Tess of the d

Tess of the d'Urbervilles’

The reading report Thomas Hardy,the author of Tess,who lived in Victorian period was influenced both in his novels and poetry by romanticism.He was a famous English novelist and poet.Although he built a reputation as a successful novelist, Hardy considered himself first and foremost poet.Hardy totally published nearly twenty novels in his life,and Tess was one of the most famous works.In reality,there is no doubt that Tess was a tragedy whether the girl named Tess or the society!

Tess Durbeyfield is a 16-year-old simple country girl, the eldest daughter of John and Joan Durbeyfield,who lived in a poor but dreamy family.In a chance of knowing that they was the relatives of noble,her parents demanded her to meet their honke--Ms d’Urberville.Since then,it seemed that she was destined to tragedy!She met the son of Ms-Alec d’Urberville.Unfortunately,Tess was raped by him!While she returned home soon,she gave a birth to a child.Unluckily,being the product of a violent relationship,the poor son died in his infancy.Suffering more,Tess eventually married the man who was the third son of a pastor named Angel Clare after she was away from home to nearby Talbothays Dairy to become a milkmaid to a good-natured dairyman!However,listening the things about Tess before,Angel abandoned her.Reluctantly ,she became the lover of Alec.At the last,she chose to kill Alec when Clare returned.They spent

a beautiful night before she was arrested!

Some people once said that Tess was the purest girl in the world.Although she suffered rape and gave a ignominious birth to a son,even she became a lover and finally was sentenced by the police.But she was also beautiful and pure.She was just the sacrificial lamb of the cruel society.

Just like in traditional China.Women were always lived in the bottom of society.Even,they were not treated as the human beings,or the tool of changing wealth or giving a birth to sons.It was so woefully!

Girls should be hard working, faithful, loyal, intelligent, and virtuous and the most important thing was she must be a maiden! It’sfair.But in modern society,the most important thing for women is to be independent,only in this way can we develop our interests and live a decent life.