions or not.”

means it was not until

hundreds of the vast

blocks had been built,

people began to doubt

about whether they were

good solutions or not.

4.The author takes a

well-known British architect

as an example to show us

that even a well-known

designer of the high-rises

believes they are no good

for people.

5. What is the greatest danger

for people living in a high-rise

according to some experts?

Developing criminal



Cash of all kinds, the French

franc, the German mark, and the

Italian lira,………People all over

the world have been working for

a brilliant future for centuries and

it now seems the dream might

come true very soon..

1.The main point of the first

paragraph in this passage is

entire new forms of digital

money will replace cash


2.The advantage of digital

money is it is efficient and

easy to use

3.What is not true about the

electronic cash, according to

the passage?People don’t

have to pay for anything

when they go shopping


4.In the sentence of the fourth

paragraph, “The low cost of

computer and

communications has created

a worldwide medium not

just for finance…”, “a

worldwide medium” refers

to the Internet

5.The author is sure that IT

projects of any kind will

bring the whole world a

brilliant future


Dear Uncle Ric,

We were very sorry to

hear that you are in hospital

again, but I feel sure you?ll

be out and about again

soon………I am sending

this letter through the e-mail

to Auntie Ivy and she will

bring it to the hospital with

our best wishes to you for a

speedy recovery.

Lots of love


1. It is certain that Uncle Ric is in

hospital again after having fully

recovered from an operation.

2. It is James’s elder brother

who wants to study history.

3 In the second paragraph, the

sentence “…he is sitting some

examinations…” means that

Malcolm is going to take some


4. From the letter, we know that

James wants to become a

professional player, but Robin,

his mother, does not like the


5. This is a private letter


35 Forest Avenue

Dew?s Parker


12, Nov.

Dear Bob,

I?m just writing to let you know

our new address and to invite

you to our house-warming party

next Saturday………Give us a

ring when you are in the area and

I?ll give detailed directions to

you then. Our number is


Barbara and I hope you can

make it in spite of the short


All the best


P.S. We can fix you up with a

place to sleep – I guess you can

put up with a mattress on the


1 This passage is a letter of an

informal invitation

2. When Charles writes, “I?m

sorry about the lack of warning”,

he means that he is sorry that he

is not able to write this letter to

Bob earlier

3. Charles and his wife decided

to hold the house-warming party,

mainly because they still had a

little money left to afford the


4. From the letter we know that

the new house that Charles

moved in is in a new housing estate

5. In the sentence “Barbara and I hope that you can make it …”, the phrase “make it” is u sed to say that Bob can manage to attend their party


Good children must be good students at school. They should work hard at all subjects and do what is given to them on time……They never take it for granted that they are always in the right. On the contrary, good children learn quickly by listening to others

1.The most suitable title for this passage would be What Good Children Should Be Like

2.One important ability good children are supposed to develop is to think independently

3.Good children should care for their parents, brothers and sisters

4.When there is disagreement between parents and children, good children should try to find a good resolution to the problem

5.In the last paragraph, the sentence “They never take it for granted that they are always in the right” means they never accept it as a matter of fact that they are always right


I used to think education was the most important thing in my life. Recently my attitude has begun to change,………I will still stay on in college, but I will not allow it to shelter me from the real world.

1. From this passage, we know that the author realizes that it is more important to really develop oneself than just to store knowledge.

2. By saying that she is “a junior student” in her college, the author means that she is a student in her third year in college

3. The author thinks the awards she has received don’t necessarily reflect her real self

4. The author fears that she will be of no use to society, mainly because she does not know how to communicate with others

5.Which of the following statements is not true according to the passage, when the author says that she wants to find a part time job? She wants to get some

shelter from the real world.


No country in the world has

more daily newspapers than the

USA. There are almost 2,000 of

them,……scandals(丑闻) or

crimes, for instance, the

Watergate Affair. The

newspapers drew the attention of

the public to the fears of the

V ietnam War.

1.There are more daily

newspapers in the U SA than in

Britain or Japan

2.Most American newspapers try

to entertain their readers because

they have to compete with


3.Many American newspapers

attract readers of different

political persuasions by printing

articles representing different

political viewpoints

4.T he word “press” in the second

paragraph means newspapers

5.This passage is mainly about

the characteristics of American



Sura Elmer came to Shanghai

last July from the Netherlands,

and will remain here for the next

couple of years………He

intended to work here for another

two or three years, depending on

the hotel.

1.From the passage, we know

that Sura Elmer is a Dutch.

2.Sura Elmer came to Shanghai,

according to an agreement

between the hotels in Shanghai

and Amsterdam

3.Sura Elmer?s impression on his

Chinese colleagues is that they

are more serious than his

colleagues in the Netherlands.

4.In the second paragraph, the

se ntence, “…accommodation and

meals are freely available”

means Sura Elmer eats and

sleeps in the hotel free of


5.The thing that Sura Elmer

dislikes in China is people spit

on the ground.


The AIDS virus has been around

for a very long

time,………There are still

hospitals and health centers in

some parts of the world which do

not accept AIDS patients, while

there are others where too little

care is taken to prevent the

spread of the disease.

1.Which of the following

statements is true according to

the passage? AIDS is a disease

which has existed for a long


2.Who is easily infected with

AIDS? All of the above.

3.In WHO?s opinion, what will

help most effectively in fighting

against the spread of AIDS?

More education.

4.From the passage, we can see

that the writer is not happy about

the education the medical staff

get on AIDS

5.Which of the following

statements is not true according

to the passage? Great care has

been taken to prevent the

spread of AIDS everywhere in

the world now








Net Becomes a British W ay of


The Internet has become a part of

everyday life for most Britons,

says a report published this week

by market research company


employers are less likely to be

understanding, if you?re

downloading movies or

introducing an unfriendly virus

to your company network,?he


1 More than seven out of 10

people feel they can?t manage

without the Internet. T

2 Y oung people use the Internet

for emails mainly. NG

3 The most common use of the

Internet is surfing the web. F

4. On average, people visit 13

websites a day. F

5. About 40% of adults use the

Internet. T

6.Some employers ban private

use completely. F


Tiny Tonga Launches Space

Tourism Plan

The tiny poverty-stricken South

Pacific state of Tonga has always

had serious problems raising

money,……it uses up Russia?s

agreed quota of space missions

without achieving anything. He

also believes that these

inexperienced tourists would be a

danger in a difficult or

life-threatening crisis in space.

7. Tonga was previously a rich

country. F

8. Tonga was the first country to

welcome the new millennium on

1st January 2000. T

9. The US government wants to

use Tonga to launch rockets. F

10. There will be training before

the tourists go into space. T

11. It costs about $ 20 million to

launch a spacecraft. NG


Poll reveals TV news too


A recent Time/CNN poll in the

USA has discovered that 75% of

people agreed that the news

media is


become desensitised to

real-world violence. These lead

to an increased fear of being a

victim of violence, resulting in

mistrust of others.”

12. The majority of people polled

think that the news media is

accurate. F

13. There is not enough time to

talk about a wider range of

subjects on the news. T

14. 53% of all crimes committed

are murders. F

15. Advertising companies invest

in TV programmes with high

ratings. T

16 TV stations make too much

money from news. NG


When Steven King published his

book Riding the Bullet, around

two million people downloaded

it from the Internet within

hours……E-books are more

difficult to read and they are just

not as attractive as the printed


17. The writer warns that the

publishing industry should be

ready for an important change.


18. E-books will become much

cheaper in the near future. NG

19. One advantage of e-books is

that you can find the meanings of

individual words easily. T

20. Students will use libraries

less in the future. NG

21. Sales of e-books are expected

to increase rapidly in the future.



Many people in the UK have

done parachute or bungee jumps for charity……he or she wi ll do the jump and usually receives a certificate to show their sponsors. The sponsors then pay their money to the charity.

22. If you want to parachute or bungee jump in the UK you must do it for a charity. F

23. People like to have fun and help charities. T

24. A lot of sponsorship is needed before you can do a jump. NG

25. People always receive a certificate after doing a parachute or bungee jump. F

26. The sponsors pay their money after the person has done the jump T


It is unusual these days for people not to have a TV, in fact many homes have two or three………So, when people tell you that they cannot live without television, you can tell them that they are not following the latest trend!

27. The majority of homes in

the UK have more than one

television. NG

28. The trend of not having a

television is not new. T 29. Joan?s son was an unhealthy child. F

30. Paul thinks his life has improved since he sold his TV. T

31. The latest trend is to have more than one television. F 短文理解7

CETACEANS: FACT FILE There are over 80 species of whales,dolphins and porpoises,……7.Most Endangered

The baiji dolphin,……Conservation measures are being taken by the Chinese to save it.

32.Hector?s dolphin is the smallest fish in the world. F 33.Blue whales eat as much as an African elephant does every day. F

34.Some whales can live for as long as 130 years. T

35.Whales are cleverer than humans. NG

36. The brain of a sperm whale can be over six times heavier than a human one. T